mmz love for eternity (Part 12)


Hi friends. I just want to pay my gratitude to you for your support and love. Thank so much. Feby my sweet sis sorry this is not dedicated to you. I couldn’t write. But i promisr you next chap will be for you. I wanted it to be happy wala as it would be my farewell gift to you. So wait for it.

So now the main reason for this note is. Some person has commented that i should never write in my lifetime and she hates my writing. It is the worst story she has ever read and this story is an insult to manmarziyan. Well i sincerely apologize if it has given you such distress.

But answer my question. How did you find patience to read 11 chapters of this worst story. If i would have been in your place I would have never read it at all. But then i want reviews from all my readers on this story. How do you feel about this.

Anu, i want to clear one thing. I am not a writer in the first place. I am just a story teller. so if you know the meaning of both terms you could understand. And i tell the story by presenting it in form of words. I am not planning for best writer award with this story if that is what you are afraid of.

Well jokes apart. I will not say i’m not hurted with your words. Its not the words , it is the wrong timing. I’m seriously in my low phase. And when i saw your comment i felt horrible. But. Here is the bigg but. I’m not stopping it no matter what. This is my story, it is how i want to see arjun, neil , sam and radz in some good roles. I love manmarziyan with my heart. I’m a loyal fan of the show, who left watching t.v after show ended. So keep your harsh words to yourself.

Yes if you want to tell any negatives which are present in the story. You could have just said that. I always ask for comments to know my flaws in writing. I know i’m not good at english. But I am a good learner. I would hav taken your suggestion and tried to change. But no, you had the guts to say that i should never write. Whoaaa that was unexpected.

And plot…. Really???!!! What the hell do you know about the plot of this story. Do you even know why radz is there with yug. And who yug is in real. Why he is keeping radz as captive. What relation does nick and arjun have? How did nick and sanju’s wedding happen. Why didnt neil and sam get married till now? Do you know one answer to any of the questions. If yes, then i’m honoured to listen what the plot is from you. Kindly share it. All the readers want to know it. I have been keeping them in suspense from long time. They will so happy to know the real plot.

Thank you shree, supu, dipika, roma dii, feby, nitu, rose, hari , gia, abha, sathya, ritu. Thank you for supporting me. I will never forget this. Thank you all my readers and those who comment to support me.


Sorry for my bantering. Dont worry i have written story. But it was only a small one. Forgive me for that. As i said these days i’m in my low state. But i will update next chap soon. Love you all.

Enjoy reading ***********

Ash ran along with Raj to the channel’s office. It was a dead end. No one was ready to answer them. Everyone kept denying that the program. Gradually Ash was loosing her cool with all the happenings.

She paced the hallway wildly. Raj was trying hard to get some info on the show. But it was next to impossible. It seemed all the staff were given clear orders not to reveal any information. This only added extra doubt.

Raj on the other hand, was busy conversing with the lady staff using his charms in hope to get anything related. He trusted her. There was no reason for her to lie.

Ash was in her deep thoughts after listening to all ” I can’t believe what is happening here. First i see radhika and she is here. It was hard to believe that she is alive and now these people are saying its my imagination. The heck is my imagination.” Her thoughts were disturbed by Raj who wore a confused face with concerned eyes.

Raj shook his head and that is all it took ash to break down. It was impossible that not even a single person is helping. They are clearly denying it. The reporter is not in office. The show was never aired today. Ash ” I dont know what they are going to think of me.? What if they think i was playing prank on them?? But it was real. I myself am terrified at the fact that radhika is alive. ” sobbing hysterically.

Raj took her in embrace holding tight, rubbing her back. It was hard to see the confident person breaking down. He had never dreamed that he would see ash in this state. He knew in that instant the matter is very serious and sensitive. He pulled away wiping her tears and moved out of the office with her strolling behind.

They are now in a cafe sipping their coffee. Neil and sid has been calling her since an hour or more. Mark has immediately activated all her bank accounts and sim card. Pulling the mobile which was ringing non stop, she saw the caller id. It was mark.

She touched the green button accepting the call , placed the phone near her ear. ” Princess are you fine?? ” was the first sentence mark asked. When he got no reply mark continued ” Ash. I heard something about radhika. Is it true? Neil is asking why aren’t you picking up his calls? Is everything alright princess?”

” I’m fine. But nothing is right here. It was a dead end. I cannot find her. But trust me uncle i have seen her.” Ash answered in a groggy voice.

