Mmz – Depths Of Hatred And Heights of Love (SS- Part 1)

Hii Dearies…how are you all?!…I know I disappeared for a long time but I missed you all till the depths of hell and heights of heaven…I know I am not that good like other spectacular authors present here still this z my humble attempt to plaster a smile on many faces glancing through my update…
This one z dedicated to shree mamma and sathya di…My mamma you are the best person I ever met and sathya di, you are the sweetest being I ever knew….So my best wishes to both of you to get whatever your heart desires…
Now enough of my bak-bak…if I start talking then my retro mouth does not close….So this one z basically a SS…I have put my best in it and I am looking forward for your comments…Sasha my lovely yet annoying cousin thanks for all your suggestions though I don’t find the need to thank you still m doing it shedding my pride….lol…Sree di thanks to you million times for helping me with the title….without you this update was not possible….love you…tc…
Traditionally this z my idea inspired by movies and serials….I am too much of filmy type….I believe in that happily ever after end so always end all my ffs with a happy note but if something cooks up in my brain then I can’t guarantee the happy ending….Basically the scratch of the story z not mine its too much inspired by the novels…books…movies…serials I see….So bear with me if you don’t find the plot that promising….
What happens when two hearts filled with boundless love and restless revenge come across eachother….Do they ignite fire…passion or perish in each other….What happens when one slap creates a nerve breaking story of love and hatred….Which emotion will strive greater LOVE OR HATRED?!

He was independent, confident with his strengths and afraid of nothing…his achievement at a tender age gave a huge boost to his ego….After he earned his business degree from Stanford university he started helping his father run their multimillion-dollar business of global chain of hotels, casino and beach resort…He knew what he wanted and went after it…He was unstoppable, a brilliant negotiator and risk taker. He was the cover page of almost all the business magazines laid in front of anyone’s eyes….
Apart from his professional life, his personal life was also no less interesting…Arjun dated many attractive and sophisticated models and actresses. His relationships lasted only for days or weeks and some lucky women for month. He often got rid of his woman as often as he discarded his used shirts. He treated them like plaything or creatures not to be taken seriously. Likely a doll, when it z broken you could throw it away and easily replace it with a new one.
He never believed in love because he never experienced it. For him the definition of love was another word for lust or a game that people play around.
He had not found the woman he loved and spend his rest life with. Not even one woman he dated ever touched his heart or made him skip a heartbeat.
Marriage for him was prison sentence or a sham. He believed that if he got married, his life would no longer belong to him. He would have to give up the pleasures he attained from bachelor life. He knew it somewhere that someday he would have to get married to have a heir for massive Mehra fortune but for now marriage was nowhere to be found in his thoughts. He convinced himself that he’ll get married when he will be too much bored of his bachelor life.
Today Arjun Mehra was heading to his party handsomely dressed in black tuxedo….hair gelled and combed backwards which made him look like a handsome villain. He was greeted by a mob of crazy females and curious journalists. He pulled a blonde closer to him and whispered in her ear,” Susan you look mouth watering and right now I just want to throw you over my shoulder and walk away from here and satisfy my hunger.”
Susan smiled trying to put a innocent look on her face to tempt him more,” Arjun your place or mine?!”
He smirked,” Yours babe.”

Someone tapped his shoulder from behind and he turned and muttered,” Neil, Fie on you bro, couldn’t even get a grip on one girl present here.”
Neil smiled,” Bro I want a real girl for a real relationship….I can never be like you.”
Arjun rolled his eyes,” True no one can be Arjun Mehra…..Leave all this you’ll find some marriage material here….Look around….How about I search for you.”
He moved his circulated his gaze and grinned instantly when he found a girl clad in traditional wear…her doe like innocent brown eyes filled with fright stroke a chord in his heart…He could make out from her facial expression that she was nervous and afraid of something….Her bright forehead had a line of stress. He could make out through her lip movement that lips were constantly taking God’s name….But his mind scowled,” Arjun she z not your type….Let Neil have her.” But his need killed his inner conscience,” Neil can have her later on right now I want her in bed….maybe that will help me to get her out of my mind…”
He gaped at her from head to toe….He was staring as if digging holes in her body through his dark eyes…He admired her curves hidden in that soft chiffon material…her long dark hair reaching beneath her waist created a spell on him…He loomed on her and whispered,” Sweetheart you are not my type still I want you…I can offer you anything in return of your one night…what say!?”
She glared at him with pure rage sparkling In her brown orbs,” You blo*dy swine!!!…How dare you?!”
Arjun’s ego was hurt still he controlled his rising temper and spoke,” Sweetheart I can give you anything you can think of…just one night..” Her silence boosted his confidence and he caught her wrist and brought it near his lips and kissed her knuckles…She instantly pulled her hand out of his grip and slapped him,” From now on remember that not every girl z ready to live under the mercy of a bastard like you.”
Whole place echoed with the threatening sound of her slap back and forth…All people present there began to murmur trying to find out the what commotion took place between them…Girls were staring with eyes glued on Arjun who was constantly shifting his gaze to avoid further embarrassment…His bodyguards snatched the cameras of media and smashed them to avoid the footage being leaked…Arjun eyed that girl with immense anger and his heart burning with the crave of Revenge…She grabbed her handbag and walked out of that place terrified imagining the consequences of her undue courage….

