MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 3)


Arjun reaches the temple and finds the crowd on the road. He shoves them away like a mad and gets shocked seeing the blood on the road and becomes numb seeing that. He asked the nearby person, “What happen to the small girl?”

Person looks him wierd and says, “Some people here taken them to the nearby hospital. Severe hurt for that small girl”

Arjun is in the verge of crying and moves back like a robo. One of his security guard comes to him and makes him sit in the car. They reached the nearby hospital and enquires in the reception. Arjun runs to the ward to search Kushi like a mad. He is about to enter the inside one ward but stops seeing radhika and Kushi coming out from other ward. He sighs seeing kushi without even having a single wound and runs to her. He takes her in his arms and hugs her tightly as if he gets his soul back. He kisses her and says, “Where you went? I told you right, not to go out. Why you went?”

Kushi cups his face, wipes his tears saying, “Papa…i told radhu that i want to go to temple and she took me there”

Then only he sensed that radhika is standing there smiling at him and kushi. He gets furious seeing her, he gives kushi to that security guard and tells him to take her to car. Then he moves to Radhika and slaps her hard which makes her shock and angry on him.

Arjun, “How dare you took kushi out from the house? Don’t you know the reason why i appointed you as a governess for kushi..just to stay with her in home itself. But you have taken her out and without even informing me. This is it…And you are no more in your job. Just get ur luggage and get lost”

Arjun goes from there leaving her startled, radhika takes few more mins to come out from the trance and then she realised that he slapped her. She touches her cheek once and automatically tears rolling over her cheeks. She stares Arjun going away from there.

@Mehra Mansion,

Arjun is furious and tells his security guards to find out about the accident. He sits in the sofa in the hall and looks so tensed. Kushi slowly comes to him and asks, “Why r u so tensed papa? Any problem?”

Arjun composes his face and says, “No beta..nothing like that. I was just busy in work”

Before kushi says something, another voice interrupts them saying, “Just busy in work or busy in slapping others?”

Arshi looks at the doorstep and finds Radhika there like kaali maa. Radhika comes to him and tells kushi to go inside. Kushi just nods and goes to her room.

Rads looks at Arjun, “How dare you slap me Mr.Arjun Mehra?”

Arjun, “Mind your words first”

Rads, “You first mind your hands. How can you slap me , don’t you have basic manners and is this the way you have been taught”

Arjun stares her angrily and says, “Be happy that i stopped just by slapping. If something would have happened to Kushi then i would have killed you”

Rads gets more furious and says, “Oh so do you think that i will be quiet till u come n kill me? I will smash you before that. Mind it”

Arjun for a min gets shock seeing her and says, “Just come ut from ur dreams Radhika. First of all mistake is yours and you are scolding me”

Rads, “I am not talking about whose mistake is what. I am just asking you who gave you the right to slap me? I am your employee which doesn’t mean that you can raise your hands on me”

Arjun realise his mistake but still he did not come out from his attitude and says, “I am not bulged to answer you and as i said, you are not in your job anymore. You can leave”

Rads is at extreme hyper but she couldn’t do anything apart from scolding him. She rushes to her room and takes all her stuffs and comes out. Before she leaves she looks at him and says, “You don’t know the value of Kushi. You are not safeguarding her just keeping inside this house, you are giving a punishment to her of not allowing her to enjoy her childhood and this is not house but jail for her. U just keep her in house arrest.”

She just left immediately without saying anything to him. But all her words are echoing in his mind.

After sometime, Kushi goes to guest room but finds it empty and she searches radhika in the washroom and everywhere. She comes out from her room and searches evreywhere in the house, Arjun still there in the living hall working on his laptop, observes kushi what she is doing, but he did not say anything till she comes and asks him.

Kushi searches her in the garden and complete house but she did not find her. She is about to cry and runs to Arjun, “Papa…i am not finding radhu anywhere? where is she papa?”

Arjun feels bad seeing her tears and says, “Beta, she went from here. She will not come back. I will look for another governess. You don’t worry”

Kushi is shocked and shouts, “NO..I WANT RADHU ONLY. Papa..y she went? SHe did not like me is it?”

Arjun is worried seeing his princess crying nd is about to touch her but she shoves his hand saying, “I know, you only asked her to go out na. Today morning also you fought with her. She was crying. Y u did like that papa? I don’t want anyone….I wont talk to you” she cries and runs to her room.

Arjun is numb seeing his daughter taking radhika’s side. He feels bad seeing her crying but he did not want that radhika to come back here again.