Mark questioned in a stern voice ” What actually happened? Tell clearly. ” Ash filled him with all the details of the incidents happened.

Mark ” May be they were right. It was just your imagination. She is dead and it has been 2 years approx. now.”

Ash ” I know uncle it is hard to trust. But believe me. It was not a fragment of my imagination. She was there. I have seen with my eyes. ”

Mark sighed ” Ok then. I will do something. Wait for my next call. ” and hung the call. He knew ash since her childhood. If she believed something there was no way she will back off. He dialed to various numbers, talking with many people.


Radhika stood in the kitchen and was talking with Alison. Alison was a good girl, she became friends with radz instantly. Ali gave all the information and events happening outside the mansion.

” So how was your short tour yesterday ?” Ali questioned her with a sly smile on her face.

Radz answered excitedly ” Yes it the best. We roamed all the busy streets of Rome. It was a sight to see. I enjoyed it heartily. But the problem came in form of yug. That idiot knew i was out and ended my little tour in snap of fingers.” She snapped her fingers demonstratingly ” Just like that.”

Ali ” Oh poor radz.” Radz ” Yaa. Poor me. That condescending jerk even gave me lecture on not going out again. ”

Ali laughed lightly shaking her head ” Well the outing worth it. Dont you agree.”

Radz gave a sheepish smile ” It was more than worthy.”

Their happy banter was disturbed when a voice came from the t.v set present in the corner of kitchen. Radz turned her head clearly knowing the owner of the voice.

” There was an interview of arjun airing. It was taken when arjun received the businessman year award. Slowly tears filled in radz eyes by the sight of her love. Unknowingly her finger rounded the ring present on the left hand ringfinger. She fiddled with the ring whilst hearing him.

Interviewer::: So Mr.Arjun Mehra apart from business, we have heard you have personal life which not many people know enough. Why is that Mrs. Mehra is not visible publicly. She is always missing. Why dont you bring her with you.

Arjun : Actually she is kind of shy person. She doesnt like unwanted attention. And me being her husband has to be sure of her happiness. So she is not publicly seen.

Interviewer ::: So can we where she is. In newyork or any other place?

Arjun with a loving smile on his face, put his hand on his left side above heart and answered ” Here ”

Interviewer ::: Well that was the cheesy reply i have ever heard.

Ali muted the remaining part of the interview, turned around to see radz. Radz was staring the screen intently without a blink of eye. She closed her eyes and the tears made their way from her black eyelashes and travelled through both the cheeks.

Ali put her hand on radz shoulder, radz wiped away the tears with the back of her hand. Smiling turned to ali. Ali knew how difficult it was for radz. She pulled her into a tight hug providing comfort.

They jerked away when a sound bloomed. Both rolled their eyes. It was a daily entertainment for them to see yug lashing out his anger on his men.

Ali asked ” What do you think the reason is?”

Radz shrugged her shoulders but answered ” May be zara. ”

And soon sounds errupted throughout the hallway, clearly telling yug was angry and he was showing his anger on luke and others.

Radz ” Yug. I can never understand him. One minute he is the devil and next minute he becomes angel. Now see how he is shouting on luke as he took zara for questioning.”

Ali ” Yaa. Its true. But this side of yug can only be seen if zara is concerned. ”

Radz ” Hmmm. True. Who will not feel protective for zara. She is such a good girl with innocent heart. ”

Ali ” yes. I dont understand how she came into his life. ”

Radz ” Well. Nobody knows what happened. Zara says he saved her. But whenever i try to get into details. That irritating man becomes third-wheel. ”

Yug ” If you can just stop your mouth for one second and let the maids do their work. Im getting late and i want my breakfast ” said to radz mockingly from the kitchen door.

Ali ” Yes sir. Right away “. Her face clearly showing fear. Radz rolled her eyes at yug, moved out of room with plate filled with pancakes.

Yug stopped her and asked where she is going. Radz ” As you can see pancakes. Im going to eat my breakfast” answered sarcastically.

Yug ” I know that. But why are you going to zara’s room. I’m warning you…..”

He trailed off when radz shook her head and said ” Well. Who told you i will listen to you. You are a jerk. And i dont care about you. I’m just giving her breakfast. So can I”

Before yug can say anything, a voice said ” Yes radhika. You can go. ”

Radz smirked at yug, gave a smile to ethan and said ” Thank you ethan. Have a good day. ”

Whilst going upstairs she could see yug glaring at ethan.


