MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 1)



Now its time for my introduction. Yes, My Name is LOVE, i am the one who will make the strangers into one. Isn’t it hard to believe it right? Of course, now the world is going behind for two things. One is MONEY and Another is its me..LOVE. But i always have a gut and strong feeling that i am more important in everyone’s life than money. We are seeing people who have money but there is no love in their life. But i too have seen the people who has only love in their life spending their each and every moments beautifully than others. OK i will stop my blabber and i will tell you why i am here. Aaahhh where am i now and what is that name?

Yes I M HERE standing infront of a big mansion named Mehra Mansion celebrating the most beautiful event now. Ok why to waste time, will enter inside and see for what these celebrations are? Oh my gosh…its such a big palace and i can see around more than 20 to 30 servants roaming here and there. Some working on the decorations, some arranging the foods, some arranging the seats and some arranging the lightings. It looks Marvellous. I am sure it must be a grand wedding for a prince who owns this city. Hey wait wait…some one is coming down from the stairs, wow he looks awesome but y he did not smile. He looks arrogant and ruthless, is he the prince which i am referring? Oh then i am praying for the girl. No wait..he is going to doorstep and starts inviting the guests. Ok then he is not the center of attraction today, then for what they are celebrating today. Let me wait and watch.

After sometime, i can see the whole mansion is filled with guests and their small kids. They are playing everywhere in the house without any worries. Ok listen, that arrogant guy takes the mike in his hand and let we hear what he speaks.

“First of all i am Arjun Mehra, welcoming you all for the wonderful event happening in Mehra Mansion. Thank you so much for accepting my invite and came here to make this event more special. No more wait now and let me introduce my Princess to you all.”

Arjun turns aside and signs to one of the lady maid, she gets a cute little bubbly girl and makes her stand with Arjun. Arjun kisses her cheeks and says, “She is my daughter KUSHI MEHRA and we all are here to celebrate her 6th birthday today.”

Everyone claps wishing her happily including me but she doesn’t bother anything and anyone there, just keeps quiet and stands there without any interest. Hmm that’s wierd, her name is kushi but she is not in kushi mood…y so? Fine then y i am here..i am here to give all happiness, joy and love who is in need. Now the cute little adorabe Kushi needs Kushi in her life. Now my game starts here and i am gonna mingle with her now to fulfill her life with love. So i will see you at the end once she gets her happiness in her life..BYE.

There Arjun takes Kushi with him and makes her cuts the cake and feeds her the first piece. She doesn’t look happy but just for his sake she gives him the cake and stands like an idol. Arjun notices her dull face and gets worried but did not show it infront everyone. The guests wishes her and gives her the gifts. She just touched the gifts but everything her maid taken from her and kept it aside. Then soon Arjun also joins with his other business friends and gets busy in chatting with them.

Kushi looks everyone who is very busy in their own work and she feels like she is the one who is standing alone here. She looks at Arjun once and runs to her room. She takes her diary and start writing something. After few mins, she close the diary and kept it in her side table and stands in the balcony. That is the only place she spend almost her day except few hours where she gets education in her home itself. She finds something new there, it is nothing but a big park which is placed just beside their mansion. And that’s y she spends her most time in the balcony by looking at the people and Kids there in the park. But today she sees a bunch of kids playing with a girl and she is trying to catch them by running all over the park. The kids are happily enjoying with her and spending their time nicely. Unknowingly Kushi’s eyes fills with tears and it rolls down to her cheeks. She wipes it with her tiny fingers and murmurs, “I also want to play”.

Soon the maid comes to her room and gets her down to pay visit to the guests. Kushi goes from there unwillingly and joins with her dad. After everyone goes, Arjun takes kushi in his arms, “Kushi beta…what happen? Y u look so upset and tired? R u angry on ur papa?”

Kushi looks at him and nods no saying, “Papa…if i ask you something you wont get angry on me na?”

Arjun kisses her cheeks and says, “Why should i be angry on u? I will do whatever you ask me”

Kushi, “Papa, i want to go out. Y u r not sending me anywhere not even for school. I also want to go to school like others and want to play like them. I don’t like to be in home all time papa.” She holds his chin by her tiny hands, “Will you allow me?”

Arjun is shocked hearing her words, “Beta, actually you are the princess for this mansion and for all our properties. So you no need to go out and study and that’s y i arranged a governess to take care of you, educating you and play with you. And more over, i will be always worried if you go out, then i cannot concentrate on any work”

Kushi gets upset and says, “Papa, that teacher is not good. She is not teaching me anything and always eating something, sleeping in my bed leaving me sitting on the table”

Arjun gets angry hearing this and says, “Kushi beta…ok give me sometime. Papa will check this and arrange best teacher for you. Its papa promise ok?”

Kushi somehow smiles at him and kisses his cheeks saying, “I Love You Papa”

Arjun hugs her saying, “Love You too beta”.

He sends kushi to her room and dials to some number and goes out immediately.

