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Salaam everyone… How are you all?? I’m really sorry for this very late update, as usual reasons will be given at the end… Belated HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to you all, thank you for being such amazing friends, if you are not there I may not be able to write a single word of my own and rekindle my passion… And one happiest news is my little sis Madhu has passed her first group in CA-Inter and she is half-CA now; I thought to post this next segment on that occasion but was unable to do that… 🙁
As per your suggestions, I’ve given translations [Subtitles as Jessie said it] in the floral parenthesis right beside the Hindi dialogues. 🙂
Anyways ignore any typos or grammatical errors [because I’m still learning]… Happy reading…

It’s been three months of this blissful friendship of four idiots and the other idiots that mean RaNeSam are amazed to see how naughty Arjun is in these days. They also got to know the pain Arjun was hiding. Arjun is the Prince of Mehra Industries, his father died suddenly due to a heart attack and according to the norms of the company no one I mean absolutely NO ONE can join the company if they are not a graduate and Arjun being a future Chair Person should be able to fulfil the norms of the company too. So there started the journey of Arjun to complete his graduation even at these rough times, he cannot stand a single minute in his old house or state as it hold many memories of his father. To bring him out of the depression his mother arranged a transfer of his by negotiating with the authorities and completing all the formalities. So Arjun landed up in another state for his studies. While he is pursuing his studies his mother will take care of the company.

We should never disturb a beehive let alone take away a queen bee from it. If it happens then you have to be ready to be attacked by swarm of bees. Let’s see who the queen bee in this story is.
A boy is shown hiding under a table of classroom, people don’t know why is he hiding but he has some very dangerous equipment in his hand. Don’t think much it is just a wood piece and a wood glue bottle. Some other boy is coming to the same class and sat in the chair just before the other boy’s desk. Now what is the hidden boy doing?? He is applying wood glue to the wooden piece and kept the wooden piece very near to the other boy’s hair and gave thumbs up to another boy. The another boy who took this as cue jumped out from his hideout and shouted “BOO” so loudly that the boy who sat on the chair jerked backward resulting the wooden piece stick to his hair permanently. The two boys are none other than Neil and Arjun. Arjun is the one who held the wooden piece and Neil is the other one who scared the shit out of the boy. Why did these devil brothers do this? To know the reason we need to walk back some hours of the day.

The boy’s name is Goutham, he is chatting with his friends and making fun of every single person who is passing by and also passing filthy comments on girls. Same happened when he saw Radhika talking with the boys. He commented her to be a sl*t who keeps wh*ring around with the boys; Arjun and Neil are one of them. Even though she calls Neil as her brother, she keeps some other relation with him. These comments were heard by Samaira who is just behind this disgusting fella. She informed the same to Arjun and Neil. Their anger reached the height of K2 but Samaira controlled them to go and trash Goutham because she didn’t want her friends to be expelled from the college. So she proposed an idea. Sam has this habit to read in the wee hours of the day, she didn’t want to disturb Radhika’s sleep so she used to carry her books and sit in their classroom to read. One day she saw Goutham with his laptop entering into the classroom. She didn’t want to make her presence known to Goutham and so she crept away silently from the entrance itself without disturbing him. This happened the following days too. For this reason she stopped walking out from the hostel room and started reading in the hostel itself. She told Arjun and Neil to plan something so that Goutham can never be able to show his face or pass comments on others. It is then this awesome threesome planned this wooden piece idea and it was Arjun who planned the entire scheme. They have a workshop for filing wooden pieces and it’s kind of lab session. Samaira silently took a piece and hid it in her bag. Wood glue was bought by Neil when the boys were out of college campus. Arjun implemented the plan. As per the plan both Neil and Arjun will hide under the side and the back tables respectively where Goutham seats daily as per Samaira’s guidance. When Goutham enters the classroom and takes his seat and gets involved in his work what so ever it is, then Arjun will apply the wood glue and signal Neil. Then Neil will scare Goutham so that the wooden piece gets stuck to Goutham’s hair.

Now back to the present, Goutham is trying to pull the wooden piece off his hair but it is not paying a heed to leave his hair because the glue used by these devils is strong glue and to get it out from Goutham’s hair you need to either pluck the hair hard which is becoming painful to Goutham or else shave the part of his hair. The latter idea is a better one but that will look like Goutham has gone bald overnight. When Goutham is busy in pulling off the wooden piece, Arjun took hold of his hair and warned him in a dangerous tone.

