MMZ – A Challenge For Destiny and Love –(Chapter 7)

MMZ – A Challenge For Destiny and Love–(Chapter 7)


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Chapter 7:

Sam: why you wanna watch out Arjun daily? Why you felt this day had completed peacefully when you saw him once for a day? And why you are so restless even you had not seen him or glance for a sec?

Radhika: ————–

Sam: answer me… and most importantly… why you behaved so rude to me yesterday? Did you ever shouted me..? but yesterday you did that too infront of the whole class… why you are so annoyed and frustrated? Why you had tears when you heard about Arjun illness? Why you ran to washroom in hospital? I know Radhika you were crying in washroom… your eyes spoked a lot yesterday in Arjun’s ward… when Ankush bhaiya questioned you why you don’t have a answer… and why you agreed to my lie that you were having a headache…

Radhika dint answer any of the question…. But some brightness peeped out from her face and slowly her lips covered with bright smile… and her brown orbs were shinning in happiness…

Radhika was thinking what and all Sam had said and how she behaved when she cant see Arjun…. And she understood that Arjun is not only her crush but more than that… yes… He is my FIRST CRUSH and very FIRST LOVE….

In happiness Radhika squealed and twirled Sam… Sam was also smiling wide seeing her friend’s happiness…

Sam: Now did you got it buddhu? Its LOVE not CRUSH….

Radhika: No

Sam: not again Radhika… Do you know one thing? If your crush lasted for more than three months that means you are in love with that person… did you get that in your small brain….

Radhika: Was opening her mouth in o shape… how did you know all this Sam? You are always with me but how come you became so brilliant?

Sam was smiling wide and pulling her collar thinking of how genius…. but the last word of Radhika made Sam more frowning and she is grinning her teeth… and Radhika was busted out in laugh seeing her antics…

Radhika controlled her laugh and said Yes Sammy… my dear Sammy absolutely you are right…. Am in LOVE Sam… can’t believe it… am in Love with MY ARJUN…. She hugged in happiness…. And Sam also hugged her back…

Days were passing like this and Sam and Radhika were pulling each other legs and Sam used to make her blush frequently….

Main exam started for RaSam and Ankush… and everyone were concentrating seriously in exam… and Arjun use to wish for every exam for all three…

Days were passing and Ankush joined in college… and Sam and Radhika went to +1… and Arjun +2…. RaSam bond was as usual and they came ending of their year… so they have kept Farewell party for bid bye to their seniors… and Radhika was totally broken thinking of that she couldn’t never have a chance of meeting Arjun…  She was totally depressed and Sam was consoling her we will meet him… but Radhika cant able to bear the separation because she use to watch him in school and as well as home because he use to come to meet her brother… but thinking of separation she was broken in to pieces… a

Sam somehow consoled her and asked her to give gift for Arjun… Radhika decided to sing for him in Farewell party… and she sang…

Nenje Nenje nee engea, naanum angea…

en vaazhvum angea…

anbae anbae naan ingae, thaegam ingae…

en jeevan engae…

en nathiyae en kan munne vatri ponaai

paal mazhaiyaaga ennai thedi mannil vanthaai

en thaagankal thirkaamal, kadalil yen serkiraai…

(nenje nenje nee engae..)

Kanne en kanne naan unnai kaanaamal

Vaanum en mannum poiyaaga kandaene

Anbae paer anbae naan unnai saeraamal

Aavi en aavi naan itru ponene

 veyil kaalam vanthaal than neerum thaenaagum

pirivondru kondraal than kaathal rusi aagum

un paarvai padum thuram

en vaazhvin uyir meelum

un muchu padum neram

en thaegaham analaagum

(Nenje nenje nee engae..)

Kalvaa hey kalvee nee kaathal seiyaamal

Kannum en nenjum en pechai kaekathey

Kaathal mei kaathal athu pattu pogathey

Kaatru nam bhoomi thanai vittu pogathey

Aaghayam idam maari ponaal pogattum

Aanal nee manam maari pogakoodathey

Hey manjal thaamaraiye, en ucha tharagaiyae

Kadal mannai ponaalum, nam kaathal maarathey

(nenje nenje nee engae..)


O my love!

I’m there where you are

My life is with you

O my love! I’m here

My body is here…

Where is my life?

A river dried up before my eyes

Came back as rain bearing clouds on me

Why are you merging in to sea

Without quenching my thirst?

O my love!

