MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS – 03)

Love you guys for providing me an immense support and love for this story. Yes, Radhika is a very chirpy and naughty girl…truly I am adoring her character a lot…making her loved ones happy….do you think it is tough for her to trap Arjun in her trick….will Arjun fall for the admirer? So easily? To know more about this..let’s travel together for today’s chapter…happy reading guys 

MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS – 03)

Radhika pause her work and lifts her eyes to observe Arjun’s behavior, she stares his face inch by inch and unknowingly she smiles at his features and murmurs, “See the nose? How lengthy? That’s y he is getting so much angry. And that lips looks good but it forgot its smile being in his face.” She is making faces seeing him…but fortunately or unfortunately Arjun gives a sudden look at her and she jolted coz of that and immediately hides her face in the files and praying, “God, he should not find my stare on him”

Arjun, “Ms. Radhika”

Radhika jerked and coz of that she drops the file on the floor…she slap her forehead and collects the file and goes to him asking, “Yes Sir”

Arjun, “Relax first”

Radhika simply nods her head and he continues, “What? I asked you to relax first… u still looks tensed”

Radhika blinks at him and he says, “Just do inhale and exhale”

Rads blurt, “What?” and wides her eyes.

Arjun, “What? Do it now?”

Rads, “Sir…I am alright”

Arjun , “I don’t see. Don’t waste my time…just do it. I don’t want you to work with tension”

Rads rolls her eyes and does the inhale and exhale saying, “I am done sir” and mumbles, “Looks like I am in a yoga hall”

Arjun looking at the file saying, “Good. So now work on this project and let me know the final estimation for this. It is very very important project for us…i hope you won’t disappoint me”

Rads, “Sure Sir. I will do my best” he hands her the file and gets busy in other works.

Rads looks at the file but in between she remembers the inhale and exhale & started laughing.

Arjun gets irritated asking,”What’s there on the file to laugh?”

Rads stop laughing abruptly and mumbles, “Sorry sir” and continues her work.

Arjun let out a sigh breathe and gets busy in phone calls.

Her whole day gets busy with her work and left for the day.

Before Leaving, Arjun reminds her to finish the project by today itself, so she takes the files to her home and works on her laptop. She sincerely does her work and finished the final estimation for the project and mail the content to Arjun.

Immediately she gets a reply mail from Arjun stating, “Thanks !!!”

She rolls her eyes looking at the mail and lost in his thoughts, she gets jerked when mala shakes her badly to listen her. She jumps on the bed holding her shoulder saying, “Maa, why are you shouting like this? And you look tensed?”

Mala, “No…i am not”

Rads, “No, you are…see you are breathing heavily due to the tension”

Mala, “So what?”

Rads, “Maa, I don’t want you to work with this much tension. First relax yourself”

Mala blinks at her saying, “I am alright choti”

Rads, “Maa…I said you to Relax. Mmmm do inhale and exhale”

Mala, “what?”

Rads, “Do it Maa…you will feel good”

Mala, “What happen to you? You became Mad in your first day of work” she is about go but Rads pulls her again and makes her do the inhale and exhale and then she left her.

Mala keeps scolding for her madness where in Rads laughing continuously thinking about How Arjun made her do that and mala’s reaction for the same.

She gets a call from Nandini, she happily responds it and both chats for long where Radhika tells what Arjun did and how he asked her to relax. Nandini is laughing badly repeating those words and it is heard by Arjun who came to her room to spend some time. He hears Nandini’s whole conversation and understands that Radhika is the one who insulted him on the call. He goes back to his room and walks from corner to corner restlessly.

He opens his laptop and looks at her mail once again, and types something hastily having a smirk on his face. He sent the mail and close his laptop murmuring, “First punishment for insulting me, be awake for whole night”

Radhika dancing for her favourite item song Chikni Chameli in her room by having a high volume in her audio system, she try to repeat the step as Katrina did, she couldn’t get it but some how she is trying her best, and the same steps is attempting by Mala in kitchen while cooking for them. Mala too rejoices and dancing for the tune happily. Both Mother & daughter enjoying the freedom they get till Neil comes and blocks them in doing all these naughty things.

Radhika in between her dance, looks at her mobile and stops dancing seeing the message from Arjun, “Look at your Mailbox”

She immediately stops the music and checks her mail, Mala who interestingly dancing for the tune gets upset and continues her working with a pout face.

