Mmz Locked (Episode 2)


Radhika’s POV

I woke up today. As usual I went jogging. Fitness is always my top priority.

I came back from jogging and I saw my mom preparing breakfast for me. As soon as she saw me she handed me a glass of carrot juice. I gulped it down in one go.

I never liked carrot juice. Previously whenever my mom used to offer me carrot juice I used to refuse her and dad used to support me. But after his death there was no one to support me and today I can’t even refuse her. I saw my mom hurriedly going into the kitchen. I got irritated. She never changes.

“Mom,” I shouted from the living room “how many times I have told u not to cook. Servants are there for all these things. Why can’t u take rest?”

My mom came to me and gave a warm smile. “Radhu I mean Radhika I love cooking for you. No chef in this world can compete with the dish made by a mom for her child. So don’t make a fuss of this.”

Every time I tell her not to cook she gives me the same explaination. But I want her to rest. I want her to be free from all kinds of works. I want to look after her as a queen. But she always involves herself in some kind of work so as to forget the debacle that happened in our life. For the same reason I have become a workaholic. I tell her to do things which don’t cause physical exhaution. But she never listens to me.

With a sigh I went to my room to fresh up. I changed into formals and got ready for office. As I was coming down I saw that mom was talking to someone over phone.

As I sat for breakfast she asked me whether I have chosen what to wear for the party. I nodded in negative. She started giving a big lecture. She then hurriedly went to my room and after 10 mins came back with a dress. I did not even have a look at it. She instructed me to wear this for the party and I agreed. How can I say no her?

She has already asked Sam about the timings of the party and informed me. I now understood that it was Sam with whom she was previously talking to on the phone.

Those two jerks. They always made things difficult for me. Why did they have to talk about party in front of mom? Now I am stuck in this. There is no way out. One fine day I am going to have my revenge. But for now I had to face this. I had to face Arjun.
Reminscing about him gives me a strange tickling feeling. Whenever I think about him I have this strange tickling sensation all over my body. What is this? I had no answer.

Why am I am so hesistant about meeting him? He was just my……… crush. That’s it. Nothing more than that. Only Neil and Sam knew about this. I had not even told Arjun about my feelings. So there won’t be any awkwardness between us. Neil and Sam won’t even dare to tease me. They know I will not tolerate it. Overall looking at the situation it was not even a problematic one. Then why? Why am I feeling so restless?

I actually had forgotten about Arjun completely. He went to California after his class 10 and I had lost touch with him. I was so busy with my life that I did not have time to think about him. But suddenly after 8 years when I heard his name why did my heart start beating faster?

After Arjun had gone to California I lost my dad and I was so busy in fixing my life that Arjun had gone out of my mind completely. Then why Radhika why? Why are u hesitating? I had no answer. Well it was not the time to think about all these things. I have an important meeting today and cracking this deal is very important for our company. I have to concentrate on that. Brushing off all these unnecessary thoughts I started from home to my office.

As I entered into the office I saw the name Dreamz. It gave me immense happines. This company is my dad’s dream.

Dreamz-the number one ad agency in India. It gives me tremendous pleasure to say this. The best creatives from all over the country work here. This company was started by my dad. My dad in collaboration with Neil and Sam’s dads started this. Yes, these two idiots are also close family friends of mine. So technically they both are also share holders in this company. Sam is a fashion designer while Neil directs ads and takes care of the ground work.

As I entered the office I was greeted by all the employees. At the sight of me some immediately straightened themselves and looked around to make sure that everything is in order as I hate imperfections. I am a perfectionist and so was my dad. When it comes to work I expect their 100% and nothing less than that. One mistake and they are out. This is the reason why we have been able to maintain our number 1 spot since 10 years.

I went into my cabin and sat down. My secretary Tina briefed me about the day’s schedule. I asked her to keep me free after 5 as I had to go that idiotic party in the evening. She told me that I am having a meeting with Lakme regarding their ad campaign. They had some doubts regarding our strategies.

After two hours a genuine smile spread across my face. I have successfully convinced them of our plan. Yes it was a little risky but its outcome would be fabulous. Satisfied with my work I went on a round of inspection. I do it everyday to assure that every one is working properly. My dad used to do this so I am continuing this. While I was checking a file I got my mom’s call.

“Radhika Mishra, I have told u to be at home by 5’0 clock but still u aren’t here” my mom shouted. Shit!!!!!! I forgot to check the time as I was immersed in the file. I apologised to my mom and started for home.

When I went home I saw Sam and Neil already there. My mom again started shouting on me while Neil and Sam were giggling at me. After all it was only my mom who could shout at Radhika Mishra. I was giving dangerous looks to both Sam and Neil. I apologised profusely to my mom and hurriedly went upstairs to change. As I was getting ready the tickling feeling came back. Instead of protesting or fighting with it I let it be. After a long time I was getting ready for a party. Though I denied it I was a little excited.