If I get to listen any of the comments you used to pass on anyone again, you’ll face very grave consequences. This time it is only your hair, next time it will be a body part and mind you, you will not be able to use that part for a life time and will never be able to reproduce. I think you got my point Mr. Goutham Varma? ‘
Goutham is trying to hold back the pain caused by the grip of Arjun on his hair and also trying to absorb the words. He got the meaning of Arjun’s words and nodded his head vigorously to get himself out of the clutches of Arjun. But Arjun being the Devil he is, made his hold tighter so that the wooden piece accompanied by Goutham’s hair came to his hand. Arjun and Neil gave a triumphant yet sinister smirk to Goutham and left the place with Samaira who came there when Arjun is warning Goutham.

This whole thing was explained to Radhika when she asked about Goutham’s bold head. Goutham has taken away all his hair by shaving it because he didn’t want people to tease him. This entire segment is known only to ArNeSam which now includes Radhika too and Goutham himself. Goutham cannot complain to the authorities too as he doesn’t have any evidence and moreover doesn’t want to take any beatings from the Prince of Mehra’s as he know how powerful Mehras are and also he is an accused in this entire situation. After learning all these things from ArNeSam, she hugged all of them tightly and gave the nickname “Devil” to Arjun as he turns Devil to anyone who tries to harm his close ones. Then she made her way to Goutham and started talking to him as a long lost friend. Arjun didn’t understand a bit of what Radhika is doing but NeSam who know her from a long time knew what she is talking with Goutham.

NeSam who read the confusion on Arjun’s face explained every single thing to him. After listening to everything Arjun’s respect towards Radhika increased a notch higher. When Radhika is returning to her place after her talk with Goutham, Arjun hugged her tight pouring all his love in that hug. Radhika didn’t understand what happened to him but after seeing NeSam’s faces she understood that they discussed her past with Arjun. Radhika hugged him back and whispered soothing words to calm him down. And Arjun out of blue declared his love by saying “I Love You” to Radhika. Radhika is waiting to hear those words from Arjun from a long time.
You idiot!! You took so much time to declare your love. I know you fell for me at the first sight itself and you are proposing it now.’ Said Radhika with a pout.
So sorry Sweetheart!! I know I should have declared it before but kya karoon if I’ve proposed you before then your brother would have seen me as a creep and wouldn’t have allowed to even step my foot in your gang.’ Said Arjun with a wink.

Neil who is silent all this while jumped into the conversation.
I’m a responsible brother man; I’ll definitely want my sister to be happy. And what makes you think I’ll accept you now?’ said Neil with a serious expression on his face.
RaSam knew that Neil is only teasing so kept quiet to enjoy the scene. Arjun is sweating badly now, what if Neil doesn’t give his approval, will he be able to stay away from all of these people? He can never be able to stay away from RaNeSam because they became his life now. Sam understood Arjun’s fears and stomped on Neil’s feet making Neil groan in pain.
Dare you Neil to threaten my brother. See how is he sweating? How could you Neil!!’
Arjun!! So sorry yaar, I was just teasing you and nothing else. My Beetroot (Radhika) confessed her feelings way back to me and Radish (Samaira). So please remove this fear from your heart that anyone of us will leave you.’ Said Neil in an apologetic tone.
Arjun who is ecstatic now hugged Neil tightly.
Thank you brother, thank you for accepting my love.’
Abey now I’m not your brother. (Arjun gave him a confused look) I’m your official brother-in-law yaar.’ Said Neil with a wink.

Radhika blushed crimson and that earned another round of teasing from both Neil and Samaira who are officially a couple and considered as OTP [One True Pair] of the college.
Ardhika are in their own world now. Neil and Sam are remembering the day Radhika entered into their life as an Angel and saved them from many obstacles and how they became so close. This transports them to a year and half back when it is first day of their college.

As it is a first day of college all seniors gathered and started ragging juniors. Some senior commanded Neil to say “I Love You” to the girl who enters the college gate at that moment. Neil’s fate is not favouring him that time and two beautiful girls are walking towards the college gate giggling and laughing. Seniors are watching like hawks to see which girl will keep her foot first inside the college gate. Finally one girl stepped inside and Neil had to go and propose her. Neil proposed the girl by saying “I Love You” and giving a rose to her. The girl was confused to hell now and understood that it is a kaarnaama of the seniors who are standing right behind Neil.
I love you too.’ Said the girl and after a pause said BROTHER.’

