MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 6)


MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 6)

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Recap: Arjun fight with Saral, Dilip’s upset, Rads support, Temple Ritual after marriage

Ardhika is shocked listening Mala’s statement and looks each other.

Mala extends the puja plate to him again says, “What are you waiting for? Put this sindoor on your wife’s maang”

Radhika is tensed thinking how Arjun gonna react for this, Arjun also looks tensed and looks others who is observing him, Ankush comes to him saying, “Arjun, what happened? It’s a common ritual we are following here. We are asking to keep it on your wife’s maang only right? Why are you so tensed?”

Arjun and Radhika looks each other of not knowing what to say, but Arjun gathers courage and steps back saying, “I don’t have believe in all this. I am sorry …. I can’t do this”

He just walks away from there without seeing anyone, Dilip’s hyper gets extreme and starts shouting, “This is why … this is why I object for this relation. What are all the dreams I had about my daughter’s marriage and her life, Now see … she just got a person who doesn’t even respect our ritual … then how he respect us and our relation. He is not fit to be the damaad for our Family … you all were pampering him right…see this is the respect you got from us … he just … just spoiled my daughter’s life” he finished scolding him in between his tears.

Dadaji felt bad seeing Dilip, he goes to Arjun followed by Mala and Ridhi. Arjun bites his nails nervously leaning on the walls.

Dadaji, “No use of biting that nails now, there Dilip is biting us”

Arjun stands properly saying, “Who…dadaji…actually..i don’t want to hurt anyone. But I don’t have faith on this kind of rituals”

Dadaji, “Arjun, few mins back only you were worried about not having a family and now why you are behaving like this. You are saying you don’t want to hurt us….but refusing this rituals…indirectly you are hurting us beta. “

Arjun feeling bad seeing him, “No dadaji…pls don’t say like that. I did not mean to hurt you all”

Dadaji, “Then come and fulfill the rituals. We all will be very happy including Dilip”

Mala and Ridhi also convinces him and finally they drag him to the same place again.

Arjun stands infront of Radhika and looking at her tensely. Mala gives him the sindoor, Arjun hestitantly takes a pinch and places it in Radhika’s maang, Rads is shocked and teary, she closes her eyes tightly when he keep the sindoor on her maang.

She opens her eyes and both looks each other worriedly. The family smiles and wishes them for life long happiness. Dilip somewhat convinced now and leaves from there followed by others.

Before going out of the temple, Ardhika walks behind others silently and he initiate the talk, “I am sorry Radhika…I couldn’t reject dadaji’s plead. I know I did a big sin but … I was handcuffed by him. Just think this as our college drama…we did the marriages also right … we just think this in that way na. Like in our daily soaps, how many marriages we are seeing…all are not true one right”

He waits for her answer, but she simply passes a cute smile to him saying, “I understand Arjun. According to the family it is a ritual and our marriage is true…..but it is a pure drama for us. Don’t say sorry.. in fact I am the sole reason for all this mess. When we both know the reality of us…this sindoor drama and all nothing. You don’t be sorry”

Arjun sighs saying, “God…I was really afraid what you will think. But you are looking good with this”

Rads too smiles and both leave from there.

In the evening, Ardhika is walking here and there in their room itself. Dadaji & Ankush came and drag Arjun from there. Mala & Ridhi drag Radhika from there.

Dadaji & Ankush forcibly makes Arjun wear Silk shirt and Dhoti and praises his handsome. Arjun makes faces and goes to his room but gets shocked seeing the room is fully decorated with flowers.

There in another room, Mala & Ridhi décor Radhika beautifully and adore her with simple elegant jewels and sends her inside the room.

Radhika gets embarrassed seeing the decorations there, but her eyes are started searching for Arjun, she then turns back and finds him sitting on the Couch, having his knees tied to his chest and holding it by his hands with a pout face.

Radhika burst out in laughter seeing him sitting like a girl, she sits on the bed looking at him asking, “Why are you sitting like this?”

Arjun with fake anger, “Your family will make me mad soon. I couldn’t handle them yar. What’s all this?”

Radhika continues her laughing and says, “It’s ok leave it. They won’t know anything what we gonna do in this room. Why u want to worry much?”

