MMZ- A Relationship Of Guilt – third shot


A Relationship Of Guilt.
Shot Three

Guys, here’s the next….its all messed up …but do bear with me…..and I guess, there is some confusion let me clear it for you….radhika here loves Arjun but didn’t confess as sam loved him too, neil does know as he noticed it a couple of times.…..and in case of any other confusion please be happy to ask.

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Its so hard to hide your feelings from someone yet its so difficult to tell them that you love them. ironical…isn’t it?

It was a great day…..well, weather wise atleast. The two hearts in the car shed silent tears….one bearing a far greater burden than the other.

Sam and Arjun reached Birdsong. As expected Samrat and piyali greeted them very warmly….so did the rest of the employees. But Arjun…..he was there yet he wasn’t. His eyes searched only for Radhika. Surprisingly, even sam looked around for her idiot. A little piece of her heart broke away on not finding him there.

Arjun asked zubin about neil’s whereabouts. he wanted to know about Radhika. But he couldn’t ask and hence asked about neil knowing that they are two peas in a pod…and would surely be together.
He already had made a wild guess…knowing they would have to deal with a massive headache considering the amount of booze they had consumed.
He felt miserable…..unhappy…..he knew it was, he who was the cause of radhika’s headache…the reason for her to drink.

His pov, “Radhika mishra….why do you care? Sam is your best friend yet it pinches you to see me with her….do you love me? Radhika, trust me….if you do…just say the word and I’ll leave everything behind for you….”
His heart pained thinking about sam….and his mind was struck on the words, ‘will leave everything behind’
He was brought back to attention with zubin’s voice, “Arjun sir, boss called….he and Radhika would be coming about an hour late.”
Arjun nodded and left for his cabin.
Zubin was surprised when he was met with the same enquiry from sam a couple of minutes ….well, sam was the person who kept calling her idiot for the most illogical and trivial reasons….and today she instead of calling neil herself was asking him…
Zubin’s pov, “Strange….i wonder whats with them…”
Everyone returned to their respective places and focused on their works….well, everyone expect for sam and Arjun…
Arjun was pondering over his life….wondering whether this was it….was this his life? Having his love right in front of his eyes yet she wasn’t his……having a wife, he didn’t want…..

Sam, on the other hand, was looking for ways to reduce the distance between them. She wanted Arjun to call her his wife and mean it too. She wanted the pretend act of his…..him holding her hand in front everyone…passing a cute little smile… be real.

Both of them were constantly glancing at the entrance… sam for neil and Arjun for Radhika.
Sam’s pov, “where’s idiot….and where is chashni….they are both my best friends and they aren’t here….they would have known the solution to my problem….where are they?”

Neil and Radhika were in the parking lot….neil was about to move towards the entrance…but stopped feeling radhika’s hand on his shoulder. He forced a smile and turned around.
Radhika gave him a tired smile, “neil, you don’t have to give me a smile….i know pretty well, the difference between your actual smile and your forced smile…”
She patted his cheek. Neil gave up his week attempt to smile and looked at her with grateful eyes.
Radhika continued, “neil, you are the most sensible guy I know….yet I had this urge to remind you. Neil, she is no longer samaira khanna……she now is Mrs. Samaira Arjun Mehra…..buddy, I know you love her immensely….but it is pointless…she is married. Its time for you to move on.”
Neil looked at her, his eyes welling up, “you knew?”
Radhika smiled wiping his tears, “one has to be blind to not see that.”
Neil, “then why couldn’t she see it?”
Radhika let out a sigh, “people see what they want to.”

Neil hugged tight….not wishing to let her go….she was the last person he had in his life whom he trusted and loved more than himself. He was really grateful that he had her with him….he wasn’t going to let his chashni go..
Radhika rubbed his back till he calmed down, she then broke the hug and wiped his tears…gently whispering, “don’t worry…I am always with you neil.”
Arjun who had witnessed the entire scene…..was angry with Radhika for hugging neil so openly…..he knew it was one if the purest bonds….but he didn’t care…he didn’t understand any logic….he was angry….very angry..
To be fair, it was his desperation which made him mad….he wanted Radhika in his arms…but she was there is neil’s.
His anger was further fuelled by looking at her dress….she was wearing a knee length black and white cut sleeves semi formal dress. She looked great but Arjun didn’t want her to walk out wearing something that barely covered her knees. He was angry…every single god damn day she wore kurta and legging….and this was the very day she decided to wear a one piece….. when he was helpless…was desperate…His possessiveness took over his reasoning….
A couple of minutes later, neil and Radhika walked in. Sam who was at zubin’s desk looking at some designs, cheered up and hopped towards them.
She hugged them tight smiling widely, but they didn’t reciprocate…they were just waiting for her to get it done with so they could walk off.
Sam happily, “good morning chashni! Good morning idiot!”
But to her shock….radhika looked else where and spoke in a blunt manner, “morning samaira..”
This further shocked her…. Radhika never called her samaira ….it was always sam for her.
And neil…..he just glared at her and walked off.
This was more than she could take……she ran to her cabin, locked herself in and cried her heart out. She was more hurt at neil’s ignorance then she had ever been at arjun’s coldness. She no longer cared about Arjun said or did….her best friends weren’t hers anymore.
Neil who saw her rushing in, felt his heart melting….he wanted to rush in…wipe her tears away …and hug tight to never let go again. His feet started moving involuntarily….but he was checked by Radhika…she held his hand and nodded a no…neil understood her concern…pushed a stone over his heart and walked to his own cabin.
Arjun had seen Radhika holding neil’s hand….he was getting impatient and irritated at radhika’s growing closeness with neil.
Little did he understand that they were two broken souls trying to fool their hearts with each other’s presence.