@Mehra group of Companies

Arjun, his PA, A lady and Mother from the Little Angels Orphanage home. They all there in Arjun’s cabin and he stares at the lady angrily and she gets scared seeing him and avoids his gaze. Mother feels bad and says, “I am so sorry Mr.Arjun, even i never expected this irresponsible behaviour by my staff. On behalf of her, i am seeking you an sincere apologise.”

Arjun, “I am sorry to question you Mother which i don’t want.But for me my daughter’s happiness is the most precious one. I got this lady to my home is just to give her a education and habits but she proves that she is not fit for this teacher’s profession itself. Now i don’t want her anymore and i will look for someone else”

The lady seeks apologise from him but he settles her the amount and sends her out. Mother, “I am really sorry for whatever happened, but i have a solution for this. This time there wont be any mistake on my choice. You can believe me for sure. What you say?”

Arjun thinks for a while and says, “Mother, you know about me very well, i want some one who is more responsible, have good values and most of all take care of my daughter very well.”

Mother smiles, “You will not have any doubt in that. She is like an Angel in our home. She is the one whom i can believe for everything. I will send her to your home tomorrow, you can cross check her and decide”

Arjun, “Fine. You send her tomorrow. I will tell you my decision after that”

Mother greets him and goes from there. Arjun losts in some thoughts and gets busy in his work.

Next day morning, Arjun finishes his important meeting and waits for the girl to come. He waits for sometime and gets bored murmuring, “No punctuality”. He moves to his piano which kept beside the stairs, he starts playing his favourite songs in that. He did not notice that a girl enters in to the mansion and gets mesmerised in his play. She is about move forward but her leg got slipped coz of this softy floor, she holds the table for support but she mistakenly hits the vase on it and breaks down on the floor. She too falls on the floor, Arjun gets disturbed by this noise, comes there and looks at her on the floor near the vase. Her face is covered with her hairs and she is trying to get up, but the water in the vase also spreads on the floor, she somehow stands and is about to move but again slips coz of the water. Arjun at the nick time, holds her hands to make her stand properly and she too holds his hands for support and looks at him with fear.

Kushi comes down hearing the sound and she closes her mouth seeing the scene there. She looks both Arjun and the girl and slowly gets down. Arjun makes her stand away from the water and gives her an unbelievable look. He calls one servant to clean this mess. He turns to her and rolls his eyes seeing her adjusting her hair and dress.

Arjun, “What’s ur name?”

She gets jerked off and says, “Ra..Radhika”

Arjun, “R u aware of the reason you came here?”

She just nods her head and looks around the house. He looks at Kushi who is silently laughing seeing her. He takes her to his study room for interview and Kushi also follows her without knowing them.

Arjun sits in his chair and shows her seat. Radhika feels some tension around there and takes her seat infront of him. Kushi hides behind the door and listens their convo.

Arjun, “So Miss.Radhika, what is your qualification?”

Rads, “I am done with my MBA in Human Resource”

Arjun, “So how long you have experience in this governess role?”

Rads blinks at him once and says, “This will be my first experience, if i get this job”

Arjun is shocked, “What?” he sighs and continues, “What were you doing in Little Angels Home?”

Rads, “Taking care of the kids, Used to teach them also”

Arjun is not satisfied, “Well, how do u manage the kids when they are not eating the food, or not ready to study?”

Rads thinks for a while, “We have to make them eat the food with love, if we force them for a small small things, then they start hating it. And better go for a practical study instead of sitting at one place and staring the books”

Arjun, “What do you mean?”

Rads, “I mean…make the kids play for sometime and then automatically they will have a fresh mind to study. If we simply force them only on study, obviously they will lose interest in everything. From my point of view, playing is also one of the study which kids needs nowadays.”

Arjun somehow is not satisfied but Kushi’s face becomes bright hearing her answers. Arjun makes her sit there itself and comes out to inform about this but stops by Kushi. Kushi looks at him says, “Papa…R u gonna select her?”

Arjun, “Why are you asking?”

Kushi, “Coz i too like her. Pls select her papa”

Arjun is confused and looks at Kushi who looks happy now. He doesn’t want to spoil her mood and says yes for her wish and informs this to Orphange mother also.

Radhika then goes back to home and Mother informs her that she has to stay there only as a governess to take care of his daughter. Mother convinces her for this decision and sents her back to Mehra Mansion in Arjun’s car which he sent to drop her.

Rads reaches Mehra Mansion and the first person welcomes her is Kushi Mehra. She smiles and introduces herself to radhika. Rads also gets impressed with her and both mingles well within a short span. Arjun who looks at this from stairs, calls the servant to allot the guest room to her. Radhika looks at him once and goes from there and she did not notice that a pair of eyes are following her.

Precap: Who is Arjun? Who is Kushi? How Ardhika unites?

That’s it for today. So pls pls pls tell me how is this first shot. Hope i have done somethng to read here..if not pls don’t throw stones, chappals and all. Pls let me know your comments for the same and let me know whether to continue it or not?