Radhika reads the mail and gets sad. She reads it once again, “Ms. Radhika, this is not what I expected from you. This complete work gets waste because of your stupid estimations. You simply wasted my time also to make me look into this junk. I don’t know what you will or how you will do … I want this to be completed and I need the perfect final estimation tomorrow when you come to office. Hope you are clear now”

Radhika keeps blinking at the laptop for sometime and opens the excel where she updated all the calculations for the project. She took a back up of that and again started it freshly. It took whole day for her to finish it and she gets worried thinking how she gonna finish it soon and goes to sleep.

Mala calls her for dinner but she refused it coz of the work, Mala smiles and starts feeding her as it is letting her to work. At the same time she gets worried seeing her lovely daughter works so seriously with a pout face all the time.

Radhika keeps comparing the old data and new one and scolding him, “I made everything perfectly, what’s wrong with that Grumpy person. Stupid , idiot…” she keeps on scolding him and doing her work for the whole night. She slept hardly for 2 hours and gets up to get ready to leave office.

All the time she falls asleep while getting ready and in the verge to cry at any time. Finally she reached office and mail the content again to him to check it.

Arjun looks at her dull face, and sleeping eyes, he smirks at her and orders, “Ms. Radhika, get me a cup of Tea”

Radhika wakes up from her half sleep and blinks at him of not understanding what he told. Arjun looks at her and said the same again. She cursing him badly and prepares Tea for him, he tastes it saying more sugar, she got one more again he tastes it saying very strong, she keeps getting him and he keeps rejecting it.

Final time, she stays in the pantry and glares him angrily and thinks, “Playing with me is it? Let me show you may game now”

She takes her mobile and message to someone. She smirks seeing him and says, “Wait for the surprise Mr. Arjun Mehra”

She gives the Tea to him, he tastes it and is about to say something but Radhika interrupts, “This is the last cup, there is no milk”

Arjun glares her with smirk saying, “Atlast, you prepared nicely according to my taste”. She rolls her eyes and makes faces which is noticed by Arjun.

He checks the excel again and says, “Ms. Radhika, why don’t you understand my point clearly? Again and Again you are doing the same mistake. If you keep doing like this, then we won’t get any project till you are here”

Rads too gets irritate saying, “Sir, if I am doing it wrongly, then pls show me once how to calculate and estimate it. Since it is first time I am doing as much as I can…you know better than me right…pls show me once…I will learn from you”

Arjun, “I am not here to teach you….it’s your job to learn everything by yourself and finish the work without mistakes. If you are not, then you don’t need to continue this job anymore”

Rads widens her eyes looking at him angrily, “Sorry to say this sir, but you are here just to fill your dad’s place. Only Samrat sir has rights to terminate me from this job”

She goes to her place without waiting for his reply and feels a glare on her back…she is about to sit on her chair, but she gets pulled by him and gets locked in his strong arms, he holds her shoulders saying, “Never think to raise your voice on me. Till I am here, I have all the right to do anything with my staffs”

He smiles at her sarcastically and says, “But I won’t terminate you…coz you should enjoy all my torture till I am here”

Rads did not understand why he is behaving like this and blinking at him, he continues, “You are the same little brat who insulted me that day on the call right?”

Rads snapping her eyes continuously listening him and tries to get free from him. He releases her saying, “This is just a sample…I will torture you more for insulting me that day”

He gets calls and goes to attend it and responds saying, “Yes Mr. Abhinav, hope you get the estimation which I sent you yesterday night” he passes a sharp glare to Rads who is utmost shock listening him.

Arjun, “Fine…i am happy to participate in that bid. Just let me know if you need any further details. My PA will get in touch with you” he presses the word PA and smirks seeing her.

Rads sits in her chair with a jolt thinking, “He was happy with my first estimation and he purposely made me awake whole night…just to take revenge…chi chi how cruel he is…Don’t underestimate me so easily Mr.Arjun Mehra…you are dealing a little volcano…I will show you my game soon”

Before her thoughts gets over, they both hear a knock on the door and Arjun responds them to come in. The same peon again comes inside with a fear in his eyes, because he is holding again one more bouquet and hides his face behind that of not showing his face to Arjun.

Rads face becomes brighten and her eyes sparkles seeing the flowers and looks at Arjun. Arjun looks at the Peon and asks in a high pitch, “What’s that?”