All the seniors were shocked now how a girl flopped all their plans to tease the juniors.
One senior came forward and threatened her to take back her words. The girl didn’t flinch for a second even after listening to the rough voice and looming of the senior over her.
What is your problem? Why is there no fear in your eyes? What do you think you can do?’ asked the senior.
(In an innocent tone) Sir!! Me?? Mai ek maamuli si abala naari. {I’m a simple innocent girl} What can I do (changing her tone to bold) except sending this video to the Principal Sir. Oh!! I didn’t show you my talent right, so see.’ Said the girl and have shown the video of the senior threatening her. She did this by holding her phone in an angle such that she can get the video of every single word of the senior.

And Sir!! I can make superb edits. What song do you want me to add for this video as background music?’ asked the girl.
The senior who is like a raged bull now, snatched the phone from the girl and smashed it into pieces.
(Sad face) Oh No!! You broke it. (Slightly smiling) You can break my phone but how will you erase the proof which was already delivered to Principal’s Whatsapp number?’
Now the senior is sweating badly because ragging is a punishable offence and he may be debarred from the college. What will he explain his parents who with a trust that he will become a ranker sent him to this college cutting down their expenses! Will he be able to show his face to his parents again, even if he did face his parents how will he live with the guilt of hurting his parents? He jumped in his place when he heard Principal’s voice behind him. The people who he thought to be his friends left him half way in this situation. They were behaving as if they don’t know him. Principal made his way to the crowd and told them to meet in his cabin. Everyone walked to Principal’s cabin. There Principal Sir is ready to give punishment to the senior but the girl stopped him.

But why Radhika? You were the one who sent that video to me right, then why are you stopping me now?’
Sir!! Yes I was the one who sent you the video but please don’t give punishment to the senior. I know he did a mistake but let’s just think in other way around. The people who supported him in ragging didn’t give their hand to him in the punishment. With this one, senior should have understood what is right and what is wrong. Why to kill the person again who is already dead in the pain of betrayal?’

Principal Sir and the senior were amazed to hear such mature words from a teenage girl. Of course senior understood his mistake and apologised to Radhika and Neil. And he also promised to help them in any situations that arise in the college. Everyone was happy in this settlement and all the students made their way to their respective classes. In the meanwhile Neil was in his La La land with the other girl who is with Radhika and that is none other than Samaira. All the three introduced themselves in the way to their class and got to know all belong to same branch and same section. Neil’s happiness knew no bounds then and he is bursting out of joy as he got a sister and a lover that day.
Neil being a big foodie gave nicknames “beetroot” and “radish” to Radhika and Sam respectively. And his explanation goes on like this— as Radhika turns red in extreme situations it may be either happiness or anger, he gave her name as “beetroot”, he could have given the name “tomato” but tomato is soft and Radhika is stubborn and a hard nut to crack so he gave her the name “beetroot”. Sam is a tall and slim girl and also has white complexion, so he gave her name as “radish”. Radhika can never back off, so she gave him “Carrot” because he needs carrot in every single food item, he is obsessed with carrot, he keeps on saying the benefits of eating carrots to them and so he got his name as carrot.
Their bond grew stronger every single day and the feelings of Neil towards Sam are also steadying their pace. Radhika understood that Neil has developed feelings for Sam; she thought to keep quiet for a while until he confesses his feelings on his own. On the other side Sam is very well aware of feelings of Neil towards her but she was insecure for some odd reason and didn’t let her heart to accept the feelings that were arising in her heart.

After a month and half there is a function in their college that is called “Mahostav”. Mahostav is an annual youth festival of their college and three colleges present in the campus make the event as grand as they can. Students from any corner of the country can participate in this festival and the students from Engineering, MBA, MCA and Pharmacy disciplines are expected to participate. [Pharmacy College is included in the campus so pharmacy discipline students are also allowed] So our RaNeSam also took part in Mahostav not in competitions but in organising the function. Radhika gave this idea to keep a live singing and dancing as one of the events. To explain it clearly, people from one side of the stage sing a song and the dancers dance according to the song on the stage. The event covered will be displayed on the large LCD TV’s placed on either sides of the stage.