Radhika couldn’t take it anymore……with a crying sam…a heartbroken neil and a staring Arjun. She had enough…..she felt tears forming in her eyes…she blinked them away. She went to restroom to wash them away before anyone noticed.
But Arjun did and he followed her there.
Radhika was just done wiping her wet face…..she found Arjun standing really close to her when she opened her eyes.
She looked at him and found his steely black eyes set on her. She looked in her other direction and stepped back…expecting him to move.. When he did not…..she walked a couple of step forward and tried to pass through his side…but Arjun stepped in front and blocked her way. The same thing happened when she stepped the other side. She still avoided his gaze…and it was getting harder and harder for Arjun to control his feelings each passing second.
When Radhika tried to push him back to make a way for herself. He pushed her back and kept both his hand besides her, locking her to the wall. Radhika still avoided his gaze and tried unsuccessfully to jerk his hand off.
He smiled at her, “Radhika…look at me Radhika.….please don’t avoid me…..i cant bear your ignorance.”
There was a certain desperation in his voice, which made Radhika look up. Arjun locked his eyes with hers.
Radhika could easily see the pain in his eyes….and knew what he was about to say…….she also knew that if he did, it would be impossible to control her feelings. Her heart was already thudding wildly, having him so close.
Radhika had panic in her voice, “sir, leave me….this is wrong…you are married to sam.”
before Arjun could say anything ….radhika mustered all her strength and jerked his hand off….sliping out of his grip….she voice had a certain pain in it, “sir, she has your name…..never betray her.”
Neil, who by now had noticed that both Radhika and Arjun were missing, and upon asking kritika….he barged in the rest room. He found radhika looking down, while Arjun kept staring at her. He knew, Radhika was having a tough time. True, she never confessed her feelings….but whats a friend who doesn’t understand you. Neil knew Radhika would be inconsolable but before that happened he needed to get her out of here.
He went to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.
He spoke in an icy cold voice, “Arjun mehra….you are married…..and your wife would be waiting for you…….and just to clarify so we are on the same page, sam’s your wife and not Radhika…..right?”
Saying so, neil gave Arjun a disgusting look and he took Radhika out with him to his cabin.
Radhika was silent….she didn’t shed a single tear but neil could understand how hurt she was. He walked towards and he gave her a bone crushing hug. Radhika broke down in his arms….and neil held her till she calmed. He then made her sit down and gave her a glass of water.

Just then sam entered…..and neil was irritated. His pov, “what does this duo want from us? The husband keeps hurting my chashni and I don’t know what the wife is upto.”
Sam came to Radhika and gave her a shocked look, “what happened Radhika?…”
Neil interrupted her, “enough sam! Leave us alone…Just leave…okay?”
Sam herself was on the verge of tears…she asked him in a pained voice, “what happened neil….what have I done? Just tell me once naa.”
Neil ran out of patience and all his anguish came out on sam, “you don’t know….ohh how would you…dont you and your husband have any work to do? You just keep hurting me and my chashni…..let me tell you Mrs. Samaira Arjun Mehra……you knew that I loved you….true, I didn’t say it out loud, but didn’t I make it clear an ample of times….you….*he pointed a finger at her* you knew pretty well that Arjun loved Radhika…yet you married him….you didn’t disagree even when the entire truth came out…..listen, samaira Arjun mehra…you got the life and the love you wanted……now, just leave us both alone…it may not be clear to you…but we are trying to piece our lives together and it would be really helpful if you don’t keep pestering us…you know what sam from now onwards its either us or him..…”
Neil was about to go on….he had lost his brains and didn’t know what he said….radhika stood up and placed her hand on his mouth and looked at sam with fear in her eyes, “sam….listen to me….its not like he said…”
But sam felt tears on her cheek and she rushed out. Her best friend loved her…..she felt his pain… many times had she unknowingly hurt him….when she cancelled his plans to go out with Arjun….ignored his calls…..
And Arjun, her husband…loved her best friend??!!!
She went to arjun’s office….grabbed his hand and walked out…
Arjun looked at her in bewilderment, “calm down woman!”
But she ignored him….took him out to the parking lot ….motioned for him to get in the driver’s seat and took the passenger seat herself. Arjun who had realised that she was crying…was really helpless….he got in the car without a word.
While Radhika and neil noticed them both from his office. Radhika cursed neil a couple of times, “what was the need of all the drama? They are married and nothing can be done now.”
Neil mumbled a sorry and looked down.

So guys that it for now….hope you liked it…do let me know!.

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