So that was short one. I really want your opinions on the story. Please feel free to share your suggestions. I will be waiting for your comments.

P.s::: TU plzzz post this chap as it is. Please. This is my sincere request.

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  1. Sammy

    dear manha …i think her comment got deleted from your previous chappy ..but pls don’t listen to these stupid readers..they are just jealous of writers like you …you know someone had bash Farha too and trust me you will shocked more in nesam dt2 ..can you believe it in her best ff she got cheap comment… and in dipika ff’s too someone accused her of copying some ff from whatpadd ..seriously bullshit …manha don’t feel low ..whenever you feel bad just remember your readers ..we ..all our family ..
    guyz one confession..she was saying you are not a mmz fan me what people call me if i tell that i never watched mmz series on television ..not even a single episode..and manha you are extremely right we are learners.. and this chappy was amazing know what i am liking all the characters of your ff and the best part is every one is getting attention ..your ff’s main focus is on friendship and trust me this what our dosti yaariyan manamrziyan main theme…so like a good girl ..come out breaking all trances and nightmares and show your best …
    And to bashers …a cool advice ..people will remember with our names sammy ..manha ..but you guys will be always termed as basher …your identity is this only …an idiot loon basher one even bothered to ask your name …and if you had little you know ..micro…shame ..then don’t show your comment any ff .. you are a rockstar ..Aur rockstars are not cry baby..they are smiling baby..

    1. Thank you sammy. Haha rockstar. Whoaaa thank u. Yes im not a cry baby. I assure u that. As i said its not her words but the timing was wrong. Its alright. I will update next part soon.

  2. Gauri

    Manha no this was not short….it was toooooooooooooooooooo short…. I was all diving happily and the it ended…I am leaving you this time….but want a longer one next time πŸ˜‰ Plsssssssss….and yes loved you attitude…go on girl there always wiill be people ready to bring you down… but don’t bother coz there are many others waiting to see you fly high πŸ™‚ waiting for the next one loads of love

    1. Gauri thank u so much. Yes i know its tooo short. Par maaf kardo. Next chap will be big. Sorry. Take care. Bye

  3. Brin

    I think your story is brilliant, and who said you can’t write, I say you can write, your story has suspence on how Radhika got kidnap and why everyone think Radhika is dead and why is Nesam are getting married now, I am eagerly waiting for the next update. ☺

    1. Thank u brin for liking it and for your support. will update soon.

  4. Dear Manha::don’t take sorrow to your do what you have to do…you just have to ignore the Oger…you are a very good story teller, we love your way to write…does not matter the plot. Yer, it was little dispointed for us to take it as Radhika’s character was not in current (story phase) but it was always in Arjun’s dream…and we made request to you to bring Radhika back…that was it…but other than that the story is very good and we very much enjoy it. so my dear friend please don’t take other people’s bullshit seriously. and main thing my co-worker tells me all the time and i am telling you::
    we are with you…this phase will be over soon. so cheer up!!and enjoy life.
    the chappy was good. Waiting on next…take

    1. Kk thank you so much for ur lovely and motivating words. Yes i know radz was in dark all the time. But that is the main plot. I tended to bring her back in 5 chaps but it took so long. sorry for that. But radz was bound to come. she is the centre of the story. so kuch toh spcl hona chahiye na. Its k. I will update soon.

  5. Suvi

    This is a really good and worth reading n worth waiting. Please do not think about those negative comments n keep going

    1. Suvi thank so much dear. I will not stop. Will update soon.

  6. Jnana

    Hi dear….. Your story is awesome… Don’t ever give a damn to people who discourage….. I love your story and many others do too… Keep going….

    1. Thank you jnana. Thank for liking it And for your comments.

  7. Jewel

    manha…. this chapter was nice…. radhika’s feeling when she saw the interview that was heart touching…. i have a lot of questions in my mind…. please update fast…. there are lot of people who are waiting for ur story, write for them, write for urself, for the happiness that brings to u, write for the people who loves ur words… and u r not a story teller u r a writter…

    1. Thank you so much jewel for your motivating and lovely words. Sure i will update next one asap. You have to wait dear. But all your questions will be answered. Thank you once again.

  8. im a silent posting after that bullshit comment.u r awesome.keep riting.waiting for next update.loads of love.muuahh.