Arjun glares her but still stays upset. Rads, “Now why u still upset?”

Arjun, “Because of Sam. I am sending all my latest pictures and voice message. But she is not bulging her. How adamant she is?”

Rads, “Shall I talk to her once?”

Arjun immediately joins his hands as if saying pranam, “No need at all….already my love is half-alive…if you speak then it will be completely dead”

Rads, “OK…fine. I won’t help you. But how you gonna make her fall in love with you”

Arjun, “If I know that, then y I m with you now. I would be spending my life happily with her”

Rads suddenly feels bad seeing and says, “I am sorry Arjun. I am the reason for your troubles right”

Arjun feels bad seeing her, he comes to her and holds her hands saying, “Hey Radhu….don’t be sorry. I just told in a flow. I am happy to help you. Chalo, ok tell me now how I can lure her”

Rads is jaw dropped, “Lure?” with her eyed widely opened.

Arjun, “Hmm…tell me fast”

Rads thinks for a moment and says, “Fine…will send her your photos in this costumes, anyway you look really handsome. Definitely she will go mad seeing you”

Arjun, “is it so?”

Rads, “Pakka”

Arjun, “okay…then click” he just stands right away and starts giving different poses inside the room itself.

Rads clicking his pictures without break, and both enjoys their first night by doing the photoshop of the pictures, even Arjun too clicked Rads pictures at times.

They both spend their night by chatting over night, and falls asleep.

Next day, all continues their work as usual and Ardhika in their room, thinking something seriously, Radhika, “You got any idea?”

Arjun nods no and asks her, “You got?” and she too nods no.

They both gets jerked when they hear Dilip’s voice and he is calling radhika.

Arjun smirks saying, “Go, now he might give some idea to us”

Radhika rolls her eyes and goes out to meet Dilip.

Dilip happily gives a parcel to Radhika saying, “After a long time I purchased this Saree for you. I want you to see in this now. Go, wear it and come” he sends her happily.

Radhika comes inside the room having the parcel, she opens it and finds a beautiful majenta silk saree with stone patches on it.

She is trying that putting on either side of her infront of the mirror…Arjun who is looking at her antics and shrinks his eyes starring at her.

Radhika finds his weird look through mirror turns to his side raising her eyebrows. Arjun’s face becomes bright seeing her and immediately grabs the saree from her and walks out.

Rads follow him and asking, “What you gonna do now?”

Arjun, “First step of our plan. Now I will scold you and beat you even. You should shout and cry”

Rads eyes widen and he continues, “Budhu…just acting”

Rads immediately nods her head positively but asks, “But y u do this?”

Arjun shows her the saree saying, “This will help us” and he explains what he is upto.

Arjun then starts shouting, “How dare you cross my words Radhika? I already told you to not to do this right?”

Rads too shouts in equal voice, “Why I should not? Who are you to stop me?”

Everyone in her family gathers in the hall hearing their shout coming from their room. All looks so much worried.

Arjun,” I told you I don’t like anything and don’t want you to get anything from your family right? How can you cross my word then?”

Rads, “Why not? My Papa gave this with lots of love….why I should refuse it?”

Arjun, “So for you, only your family and your papa is important. Not me right?”

Rads, “Haan…for me first my Papa, my family then only other relations”

Dilip and others gets overwhelmed hearing Rads statement but still worries about their fight.

Arjun claps his hand saying, “How dare you?”

He signs her to shout and cry…she gets confused and did everything little late. He slap his forehead murmuring, “LATE”

He walks to the hall where everyone gathers, Dilip sits on the sofa and turns his face to other side. Arjun stands beside Ankush saying, “Just tell your father, that his daughter is married now and if she needs anything, I am there..her husband …I can get for my wife. He doesn’t need to do all this nonsense. I know what to give for my wife”

Ankush blankly nods his head looking at him and moves his glare to Dilip who controls his angry.

Arjun smirks, “You people never seen the Bhogi festival right. Come I will show you all”

He then walks out having the saree with him and others followed him.

He takes the wood which is burning at the corner and burns the saree. Dilip’s hyper gets extreme and shouting at him, “How dare he do that? What he is thinking about himself? If he married my daughter means, I don’t have rights to get anything for my daughter is it?”