But somewhere deep down my heart I was unsure about this even now.

As I ascended the stairs my mom, Sam and Neil were looking at me as if they are seeing me after a decade. I waved at them and asked them why they were gazing at me like fools.

“Radhika u look so beautiful. I am sure at least 5 boys are going to propose u in the party.” Sam said.

“No aunty I can’t do this. Radhika is looking so gorgeous that protecting her from all those boys will be a herculean task for me. I can’t do this” was Neil’s dialogue.

I glared at him while Sam rolled her eyes at both of us.

“Oh my god. My daughter is looking really pretty. Kahin kisi ki nazar na lag jaye.” my mom said and put a black dot behind my ear.

I wanted to blush. But no. Radhika Mishra can’t blush. I should neither be flattered for a compliment nor I should feel sad for an insensitive comment on me. In all these years I have very well learned to lock and shut my feelings. None can understand what is going on in my mind.

Dad used to tell me to ignore gossips and words of people. “The society has no other work other than to gossip and u should be a brave girl and give them a fitting reply”
my dad used to say. But when my dad was alive no one had the dare to say anything about me on my face. My dad was my protector.

But after his demise I had to protect myself. So I became stern,cold and rude and locked myself from everyone.

Meanwhile my mom gave me her favorite pair of earrings to wear. They suited the dress perfectly.

I bid a bye to mom and told her that I will be early.

“No problem Radhika. U can be late. After late night parties are fun. And don’t worry about me. I will be alright” she said.

I gave her “u are impossible” kind of a look and started for the party.

I was glaring at Neil and Sam in the car and they were giving me innocent looks.

“What was that?” I asked.

“What?” said Sam trying to sound as innocent as possible.

“Don’t act innocent. Why were u people praising me? If u do the same thing in the party I swear I will leave the party the very next moment.” I shouted. I have become so annoying that I am displeased about they praising me also.

“Okay baba chill. U are reacting as if we have b****ed about you. Learn to accept a compliment Radhika. Otherwise people may say that the great Radhika Mishra doesn’t know how to recieve a compliment.” Neil said.

Realising that telling something to these two is of no use, I became silent once again.

Suddenly I thought of Neil, Sam and my mom’s words. Were they telling the truth? Was I really looking gorgeous? I had no time to take care of my beauty all these years. I had only one goal in life that is to continue the legacy of my dad’s company and I strived hard for it.

My dad used to tell me that he thought of me as the most beautiful girl on this earth. I used to laugh at him and tell him that it is common. Every dad feels that his daughter is the most beautiful of all. But he used to tell that I really am beautiful and that he is not giving me this compliment as he is my dad.

Though I used to laugh at him, in heart I used to feel happy thinking about his remarks. After his demise no one ever told me that. No boy was interested to flirt with me. I have become so boring and I never have let a boy come so close to me. I miss dad every second of my life. I miss the life I used to have before his death. I miss his compliments. I miss his guidance. I miss him like hell.

After his demise I stopped believing in god. If god existed then he would not have taken away my dad from me. He would not have made my dad who is such a great human being leave this world. Dad never liked parties and today even I don’t like them. He did not like them because of the fakeness of people. So I never attended any social parties but I used to hang out with my friends. With these thoughts running in my mind I never realised I had reached the venue until Sam called out to me.

Suddenly some unknown fear started creeping inside me. I wished I had not come to this place. I wanted to turn back and run away. And then I saw………………………….

Precap: Ardhika meet

I hope this was not boring. In this episode I wanted you all to know more about the new Radhika and the pivotal role her dad still plays in her life. Hope I have not disappointed u. Awaiting your judgement.

I have finally chalked out a plan. I will post the episodes on weekends and reply to ur comments during that time only as I can leisurely reply to them instead of replying in a hurry

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  1. Myra

    Vaishnavi, Superb job…..the bond between the father and daughter was really beautiful……radhika’s nervousness is understandable.
    Love you and update soon πŸ™‚

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks di. Yah next update will be on sat r sunday. Thank u so much fr the compliment

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode,, waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

    1. Fanficoholic

      Tahnks brin. Nxt episode on sat r sunday

  3. Jewel

    Vaishnavi, this is really nice update…. I like ur story very much…. The bond that rads and her dad had before was really nice…. And ur words about her feelings towards her father is beautiful… I liked this a lot…. Waiting for the next

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks jewel. I am so glad that u liked my story. I am really happy seeing ur comment. Nxt one wll be on sat r sunday

  4. It was fan buddy loved it ……..plz be soon … awesome love you stay blessed

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks shreya. I think tis is ur frst tym commenting on my episode. Plz do keep commenting in the future too. Love u tooooo

  5. Jessie

    Vaishu….this is just Awesome..!!! Wat a job dear! Radz n her dad! U described it so!! I feel so connected.. eager 4 nxt one.. This is so soo sooooooo good.. I simply adore this plot… loads of love dear..