    1. Thank you pranathi for your comment and support dear. Happy to know you like the story.

  9. Awesome πŸ™‚ and i missed arjun today pls update next part asap and dont bother about idiot bashers they are big loosers

    1. Sorry emz. Yes there was no arjun in this. Actually there is lot more to this chap. But couldnt write. Just stopped there. Dont worry from next chap you will only see ardhika n nesam. Stay tuned. Thank you so much for your support dear. Keep reading.

  10. Kavina

    Loved it. The basher will bash because they have nothing to do. You are a amazing writer and you should believe that because you have a whole lot of people reading and I am sure that basher can not write as good as you can.

    1. Thank you so much kavina dear. Ur words boost me. Will update soon.

  11. U r a gud writer…I luv ur story

    1. Thank you faima. Keep reading dear.

  12. Jessie

    Yaar Manha…. I can understand wat. A writer will feel on such comments.. I dint read tat comment but still u had explained it here..Dear..! Don’t take those words 2 ur heart…writing depends on a person’s creative skill.. u have tat., then y to listen which is not worth.. The story is really interesting.. how cud someone measure ur love 4 ur fav show.. never take time 2 reply them I tell u… seriously.. y u should spoil ur mind…if someone saying with good intention there won’t be harshness.. has d prsn1 who criticized ur work, wrote something.. or wat rights she hold 2 hurt someone.. I know definitely d prsn will read this too…
    Yaar… recently subhadha too got this comment.. jus like Sammy said..someone posted in Farha’s too.. Guys…. am saying this to all MMZ writers here… if someone posts negative comment… don’t reply 2 bashers.. instead u post d next chappy… the more they want 2 stop.. the more u wud write..give dem back yaar.. They dont deserve ur reply… respect oly those who respect u n ur talent… I feel bad why they hurt so..
    Manha.. I appreciate u 4 giving a short update..thats my girl! Though its difficult to give d full update u a precious one.. Arjun interview is superb n he says she is in his heart… ?? till now oly Arjun’s feelings was shown n in this give back epi u gave one awesome moment of this story.
    Kudos my dear..! Now mark will help in all means 2 Ash..All eager n curious 2 next one.. never take time 2 explain or reply 2 bashers.. coz.. they arent worth of it.. TC n loads of love…

    1. Thank you so much jessie. Yes i know about the negative , bashing comments posted there. I have seen how they try to demotivate you. But here this is high level of bullying if you had seen you would have known. I didnt understand what she wrote at first. I just gave some main points of her comment. There are lot more things she said. but chalta hain. So i left it.

      Coming to story. Lol. You are about to see heights of arjun’s love. Stay tuned. Love you. Thank you for your support.

  13. Sathya

    Manu… Love u darling. This is my girl. Though it is short but I loved this update. And u proved that u r doing a great job. That was a great comments u gave to that stupid junk. I m sure now she dare to comment on others ff. Well done Manu…. Update next soon…. Love u ?????

    1. Thank you satz for your support and the lovely words. Thank u for all the motivating words you told me. Love you a lot.

  14. S.v

    Manha im the of the craziest fan of your story so for my sake and for the sake of manmarziyan pls write more. and about the update as usual u made me dance. I’m so happy that ash was confident enough but how will they see rads im biting my nails poor me and my but then rads and her attitude wow wish she shouts deep into that yug’s ears that she is not scared of him and wooo arjun and his cute reply. This time im leaving but plssssssssssss……………. save me and im badly missing the friends nok joks next part can i see them too ??? Love you soo much manha. Bear hugs……

    1. shri u made my day baby. Dont bite ur nails. It will not be revealed now. Before the truth we will see love in the air. Lol. K. I will update soon. Thank yiu so much for liking it dear. Yep for ur sake i will not stop. Happy. Love you soo much. Thanks a lot for those words.

  15. hii manha… yhus is deeva I m not new here not silent reader. but couldn’t comments….. as my right hand has fracture…… but today I couldn’t resist myself from commenting…. I don’t know what that jerk has said to u but I know one thing I countionusly read ur ff and this my most fav ff….I love every thing about this ff….. it has suspense… frndship…. masti….. emotional…. love….. everything…… I totally loooooooovvvvveeeeee it… so u see there two types of people…. those who support…for ur betterment…. those who taunt for betterment…… but nowadays…. I thing a new species have been lauched…. u know whom I m indicating…… so darling defuse…. such type of defected fuse…. ok.. only remember…… spark of positivity…….