Peon stammers, “For..for…you sir”

Arjun makes faces and calls her, “Ms. Radhika, pls do the honor like yesterday” and smiles seeing her irritating face.

Radhika rolls her eyes and walks to the peon, gets the flower from him, she starts reading the quote to herself and folds it, places it on the same place where it was and tells the peon, “Throw it out”

Arjun and Peon gets shocked together and peon blinks at Ardhika, where in Arjun interrupts her, “Why to throw it? What was written in that?”

Rads lets out a sigh saying, “Why to worry about that sir? Anyway after reading that, you will ask him to throw it out…so I did” and turns to peon saying, “Why are you keeping it still? Throw it out”

Arjun, “That I have to decide Ms.Radhika, you should not decide that. Tell me what was written in that”

Rads rolls her eyes saying, “Sir, nothing important…nothing good…and nothing to attract you. I cannot waste my time in reading this for you and you will simply say to throw this. Leave it sir” and again turns to peon saying, “Go and throw this” she hands the bouquet in his hand.

Arjun gets angry and comes to them saying, “which is important, which is not … let me decide that. You don’t decide it. Your job is just to do what I say”

Rads raise her brow saying, “I am your PA sir…means Personal Assistant…my job is to reduce your tension by avoiding few things which is not liked by you. So yesterday you didn’t like this and instruct me to throw, I am repeating that today…what’s wrong I did?” turns to peon again, “I asked you to go”

Arjun stops the Peon who looks at them alternatively when they argue, and blinks standing there with bouquet in his hands.

Arjun, “You just have to help me, not to control me or not to take decisions on your own. Only I will say whether to keep this or throw this” he pauses for a second and tells her by gritting his teeth, “GET LOST”

Rads immediately turns and walks to her place with a naughty smile on her face thinking, “It’s my first win to make you read the notes by yourself. From now, the game will be mine Mr. dummy chairman”

Arjun who reads the note as,
“Hi Arjun, So how was my first note and first wish to you on your first fresh day here in India…hope you had a great day. Okay…have you thought about me once…no?  it’s ok…but you know what… I was thinking only about you yesterday. My night went so beautifully remembering you. Hope it is enough for today…Again “FRESH MORNING WITH FRESH FLOWERS” have a great day 
With love,
Your Secret Admirer “

Arjun’s vision passes to Radhika once and next to peon who is still standing of not knowing what to do. He keeps the note on the bouquet and tells him, “Throw it” and goes to his place leaving him shocked.

Peon silently goes out and Radhika with a smirk on her face resumes her work. Arjun sits at his place just for a few seconds, then immediately he goes out and follows the peon who walks on the corridor and calls him secretly to the corner.

He then picks the note from there and sends him to throw the flowers. He reads the note once again and keeps it in his pocket and walks into his cabin again with a serious face.

Precap: Nandini finds some change in Arjun’s behavior and shares this with Radhika who smiles hearing it.


  1. Chashni

    Aiyoo changed arjun into a yoga master.that reminded my school days which was irritating.but now am missing that.radhika really a different character.arjun that long nose.and akka I m very sad today our aham show Brahmarakshas is going on air off on February.but I really loved this update.weekly update is more than enough for us.take care of your health luv you akka

    • Sathya



      Lol chashu…ha ha ha yoga master. you know some managers are like that…oh..i wont watch BR i am not sad infact i am happy coz i don’t like aham in that freeky character…i m taking more time nowadays…love you too 🙂 tc

  2. Aasthu


    |Registered Member

    Hey Sathuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………………….hehe…….soooooo funny……I had to check my laughter because mom was sleeping in my room………..but its soooo nyc…..hmm so Arjun had his 1st revenge……..Rads is too funny…..loved her dialogues with the peon…..and also with Arjun……..soooo the secret admirer is Radhika ri8??????????? love u…………tc……..

  3. Brin


    |Registered Member

    Outstanding episode, love it to the core, Arjun throws the flower and keeps the note, how wonderful, eagerly waiting for the next update. Sathya you nail it, well done. 🙂

  4. Aastha

    Sattthhuuu di….it is fantabulously awesome….oh this secret admirer….admired his long nose…lips with no smile…and his relaxing act with her mom too…hilarious…radz and mala dance….both are crazy…lol…Arjun made her do work again…n Radz too replied him in his tone n Mr. Dummy chairman…lol….the way she said to throw flowers and him read note….too funny….wants more of Radz naughty acts in pursuing Arjun….loads of love di…post soon…muahh

  5. Saran

    Sathya awesome…. Mind blowing…. Really Loved it…. Wait for next….. Pls update next soon…. Take care…..