He thinks that after sometime kushi will calm down and he can go and talk to her. But his calculation went wrong and its been 3 hours kushi did not come out from her room and she did not even have her lunch. Arjun gets worried and goes to her room. He sees her crying still sitting on the bed. He goes and sits beside her holding her chin to look at him. SHe jerks his hands off from her and looks other side.

Arjun makes her to look at him and says, “Kushi beta, You know right whatever papa will do everything for your good only na. THen changing your governess is also for ur good only. Believe me beta.”

Kushi jerks him saying, “No papa. You are not doing any good thing. You only scolded radhu and that’s y she went from me. I know papa You are angry on her just becoz she took me to temple right. And you were worried seeing us in hospital. But papa you don’t know what happened exactly. Me and Radhu are walking on the road, suddenly a one small girl crossing the road but one big vehicle came and hit her when she was crossing the road. She was in pool of blood, we both shouted in shock and radhu only took that girl in her arms and took me also with her to the hospital. She even gave blood to that girl papa. Radhu is so good, but you scolded her. You shouldn’t have done that papa. I don’t like to talk to you. You go from here. I don’t want anything..i want my radhu only”

Arjun is speechless and feels guilty thinking about radhika but still he is angry on her for taking kushi out. He sees kushi lies on the bed showing her back to him.

He comes out from her room and gets lost in thoughts. In the night also kushi did not come out from her room and shouts at the servants who came to her room.

Next morning, Arjun goes to her room and makes her forcefully get up from the bed and makes her take bath too. After that he only get her ready in a beautiful lavendar color frock. Kushi wonders seeing him and asks, “Why you made me ready papa? I don’t want to go anywhere..just leave me alone pls”

Arjun pulls her cheeks saying, “You will not say this again when you get to know where i am gonna get you”

Arshi leaves from home and after 20 mins drive, he stops the car infront of a building. Kushi looks on shocked and gets down from the car looking at the building.
Arjun takes her to the office room where they heard the conversation.
Mother, “SO what u r going to do now?”

Rads, “I don’t know Mother, but am worried only for Kushi…I want to kill that Mr.Khadoos”

Arjun is shocked hearing his nick name and kushi is laughing by closing her mouth.

To interrupt them Arjun, “Here i am can kill me if possible”

Rads jumped off from her chair hearing his voice but immediately she gets happy seeing kushi and she too runs to her and hugs her tightly.

Radhika also hugs her tightly and kisses on her cheeks saying, “I missed you “. Kushi, “I too missed you a looootttttt” by extending her hands on both sides.

Arjun smiles seeing kushi smiling and he did not miss to notice Radhika also. Somewhere he feels so light seeing them together.

He talks to Mother for sometime and comes to Rashi seeing them playing and tickling each other.

Arjun comes and adjust his throat saying, “Chalo, its time to leave”

Kushi looks at him and says, “Chalo Radhu…will go”

Rads looks at Kushi once and says, “I am not coming Kushi. You go with your papa”

Arshi is equally shocked and arjun says, “Why..why u r not coming?”

Rads ties her hand across her chest and says, “Y should i come?”

Arjun understands that she is angry on him and he comes two steps forward to her and says, “Fine…i shouldn’t have scolded and slapped you. now you come home”

Rads, “What what you said? Say it clearly and this is not what i expected?”

Arjun rolls his eyes and says, “OKAY…It’s my mistake and I M SORRY. Can you come home now?”

Rads smiles and takes her luggage with her and goes with them. Kushi is the most happiest person here seeing radhika back at her home.

The trio reach home and kushi takes her to her room again and spends time with her the whole day. Arjun goes to his personal room and stares the pictures there on the wall. He gets echo of the painful voice, “Arjun…Pls take care of Kushi”

He closed his eyes tightly and tears rolling on his eyes.


Arjun gets a phone call and starts scolding the other person, “Are you out of your mind? How can you do this? It is wrong?”

Caller, —-

Arjun, “ok, look wait for me i will come”

He cuts the call and immediately leaves from his home. He reaches the temple and stares the couples standing there.

Arjun, “Sam? You know what you are doing? And Neil, how can you not opposing her?”

Sam, “Enough Arjun. Don’t say anything to Neil and it is purely my decision”

Neil, “Haa Arjun, even i am saying the same thing ..but she is not listening anything and threatening me that she will commit suicide if i am not accepting for the marriage”

Arjun is shocked seeing her and Sam did not show any reaction but says, “Don’t stare me like this. It is already late and we have no time. Come fast”

she takes them and goes inside the temple. There a pandit waits for them and he asks them to exchange the garlands. The Nesam takes the pheras and Neil ties the mangalsutra and puts sindoor on her forehead. pandit announces that marraige is over and they are husband and wife.

Arjun too wishes them for the best of their life and when the trio comes out from the temple and is about to get into the car but before that some one comes and stops them.

