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“not nonsense child. We are all…. Like everyone here except you are vampires” said arnav uncle.
I was taken aback.
“please don’t joke uncle. Those things don’t exist.” I said trying to process things.
“he isn’t lying radhika. That’s true.” Said sam. My sam with whom I shared every second of my childhood said this. This means even she is a vampire. I just feel they are just joking. These things are fictious.
“sam please you tooo….” I said pouting.

“radhika trust them. We truly are vampires.” Said neil.
Those words were ringing in my ears. WE ARE VAMPIRES. They said in unison again. I wasn’t able to believe my ears. My head was spinning. That something unusual I saw was my own family. I can still remember Arjun telling his legs never pained, he never slept. That means I don’t get whom I love the most. This is what happens with me always. I hate it. I’m so unlucky. I definitely regret my birth. I didn’t get anything that I wished for. Not even Arjun. I craved for dad’s love. Finally, I thought I got it now. But no again I lost it. how can I live with them? My world spun before everything went blank.

Not so late after teji spilled the beans, everything was out. I feared radhika’s reaction. I could sense the questions running in her mind. I just couldn’t help but watch her struggling. I caught her when she fainted again. I carried her in my arms to her room. I made her sleep on the bed and asked everyone to wait outside.
“dad, mom. Everyone please wait outside. I will talk to her once she is up.”
“but son, I want to tell her everything.” Said dilip uncle. I could sense that tension of his to lose his daughter again.
“uncle let her accept the truth which is spilled out for time being. Lets tell her everything once she accepts the truth.”
“but….” I stop him.

“uncle, you just try tracing saral. As I know he is still alive. You concentrate on him. I’ll pomise you about radhika’s matter.”
“okay..” he says as everyone leaves the room leaving me alone with radhika. Even now what I don’t understand is why is uncle hiding things from radhika. Its been twenty long years since they joined our vampire family. He used to work as a DCP before he was shot by a criminal. My dad who was a doctor saw him struggling for his life with his wife next him unconscious. Dad alone was enough to carry both of them to our house and he treated them as he was a doctor. We were the royal pillars of the vampire dynasty here. We weren’t visible to everyone. But we were visible to whom we want. The treatment given to them was painful and after some discussions we decided to welcome them into our vampire family. Dad turned uncle into vampire and mom turned aunt. And that’s how their journey of vampire started. They were with us and soon we were all opened to the book of radhika….. its something different…… the feeling I felt after listening her name was different….. it was electrifying. Sam’s vision told that I would meet her soon and that is what happened. I met her in a park….. not exactly. In a gutter near the park. She had smashed her bike to the fencing of the park and had fell in the muddy water nearby.

Her face was treat to watch.…..
I felt her moving and came back from my memories. She would get up anytime now. I took the glass from the nearby table and poured the water into it. she wriggled and turned before opening her eyes. As soon as she saw me her expression changed. She looked terrified seeing me. I expected this reaction of hers but still my heart pained seeing her gathering herself to go away from me.
“radhika”…… I called her….
“dare you call my name….. please go away from me….” She said her voice choking.
“radhika, listen….. its just that I wanted to tell you things slowly.”
“slowly? Seriously…… please Arjun, no no no….. you are not my Arjun…… Mr. vampire…. Please go…..”

I could sense everyone’s gutt feeling. They were trembling. They would get angered soon. And this may harm radhika. I masked the room from their view… I could hear some steps loud. It was too much for a human to tolerate. Radhika closed her ears, tears brimming out of her eyes. Suddenly, I could sense the steps were of werewolves…… they had smelt human on the way to their town. That lady anasuya was searching for radhika. She would have known that radhika would be with dilip uncle as she is his daughter. She would make radhika believe her if given a chance at any cost. She has sent jai. Her prime minister. He is honest to her. But as we are their superiors, we have some extra powers. I closed my eyes and stretched my arms and after chanting some mantras I had a cloth in my hand. I just wrapped it around radhika who was all the way scolding us with her ears closed.

“what the hell man? What are you doing? Leave me….” She struggled.
“quiet radhika….. they might hear you…”
“hell now…… who are ‘they’ now?”
“and what are those?”
“they are just like us…. But we are superior…..”
“and why so?”
“you question too much…… just sit quietly.”
I said left from there. She would be silent as she never crossed my word. I trust her.