Dadaji, Mala and Ankush holds him and tries to convince him but he keeps continue his shout, “Tell him, Firstly she is my daughter, then only his wife. I have all the rights to give anything to her…no one can stop me. Who is he too stop me in gifting my daughter? Leave me … better I will kill him here itself”

Arjun smirks and goes from there.

Dadaji somehow makes him silent and says, “Dilip, after marriage it is husband’s rights to give anything to his wife. It shows his love and rights on our daughter. He loves her so much that’s y he is unable to accept the gift you give to Radhika. He thinks only he has right to give anything she wish for. Just think from his perspective…he loves his wife a lot. That’s y he behaves like that. You don’t get hyper. You leave it to me…I will make him understand”

Dilip shoves them and goes inside, Mala follows him too. Dadaji murmurs, “Arjun, I never imagined that you will go upto this level. So much of guts u have. Even I thought you so easily…hmmm now I have to convince you also”

Arjun sits on the balcony and admires the greeneries around their home, Dadaji and Ankush comes to him.
Dadaji, “But Arjun, you have so much guts to stand against Dilip huh?”

Arjun didn’t say anything but keeps silent and dadaji continues, “But you don’t worry, we all convinced Dilip saying that how much you love you wife and that’s you don’t like others giving anything to Radhika. It shows your strong love on her. We made him understand and he too understood it”

Arjun’s face drop listening him and asks, “You convinced him?”

Dadaji with wide smile, “Haan…I convinced”

Arjun gives fake cry & smile together on his face and cups dadaji’s face and kisses on his forehead saying, “Bless you Dadaji” and leaves from there.

Arjun enters in his room and glare Radhika who is sitting sadly with pout face and blinking at him. He sits beside her saying, “Dadaji ”

Rads with puppy face, “mmmm”

Then both looks each other for a sec and burst out in laughter, Arjun says, “First plan backfired”

Rads again nods her head with puppy face, “Mmmm” and shares a cute eye lock with him.


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  1. Jnana

    Oh my good heavens….. This is fab….. Poor arjun….. First night Photoshop…… I could imagine him sitting that way…. And also that cry smile….. Awards for dadaji….. For Convincing dilip…… And the last part…. Plan back fired….. Everything fab….. Totally awesome……

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a ton Jnana 🙂 ha ha ha dadaji is really awardable performnance 😛 thank u so much for ur lovely comments 🙂

  2. nice update 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Neetz 🙂

  3. Oh my god.boghi celebration ku silk sareeya.arjun is impossible.but akka I too liked THAT movie,but there is no romance and climax in their union was too short.I know YOU Will make it better thanks akka take care

    1. Sathya

      Chashu 🙂 ha ha ha yep movie will be good but no ramance. Don’t worry i wll make the romance here 😛 thanks for believing me dear 😛 😛 😛

  4. it was all fun…it was really good. its going slow…both are busy acting..when will they be felling for each other??i don’t see the sign…:)anyways..i trust you…you always make it extra cute and romantic…i will wait for that…thank you

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot krishna 🙂 yep their love realization wil happen slowly according to the situations in their family. ha ha ha you make me grin wide by ur comments 🙂 thanks a lot

  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin 🙂

  6. arti viswanathan

    Superb episode sathya darling…. I loved it….. I think arjun and radhika is falling for each other…..

    1. Sathya

      Arti darling 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂

  7. Superb sathya. ….plan back fired hahahaha. …loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thanks Likii 🙂 yes first plan backfired and the reason is dadaji 😛

  8. Hey sathya …. Yaar this was too funny.. I had a good time reading… And I’m just feeling so rejuvenated after having a hearty laugh.???.. You wrote it wonderfully… And I’m feeling that if you continue writing so good then soon I’ll lack words to praise u… Waiting for the next chapter.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear 🙂 m glad to make you happy after your pressurized work. lol m blushing at your last lines 🙂 thank u soooooo much

  9. Sulbi

    Superb sissy… Arjun keeps on trying but Dadaji fails his plan… how sad… Sam enna kandukavea matra… oh so sad Arjun…. First night la photo… haha… super cool… bogi celebration… omg… new saree… oops… thats rude… overall super chapter sissy… i liked it… tc…

