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Hi My Darlings!! Your Deepu back with another Shot..You encouraged me a lot..I was afraid to write ss on this movie story that i could justify it or not..But you guys supported my lil efforts..Thank you so Much!!

This shot is dedicated to our Rossy darling..

You are wonderful and very talented girl..Your talent about various things is so wide. This is just a little dedication from me to you!! Hope you will like it!!

Shot 2

Shot 2

Next Day
Radhika reached to the college as she got little bit late due to Dadaji’s fake uneasiness. She got message from Sam that she was going to be late and skipping first two lectures as she has to go with her mom at temple. With that message Radhika to thought to bunk the lectures until Sam came and thought of sitting at some isolated and noise free place. She went to football ground which was secluded at early hours of college.

She sat on one of the bench and engrossed in deep thought that how to avoid this marriage and make dadaji understand her situation.

“hey Girl…..Watch it…” A loud scream came from far end of ground
She looked up and found football approaching her with very high speed. She grabbed it at nick time.

“ Hey sorry….I don’t mean to hurt you….”

She heard a confident yet soothing male voice and turned her gaze to find out Neil standing in his sport T-shirt and soaked in heavy sweat. She blushed seeing he so close to her.she flinched her eyes to believe that he was standing in front of her in real…

Neil was worried that his free kick to football was going to hurt a beautiful girl. He got shocked when he saw it was none other than Radhika to who ball going to hurt. He remembered the day when he first saw her chanting his name continuously to cheering him up while his recent match. He bowled by her beauty and played at his best at that match just to impress her..He wanted to talk with her but found always with her friend. But today she was alone.

“It…It’s didn’t….hu…hurt me…” Radhika stammered with his continuous gaze on her

“ you are from first year Na??? How come you are here?? I think you should be at your class attending lecture….” Neil said politely

“Ahhh..yess..I from first year…ummm…My friend is not with me so I was getting bored so I bunked the class…” Radhika said with hesitation and her gaze fixed to the ground.

“ You can look at me..I knw I’m looking all mess….but I’m not horrible that much usually…” Neil chuckled

Radhika laughed at his humour..Does he unaware of that he is looking tremendously hot right now..She muttered

“ What? I didn’t heard you ? “ Neil said

“ No..Nothing…” She composes.

“I’m Neil Malhotra..from final year…” Neil said grinning

“ofcourse..Who don’t know you..I’m Radhika Mishra” radhika replied with blushing cheeks

“ Friends??? “ Neil offered her hand

Radhika hesitantly hold his hand and shake “ friends”

After that they talked to each other for few minutes and departed to their respective classes.
Radhika was eager to tell Sam about her newly made friendship with Neil.

City hospital

Dadaji was sitting in Ritvik’s cabin.

“ Chalo beta let’s do a trial..I want my performance flawless. It was live act so we have to careful and should take care of small things too..” dadaji said with mischievous grin on his face..

Poor young fellow despite being doctor can’t help as dadaji is friend of his grandpa.For his sake he was helping dadaji.

Ritvik told dadaji about working of ECG machine. Dadaji put the electrodes attached to ECG machine on his heart which shows the waves on monitor screen as it gets in contact with dadaji’s skin and depicted his normal heart rate,then he removed the electrodes which causes to show straight line on monitor.
Dadaji laughed a littile.

“ Great invention by human…I’m so proud of inventor of this machine…” Dadaji chuckled.


Radhika and sam getting out of the college gate.

“ Hey Sammy..i wants to share very imp thing to you…” Radhika pulled Sam to one the corner of college’s huge gate but gets interrupted by someone calling her name.


A manly voice came from other end of the gate….

They turned to found whose it belongs and Radhika got shocked when she sees Arjun.

He has worn Grey color V-neck T-shirt folding sleeves till his elbow which giving spectacular view of his fine masculine chest and toned abs while his muscular biceps and sparkling dimples on display…. His khakhi colour cargo pants giving a rough look to his personality. He was standing leaning over the bonnet of his shiny black FORTUNER wearing blue aviator glasses. He was looking like Top model posing for some ad shoot of his car.
(My knowledge about cars is not much vast so I used this one as I thought it will suits Arjun’s personality)

Radhika gulped hard and lost herself while checking him out from head to toe…This jerk looks breathtaking she mumbled.