    1. Thank u so much deeva. though in pain u msged. It means a lot dear. Thank u for liking the story and reading it. Hope u will never get disappointed. I will try my best. Thank u for the positive sparks. Will update soon. Takecare of ur health. wish u be fine in no time and the cast gets down from ur hand and i get to see ur lovely comments. Hope it happens soon.

  16. Rossy

    As I told…u rocked dear…everyone has their own imagination to display emotions..never let any negativity to win over u…u must be our strong girl to show negativity its way back…and remember ur friends need u most so then why bother about others..just ignore..suggestions,advice,comments n critics all those things are needed which u will get from your friends…so chillax n go on on…btw m very much angry on this yug…awwww bechari rads..when ardhika encounter will happen m just waiting…keep it up…

    1. Rose thank u my dear for ur support. Yes i know all my friends will be thr with me and i get all suggestions n critics from u.

      Yug ke baare me tumhe baad me pata chalega. You will be in dilemma to hate him. Pity him. Or love him. The ultimate villian. ???. Wait for next one. Lovee you a lot. Muah.

  17. Manhu m soooooo proud of u babe ..u did the best thing by replying her back..i just felt tht u wrote tht frm bottom of ur heart..i know none of us have any right to question in anyone’s hard work… N m happy tht u spoke for urself… I wished she can understand her mistake….after going to tht harsh words u wrote such beautiful episode.. I just loved it. They said true khichad se hi kamal khilata hai….n u r tht lotus of us..beautiful girl having lovely heart…ash’s efforts for rads,arjun interview n rads reaction.. Omg m so got emotional… Yug..abhi to usake baare me janana baki hai…so m on my toe..n i want a longest epi nxt time…don’t ever feel alone..we r there for u always…love you so

    1. Thank u piku. OMG thank u for the lovely words darling. Yug ke baare me bahut kuch jaan na baaki hain. Lol. I hope u like it. Next part we will travel past. Stay tuned. Lovee you a lot. Thank u sooo much.

  18. Lakshmi05

    This is my manhuu..i always love u for this dear..u know u r unique deary.There’s pure friendship in ur story which is really awesome…u r soo good u replied to her politely…tu deleted our replies to her or else she would have known her fault…
    Chappy was superb ..rads antics n arjun’s interview that was awesome dear…you r making me curious about why yug kept rads away from arjun from two years.Hope mark n ash’ll findout anything about rads soon…luv…keep smiling…keep writing…Don’t worry about any unwanted things..which r not even worthy to think…we all love ur story coz that’s really superb..loads of love…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thank u hari for being such a great friend. Loveee you a lot dear. Thank u soo much.

  19. Manhu have trust on urself dear…..happy that u know ur and weaknesses…..that is
    imp for us to understand…..I
    feel your ff deserves all the applauds……keep up ur good spirit and don’t give a damn to those -ve charms that try to pull u down………be strong just as u r…….love u……and Anu if u r reading this I have only one thing to say: u don’t know how to present an issue….plz don’t take out ur frustration upon others……

    1. Thank u soo much aastha dear. Thamks for the motivating and lovely words.

  20. Myra

    Manha dear….the dogs keep barking no matter what you do… just ignore people like that…..they themselves have nothing to look forward in life and hence, try to vent their anger out by discouraging someone……..
    You are a fabulous writer sweetheart…and we are always their to support you….dont you worry..
    Now coming to the chapter…..yaarr it was tooo short……and seriously till when are you gonna keep the plot under wraps….the suspense makes me go crazzzyyyy…..
    Atleast explain radhika ki story naaa and yug and zara ki….
    Please update soon and just open up and answer all the questions you yourself mentioned in the beginning….
    Love you loads ?

    1. Thank u soo much myra for true support and ur motivating words. Thanks a lot dear.

      Slowly all the knots are going to be opened and plot will be revealed. Yug and zara story is not now. It will tske time . First lets see ardhika story. Will update soon.