    1. Sathya

      Meera 🙂 ha ha ha now dadaji becomes villain for him.. 😛 athu rude illama..athuthan scene eh anga 😛 thanks dear 🙂

  10. Sangee

    Awesome satz.. Oru pakkam first night la photo shop … Innoru pakkam first day (Etl)
    Arjun is having different scenes in all your ffs ?…. Arjuns plan backfired super super…. Dadaji ku jai… ? super dear

    1. Sathya

      Sangee 😛 u merged both comments ah….anyway thanks dear 🙂

  11. Awesome dear

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Devika 🙂

  12. Amore

    Dadaji do know about their relationship, don’t he??? why do I feel their is another drama going on as well??? (*raising left eyebrow*) 😉 hehehe keep it up… I was laughing like … hell

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot Amore 🙂 no one knows yet. only one drama is there with ARdhika..but soon it wil be another one

  13. Awesome sissy…it’s rocking…btw m still doubting uf Arjun really liked Sam…i think no….and when will he like her mean radz…welll i don’t know that but I know when Arjun will fall for radz Sam will automatically come to him….to become haddi???

    1. Sathya

      sissy, thanks a lot 🙂 will see whether Arjun liked Sam or just an attraction. you should be a script writer …. good in guessing all the future scenes 😛 😛 😛

  14. Dipika

    Satzzyyyy lol i was laughing weird first night…. You just rocked agian.. Sindoor ritual.. When thy planned against ir.. I thought now he will not aply Sindoor.. But iur dadaji being catalyst he mke him do the ritual.. Radz.. Face.. Ohhh poor girl…
    ARjun in dhoti n all.. Awww.. M gasping… N his position. On sofa.. Lol.. Its like radz gonna rape him… Lollllll…. N photos session.. Arey aru sam not ur destination.. Ur destination infrnt of u… N wht he did really burnt tgt beautiful saree.. Not fair aru…. God.. Dadaji convinced.. Lol. Backfire.. Senorita make thm fall or one of thm.. I wanna see thm in love.. Post soon.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Sathya

      Cheri 🙂 thank u so much 🙂 our dadaji is making all in to a straight line…lol dont gasp. yep falling on each will happen eventually according to the family bonding and situations…love you 🙂

  15. cute one

    1. Sathya

      Thank you moni 🙂

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    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot Saran 🙂

  17. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Kavina 🙂

  18. Gauri

    Let me laugh and then I will comment….OMG…this was such a fun ride…first that first night silk kurta and dhoti…then luring Sam…he he he….best when he pretends hitting Radhika and she reacts late OMG that send me to fits of laughter 😀 …..Sathya seriously answer this what are you eating…you are turning yuvraj singh….six sixes in an over…only difference in he did it in one are doing in every over….amazing rocking mindblowing 🙂 love u 🙂

    1. Sathya

      my dear chica 🙂 ok laugh laugh…ha ha ha it will be more fun in future chica…ha ha ha late ..i too like it … am in diet now..eating only raw veggies 😛 😛 😛 you are comparing me with Yuvraj..oh my god…noooooooooooo lol that’s a great great great compliment chica…love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Hemalattha

    awesome you arjun.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Hemu 🙂

  20. Sathu di… awesome.. wonderful…oh !! Arjun Radhika…cares and support each other… but didn’t realize they like each other…and di..their first night… laughing like anything… whole night Arjun gave poses in silk Kurta and dhoti…and Radz clicking photos to lure Sam….full of Masti… there fighting plan backfired…Jai ho Dada Ji ki… really Arjun has guts to stand Dilip… di from where you get such hilarious ideas .???
    Update next one soon di… love you loads… take care..??????

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Aastha 🙂 they like each other but they don’t love…it will come eventually and will take little time…ha ha ha jai ho dadahi ko 😛 😛 😛 dear..its a movie in tamil…Pooveli..i guess i already informed this in first episode itself. I am just taking the plot and narrating it n my style but few scenes i am copying it from movie only..but that was a nice movie..i just love that so i m giving it fro ARdhika.

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