“ OMG…who is this HOTTTTTT guy…..” Sam giggled

Radhika feels jealous when she found Sam too checking Arjun out from head to toe…she didn’t encountered this new feeling when they checked out Neil various time..She enjoyed girl talk about Neil with Sam..but now she was feeling jealous about sam’s continuous drooling stare on Arjun.

“ soon to be husband…” Radhika said spontaneously to make Sam avert her gaze from Arjun.

“ he is Arjun….My stupid chashni…why are you thinking twice for marriage then…he is damn gorgeous and s*xy….Dadaji has great choice…” Sam said teasing to her. Radhika rolled her eyes and went to Arjun

“ What are you doing here??? “ Radhika said rudely placing her hand on her hips.

“I thought its better we talk about dadaji’s decision….can we have coffee….” Arjun said

Radhika was about to refused when Sam collapsed on her and offered hand to Arjun

“ Hey Arjun..I’m Sam..Chashni’s….I mean Radhika’s best friend” Sam said grinning wide.

“ Chashni….really..but she is always bitter to me….” Arjun replied sarcastically

“very funny…chalo let’s have coffee together” Sam said and pulled Radhika in Arjun’s car.

Arjun halted his FORTUNER in front of café “ THE CHOCOLATE ROOM “ one of famous place in town.

Arjun opened door for the ladies to let them in. After they settled on one the corner table of the café. Arjun asked them about what they wanna eat and left them alone to get their order.

“He is so gentleman Chashni..Will dadaji agree on swapping the bride?? Because I’m so ready to marry him” Sam giggled again which made Radhika irked more.

“Sammyyyy” Radhika gave murderous look to Sam

Soon Arjun came with trey having three streaming cup of cappuccinos and some French fries.

Arjun inquired about their college and academics and gets only verbal reply from Sam with continuous blabbering.
Arjun looked towards Radz who was busy eating fries like she was starving from decades. Sam observed it.

“ Hey chashni and arjun I got remember some work at guys please continue…and yess don’t forget me to invite in your wedding…” Sam got up from her chair and bid bye to them.

“ Panoti stop eating that much….you will look fatty in our wedding pic….” Arjun teased her

Radhika stopped eating and gives death glares to Arjun for calling her fatty.

“You jerk…I’m going to look most beautiful bride in our wedding “ She said

“ So it means you are ready to marry me…” Arjun caught her words

“I..i…mean…” Radhika tried to off guard her saying but then sighed “ Aru you know me na…I’m just 18 and how could I get married so early…what will my friends and other say in college..i don’t want to get bullied by them….”

Arjun felt good that finally she called him by his nick name. He smiled.

“I know….i too don’t want loose by bachelorhood so early..” He said

“ Hmm..we need to find some way to make dadaji change his about you bring someone as your fake Gf” radhika said by raising her brows in excitement

Arjun felt an unknown ache in his heart. He was going to reply suddenly radhika’s phone buzz.

She picks up the call

“ Yess Maa…Whattttt….Dadaji…..” radhika screamed..

“ Heart attack…” She spoke. A thin layer of tear form in eyes and her voice choked in throat.

Arjun to get panicked and asked her what happened

“arjun dadaji got heart attack….” She said gulping hard

“ What…let’s go….” Arjun grabs her hand and they drove fast

As Aradhika reached to the hospital found gloomy and worried faces of their parents.

“Choti… finally came…your dadaji….” Mala hugged radhika tightly and started crying.

“ Arjun, uncle ji pestering us meet you and radhika..go inside…..” Sonali said to arjun

As Radhika was about to go in mala stops her “ When you go in there,just….listen to what he has to say okay? Don’t act irrationally…”

Radhika nodded and entered in behind Arjun.

As they got in Radhika saw Dadaji was wrapped in net of n no. of tubes connecting his nose , mouth and heart part.

Radhika couldn’t hold her tears for much longer and hugged Dadaji.

“ Dadaji…what happened to you???Please open your eyes….I’m here only…” Radhika speaks in between her sobs.

“ He is fragile…His heart loses his strength due to this severe heart attack…please don’t stress his heart…..” Ritvik said in serious tone

Tears were continuously streaming down from Radhika’s cheeks. Arjun too was watching worriedly and verged of crying.

Dadaji slowly opens the eyes.

“ Choti…..”dadaji spoke in weak voice

“ haa dadaji..I’m here…..”

