MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 5)




MMZ – Must be Love (Few Shots – Part 5)

Arjun is continuoulsy changing the channels in TV…his concentration is not there on the TV right now but he don’t know what he supposed to do now. Nandini is in

kitchen gets irritated hearing the high volume..she takes the cotton and covers her ears with that and continues her cooking. She is very angry and murmuring, “When he

get a chance to marry her…he denied gave me a bullshit reason and now he is worrying about her marriage with another man….no no still i don’t think he realises his

feelings…some one has to dig his feelings with a stick…oh god why u gave me this dumb brother” she is cursing her brother continuously coz of his stupidity of

losing a girl with golden heart. More than Arjun, Nandini couldn’t tolerate this now…she burning in anger inside but she did not show it to Arjun.

Arjun is not o his control and still changing the channel when some one comes and grabs the remote from his hand. He is shocked seeing Neil there who turns off the TV

and stares him with lot of question. Nandini realises the silence and comes out from the kitchen to look at Arjun but gets shocked and surprised seeing Neil there.

Nandini comes forward with a smile, “Neil…you here?”

Neil is also surprised seeing her..hugs her with love and says, “Di…i should ask you the question. How come you here and what about jiju?”

Nandini, “He is in US only…i came alone here to stay with Arjun for sometime”

Neil, “Wow…that’s so cool but what’s the reason?”

Nandini, “Marriage”

Neil, “What Marriage? For Arjun? Di…you found a girl for him”

Nandini smile vanished thinking about her brother’s stupidity, “No not yet and that’s y i am still staying here”

Neil sits beside Arjun and wraps his hand around his shoulder and says, “So what’s my arjun’s expectations?”

Nandini glares arjun once and replies, “He want a slim fit girl as his bride”

Arjun lifts his eyes and glares her angrily and moves his gaze away from her with same anger. Neil observes their cold look and asks nandini, “Any problem di?”

Nandini is about to say but Arjun interrupts saying, “Nothing. First you tell me why u came here?” with angry tone.

Neil is shocked for his rude behaviour and blinks at Nandini signing what happened.

Nandini gets really angry on Arjun for showing his frustration at Neil who don’t even know what is happening.

Nandini, “Arjun…this is not the way to behave with him. Behave yourself”

Arjun close his eyes tightly and release a sigh relief and turns to Neil, “I am…I am sorry Neil..i was n some other tension.”

Neil hugs him saying, “It’s ok buddy. Its not new for us…we used to yell each other in tension. Never mind”

Arjun also reciprocates the hug with a small smile and Nandini gets relax seeing them like this. She excuses herself leaving them alone.

Neil, “So Arjun…what’s ur program tomorrow? I mean tomorrow evening”

Arjun, “Not sure…will be having a meeting”

Neil, “How many lies you will say to me?”

Arjun blinks at him and he continues, “Tomorrow is weekend and i know you will not work on weekends. So you are free tomorrow and you have to come with to the place

where am getting you”

Arjun, “No neil…m not in a mood to roam out…you carry on”

Neil nods his head as no and says, “I am not asking you Mr. Arjun Mehra…i am just saying that you are coming with me and that’s final”

Arjun let out a sigh relief and after a long hesitation he just nods his head positively. Then they both have a talk about their other friends and work wise.

Soon Nandini calls them both for lunch and she too joins with them. Nandini observes Arjun’s face..he is just smiling for the sake of Neil and feels pity on her

brother. Neil stays with them for some time and leaves from there.

Nandini comes to Arjun and sits beside her, “Ajju”

Arjun soon puts his head on her lap and replies, “Hmmm” by closing his eyes.

Nandini rubbing his hair softly and says, “Do you love Radhika?”

Arjun immediately opens his eyes and looks for an answer himself for Nandini’s question. He gets up and looks at her, “I…i..don’t know Nandu”

Nandu, “Means…this is not the answer i am looking for it. How ca you say that you don’t know?”

Arjun, “I really don’t know Nandu…but i am getting restless thinking about her”

Nandu, “But why are you getting restless thinking about her…she is just an employee in your company and she became your friend as you said…And as per you there is

nothing special you both shared between you..then why the hell you are upset thinking about her marriage with Neil”

Arjun fixes his glare on her and he really don’t have answer for her question. Nandini feels pity seeing him in dishelved state..she cups his face and says,

“Arjun…the love is clearly visible in your eyes but your heart is not ready to accept the truth. Open up your heart Arjun. Think well…you are feeling so happy

whenever you spoke about radhika to me. You did miss her earlier but now you got a chance to make her yours forever…don’t miss her again. She is here in your

heart…just close your eyes and if you see her infront of you..then you should admit that you love her”

Arjun simpy stares her till she completes..she smiles at him and close his eyes by her hands. Within few seconds Nandini sees Arjun smiling…yes he is smiling…he is

seeing Radhika in his closed eyes. He opens his eyes and looks at Nandini who is smiling at him. He hugs her tightly and says, “Yes i love her…i love radhika…” he

seperates her and cups her face saying, “But how it’s possible”

Nandini pulls his nose saying, “Love don’t know the place, time and all…it will come to any one at any time..just like that”

Arjun smiles at her and soon he lost his smile immediately thinking about Neil..nandini pats him and tells, “Talk to Neil before it gets late”

Arjun looks worry and nods her positively saying, “Anyway i will meet him tomorrow right..i ll tel him about my feelings”.

Nandu, “That’s my boy” she patted her cheeks and goes from there.


Next day, Neil goes to Arjun’s home and picks him from there & goes to the place where he calls him. It’s a Taj Coramendal Hotel…one of the big and luxurious

hotel..Arjun wonders why he got him here. Arneil steps inside the hotel and they both enters the party hall where in… Arjun gets surprised seeing his friends and

business people there.