Sammy pulled down the blanket and shook me,” Good morning Radhika….Get up sleeping beauty.” I lazily lifted my eyelids and murmured,” Morning Sam….Let me sleep for five mins…pls.”
I again buried my head in the pillow and pulled over the blanket and covered my aching body….She started tickling me and finally I was being pushed in the washroom unwillingly…I switched on the shower and shampooed my long hair…I have inherited them from my mother….As the thought of my mother crossed my mind….a tear drop tickled down my cheek…I was never my mother’s priority…when I was 12 year old I got to know that she never wanted a second child but was helpless in front of the family…Though I never felt a thing about her but still I didn’t hated her….I was lovingly brought up by my aunt who couldn’t bore any children and that caused her divorce too….But she loved me like her own….My mother never accepted me as her daughter and that hurt a lot but with time I started living with that cold shoulder she gave me….my world revolved around my father…my brother and my aunt…Then came the day when my father fixed my alliance with some riche rich whom I was least interested in marrying…I eloped on the day of my marriage…my destiny brought me to Mumbai- the city of dreams….Here I attained bachelors degree in journalism and now my life z on track….I met Samaira here who z a stubborn nutcase yet a sweetheart…In just three years we developed such a relationship that now its impossible to imagine my life without her….She takes care of me like her baby more than a friend…I can never defy her….Though we are poles apart still we get along well together….She z a fashion designer by profession…The only thing that annoys me z her carefree nature and constant changing relationship…No don’t get me wrong….I don’t mean what you understood…Her heart z pure and craves for true love which she never found in any of the guys she dated….She knows her limits and I can bet on this that she knows where to stop….I just wish for her all the happiness of this world….We share a apartment together and you can call us soulmates…If we were lesbians then surely we would have ended up together…But No we both are straight and don’t have such thoughts about each other….I am 21 years old now and believe me I have no one special in my life right now….I believe in the word love but my first love will always be my career….Like They say Nothing z more beautiful than a woman driven by her ambition….But in today’s world we don’t get man who are supportive towards their wives or girlfriends and that’s the main reason I shoo off all the guys who approached me….I don’t want my guy to stand behind or stand before me, I just want him to stand beside me holding my hand forever….I don’t want superiority or inferiority in relationship all I want z equal status….But I guess God has stopped making such gems….Maybe my desirable guy belongs to other dimension….
Today z the most fortunate day for me because finally I got the opportunity to interview Arjun Mehra, the successful business tycoon and I also received an invitation card for his party and right now am on the cloud nine… My Editor in Chief said this can be the turning point of my career….I had prepared a long list of questions only on his professional life because his personal life z not my consern….Still I have heard a lot about his adventures…They say he discards girls like his used shirts and does not care about anyone…But still girls are mad about him and even Sam has a crush on him but I can assure that he does not has any effect on me….I don’t like such heartless reckless monsters who can’t think anything else other than themselves…He has recently returned from California and created a ruckus here…He z constantly in news due to his achievement at a young age….He z the youngest successful billionaire….But he declined to give anyone opportunity to interview him but somehow he gave a nod when the owner of our newspaper himself requested him still Arjun himself chose the place and timespan of the interview….Sans all this politics I am just happy because this z a great opportunity for me….

Sammy was jumping in happiness after I told her I am going to interview Arjun…She persuaded me to wear a something s*xy for the party as interview was bound to happen after his party but I wanted to just be myself so I chose a white designer suit which I shopped on my last birthday…I entered the party and believe me on this….I felt so alone….afraid…nervous…terrified of the forthcoming situation….Arjun was a hard nut to crack and I was well aware of his robust yet charming personality….He was arrogant…aggressive…self centered…self obsessed yet I found something familiar in his ocean deep eyes…I felt numb when he walked towards me his eyes fixed on me….I felt immensely uncomfortable still I gulped down the fear and masked it by a confident look…When he was standing barely inches away from me I felt my heart was racing at an abnormal rate….I felt like a dwarf in front of him as he was approximately 6’3 according to my virtual calculation….But the disgusting words he spoke left me shocked…I felt insulted and cheap…I couldn’t control my itching hand to slap him when he crossed all his limits ignoring all my warnings….I was frightened but that slap wasn’t a regret….He deserved it anyway….All the eyes seemed to be glued on us thereafter….I could see from the corner of my eyes how angry he was….I could feel the heat radiating from his body….I couldn’t take it anymore so I just grabbed my handbag and ran away from there….I am terrified about the consequences of my courage but I have no regrets about slapping that disgusting monster…Now let’s see what comes my way tomorrow….But I promise to face it with courage….But today’s night z hard to pass and I don’t think I will get any sleep today….Tomorrow z sure to bring unexpected and unwelcome things in my life…

So guyzz howz it???….Should I continue or not….You know Sasha was asking me to write a ff on this plot but I wasn’t sure about it….I have 5 ffs left to complete…one more I can’t start….so I thought SS z a better idea…what you think???…..Anyway eagerly waiting for your reviews…..Till then love you all and stay blessed….Bye….Well my Mondays are never rocking still wishing for you all a great Monday…

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    cutie pie dare you say its not good or anything like that………….its really nyc……..oh I loved the slap that bastad received……he deserved it………..I hope nothing bad will happen to rads…..maybe in the near future she may get married without any emotion to that bastard….but plzzz Suppu don’t make Rads fall for him until he has changed………….bye…….love u…….TC………………

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