“Arjun….” Dadaji spoke again and tears his gaze from radhika to Arjun

Arjun quickly sat on bed and hold Dadaji’s hand gently

“ I’m too here dadu…Please don’t need rest….you will be fine soon…” Arjun spoke

“ No Beta…Let me speak….Don’t know I would get next chance or not with this weak heart…” dadaji speaks and coughed a little bit to make machine beep sound

“Dadaji….” Aradhika screams in union

“I’m fine….I’m on my deathbed now. Before meeting my best friend in heaven I want to fulfill our promise…..accept it as my last wish…..Please you both get married in front of my eyes…” dadaji said

Aradhika got stunned .till now they thought Dadaji wasn’t much serious about their alliance and soon will left the topic after their continuous denial.

“ Bolo Beta…..choti….bolo….will you keep my last words….” Dadaji asked in weak but demanding tone.

Aradhika remained numb and didn’t answer.

“ Your silence speaks loud…you don’t want to get married…I will not force y…..” Dadaji started coughing badly

Aradhika rushed to hold dadaji and continuously chanting his name as dadaji fall unconscious.

Radhika started crying vigorously

“ dadaji Please wake up na….don’t punish me like this…..” radhika said

But no use Dadaji wasn’t responding to their calling and soon a continuous beep sound started to came from ECG machine showing straight line on monitor..

With loud crying and calling sound Aradhika’s parents came rushing to the room….

Radhika placed her head on Dadaji’s chest and spoke while crying

“ I’m ready to get married to Arjun….please Dadaji don’t go…your choti will shattered without you….I’m ready for this marriage…..”

Arjun and their parents stood numb when they heard Radz words.. Radhika looks at Arjun to speak something

“ haa Dadaji,..I’m too ready for this marriage….” Arjun spoke

With that monitor started showing waves on screen and Dadaji opened eyes after a minute or two…

“ Thank you beta for giving me rebirth by fulfilling my last wish….” Dadji said and winked to Ritvik when Aradhika weren’t looking at him.


Precap: Aradhika’s marrige and Neil Praposes Radhika

How’s it guys?? I m going to add some incident by me in the story..Drop your review cos i love to read them..

Love You!! muhhaaaa!!!

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  1. S.v

    oh my god dadaji a dramebaaz gosh i never knew an acidity can cause heart attach god i was closing my mouth and laughing and tears are rolling because of the laugh seriously ritvik would have fainted by the drama of dadaji , dadaji ki jai hoo and mr neil ur always for sam not for radhika so pls take diversion of ur route dear lovely one dheeps seriously a damaka one. Love you soo much dear. love you and precap sounds so interesting but next one a bit lengthy pls……………

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhh my SV darling thank you sooooo much for this lovely words…i was smiling like anything.. Jai ho dadaji..hahaha..yess..Neil thoda rasta bhatak gaya soon he will be readmch his right destination….. Love u toooooo mt cute darling…. N yesss i will post soon….muhhha

  2. Starz

    Amazing….splendid….. beautiful… words yaar…better u update faster otherwise I will die to anxiety.?…please…lots of love and take care

    1. Dipika

      Starz darling thank you soooooo much for amazing words n support…. How could u let u die..i will update soon dearyyyy u…muhha

  3. Brin

    Outstanding episode, loved it to core, can’t wait when Ardhika find out Dadaji was pretending, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling thank you sooo much..haha..dadaji’s truth will never came in front of aradhika…Love u dearyyy…

  4. how cute. :)dadaji can win best actor award and ritvik a supporting he support his his drama along with medical equipment to give perfect shot…LOL..the chappy was super fun…waiting on next.

    1. Dipika

      Lol..kk darling.. I m laughing like anything.. Yeahh.dadaji n ritvik gonna win the Oscar definitely.. Haha…Thank you soooo much for lovey-dovey words…

  5. Gauri

    Dipu I was laughing my heart out at Dadaji’s drama…Radhika full flat on Neil and Neil too….now that will complicate things and even Sam likes him…oH god this love square …..I loved it …. this was amazing waiting of the next … 🙂 loads of love

    1. Dipika

      Gauri darling.. square.. Haha..yeah..surely.. There is sooooo much fun is coming… Thank you dear for spreading wide smile on my face…love u darling.. Muhha…tc

  6. Dipikaaa m so nyc..i havnt seen that movie so its new and m liking it very much 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Neetz darling Thank you sooooo much… I added tht raneil intro here…m so happy with ur u…

  7. Finallyyy..sm1 posted today man…I WS just going mad…u kn…
    And dude wt a precap..u rolled it!!

    1. Dipika

      Ana darling thank you sooo much yarr..u knw i have updated this chappy on 11 sept night..n tu posted after 12 uuuuu dearryyy…

  8. Hi deepu…….. dadaji impossible nature god is havg mastermind yarrrr grt acting to get ardhika unite…… grt shot I luv it pls uploaded next one soon…… a bear teddy hug fr u 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh gayathri darling thank you soooo much..haha..yess..dadaji possess grt mind to unite couple.. Haha…love u..soon i will come up with next… Muuhhhhhha

  9. mindblowing……..