A boy from other college saw Radhika on TV while she is singing a melodious song. He is mesmerised by her beauty but the thing in his eyes is not admiration but lust to get her in any way. So he watched every action of Radhika carefully and he got to see that she is close to a girl and a boy. He cannot take any help from the boy as he is looking way too muscular and protective towards her. He can manage the girl to get few moments with Radhika. So he walked to Samaira and asked for her help in meeting Radhika for a while. As Neil is busy with other preparations, she told the boy to meet Radhika at the other end of the aisle. The boy was super happy to hear positive words from Samaira and also to see his plan working. Sam thought to spend few moments alone with Neil. When Neil asked about Radhika, she was irked to the core. She tried to manage Neil by giving one or the other explanation, but Neil was not satisfied with any answer of hers. So he tried to go but was stopped by Sam again. This time Neil’s anger burst the dams that have been held this entire time; he pushed Sam to a side and started walking to Radhika. Sam followed him and when they both reached Radhika and the scene that unfolded in front of them made Neil’s blood boil and Sam’s blood to turn cold. The boy is trying to molest Radhika by touching her at inappropriate places. Radhika is trying her level best to stop the guy but he is unstoppable. Neil dragged the guy with his shirt and started beating him black and blue. Radhika went to her hostel room to make her presentable and Sam went to call the lecturers for help. By the time lecturers reached there the guy is in semi conscious state. They took him to hospital and warned Neil not to repeat this stunt (beating) again. Neil knew that his lecturers will take care of remaining matters like informing the guys’ misbehaviour to his college staff and other matters. So he stood with his head bowed down for his violent behaviour.

After the lecturers left, Neil turned to Sam and slapped her hard. Sam started crying because of the slap and also thinking about her foolishness. Only because of her insecurity all these things happened and she felt ashamed of herself. By the time Radhika reached there the damage was already done and she understood Neil slapped Sam, but why??—she doesn’t know. Later Neil told that Sam was the person who showed way to the guy to Radhika so that she can spend some time with him alone. Radhika was now furious too but she knows that this situation can never be dealt with anger so she calmed down herself and consoled Sam who is crying vigorously.
Later that day in the hostel room, Radhika is consoling Sam and finally asked her about her problem, she didn’t understand the reason for which Sam should feel insecure as she is not posing any threat to her relation with Neil—then why??

The answer of Samaira did leave her surprised though.
Radhika!! I know I acted foolish this time but believe me I didn’t think the guy will misbehave with you, he just asked me to make him meet you so that he can know you better and I… I thought if you are busy with someone then I can spend some quality time with Neil. I know I may sound like a villain now but the thing is I never got any appreciation on my beauty from my family members, everyone is hell bent to show how less beautiful I look when compared to my sisters and cousins. This thing got into my skin so deep that its branches took a toll on your life now. You are way more beautiful than me Radhika. I sort of felt insecure when Neil shares every single thing of his with you. I know he likes me but I thought he may get bored of me and leave me, so did this thing. I’m really sorry Radhika, please forgive me for this one mistake of mine.’

Sam!! Why did you think beauty lies only on the outer side? Your family members are so blind to see your inner beauty that makes you Queen of the world and my Carrot’s heart. You are beautiful inside out Sam, please don’t think such things. Aur haa, if you want to stay with Neil you need to (pointing herself) accept this extra baggage too as he is my soul brother, alright?’ Radhika said the last line in a very dangerous tone that made Sam gulp hard.
Oh now enough of this drama, come on girls, come and give me a hug.’ Said Neil popping out the window.
Neil!!!!’ said Sam in a shocked tone. How come you are here at this hour? If anyone sees you here then humara khair nahin {we’ll not be left easily}.’ Said Sam in a fearful tone.

Don’t worry Honey. I made my arrangements before coming here, so chill and give me a hug now.’
Sam was surprised to hear “Honey” from Neil and he is asking her hug, Oh No!! She will definitely faint anytime now. Rads understood the situation and she made her way out to the balcony. Neil hugged Sam and consoled her and proposed her at the same time.
Honey!! I Love you for what you are and not for how others want you to be. As Beetroot said you are beautiful inside out Honey, please never ever think low of yourself.’
Sam was overwhelmed to see the pure feelings that these two angels have for her. Both are trying their level best to bring her out from the shell she so meticulously constructed around her. And she will make sure she will come out of it and make herself worthy of their love. Radhika disturbed the romance of the two love birds by fake cough and also signalling that it is time for Neil to leave.
Thank you Beetroot, you are the best sister anyone can get.’ Said Neil while climbing down the pipe.
Carrot!! You will get a tight slap now, behen bhi bolte ho and thanks bhi kehte ho {you call me sister and also thank me}, not fair.’ Said Radhika with a pout.
Accha meri Maa, I’ll not say thank you again. Abb kush?? (Radhika said yes) so can I go now?’
Well if you want you can stay here with your HONEY but warden will not allow right, so go now.’ Said Radhika emphasising the word Honey.

