MMZ: Broken (Chapter 5)

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Neil stared into the space impassively. He was sitting on the floor with his back slumped against the wall. The room was in a complete dishevelled state. Papers, files, overturned chairs, broken glass pieces of the vintage vase were strewn all over. The last conversation with Samaira kept replaying in his mind. He hadn’t intended to hurt her, but the damage was already done. It seemed as if he was not in his own being when he threw those spiteful remarks at her, but he did. This was the reason why he stayed away from her, because he simply couldn’t think straight when he is near her. The shield that he had built around himself seemed to shatter in her presence. But he needed to strengthen his resolve. That was the only way he could protect his Samaira from those hounds of the past.

He got up and made his way carefully through the mess towards the left corner of the room. There was a small cupboard with two drawers. Neil opened the first drawer- there were a lot of unnecessary items stuffed in it. He rummaged his hands towards the back of it and brought out a small key that he was looking for. Inserting the key in the hole of the second drawer, he opened it. The first thing that caught his sight was a small black velvety box.

Flicking it open, his eyes fell on a gold chain with a small oval locket, which had few stains of blood over it. He handled the chain with utmost care. It belonged to his mother, the last reminiscence of her. That incident had occurred many years back but it seemed as if it was yesterday. The memory of his mother tickling him, loving him, playing with him, making his favourite breakfast were clearly etched in his mind. But along with it, the vision of the brutal murder of his mother was also fresh in his mind. He clenched the locket tightly while tears threatened to escape his eyes. After she was snatched away from him ruthlessly, he had completely shut himself out from the world. He was not the same 5 year old Neil anymore, it seemed as if he had grown into a different person overnight. His father had tried his level best to bring him out of his shell but it was all in vain. Neil never let his guard down. It was different in case of Radhika, she was just 4 months old when their mother passed away. She didn’t have any clear memories of her, hence she didn’t experience the trauma that he did. He tried to smile for his baby sister and took care of her, he loved her a lot but he knew a part of him was missing…vanished in the hands of time.

But things began to change their route when he met Samaira and no it was not when their marriage was fixed. It was when he saw her at the orphanage happily laughing and playing with her friends not giving a damn about the cruel selfish world. The sun shining brightly across her face, her hair swaying sideways as she ran painted an innocent picture, an innocence that Neil had lost way back. Unknowingly a smile had crept up on his face at the view. He had gone there with his father. Samaira was ten years old and his father had decided to sponsor her. The secret that the Khannas were the ‘benefactor’ of Samaira was not known to anyone, not even Radhika because it was a known fact that nothing remained inside the stomach of his baby sister. He turned his gaze towards the bunch of letters in the drawer. All these years, Neil had kept them safely. He really enjoyed reading them and loved the way Samaira had described how she felt in her new school, how some subjects seem to pass through her head in college and so on. He had a felt an unknown feeling for her, as if she was a co-passenger of his in the journey of life. And he had intended to keep it that way.

But all hell broke loose when his father got him their marriage proposal. He knew that by this move they are risking her life and their enemies would show up as soon as they got this news. He couldn’t let that happen, he couldn’t let Samaira’s actual identity to sneak out which they had kept hidden for 22 long years. Therefore he decided to treat her as a mere responsibility and not let his emotions wander in between them.

But not everything goes according to the plan. Right?

Locking the drawer back, he got up and left his study. Making his way up the staircase, he entered his room where Samaira was already fast asleep. He climbed onto the bed stealthily and stared at her tear stained face. It was evident that she had cried herself to sleep. Neil felt as if a knife twisted through his heart seeing her haggard condition. It was all because of him. She was so delicate like a flower and what did he do!?

He had hurt her, questioned her on her character and humiliated her on being an orphan. He closed his eyes in disgust. He was angry and frustrated at himself for falling so low in order to stay aloof from Samaira. How could he forget that she too had gone through the same pain as him, actually more, because on that fateful night when Neil’s mother died, the one year old Samaira had lost both of her parents to a cold and grotesque murder?

He didn’t want to hide the truth from her but he had to for her safety.

Brushing past a few tendrils of her soft hair behind her ear, he sighed. This was a daily routine for him- to come late in the night, stare at her sleeping figure and then run away early in the morning before Samaira could wake up. He didn’t know what he was doing but he was sure whenever he saw those deep hazel orbs, an unknown surge of emotions washed over him. He had tried to keep those feelings at bay but it was getting difficult for him as days went by. Neil was uncertain about his feelings but no matter how hard he tried, he could never imagine a future without Samaira.

He pulled his wife closer and wrapped his arms possessively around her. Samaira stirred a little bit in her sleep but then she just snuggled into him more putting her arms around him. The frown on her face slightly turned into a small smile.

Neil just whispered not intending to wake her up “I’m sorry for being such an inhuman douche.” With that he kissed her forehead and let her soothing touch to knock his senses out and drown into the world of slumber…



I’m really very sorry for being sooooo late in updating. But college has started and the classes have been like hell. With so much of work, I had hardly got time. But I did make a resolve to write a chapter everyday but it flew out of the window when the day came to an end (Nevertheless u should give me credit for my resolve;) LOL)

I hope to update the next one soon and chart out an update schedule for the story- once in a week
Also I’m sorry for not being able to read the amazing stories written by my awesome co-authors here. Hope to catch up on them

Anyone of u happen to be on wattpad? If so, do tell me ur ids. Mine is~ adu_nupur

I’m thinking of posting this story there too just like my earlier ones. What say, should I?
Do tell me because clearly I feel my stories kinda childish…

Lastly, thank u so much for patiently waiting. Do tell was the chapter worth the wait? *fingers crossed*
Till the next time we meet again, keep smiling:)

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

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      Thank u so much Kavina for commenting. Lots of love and hugs for u:)

  2. Brin

    Don’t worry about not updating your story, education is always first, and yes you should post it on watt pad, story was awesome, I can wait when your ready to write, all the best in your studies. 🙂

    1. Adu.nupur

      Thank u so much Brin for commenting and also understanding my situation:) But hopr to post the next part soon:)

      1. Adu.nupur

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  3. Dev

    Ha nupur at last u updated….its alri8 i know d starting off weeks in colg….
    N buddy epi was short n good….with neils pov….
    B regular here aftr
    Lots of lov…hugs????