    1. Dipika

      Subha darling thank you sooo u..muhha

  10. Jessie

    Deepzz.. Dadaji deserves a thanks 4 d rebirth.. am rolling.. kya dialogue mara..! Am so eager 4 next update..Neil s ??? and Arjun ..???? sam…it’s so interesting.. wanna read again.. poor rithvik..dadu appreciates d one who found ECG machine.. lol.. am so curious aftr reading precap.. Take care n loads of love.

    1. Dipika

      Jessie darling I thank you sooooo much for lovely words…..haha..i too enjoyed writing this update..haha..yess..dadaji gonna hit the oscar for this performance.. Haha..n ecg machine.. Haha..yeah..there is soooo much fun coming in u soooo much dearryyyy…

  11. Sathya

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….. Dipu darling…. U made my day by this episode…. Ha ha ha… M laughing continously… Couldn’t control only… Lol… Dadaji is super…. Ardhika trapped…. Neil likes rads…. Then who will care sam… Make someone for Sam toooooooo…. Love u dear… Superbbbb episode

    1. Dipika

      Satz darling thank you sooo much dear…always make me laugh…haha..are for sam our neil is there he will return to sam..n aradhika to hai hi…

  12. Rossy

    So this was ur things for me…I’ll kill u in next moment if u will talk about my think u got shock now…see u praised some one n she was talking about killing…lol…m different…very much even god don’t know what creature they created…lol…anyway thanks a million billion dear…u always praised me soooooooooo muchhhhhhh…but trust me I don’t deserve that….u r a way much better person…u proved me wrong what I thought about u on ur first ff before I talked with u…but now I think we r friends like sairat gang????? be happy…see u soon in chat section

    1. Dipika

      Rossie darling i knw wht u deserve.. So i will praise u more next time too..haha…Thank you sooooo much darling for you antic lovely words n encouraging me…u r awsome person indeed…i learn so much things frm u…love u dear..muhha

  13. Oh Deepu, this is more than amazing. Neil the foolball star has eyed for Radhika, Radhika getting jealous when Sam praises Arjun, it’s just superb. But loved dadaji the most, the old man and his tricks just love him. This was an awesome update.
    Love u so much sweet Deepu ????

    1. Dipika

      Gia darling thank you soooo much for this amazing words of urs..hahs..dadaji is tooo much fun…he is stubborn one…love you soooo much…

  14. Mahi13

    Hi dipika,di. I’m ur silent reader but can’t keep my silence after reading this ff. It’s an epic. I’ve watched the movie to. The way u described everything i felt i’m watching the movie. Everything’s happening in front of my eyes. Dadaji’s drama was super funny???

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh mahi darling thank you soooooo much for sharing ur review n loving me..this is grt achievement for me…love youuuu …

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      Amber darling thank you sooooo much…love

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    Sweetheart!!That is so cool,dadaji and his antics,OMG!!He is such a dramebaaz..I was laughing like hell imagining Ritvik’s face while Dadaji was taking tour on ECG machine..Hahaha.. 😀 Waiting for the next and also WOS update..Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Sweetie darling thank you sooooo much..swtheart u never fails to bring smile on my face..m so ovewhelm….. I will surely come i want THWH ahamica shot soon..pls update it soon uuuuuu..muhhhaa. huggs n kisses.. Tc

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      Chandana darling Thank you soooo much yarr…love u…muhhhaa…tc

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      Jhana darling thank you soooo much dear….lovr u loads…

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      Ohhhhh my sweetheart diiiiiii….love uuuuuuu sooooo much…u know m jumping n doing somersault in happiness…. You just made my day awsome with lovely words of urs….thank you soooo much di loving unconditionally… My cute di….love u tons….muhhhhha…tight hug .tc

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      Thank you sooooo much ritu darling.. Whn u will read next na u will roll on floor by laughing u..muhha

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