Arjun, Neil and Sam looks at the person who stopped them. Arjun , “Saral”.

Saral comes infront and stares Sam with mangalsutra and Sindoor , he gets furious and says, “how dare you cheat me and marry this beggar?”

Sam, “Mind your words Saral. He is my husband and for your information, i never cheated mistaken my friendship with you. I always love Neil from my childhood”

Saral, “Love…then wat about my love. I loved you like a mad Sam. I am still in love with you but you married him secretly”

Sam, “Yes because i cannot tolerate your torture and i want to lead a peaceful life. Now you don’t have any right on questioning me. Just leave us alone”

She is about to go but he holds her hand and is about to slap her but Arjun stops him and beats him badly.

Saral promised them that he will ruin their lives and to sam he says, “I will not leave you peacefully Sam, If you are not for me then i wont keep you alive for anyone else”

Arjun and Nesam shoves his words and goes from there. Days, Months passed on. It’s been an year now, Sam delivers a cute girl baby and they keep the name as “Kushi”.

Nesam lives happily with their daughter and often Arjun visits them in their home. The trio spends a good time with each other. Since from the childhood, Arniel & Sam are very good friends and stands for each other in every phase. Arjun and sam are family friends and lost their parents at one car accident and Neil is an orphan stays nearby their place and by that the trio becomes friends.

In the meantime, Saral tried to kidnap Sam and even tried to kill her also, but last minute Arneil saves sam from saral’s clutch and Arjun sends him to jail by using his influence.

No one knows he comes out from jail after an year and looking for a chance to kill everyone.

One day, Arjun comes to Nesam’s home and sees them get ready for going out. Arjun takes the crying kushi in his hands and she immediately stops crying. He just enjoys playing with little kushi and waits for Nesam.

Nesam tells him that they are going for a party and asks Arjun to take are of Kushi. Arjun too nods and plays with her.

Sam before going comes to arjun and says, “Arjun, Pls take care of Kushi…i am leaving her believing you” she placed a kiss on kushi and leaves. Arjun wonders why she is behaving wierd.

Soon Arjun gets a call and gives him the address. Arjun goes there with kushi and finds the place messed up and gets shocked seeing Nesam in pool of blood. HIs nerves becomes chill and he rushes to them. Neil is already died and Sam is half breathing. He goes to sam and trying to wake her up.

Sam opens her eyes and says, “Arjun…Saral…killed us. He wants to kill Kushi also. Pls..pls take care of her”

After the she stops breathing and arjun cries vigourously seeing sam and neil in pool of blood.

Precap: Radhika gets to know the Arjun’s past and takes care of kushi well. Arjun starts falling for Radhika.

That’s it for today. Hope you all like this second shot. Don’t forget to put your valuable comments here.

I dont know how it came… no proof reading.

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  1. Sammy

    omg wao di…Arjun is such a sweet heart ..i am crying too ..lovely beautuful

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Sammy ??? yeah he is Cho chweet… Don’t cry baby rads is there na to make him mad…

  2. Jessie

    Yay!! I got my fav today..! I was so happy seeing d title.. was waiting ya.. Arjun.. slap..! Too much.! loved Rads counter attack..!! Wow.. 2 cum.. Rashi made Arjun to say sorry.! Khushi is Nesam daughter!!! Tat was so shocking abt Nesam.. devil saral tortured this much.. Arjun seeems 2 be so good boy u know.. he made her as his own daughter..! Loved it…n its awesome.. TC n loads of love Sathya ka

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jessie ?????n yeah Rashi wil make him dance on their tunes n he too will go mad on rads like Kushi. Yes Kushi is nesam kid. Yeah I cant my arjun as a bad boy.. He is too responsible also..

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, Nesam are Khushi parent and Saral killed them and now he is after Khushi, eagerly waiting for next update. πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin ??

  4. Mindblowing πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much emz ???

  5. Akka it’s awesome

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much roshini ???

  6. Myra

    Woah!!! Arjun slapped radhika!!!!! Such nerve he has….So khushi is nesam’s daughter…nice….loved this episode….eagerly waiting for the next! Please update soon …love you ?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much as Myra… He is over protective about Kushi n there is a reason for that I ll reveal it in next episodes

  7. Dhara

    As usual awesome. Mr Khalid said sorry to radhika?. Khushi is too cute.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dhara

  8. wow .. that was really a nice one sathya ka πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .. i loved it to the core πŸ™‚ kushi wow … enjoyed her acts πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much vini ???