Dilip’s POV
I came out after Arjun convinced me. As per our calculations saral is still alive. But I’m not able to trace out his location. Maybe because they might have masked his location. I don’t know why we were their target. I wish soon I would get my son back. Radhika….. Arjun would convince her. I’m sure about it. it was anasuya, my own sister betrayed me. Just because she thinks that I’m behind her death in my last birth, she tried killing me and mala. Reaper’s grace. Arnav saved us. I wish soon radhika accepts us. I could hear her shouting. I could also sense the anger in arnav. He was angry because she was shouting at the prince, his son. Soon the sound was reduced. Don’t know what happened. But we heard the steps of werewolves. The sound said that there were 3 to 4. Sam told that it was jai with 3 guards through her vision. They are here as anasuya sent them. I know she would do anything to separate radhika from us. She really loved her, so I don’t need to worry about her life. But if she turns her into a werewolf, then….. that thought sends chills down my spine. Arnav moved towards the gate where the werewolves were. He was speaking to them while his wife nandini was consoling mala. These two have been our protectors from the day we turned vampires. Its been twenty long human years, we joined this family. They were always good to us. I wanted Arjun to be my daughters’ life partner. He was the best for her.
I walked across the ladies and went near arnav.
“I just said I smelt human…” jai shouted.
“may your tone be unraised. You are speaking to the chief.” Arnav said in calm yet threatening voice.

“there is no human anywhere here. And I don’t have to reason you if there is any….. I’m the chief here. Be careful with your words if not your dynasty has to suffer.”
“but king, I have promised the mother queen, I have to find her. I’m sure a human is here in your hideout.”
I was mentally trembling. But I had to show myself strong.
“how are you sure about the human hiding out here?” I questioned.
“chief I smelt.” He answered.
Maybe he had smelt her when Arjun had brought her. I place they lived was the only way to get into our town. I fear what to do now. Arjun would have known about their arrival because we couldn’t smell human now.
“you answer your mother queen. But now get the hell out of here.” Arnav shouted. His eyes turning red. I held his hand to control his anger. Soon Arjun came and he started speaking.

“what’s the matter dad?” he asked.
“prince, human. We need that girl whom you are sheltering.” Jai spoke.
“and who is that? As I know we shelter no human.”
“I smelt her.”
I was frustrated listening to the same old sentence of his again and again.
“I smelt her…. I smelt her….. what’s rreally your problem man? We are telling you right there is no human here. Are you deaf. Just get lost.” I screamed.
“if there is none then why are you yelling chief?” he questioned and I couldn’t answer.
“what do you mean?”
“if there is no human then why don’t you let us in and search?”
I didn’t know what to do now.
“you can search her.” Arjun answered and I shivered. What was wrong with him? They would take her away from us. I saw him and he answered its fine through his eyes.
We all entered along with them. They started searching. They searched everywhere but her room and I took a breath of relief. When they were about to leave, one of the guards showed her room and jai went there. I would have sweated profusely if I were a human. My eyes were changing their colour but I tried controlling. They came out without her and I was surprised which I soon masked.
“sorry.” Jai muttered before leaving.
I took a breath of relief now. But where was she?
“Arjun where is she?” I asked.
“fear not uncle. She is in her room itself. Come.” He led us.

Radhika’s POV
My head felt heavy when I got up. I thought everything was my dream until reality hit me. I could hear the loud growls of my vampire family. Soon I was not able to hear those.
I feared seeing Arjun. He was still self. But I could imagine many things. The thought of him killing me sent shivers down my spine.
“radhika….” He called me.
“dare you call my name…… please go away from me…..” I shouted.
Again some unbearable noise. Like some foot steps. I closed my ears scolding them.
“shhhh…… radhika they may hear you…” he said cautiously so that only I can hear.
Now who are they…..?
“hell now…. Who are they?” I screamed.
What? Werewolves….? Was he telling me an animated story? But no I could hear the sounds.

“what are they?”
“they are also like us. But we are superior…..”
“and why so?”
“you question too much…. Sit here…” he said and went away covering me with a piece of cloth.