  21. Manha dont worry abt the negative comments dear happens at times..u go ahead dear..there r lot of ppl including me who love you and ur story … πŸ™‚

    1. Thank u so much neetz. Thamk u for liking the story n ur lovely comments.

  22. _Ritu

    Manha…superb it was too short..nxt time long plz….Yug I guess he is kinda mixed person..a second happy and a second angry πŸ™‚ waiting to know more about him… Rads scenes today were amazing…u wrote about her after so long.. πŸ™‚ amazing nd different story dear..and don’t worry about negative comments…it is jst dat these people are not able to write the way u write so they take their frustration out by criticizing ur work…dont pay heed to them..we are always there for u and trust me u r nailing in each nd every episode πŸ™‚ waiting for nxt…post u πŸ™‚

    1. Thank u ritu. Yug ke baare me bahut jaan na baaki hi. Just wait for it. He will be the one changing the phase of story. Thank you once again for your lovely words. Hopefully i will update tdy or tmrw.

  23. Shree

    Now I’m really angry.. This is the fourth time I’m typing a comment… Dabba TU … Like a mahaan deletes it… How sweet? Crap

    See.. you know I love you and can do anything… So why be so formal? I just hope she had read our replies that day… Just chuck… You’re one of the best and we love you… I’m jumping that you updated!!

    Now to the story.. I hate you for this… So short… I donno how many times I refreshed your post… I’m like why does this happen on Manha’s post that I get onmy half the update to read.. then I realise, it’s a kutty one.. just like you..

    The episode was awesome!! Ash and Raj are too cute!! Stupid Yug!! Thanks to Ethan.. loved Radhika.. the way she snapped her fingers.. lol.. such a short day out… Her reaction seeing Arjun.. he’s one of the sweetest person ever.. love love love.. hope he finds her soon ..

    Now update soon like a good girl.. and I want a long one..

    Love you ??

    1. Thank you soooo much shree. loveee you Lots n lots.

  24. Manha dis s awestruck story πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ d way u describe der friendship s really awesome dear πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ finally all came to know about rads dats superbbbbbbbb πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ash s really cute one πŸ˜€ love rads part πŸ˜€ totally cute friendship story πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ loved it love u πŸ˜€

    1. Thank u suga. Gud to see you back. Lovee you soo much.

  25. Sweetie

    Manha akka(I’ll call you this from now on)..Story is superb,who is that loon head who told you can’t write??I think that comment was deleted from the previous episode..But seriously I got to see this is the third time I’m witnessing such horrible comments in a row,I don’t know what her problem is,we are not here to take any literature classes,we are here to share our thoughts and our feelings..Akka!!Don’t get disheartened,I know it hurts but please ignore them and come out of that feeling..You are our phoenix naa, please pretty please…

    I just loved the episode..Please next one should be long haa.. πŸ˜€ And am sorry for late comment,caught up with other works,rituals and all for pushkarams.. πŸ™

    Love you loads and take care.. πŸ™‚ Bye akka.. πŸ˜€

    1. Sweetie thank you so much my sweet sisy. Thanks a lot for the lovely n inspiring words. Loveee you. Next update biiiggg. Pakka.

  26. Manhaaaa….muaaaaahhhhhh. ..wowwww… what a banging reply you gave back to bashers…I loved your attitude. ..that’s the spirit. ..I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh.’re one of my very close friend here n I adore u soooooooo much….you r going through tough time but trust me soon u will be very very happy n successful…it’s my prayers to almighty…this low phase will go sooon…. πŸ™‚ you r writing this amazingly awesoooooome story…which has friendship, deep love, humor, pain, batrayal, suspense. ..and what not…it’s mind blowing…my comment deleted in previous chapter then I couldn’t comment at all…now I’m commenting for last chapter also….that basher doesn’t deserve any attention. ….u r really superbbbb n this story is really outstanding….ardhika n all lovely characters r very very awesoooooome….in last epi…i loved arjun’s dream…ardhika kiss…wowwww. was very beautiful…ash saw rads on TV in italy…n now searching for her…really awesome. ..yug captivating rads…but rads is not scared of him…lol…she is all confident that arjun will find her….yayyyy. ….few new characters added…wow….nobody telling anything to ash…but…i hope mark will find some clue soon…that lil interview scene of arjun n his reply as rads is in his heart…was really very heart touching…rads’s tears filled in my eyes toooo…so lovely…interesting….very beautiful…im totally flattered n loving this story very much. …keep going my lovely sweeeeeetheart….we all r here for you, in every thick n thin….keep smiling alwaysssss n forget all the odds….ur doing phenomenon job….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug πŸ™‚ β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ˜‰

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