  9. Jewel

    kushi is nesam’s daughter…. and radhika’s angry…. that was nice one…. please post next chaptr soon…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much jewel

  10. Dipika

    Ohhh my god..i love you satzzz…u just rocked..i m in love with this story…arjun’s being furious on rads its valid..rads save tht little girl..rashi bond..n biggest shock khushi is nesam’s daughter… Omg..evil saral..i will like to kill tht vile creature cruel he is…m blood is boiling… N the most awesome part is rads defended herself she didn’t sit quietly N give good answer.. M so excited for thier love story. Pls darling next shot soon…love u shooo…kissess n hugss to u..

    1. Sathya

      I love u too dipu… ??? yeah that Sara is one psycho n he want to kill Kushi also but arjun will always be the savior…. U will get to know more in coming episodes…

  11. Wow…it is nice update..really good… i love you satya sis

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much shubhadha sis???

  12. I am touched for today’s chappy::omg i have goosebumps.. very well written…thank you again…waiting on next..thank you dear.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much kk dear

  13. Sweetie

    I just loved it Sathya..Ok,I don’t think the slap is wrong,he was worried for Kushi and it just happens in the heat of moment.. πŸ˜€ Painful past of Arjun.. πŸ™ Waiting for the next dear..Love you loads and take care.. πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much sweetie ??? he slapped her coz of his over protective about Kushi… Bla update next soon

  14. Rossy

    Yay…i m so much happy sis for this..yes…i knew it…that’s my reaction with excitement…lol..khusi is nesam daughter…Arjun take care her..saral aargh…?? btw can I ask u one thing?? Why do u wanna radhika to get a slap from Arjun?? This happened in ETL 1 also n other one??.. Just asking ,don’t mind…see I remember each update of everyone very I love rads attitude..??

    1. Sathya

      Hey Rosie.. My dear sissy…. Thank u so much dear… Ha ha ha I know… Actually yeah in ETL it was not needed but here arjun is so caring on Kushi n he is lifeless till he finds Kushi alive… Just cos of the tension she created he slapped her….thank u for remembering ETL dear.. Love u ???

  15. S.v

    Aww arjun you are so cute adhukaga enna een aranja ??? but i made you say me sorry ha ha ha i won Arjun the great business tycoon said sorry to the ordinary girl. You have a golden heart you are taking care of Kushi like your own daughter, adhukku i love you so much Aahaa now the story of love started va ma va Mr. Khadoos konjam siricha dhan enna ??

    So our journey of love in this story is going to start. Super awesome. Love you arjun eagerly waiting for the enemity to love and the other ss where Arjun is misunderstood as radhika’s husband by Ankush peru marandhuten they are going to village so aparam enna aga pogudhu ?? Update pannu Arjun love you so much……..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Sv darling… Next enkita sollama ponala athan adichen… Plus Kushi Vera ithula… Unna adikama enna pandrathu… Ok leave it athan sorry keten la… Coz arjun has only Kushi in his life n he can’t live without her. Inime than radsum avan lifela oru important person aava.

      1. S.v

        So u are planning to say ur heart to me ?? ie arjun to radhika. Ayooo seekaram update pannu I am waiting….

  16. Gauri

    Sathya this was so amazing …. and surprising too ….Khushi is NeSam’s daughter ….hate Saral…but girl what a twist….you made Saral go mad after Sam that was surprising….. and Radhika big japphi for her she handled Arjun so nicely ….poor Mr Attitude ….awesome Sathya πŸ™‚ love u πŸ™‚ and hw was your interview

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri ??? yeah usually saral goes behind Radhika… I thought of make it different n thanks for liking the surprise dear. Yes rads is not a silent girl n she we vl give him back to back n in future episodes u will see how she gonna make him mad by joining hands with Kushi… Love u ???

  17. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dear

  18. LOVED IT ??? this was beautifully narrated, arshi’s past was painful how I hate that stupid Saral. I like the way Rads scalded Arjun n Arjun apologized ? so excited for the next chapter. Stay blessed

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gia dear ??? vl update next soon

  19. Abirsha

    Wow sathya akka…. Loved it…. I forgot to read this…. Thidirnu inaiku kalaila than neyabagam vanduchu…. Udaney tu open pani read paniten…. Superb akka…. Very very nice….. ??

    1. Sathya

      Hey Shan.. M so happy seeing u in mmz section. ??? thank u so much for ur lovely comments

  20. Satya dear. ..
    It’s awesome episode……
    ..nice revelation about khushi. …
    But sad….that …NeSam r dead….
    Wait ing for next episode. ..

  21. Jnana

    Wow…. Sooooo nice of arjun…. Yaar..
    I fell for him now……

  22. Sree_deeksha

    Sathya Di… this is awsome…. how do you get these ideas… I loved it…!???

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