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Hey!! Just changed the name. I’m so inspired with twilight. So just added few things in this. Its purely mine and is not a copy of any of the post posted in that blog. I have used only the vamp and wolves thing over here. Do tell me how you feel through your reviews. Silent readers please comment.
So here you go with the fourth shot…… no proof reading………..

I saw something unnatural. There were around six to seven beings unlike human and were doing something. All I could make out was their wings. They were huge. 10x than human. I feel my heart pounding in fear seeing face of one of the creature. It was blood red with some scars. Some hole near the eye portion. The wings seemed heavy. There was something hanging from them. There was something like hands. They seemed joint. i could feel my legs giving up. My hands shook and finally everything went blank.
I got up after feeling something wet on my face. My hands pained. My vision was still blur. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands. It pained.
“ahh…” I moaned. Now my vision was clear. My mind reminded me of those creatures. I feared if they were here. I clutched my shirt and tried getting up consciously. I could feel my raising heartbeat. I just wanted to get off here. I moved my legs slowly.
“are you okay love” I heard the sweetest voice. My heart over joyed.
“Arjun?… where were you? I was so afraid.” I say crawling upto him who was seated at the other end of the bed.
“sorry radhu , I had to meet someone.”
“where are we Arjun? I don’t think the place is safe. There are some unusual things here. I saw something in the other room. Something very huge….. large……” I couldn’t speak as my head started hurting.
“don’t stress yourself love. There is nothing. Maybe you dreamt it.”
“but no I felt…” he cut me off.
“we need to meet someone as I said earlier. So go get ready. There is a restroom there.” He said pointing towards it.
I just nodded not to think much about that unusual thing.
“radhika” he called me. I turned to him.
“be fast and come down once you finish”
I nodded but feared. I couldn’t control. He turned to go while I stop him.
He turns to me. My eyes filled with the unknown fear. I ran to him and hugged him tight.
“please wait for me. I won’t take much time. Promise. I will be back within seconds. Don’t go anywhere. Please.” My voice begging.
“shhhh….. I’ll be here. Be cool. I’m with you. I will wait for you till you come and we will go together. Okay?” he said rubbing my back.
I nodded. I went to get fresh. I restroom was huge. It was the size of my bedroom. Well furnished. I wonder if I am in a palace. Whom does Arjun want me to meet? That too so rich. I wasn’t sure if things were at place. I wanted to meet dad too. I wanted to apologise to him. I had insulted him badly. I just want to hug him and let my sorrows off. I missed him so badly from my childhood. As soon as we go back, I’ll go to him. Arjun would take me there…….

After finishing our prayers, and came back to the normal form, I could smell human very near. Radhika…… she might have come here in search of me. Oh reaper!!! She shouldn’t have seen all these things. She would fear. I ran to the direction of the smell. I saw her unconscious over there. I rewind few seconds back and understood that she saw us. I thought of keeping this secret until she knows the truth. I feel myself tensed up to see her reaction later on. I carried her to her room and make her sleep on the bed. I sprinkle some water on her and she tries waking up. I ask all of the others who were in the ground floor to stay calm and work for the session going to be held within minutes through my mind. They agree and continue with the work. I could sense them tensing up.
“calm down guys” I say my voice inaudible to radhika.
“I’m unable to see her reaction through my vision Arjun” says sam, my sister. She could see the things that occur in future.
“she is cooling herself sam. Her mind isn’t stable. Don’t worry.” I say to calm her down.
“okay” she says.
If radhika was just thinking on a single issue, then even I could have read her mind. Maybe her mind was on multiple tasks, I couldn’t read her. She comes out of the restroom and smiles at me getting me out of my thoughts and I return her a nervous filled smile.
“whats wrong?”
“nothing come, we need to do it as fast as possible, if not I cant control my tension…”
I mentally face palmed myself. Idiot. I uttered something now and she would definitely ask me a question on that.
“what is to be done? And why are you tensed?”
“ahh… that’s nothing love. Please we will go now. You’ll get your answers.” I say avoiding her gaze.
“okay…. You tell me when you feel free. I trust you.” she says flashing a smile at me.
I smiled. That’s what I wanted. I wanted her to trust me even after getting to know who I am.
“come” I say as we walk along the room.
Everyone were gathered in the dining hall and I was to rake radhika there. I could read everyone there. They were praying reaper to help them out. Neil even offered to let go off sam for a week if things were in place. And sam extended to a fortnight. Neil’s face grew pale while all others laughed. I too laughed out loud causing radhika to turn to me.
“what made you laugh?” she asked confusing evident in her voice.
“Nothing love, your sari in the morning.” I reasoned rising her temper.
“shut up” she says and I follow. Her eyes grew wide at every object in the villa. There was a portrait near us and I didn’t want her to see that for a while so I masked it through my eyes. She felt it.
“Arjun, there was something here right.”
“no nothing…. Maybe you just imagined”
“oh! Okay. Everything here I feel, I’m just imagining. Who lives here Arjun? How many of them?”
“you’ll see”
We reached the dining hall. Everyone’s back was facing us. Radhika seemed to recognise sam.
“hey, sam. Arjun that’s sam right.” She asked me with her eyes widened.
She was about to run to her while I stopped her.
“radhika, I…. I mean we needto speak to you about something” I say my voice serious enough to stop her.
“what’s that Arjun” she asked curiously.
I pulled her to myself and held her hand tight but soft enough not to hurt her.
“aunty” I say and mala aunty turns around shocking radhika.