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  1. Jessie

    Sathyaa ka… super chappy…!! I just loved d intro.. pavam khushi..! Hope Rads will have gala time teaching khushi.. she broke d vase.. super.. eager 4 nxt chappy..loved d story opening..TC n loads of love

    1. Jessie

      Is it Ajith’s daughter in cover pic..

      1. Sathya

        Thank u so much my dear Jessie ??? yes here more than ardhika, Rashid will have good Chemistry n mast time. Thanks for supporting dear. N yes it is ajith daughter anoushka

  2. Brin

    I like the story, it is very interesting, continue with the story. πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin ???

  3. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  4. Shree

    Loved it loved it loved it!! This is one awesome plot.. the description in the beginning by love was amazing.. true that money can’t satisfy anything.. money can’t bring love..

    Khushi sad.. Arjun rude.. lol the governess.. she should have thought before messing with the Mehras… Sleeping.. eating.. lol.. radz is awesome.. I Loved her answers.. her intro.. lol.. Khushi happy.. Khushi is Khushi.. Hahahahaha

    Post soon ka… Can’t wait.. I’m loving it.. so much..

    Love you ??

    1. Sathya

      Shree… My proof reader for this ff…. Love u dear ???. Thank you so much dear. Yes rads n Kushi is Rashi now… Will have nice time but it will be hard for arjun to control them….

  5. That’s really a cute one ……..I don’t know much but I m gonna like it …… you stay blessed be soon

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Shreya for the support ???

  6. Dhara

    It’s too long. I read chap name and then thought to check the writer?. I will comment when i finish reading???

    1. Sathya

      OK dhara… U read it?

      1. Dhara

        Yes finished reading. It’s awesome. How many ff you are writing currently?

    2. Sathya

      Thank u so much dhara… I think four in mmz n 1 in swasan… ???

  7. Lakshmi05

    Dii u r really fast…Awesome ..superb…amazing… Love will spread love in arjun n radhika’s life..Cover pic is superb…lil kid is so cute..n i think she’s ajith’s daughter right…clumsy rads…Khushi …she’s soo cute n too lonely…but now rads will make her khushi with the help of love….update soon diiiii……love u soo….

    1. Sathya

      Ha ha ha…if I don’t write when I get some idea… I ll forget the plot easily… That’s y. Btw thank u so much dear. Yes she is ajith daughter. Yes Kushi will get all the love she yearns for from rads the clumsy girl

  8. It’s cute one…yes eagerly waiting on disclosing about who they are…

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      Thank u so much dear

  9. Awesome story and really superb plot. The intro of love and the other things. Superb. Loved it. It was so special. Khushi the princess. Really cute. Copy of radz. Lol. Both will make a cute pair now. Arjun the angry young man is back again but now with a daughter. Hmmm. Some secrets behind the doors. Waiting to see them. Loved it. Update sooon. You are amazing.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Manu…. Yeah Rashi will rock together from. Now n make arjun mad. She is a cute doll. Yeah he is angry man but will always fail in front of rads… ???? thanks for ur lovely comments

  10. Rossy

    This is stupendous…i think Khusi may not be Arjun’s real daughter…just a rough guess..he is just taking care of her..rads omg…where she will go..always will be rads only…lol..waiting for next chapter n ETL also..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Rosie…. ??? u r genius I should say… But all these will reveal in next episode for sure….

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much happy ???. For just two of us… It takes little time since I make it little special for the last episode…

  12. Dipika

    Satzzz the pitara of stories…hehe..darling frm whr u get this lovely n marvelous ideas…n i love the LOVE pov part…this is the best intro i ever read….khushi but without having any khushi in her life…arrogant arujny..n rads entry.. Wow..marvelous.. M sooooo much excited for next shot…. N i must say by rads answers tht u r going to b best mom for ur kids..hahaha…Loads of love yo my romance

    1. Sathya

      Dipu…. Love u so much ??? what is pitara means? Yar ur comments r like making go higher n higher. Let me come down first… N last but not least the last line makes me feel overwhelmed n happy… Thank k u so so much dear ???

  13. Aasthu

    Sathuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu its truly brilliant………loved her concept of study……..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much aasthu… ????

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    Lovely start ..sathya akka …hehe I love to use akka more than di ..update next soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Sammy ???yeah u can call me akka.. I vl be very happy. Next is tomorrow…

  15. Myra

    Damn woman! How do you manage to excel in everything you write? ?
    It was wonderful and am really eager for the next chappy!
    Chalo, bye, until next time! Take care πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra ??? that was a grt compliment from u.

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      Thank u so much Chandana ???

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      Thank u so much vini

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri ??? y arjun is doing all these will be on next chapter n u ll know the reason behind it…. Thanks for supporting me

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gia ???

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      Thank u so much sv…. ??? thanks for ur lovely comments

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      He he he ritu ??? u want my brain lol…thank u so much for the lovely comments dear…. U will know the answer for arjun behavior soon…. I already posted second part… Pls do read it…

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