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u soooo much jessie. Previously when writers used to ask silent readers to comment I used to think why did so. But today when u all r commneting it gives me so much happiness and enegises me. Its only because of ur wrds that i am a le to write. Thank u fr such sweet wrds.

      Love you???

  6. Anu-Annie

    wow vaishanvi… um hope its ur correct name.

    it was sooo goood. like big wala awesome wala amazing wala good.

    u should have come out earlier. but its really good to c u out of hiding and writing this awesome piece

    waiting for the first meet since.years. and the part with her dad was soo sweet and heart touching.

    all in all it was worth reading.

    love ya. take care.

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks anu annie. Tis is the longest comment i have ever had till now. Ur comment made my day. Thank u soo much fr the sweet wrds. They keep me going. Well there r so many amazing writers here and i thought i wld nt be able to sustain. Thats y i took a lot of tym. Thanks fr ur encouragement. Do keep commenting like this

  7. Bhabya

    Vaishnavi di so i got your name yipeeeeeeee!!! Now about the episode it was a fabulous one please try to update soon. love you

    1. Fanficoholic

      Hey bhabhya. Thank us sooo much yaar. Nxt update on sat r sunday. Love u tooo???

  8. Gauri

    awesome Vaishu πŸ™‚ loved it u write quite well πŸ™‚ everything was so beautifully expressed through words πŸ™‚ loads of love darling stay blessed πŸ™‚ waiting for the next

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u soo much di. Loads of love to u too????

  9. Jnana

    Awesome dear….. Waiting for the next…..

    1. Fanficoholic

      Hey jnana thank u so much. Nxt one on sat r sunday

  10. This is super fab..wil wait for the next update

  11. Sweetie

    Lovely lovely..I loved it and girl,you made Radhika so strong character,I just love you for that.. πŸ™‚ Waiting for the weekend so that you can update next one.. πŸ˜‰

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks sweetie and by the way ur new dp is really good. I love it. But is that u in it?

      1. Sweetie

        Thank you so much,but it’s not me in the pic.. πŸ˜‰

  12. Shree

    Loveeeedddd iiittttt!! Wow girl!! Amazing.. the feeling of not having your having your dad… The best man by your side is horrible… About Arjun.. still confused

    Dare you to call it boring… Love the precap

    Update whenever free.. study well

    Love you ??

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u sooooooo much di. And congratulations on your 50th episode. Its ur turn to give me chocs. Thanks fr those sweet wrds.

      Love u too❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  13. amazing.

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks subha?

  14. Rossy

    Father and daughter bond is very adorable bond…i liked ur story very much for this kind of narration..?

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks rossy. ?

    2. Fanficoholic

      Thanks rossy?

  15. Wohoo…plz dont get offended for wat m going to write next…its just the first imprression i got in my mind when i read ur ff….try to change ur style of writing…u are writing in a way like i did this n next i did that…it seems more like of a description of daily routine devoid of any emotions…and where ever u hv tried to explain the inner feelings of protagonist…its like why why why….storyline is good…if u change the way of its expressiob it will be a hit!!

    1. Fanficoholic

      Hey anu singh. I am not at all offended by your comment. Infact i am happy with you for being frank. I wrote this episode in this way as i want to connect some things in her daily routine to my further story. And reg the ineer feelings of the protaginist i have wantedly explained why she had been feeling so.whatever she feels today is completely influenced by her dad. Her dad has influenced her in such a large way. Well meep reading my further epsiodes. If unstill think i need change my writing skills plz do tell me. I will definitely do so.

      I want to see ur comments in future too

  16. Anaya

    It’s very nice.. You’ve very well introduced the radhika’s character & her bonding with her father.. I loved her character.. Eagerly waiting for arjun’s entry.. Sorry for being late

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks anaya. And no need to feel sorry yaar fr being late.

  17. Awesome, marvellous episode fan…very interesting n unique lovely story. ..ur narration is very outstanding. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u sooooooooo roma. It was such a lively comment. I am really overwhelmed. Bear hugs and kisses to u too???????????

      Love u❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  18. _Ritu

    Its too amazing dear…father nd daughter’s bond was described so beautifully… πŸ™‚ we generally ignore this pure bond infront of mom’s bond…nd m really loving ur story for dis πŸ™‚ excited for nxt…loads of love πŸ™‚

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks ritu. And yah. Even i feel the same. Actually i am mre close to my dad rather than my mom. Glad that u loved it. 3rd episode has been posted. Fourth epi is on its way.?

      Loads of love to u too

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