“aunty” Arjun says and a lady turns around. It was ‘ma’. I jerked. Arjun held me.
“she is your mom radhu….” He says. How could I believe? She was dead just three days before. Noe she is alive. Standing infront of me on her legs. I glanced Arjun and he nodded.
“no” I whisper make the lady flinch.
“I’m your mother choti, trust me.” The lady says.
“no” I say this time quite louder. A man turns around. My dad. I was shocked even more.
“dad” I whisper.
“yes child. Your dad. And she is your mom. My wife. Mala Dilip Mishra.”
“dad mom just died.” I say.
“she wasn’t your mom radhu. Mala aunty is your mom.” Arjun whispers in my ear.
“go to her”
I could feel the tension around and myself. My heart wants to believe but my mind doesn’t. I held arjun’s hand tight.
“radhika, please come to me” she calls. Her voice shows how hurt she was. I fell myself leave Arjun’s hand involuntarily and move towards her. She met me half way. She caressed my hair, my face, hands. She kissed me all over my face and hugged me tight as if I was her precious thing. I feel myself reciprocating her hug. Everything is going on involuntarily. I see dad and he smiles at me. His eyes wet. Nesam turns around and so does arjun’s parents. Everyone has a smile plastered over their face. I break the hug.
“I missed you” she whispers.
Yes, even I missed her from the time I got to know the truth. I believed that she is my mother. I wanted to believe it so badly.
“I missed you too mom.”
“what did you just call me? Say it again.” She says her voice over joyed.
“mom” I say equally joyed.
Dad comes to me hugs me and reciprocated gladly.
“I’m sorry dad. I deserve punishment for hurting and insulting you.” I said after breaking the hug.
“yes, you deserve. So I have two punishments for you.” he says.
I was shocked a bit. But I knew I deserved it. And I was ready to face it.
“are you ready for your punishment?”
“firstly, I’m jailing you for life with us.”
I smiled. “I gladly accept.” I say my eyes filled.
“secondly, I want you to marry a guy of my choice”
I didn’t know what to say. I guess he knew about me and Arjun. But still I looked at him expectantly.
“you need to marry my junior, ACP Arjun mehra” my heart danced and even I.
“yay, thank you dad…..” I say puling him into a hug.
After sometime of celebration, I wanted to know about this palace. So I asked them.
“who does this palace belong to?”
“us” says arnav uncle.
“yes, us. Me, you nesam, uncle, aunty, dad mom.” Says Arjun.
“like seriously this is ours? Such huge house?”
“yes, madam.” Says neil bowing. I smile.
“will we leave here only?” I sounded more of a child with excitement.
“yes” laughs, nandini aunty. Arjun’s mom.
“yippee” I say and jump on the chair I was sitting.

Dilip’s POV.
My child was enjoying with us. We had just seen her enjoying with anasuya. That lady made us strive all our lives. Even though we were stronger than werewolves, we couldn’t do anything.
My child was happy listening that we will be here in this villa. She seemed as if she is a child with her excitement.
I felt so bad when she spoke to me harshly that day. But I cant blame her. She is still a 22 year kid. And of course it was our pact with the werewolves. We had to just see her from far and my wife was not supposed to meet her. Even after being superior to them we couldn’t do anything and that hurt me badly.
Arjun asked us to start the topic ofcourse radhika couldn’t hear anything we speak as we speak our secrets only audible to us.
“uncle, go on.”
I looked him with puppy dog eyes.
“you have done so much son. Help us with this too….. please….” My eyes begging him.
“no ways” he shook his head.
“please” begged mala.
“tell her na bhai” asked sam.
“sorry guys enjoy your moment” he says giving up.
“I hate you Arjun.” I say.
“but I love you, uncle, carry on”
After a lot of discussion and after everyone gave up, everyone I mean…. Even my wife. I tried convincing her.
“please don’t leave my hand half way wifey, please.”
“sorry hubby. I’m not in the game.”
“idiot” I mutter and then with lot of prayers, I called her.
“yes dad” she says chirpily.
“i…… we…….. like I mean…….” I stammer.
“you what?”
“you know the palace, ours, nice……”
“yeah!! Indeed, it is. I just dreamt of living I such a palace.”
“dreams come true sometimes. The one you dream early in the morning would definitely come true.”
“yes, sam always tells that, right sam?”
She nodded.
I signal arnav to continue.
“ha uncle….”
“you really like my son right…..”
“you will like him…. E…. ev……even if you…. come to know….. he is…..”
“yeah…. Even after I came to know he is a police officer I love him.”
“what if you come to know that he is a vampire?” comes a voice from behind and we all mentally slap our heads for having a courtier of ours like this…. Teji……
“what the hell? Don’t speak nonsense.” Yells radhika.
“not nonsense child. We are all…. Like everyone here except you are vampires.” My wife said……
So this is enough….. now tell me how is this. And the next post maybe on Wednesday………. Please give me your reviews…. Stay blessed………….. bye……………..

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