MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 9)


Thank you so much guys for all you lovely comments…Yes Kushi is one small dynamite which will blast only for good :P.

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Radhika cries remembering the ladies accusations on her character…she remembers her moments with Arjun from day 1…an unknown smiles comes on her face. Immediately it gets vanished thinking about the chaos in the party. She holds her head and falls in her bed.

Arjun in his room, lost in radhika’s thoughts and remembers kushi’s request to marry her and radhika’s rejection. He lets a breathe out and goes to sleep.

Kushi is sitting in her bed..with pillow on her lap and her palms on her cheeks. She is seriously thinking something and rolling her eyes here & there. She then decides something and gives a promise to god, “Bhagwan ji…i decided that i will make Papa marry that she can become my maa. I want only radhu as my maa…so from tomorrow i am gonna start my game with that both will accept for this marriage. I know..i am doing too much…but still i will do this. Pls help me bhagwan ji” she prays god and goes to sleep.

Next morning, Radhika wakes up first as usual and goes to Kushi’s room to wake her up..but she did not find her in bed and gets shocked seeing her coming out from washroom after bath. Kushi looks at her and goes to her wardrobe to pick her dress. Radhika goes and picks the dress for her and gives it to Kushi….but kushi ignores her and she herself takes another frock and wears that. Radhika is simply starring her and understands why she is ignoring her. She goes and about to lift her but kushi shoves her hands away from her saying, “Don’t touch me….i wont talk to you. I will do my work on my own.” by saying this she goes out from her room leaving rads appalled. Radhika silently follows her whereever she goes. Kushi silently goes to dining hall and asks for breakfast. Radhika immediately goes to kitchen and takes the breakfast and milk for kushi.

Meanwhile, Arjun comes down and meets kushi in the dining table and he too sits beside her wishing her morning…but he did not get any response. Radhika gets her breakfast and is about to put in her plate but kushi stops her saying, “I already told you na..that i will do my work on my own…then y r u doing all this?”

Rads feels bad, “Kushi…why are you talking like this to me? I am your radhu na”

Kushi, “No you are not. You are just my governess..that’s what you said right.”

Rads feels bad hearing harsh words from her and gets upset. Arjun interrupts kushi, “KUshi..what’s this? Y u behaving like this?”

Kushi turns to Arjun, “I will behave like this only. She is my governess only na. Once she goes from here then i have to do my work on my own right..that time i should not struggle na..that’s y i am learning now itself”

Ardhika is taken aback hearing her and don’t know how to pacify her. Radhika looks at Arjun who is also looking at her. Kushi goes from there to hall followed by Ardhika. Radhika runs and holds her hand to stop her and kneels down infront of her…she cups her face, “Kushi…pls don’t ignore me like this. I can’t tolerate your ignorance. I am used for became my habit now. How can i leave you and go?”

Kushi takes her hands from her face saying, “Even i used for you..but how long you will be my governess. And one day you will go from here right..that time i have to live without you na”

Tears oozing from radhika’s eyes and she couldn’t give the exact answer which can convince Kushi. She looks at Arjun who is observing the conversation between them silently.

Rads, “Kushi…OKAY..tell me what you want me to do?”

Kushi turns her face to otherside and says, “I already told that”

Rads goes to Arjun, “Sir…pls tell her. Make her understand”

Arjun looks at kushi and moves his gaze to Rads, “Kushi is right Radhika”

Radhika is shocked hearing him and blinks at him…Kushi is surprised and turns to them.

Arjun, “As she said..she should be practiced to do her work herself once you go from here. She is right”

Radhika don’t understand why these two are talking like this, “Why u both are thinking that i will go from here”

Arjun, “Radhika, once you get married or kushi is grown up….you are not needed here. Do you understand that?”

Radhika realises what he said and looks at kushi with teary eyes…a motherly feeling arises in her heart…she moves her hand to her chest and squeezes her dress slightly…she goes to her and hugs kushi tightly saying, “I wont go anywhere leaving her. I can’t live without her”

Kushi seperates her from radhika and cups her face saying, “Then marry papa and become my Maa…even i can’t live without you radhu. I want you to stay with me forever”

Kushi wipes her tears but tears are continously oozing from rads eyes. Kushi cups her face saying, “RADHU…WILL YOU BE WITH ME AS MY MAA? I WANNA CALL YOU AS MAA…TILL NOW I DID NOT CALL ANYONE LIKE THAT…AND AFTER SEEING YOU ONLY I FELT MOTHER’s LOVE…I WANT YOU TO BE WITH ME ALWAYS”

She hugs her tightly and rads too hugs her happily. Arjun just stands like a statue and watching their bond and tears rolling on his cheeks.

Their moments gets disturbed by Mother’s voice, “Y r u still hesitating Radhika. I can see the love you have on her…am sure you cannot live even for a second without her. Leave the society and all..they are good for nothing. You decide your life which gives you happiness. And this is your life…As a guardian i am requesting you to accept this marriage”

Rads remember the ladies taunts again and looks at Arjun, “I am afraid that all their accusations will become true”

Arjun comes to her and takes her hands in his, “Leave those shit aside and look at my eyes. WILL YOU MARRY ME AND BECOME KUSHI’S MAA?”

Rads takes her hands from him and goes to kushi…she lifts her in arms..smiles and nods her head positively saying, “I WILL”

Kushi gets extreme happy and place a strong kiss on her cheeks and jumps down from her hands and goes to Arjun. He smiles and lifts her..she plants a kiss for him also. Rads goes to Mother and gets blessings from her followed by Arjun. Mother blesses them a happy life ahead.


Arjun informs Avinash about his marriage with Radhika and he gets so excited and wish him whole heartedly. Arjun gets surprise and expresses the same to him and Avi replies, “Radhika is really good sir. She takes immense care of Kushi which no one can do like that. Kushi started smiling from heart after Radhika’s arrival only. You and Radhika are good together and yes MADE FOR EACH OTHER in giving unconditional love to Kushi.” he smiles.

Arjun hugs him and thanks for his wishes. He tells him to do the arrangements for the marriage. He is going to his personal room but he meets Radhika on d way. She lowers her gaze down and is about to go but he holds her hand and says, “I wanna show you something. Come with me”

Without objecting, she follows him…he takes her to his personal room and shows the pictures of Neil and Sam and their trio’s moments. He turns to her, “Thank you so much for coming into my life radhika. It’s just because of you…kushi is so happy today. After Sam’s death, she did not get a Motherly love..though i used to love her, care her…she always looks empty. Her eyes did not have the brightness and happiness which i can see that now. She is really happy being with you. She loves you unconditionally and i know you also loves her. I just request you only one thing” he pauses seeing her.

Rads, “What?”

Arjun, “I want Kushi’s happiness…she should be happy like this forever and only you can give that to her. Promise me”

He extends his hands to her and she nods positively and promises him saying, “SHe is my daughter and her happiness is the most priority one for me in this world”.

Arjun gets happy hearing and plants a soft and gentle kiss on her forehead.

Precap: The trio goes for Marriage shopping. Kushi gets missed in the shopping mall. Ardhika gets panicked.

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    Sathya Khushi is a pathaka….she got them bend to her will awesome….precap scares me will Saral kidnapp Khushi…pls maar dalo iss Saral ko….I think if ever I meet someone by that name Saral in real life…I will instantly hate that person 😛 🙂 amazing chapter waiting for next 🙂 loads of love

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  9. Jessie

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