Now I’m supposed to sit here. What the hell? I was living a life far better than this. Now my life is full of mystery. How come I daughter of two vampires and I’m a human? Is that something at least possible? Or maybe, there were human when I was born. Why does that lady hold grudge against dad? If she hates him like there is no tomorrow, then how can she love me? I have seen pure love in her eyes for me. what’s her connection with this? She knows where saral is, and she wouldn’t tell me. why so? Where is my brother? I feel like shouting scratching my head.
Someone entered the room getting me off my thoughts…. The man was well built. There were three more with him. They were fit too. I couldn’t understand what they spoke but all I could make out was frustration in his voice. I heard saral’s name also. I turned to see him if he was saral. I gaped seeing his red eyes. They were blood red. The body grew larger and larger but suddenly he reduced talking something with the other three.

Everyone entered my room or I felt so. I tried turning to them when I cut my finger. Then what I saw shocked me……….

So enough now…. What did she see? Is this interesting? Tell me your reviews…. They mean a lot….. bye…. Tc everyone…..

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  1. Sathya

    Amazing… Tremendous episode jnana…. I was on my toe to read this episode…. Waiting for u badly n u came with a bang. Fabulously written dear. Last line I could guess…. May be vampires licked the blood I guess which makes shock…. Wowoowow m sooooooooo curious to read next. Pls post next soon….

    1. Jnana

      Soooo sweet sathya….. You were waiting for me…… Thank you dear….. And your guess…… I don’t tell anything now though….. Stay tuned….. Love you…..??

  2. S.v

    what an update i donno these vampire stuffs so much but thoroughly enjoyed it to the core. God all are vampires here except radhika and what does these ware wolfs has their work in vampires as to my knowledge they are enemies right vampires and were wolfs but they are calling chief and how did they hide radhika ok too many questions new concept update regularly jnana

    1. Jnana

      Thank you sv….. Yup ….. I’ll try helping you to know about them….. Yup ofcourse ….. Vamps and wolves are enemies…. But here he spoke to the head….. Ill talk may cost heavy so…. He called them as chiefs….

  3. Brin

    This is a perfect story for Halloween, I love it to the core, you nail it Jnana, well done and happy Halloween, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Belated Halloween brin dear….. Thank you….. Love you….??

  4. Jnana please update soon. It is very interesting. ?

    1. Jnana

      Thank you dear…. I’ll try posting soon….

  5. Jessie

    Jnana…Halloween spl.!! Lovely chap…this is so wonderful girl…I was like Jai dont come inside…and thought she would be inside that..and…she scolded the prince of Vampires…!!! His dad angry!! Oh god! Girl..Dilip’s pov was enough 2 thrill me…seriously…and Arjun is a ACP? Isn’t…
    So…why anusya died..I mean how…werewolf haina… and now..the very imp ques..which was beating me…Rads needs to become vampire marry Arjun… dont glare my msg now…Am guessing how it will happen… so into ur story…and Jnana…my fav…Mafia wala story next pls…Am still getting images of Mafia king in single large Black plush high Chair..gosh!! Enough of me now…but u know is u and Spruthi…Belated Diwali wishes.. u werent here..mai kaise wish karun…k…TC both of u and love u find and loads…

    1. Jessie


    2. Jnana

      Aweee Jessie….. Glad you liked dilips POV….. You know…. My collars are up now….. Radhika ko vampire banana toh hai …. Lenin wakth lagega…… Anasuyas thing will be revealed soon…. Happy diwali to you too…. No one would have wished this early isn’t…..? Well if you want you can think this as advanced for 2017…… He he…… We are fine dear….. Love you……

  6. Rossy

    Bad timing to stop ….update soon……..waiting for next

    1. Jnana

      Haha…… Will try updating soon….

  7. arti viswanathan

    Very nice dear….

    1. Jnana

      Thank you arti…..

  8. Starz

    Awesome episode Di…wow …loved it to the core…love you di and take care

    1. Jnana

      Thank u my star…. Love you…….

  9. awesome update……eagerly waiting next one… uuuuuuuu tc

    1. Jnana

      Thank you dear…….

  10. Roma

    Wowwww it’s veryyyyyyy awesoooooome. ..interesting. ..loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. …keep it up honeyyy. . . Love you loads honeyyy. Muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 😉

    1. Jnana

      Thank you Darling…..

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