I’m there where you are…

My life is with you

Without you this earth and sky is void to me

O my love, without you I’m soul less

Even water drops turns into honey in hot summer

Separation brings lovers more closer

My lifespan is till you are there

The day your breath stops I too would die

O my love!

I’m there where you are…

My life is with you

O my love! I’m here..

My body is here

Where is my life?

O thief! Without your love I’m nothing

My love for is true and will never die

Air will never leave earth

Sky may change its colour but you should never change your colour

O my lotus! My star!

Sea may dry up but not my love for you!

O my love!

I’m there where you are…

My life is with you

O my love! I’m here

My body is here…

Where is my life?

A river dried up before my eyes

Came back as rain bearing clouds on me

Why are you merging into sea

Without quenching my thirst?


While singing Radhika eyes was fixed with Arjun eyes and Arjun were mesmerized listening her song and even he can able to feel her feeling….  After finishing her song Radhika closed her eyes and a drop of tear fell from her eyes and she heard a big round of applause…

When she opened her eyes Arjun was standing and clapping his clands with wide smile… and Radhika gave faint smile to him and she ran away….

PRECAP: Past continues….

Hello guys… I know it’s a small chappy… but as I said am not well… I typed this one with much difficulty… I hope none forget my ff… pls drop your precious comments… and am really sad yaar… am not getting response as before… if you people doesn’t like it pls share your view and suggestion and I will try to change if its possible… and I will end this past part soon… I feel like am dragging… so soon I will be ending the past… and pls sweethearts drop your valuable comments…. And silent readers pls drop the comments…. Tc guys…  

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sulbi

      Thank you so much sissy… will update soon… tc 🙂

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    heya crazy girl, this wasn’t bad. Don’t say that it was.

    Ardhika toh as always so into each other. Radz sweetie is fearing the future.

    oh uh, and missy when are u gonna start taking care of yourself? huh?

    don’t be sad if many people don’t comment. we write ’cause we want to not ’cause we are craving their attention. maybe we are, but if no one respects ur work, u shouldn’t stop doing it, instead u should do it way more better and dedicated.

    and health is wealth. health is the first priority. be fit and then write.

    and u know, shit happens. so don’t let it drown you. try doing something u love…

    take care… get well soon… love….

    1. Sulbi

      Hey darling… thank u so much for your lovely and kind words…. am so happy after reading your comment… now am little better dear… once again thank u so much dear… will update soon dear… love you and tc 🙂

  3. Sulbhi dear take care of your health.nenje nenje is my favourite song.I loved it.take care

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    Sulbi darling superb,excellent,outstanding,fantastic,nice,marvelous episode…. I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes…. I liked the way radhika sings for arjun that shows her love for him…. Tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u. And please take care of urself and get well soon…..dear…

    1. Sulbi

      Arti darling… your comment always makes me smile wide… thank you so much for your lovely words dear… am so happy you liked it… love you aloads dear… bear hugs to u… and now am fine dear… once again thank u so much dear… tc and stay happy 🙂

  7. Superb…. Loved it… Waiting for next…

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  9. Roma

    Wowwww awesome episode. ..short but sweeeeeet…loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. …rads n sam’s scene was delighted. ..n they share very beautiful bond….rads will miss arjun…..the song was really awesome. ..superrrrrrbbb. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hugssss. ..and take very good care of yourself. …stay blessed ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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    Its very nice Sulbi please don’t end it and Take care.

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      Thank you so much Rossy dear… now am fine dear… thanks alot… will post soon dear… stay happy and tc 🙂

  13. Sreee

    Woooow akka….. sEmma episode…. superbbbb story…. just wonderful, i liked the way u descried rads loves for arjun…her restlessness for him…wooow that was beautifully described….. yen akka, thidirnnu will end soon ungreenga…. pls dont do that.. thsi stry is amazingggg.. i love this radhu.. pls, i want moee of this….am really sorry i wasn’t able to comment on the updates before… really beautiful stry..awesome past।…pls post soon…muahhhhhh…. love u…bear hugs…???

    1. Sulbi

      My sreee kutty… Darling sissu… Thank you so much for your lovely words dear… illa da i thought am dragging the episode in the name of past… thats why i said will end it soon… dont worry dear… will post soon and will be more cautious to make you people happy… am soo happy you commented in this chapter… stay blessed dear… love you aloads and teddy hugs to uuuu… muuuuaaahhh… tc and stay happy dear 🙂

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