    1. Adu.nupur

      Thank u so much Dev for commenting and also patiently waiting for the update:)
      Ya college has been like…Arrrggghhh! Don’t get me started xD
      Hope to post the next part according to schedule though:)
      Lots of love and big hugs for u too buddy:)

  4. Umama

    Amazing..he does it every night!wow..actually feeling bad for he know about her parents?mystery..I was think that they r secret benefactor of her..I also don’t wanna imagine a neil without sam..hehe..this chapter is so emotional,heart it to d core..actually I like this kind of has d power to control ur mind, reveals one’s true chapter..Thanks for this cz u post though ur so busy..actually I know I kinda distributed u.sorry..frm its 1st chapter it was my more..I like this ff of urs so much..keep going with this amazing concept..another thanks for thinking about d schedule’ll be our pleasure..& yeah post on their too.people should read this..I had it’s been long time I didn’t go their.Actually didn’t get any time..u like adarsh or harshad??I like him much..dehleez is my i’m disappointed bcz of d ending..theirs many sites of urs become like me..feeling so happy bt a big difference is u r a amazing writer & i’m not..oh!I blabbered a lot..why can’t I shut d mouth of my??so see u soon with another heart warming chappy,right..don’t take pressure for us..ummahh,for u & ur writing;-);-)

    1. Adu.nupur

      Thank u so much Umama for commenting and liking this part so much:) U didn’t pester me at all with your requests…Actually I did need them because I felt I was forgetting that I had a ff pending xD

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      And no need for being sorry regarding the length of the comment, I love them so no worries.
      Lots of love and big hugs for u dear:)

  5. S.v

    Yaar nupur u r excused because of the update. This was awesome. Neil is soo cute and dear next part a bit long coz its a bit no toooooo short of the awesomr story. Lovely one nupur.

    1. Adu.nupur

      Thank u so much S.v di for commenting:) Yup I know it’s short but there’s a reason for it, I just wanted Neil’s pov to take centre-stage in this chapter so…
      But hope to write a longer one next time though. Lots of love and hugs for u:)

  6. Awesome 🙂

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  7. It was amazing. Waiting for the next one

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    Now chapter….totally awesome…Neil Ra problem bahut clear hela…but enemies kie..sam Ra au kichi problem achi Ki…au ardhika kuade gale?????? lol…too much asking na…hope to see u soon

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      Thank u so much Rossy di for commenting and also patiently waiting for the update:)

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      Aji pain khali Neil ra pov iccha thila tenu Ardhika asi parileni;) Next time Arjun ra serious attitude dekhiba;)
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      P.S. Any news on Bhabya?

  9. its just out of world loved it….post next one soon

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      Thank u so much Alex for commenting and liking the story so far:) Hope to post the next one soon.

  10. its just out of world loved it….post next one soon…

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      Lots of love and hugs for u dear:)

  11. Jessie

    Loved it… Neil’s pov abt this n those incidents makes me curious 2 knw.. who is d prsn.. why he wants 2 hurt them n even after 20 yrs.. such a hatred…sam’s identity is covered.. but why they targeted Rads..
    Enjoy ur college.. ur update is worth.. ur stories aren’t am curious 4 nxt one…TC dear

    1. Adu.nupur

      Thank u so much Jessie for commenting and liking the story so far:) Yes I know the chapter was short as I wanted it to contain only the pov of Neil. Hope the next one is longer:)

      And the enemies have a lot of motives…targeting Radhika was just to send the message that they are back for vengeance and are not willing to leave anyone this time. Hope so ur doubt is cleared a bit:)
      Lots of love and big hugs for u dear:)

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    Thank u fr this heart warming ,lovely update.loved it…still want longer update.

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      Thank u so much Myra for commenting:) I know it was short, it had to be as the next chapter is going to be a dhamaka. Will update soon dear.

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  15. Sammy

    awesome chappy adu dear cute neil’s feelings for her is so pure ..he is possessive too.. reveal the past soon ..and the chappy was really mindblowing

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      Thank u so much Sammy for commenting and liking this chapter. Will try to update soon according to the schedule. Past somewhat will be revealed in the next one though:)
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  21. Beautiful update, really missed ur story felt so happy when I saw ur update. I know u are busy so chill I will wait for ur story coz it’s really good. Stay blessed

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      Thank u so much Gianna di for commenting and also understanding my situation:) But I do hope to post regularly in the future…next one on its way:)
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    Neil is so nice…nice chapter…what abt Aradhika?

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      Thank u so much Shubadha di for commenting:) This one was basically dedicated to the pov of Neil. In the next one there is Arjun for sure.
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      Thank u so much Sweetie di for commenting:) Yup I know chapter was short, it had to be for the next one.Will make it longer next time:) Sorry for making u sad…

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      Thank u so much Ritu di for commenting:) Glad to know I liked it. Well some sort of the mystery ll be unfurled in the next one for sure:) Will update soon and a long one too:)

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