Neil smirks at him and says, “It’s just a surprise for you Arjun…if i say the reason i am sure you would not turned up here and that’s y i did not tell you that it

is my party”

Arjun glares him and gives an unbelievable look at him….both goes further and meets their friends. Soon Neil gets a call and excuses himself goes out leaving arjun

with others. Arjun and his old friends are enjoying the time by pulling each other’s legs..and they get disturbed by Neil’s voice. Everyone turns back and gets

surprise seeing Neil with some one. Especially Arjun..he is shell shocked seeing Radhika with Neil. Arjun is standing like a statue seeing them and his eyes only halts

at Radhika who dressed herself like a princess. He forgets the surroundings and starring her with lots of love in his eyes.

Radhika greets everyone and she too gets surprised seeing Arjun there and she feels difference in his view…and finds something different in him. SHe smiles at him

but he did not reciprocate the smile instead getting nervous and tense. Neil holds her shoulder and takes her to Arjun and says, “And this is another surprise…how is

it?. I mean..Arjun How is our pair?” he winks at him.

Ardhika gets embarrassed and she lowers her gaze down and Arjun looks at Radhika says, “Beautiful”. Neil with a wide smile hugs him and says, “Thank you my dear


Soon the party starts and the DJ puts on the music…the couples started dancing happily. A charming girl comes to Neil and extends her hands for a dance with him…he

looks at Radhika once and she nods with a cute smile…he moves to that girl and dancing with her. Arjun stands beside her and both feels the tension arise in their

heart and it starts beating faster than before. Arjun decides something and moves towards radhika…where in rads heart beats fast for each of his steps and stops

beating it when he extends his hand to her for a dance. She forgets to blink seeing him and lost herself in him…unknowingly she gives her hand to him and he takes

her with him gently to the dance floor.

He holds her by her waist and instead of pulling her to him…he himself moves close to her…she simply looks only at his eyes and keeps her hands on his chest.

Idhayam indha idhayam
innum ethanai inbangal thaangidimo
Idhayam indha idhayam
innum ethanai thunbangal thaangidimo

(Heart, this Heart
Bears, How much happiness?
Heart, this Heart
Bears, How much sadness?)

Aasai thundilil maatikondu
ithu thathalithu thudikirathe
Kaayam yaavaiyum thetri kondu
idhu marupadiyum ninaikiradhe

(Got trapped in desires bait,
heart struggles a lot.
It admits all the wounds,
and again its starts thinking)

Ullukule thudikum siru idhayam
ethnaiyo kadalai idhu vilungum

(Small Heart that beats inside
It will swallow any sea)

Vendum vendum endru ketkaiyile
vendaam vendaam endru sollume
vendaam vendaam endru vilagi ninral
vendum vendum enru thullume..

(When you ask,
it will say no
If you stay away
It will say, I need)

Idhu thavithidum nerupa?
illai kulirnthidum neera?
ithu pani aeri malai ya?
idhai arinthor yaarumillai
ullathile arai undu vaasal illai
ulle vandhen
un ninaivo thirumbavillai

(Is it longing fire?
Or is it cooling water?
is it snow volcano?
No one is there who know this
There is entry in mind but no exit
I came inside,
but your thoughts didn’t return)

Thoongum podhum idhu thudithidume
aengum podho ithu vedikkum
Theendum viral endru therindha pinbum
vendum endre idhu nadikkum

(It’ll beat while sleeping
It’ll blast while you expect
Even knowing that it will hurt
It’ll act intentionally)

Ardhika moves with each other according to the music…they touches each others with lot of passion and love. Both feels happy by their touch and Arjun’s heart forces

him to keep her with him always…he is not ready to leave her and he shown that possessiveness in his each touch. She sees a different Arjun today and she too

completely given herself to him without any hesitation. Both dances like a perfecct couple..who is just made for each other. The audiences who spots them finds their

proximity and sensual touch..they chuckles among themselves and winks each other.

Soon the song gets over…everyone goes apart…and unwillingly Ardhika also moves apart. Arjun’s heart is yearning to be with her but his mind controls his feelings

towards her and it knows it is not the right time to behave madly. Neil comes to them and says, “…that was a fantastic dance Arjun. You both look good


Ardhika gets embarrassed hearing him and rads couldn’t control her emotions anymore…she calls Neil, “Neil…i am little tired…i need to go home now”

Neil, “Sure…will drop you there. Just be in the parking lot..i will come”

She nods and goes from there without even bids bye to Arjun. Arjun gets angry seeing her going and looks at Neil who is talking to some of their friends. Arjun also

goes to Parking lot and finds Radhika waiting for Neil. He goes and stands infront of her which makes her shock seeing him.

Rads did not mutter single word and lowers her gaze down. Arjun passes a sharp look at her and without wasting a time he looks at her says, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”

Radhika lifts her face and blinks at him without saying anything. They both shares an intense eyelock for a minute…and before she says something..he leaves from

there leaving her in shock. She just stares him going from there and soon Neil comes to her and drops her in home.

All d way she keeps silent and did not speak up anything. Neil often looks at her but he too did not ask anything to her.

They reach her home and she gets down from his car…he too comes out from the car and looks at her by folding his hands across his chest. Radhika is clueless seeing

him and asks, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Neil gives a heavy breathe and stpes towards her saying, “Why u did not say anything when arjun proposed you?”

Radhika widens her eyes in shock…breathes heavily and couldn’t believe her ears what she just heard.

Precap: Neil gets to know Ardhika’s past from Nandini. Neil ignores Arjun and tells Prerna to keep the marriage as soon as possible.


That’s it for today…and i am dedicating this chapter to my dear sister Shree…my dear sister…read and let me know your comments dear 🙂

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