  6. Dipika


    |Registered Member

    Satzzzz darling hahaha i was laughing really good… Dummy chairman.. Lol.. Enhale n exhale.. U got me reminder if my manager.. He do the same.. I wanna this work done by evening n all.. Instructions… Lol… I like he making her relax.. Thn she used tht trick in mala.. Lol… Bechari radz pakadi gyi.. How rude he is to torture her….

    Radz send thts flowers… He keep the note.. Their argument.. Lol.. Bechara peon… Hahaha amazing one… Love u lots 😍 😍 😍 😍

  7. Jewel


    |Registered Member

    Sathya this is really nice one…. Rads and mala, that inhale and exhale scene that was really funny…. Their dance on chikni chameli….. And ardhika fight and her plan to change arjun, everything is superb….. Arjun started to like his secret admirer…. I liked this story alot sathya….. Waiting for next one

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much Jewel 🙂 he he he 😛 it seems Arjun started admiring his secret admirer. Just out of curiosity we can say like that. will see how he fall for his secret admirer. thank u so much dear 🙂

  8. arti viswanathan

    Sathya darling outstanding,superb, fantastic,excellent and marvelous episode….. I loved it to the core…..

  9. KK(Krishna)

    Aweee…it was cute episode…I love my hero…he is trapped now..indirectly…and radhika…love her much…but soon she will fall for my hero…thanks so much for the lovely update….

  10. Sofia

    Sathya it’s awesome dear loved rads naughtiness. mala is also becoming crazy along with Radhika lol. Post next soon dear eagerly waiting for next update

  11. Sulbi


    |Registered Member

    Awsme sissy… Arjun took revenge but Radhika is a little volcano… haha… so funny… and superb… Secret admirer… wow… So Arjun is falling for secret admirer… Thats Lovely… Episode was fantastic… i loved it and enjoyed it… while reading this i was keep smiling in it…. superb sissy… anticipating for nxt part… Love you n tc sissy… 🙂

  12. Aana


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    Awsm Di….this pair is best….nd dummy chairman… Actually she shud say hotty chairman… Lol loved it…will wait for next…
    Love u …tc bye

  13. Rossy


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    • Sathya



      Thank u so much sissy 🙂 ha ha ha that’s a great great compliment from you. ha ha ha no neil will be like normal brother…so many dos and don’ts he has. he he he u scold him badly haan..not fair sissy..anyway he is ur jiju na. 🙂

  14. Naaga


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    Ha ha ha today full & full fun only Satz 😂😂😂😂 peon & Ardhika portion 👏👏👏 Semma 👏👏👏👏

    …undoubtedly he will fall in trap☺

  15. likii

    Superb. .awesome ..fantastic sathya. … Radhika dancing for chikni chameli was funny n Mala too. … n ardhika’s bouquet drama too good. ….ahh so its the beginning of their Tom n Jerry act. ….totally loved it. …love you too

  16. Bhoomi


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    Sathya finally I completed all the chapteres posted so far….loved Rads chirpyness and she is really naughty…what an Idea Sirji….nandini too acted very well….best was the phone call. Second chapter OMG those hiccups Arjun must really be too anger to miss her so much…I am just wondering what will happwn the day they come to face to face ….. Radhika Samrat’s PA and then Arjun’s poor girl Bonnie hate her….I really wanted to see Arjun’s face when he got to knoe Radhika was the girl who scolded him over the phone….loved her chikni chameli dance….and now he started tourturing her… floweres …hmm nice trick by rads ….now waiting for changes in Arjun.. Kuddos to you my Yuvraj Singh you are just awesome 🙂 stay blessed and keep rocking 🙂 love u

    • Sathya



      Chicaaa 🙂 wow i m so so happy seeing you here….yeah i m succeeded in my attempt. lol 😛 he he he she is so chirpy beauty. ha ha ha you caught my point there…yes hiccups meants his scoldings on her. lol Arjun’s face is worth watchable. lol am blushing listening the word yuvraj singh….he he he phewwwwwwwww….gone out of 😛 love you dear 🙂

  18. Jnana


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    • Sathya



      Jnana..welcome back dear 🙂 he he he yes exactly work and thought about him :P… he himself read the note and tht’s her first victory right..coz he never shows interest on this.

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