Sam blushed hard with these words of Radhika and mouthed “Love you too” to Neil.
Next days of Mahostav went well and their friendship grew stronger too.
In this one and half year they became famous for their pranks in the college. Their pranks are world famous, but that doesn’t mean they lack concentration in studies, they are toppers in every subject.
NeSam’s trance was broken by Radhika who is beating Arjun. Both Nesam doesn’t understand the reason and asked them. The answer of Radhika did give a chance to laugh though.
Carrot!! He is saying I’m not hot. Kaisa boyfriend mila hai mujhe who doesn’t know how to praise his girlfriend.’ Said Radhika in a dramatic way.
Arey yaar, jho sach hai wahi bolunga naa {I’ll say only the truth right}. By the way why should I praise you Sweetheart, you are already beautiful in our eyes.’ Answered Arjun.
With this all the friends hugged tightly showing the depths of their bond to everyone.
Tadaaa!!!! Finally completed next part of this SS, my heart is pounding very fast now, how did you like Devil’s idea of treating the loon head “Goutham”, I know he should have got much more than that but as the people in here are college students, I couldn’t have gone much farther. And also the words Goutham used for Rads are used to describe me too when I was in college as I have many boys as my friends… I didn’t pay any heed to those words as I know myself more than they know me. 😀

About the wood piece lab session, we used to have this lab session in real; I don’t know why our Uni introduced this to us, but we used to sweat a lot while filing the wood pieces as if we have a marathon for miles at a stretch.

In the next update we’ll see the industrial tour of these people; you are studying a professional degree and will not go on industrial tour? Naah, that’s not happening. So they will definitely go on industrial tour and you people have to guess the place where I’m going to transport them for this purpose. Clue is it is in South India and is very famous for industries, I can’t give away much so think guys THINK. 😀
I have a very big reason to include “ragging” idea in this update… As I got to know many of the readers here are going to enter the professional college this year, I just wanted to warn them beforehand. I know ragging is a punishable offence but it happens every now and then in every college that is in secret. And last year I got to see and read many suicide cases just because of this ragging issue. I just want to say, please think of your parents before taking any drastic step, because they are the ones for whom we are answerable. So think what they will go through to see the lifeless body of their child lying on the floor of some hostel. I’m really sorry if I have crossed any line over here.
About the event I mentioned in this segment that is “Mahostav”—it’s a national youth festival that takes place in real and our college VIGNAN is the organiser. But the live singing and dancing idea is entirely mine, as we have both singing and dancing competitions individually and I just kind of combined them both. Coming back to the event, it is a two day festival and students from any college can participate in this event. For Vignanates, it is like an official holiday of two weeks or so due to the arrangements that are to be done and we used to officially bunk the classes saying that we are involved in one or the other event included in the festival. 😉 I just mended some rules of the event according to my story because no one is allowed to do such nasty things in our campus as we have disciplinary committee members in every nook and corner. And also the hostels of both boys and girls are far away, so there is no way one can enter other gender’s hostel. It’s just to make the proposal happen; I made Neil to jump in the balcony. Oh!! Now I’m so missing my college… 😛
And one more thing I’m posting THWH series on Wattpad, if anyone of you are on Wattpad please support me there too. 😀 My UN is geethu_sweetie28. I just published first shot there and will publish next shots as soon as I can by making some minor modifications. 🙂
Accha I need a suggestion about the next shot of THWH series, do you want me to write on Ardhika’s professional fronts OR Dia’s love story as the next shot? If you want Dia’s love story, let me tell you it doesn’t have any social issues in it but some valuable messages will be there [Dia’s love story is suggested by Jessie, so it will be funky and cute love story]. And if you want Ardhika’s professional fronts, there will be issues included and lots and lots of drama will also be written. So please help me out in this as I’m hopping frantically of what to write next. 🙁
About the late that I have taken to post this shot, I was out of town for a while and the journey tired me so much that I had to take rest for two whole days and then I was unable to write anything because of the relatives visit and there are some rituals to be taken care of as Krishna Pushakaralu are going to start in our state.

I know I’m still holding the cards of Radhika and Neil with me, those will be revealed at the right time, so please wait for the right time… How did you like the nicknames Neil has given to both the ladies? I was laughing like hell while writing that part. Do you think I justified the name “Devil” to Arjun?

To make clear those ONE things Arjun and Sam are searching for, here it goes—Arjun wants to guide his father’s company by pursuing his graduation and Sam wants to come out the shell and also show her relatives that outer beauty is not always needed but we should have inner beauty too included.

Below are the links of the prologue and Segment1 of this SS:
Hope you guys liked this segment of ArRaNeSam’s life. I’m really sorry if it is not to your expectations… Please let me know your views from the comments section below and I request silent readers [If any] to comment your views too as I got to know my story has silent readers because of “Aarti” who commented in the previous chapter.

And thanks again for being such amazing readers and friends… 🙂 Waiting for you reviews… Till then bye my lovely beautiful friends… Have a nice day…

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