Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan gets a surprise

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manika saying Ananya is fine, she didn’t talk much. She goes. Rajmata calls Ananya. Ananya disconnects. Rajmata thinks why isn’t Ananya answering call. Ananya recalls everything and messages Rajmata that she will come to meet her tomorrow. Its morning, Kanchan gives tea to Nandan. She tries to talk. Kirti shows Vishesh’s pic to him. He shouts why are you showing pic now when kanchan already refused. Kanchan gets tensed and goes. Vishesh calls her and asks did you say. She says no, I couldn’t. He asks her to sing and say. Nandan and Kirti act. Ananya comes home to get some documents. She tells Manika about it. Manika sees some documents and says its same affidavit where Vishesh removed his dad’s name from his name. She shows it to Ananya. Ananya gets shocked

and says what’s happening in this house. Rajmata comes. Manika leaves. Ananya asks Rajmata what’s this. Rajmata asks how did you get it. Ananya asks what else did you hide from me.

Ananya asks what did you do that he added your name to his name. Rajmata says its his decision, we shouldn’t talk. Ananya says you just love and care for him, you got blind in his love. She argues. Rajmata says enough, you have no idea about the pain Vishesh went ahead in childhood. Ananya asks what did he tolerate. Rajmata says he has lost his childhood, he has consoled me and stopped my tears, you are fighting for your dad, you will be ashamed to be called his daughter when you know his truth, Vishesh used to see wounds on my back and console me. She tells everything. She says I didn’t wish you to know all this, if you want to see, then see. She shows the wound scars on her back. She says you don’t know anything about your dad, he has beaten me when you were born, he didn’t wish for a daughter, he wanted a prince, he has beaten me on my birthday, he used to beat me till he got tired, I used to faint by pain, I used to get tortured, I got the fractures in my hand, Vishesh used to look after me, I didn’t tell you anything so that your childhood is safe. Kanchan sees her mum’s pic and sings Maayin maayin….

She tries to explain Nandan and takes a groom’s doll to him. Mausi comes and smiles. Nandan ignores Kanchan. Kanchan thinks how to explain him. Mausi gives her wedding invitation card. She says now its Kanchan’s turn. Kanchan thinks now it will be easy to talk to dad. Nandan says no, never. Vishesh comes and looks on. Nandan says its fine if Kanchan doesn’t want to marry. They all start laughing. Kanchan gets annoyed. Kirti says you were working hard, Vishesh has already asked for your hand. They all go. Nandan says I will call Baldev and inform him. Kanchan runs after Vishesh and throws flowers at him. She stops. He says congrats for your friendship with flowers again. They smile.

Vishesh says I m taking you on date tomorrow. Manika hears him. Vishesh beats goons. Inspector says Vishesh got involved in a fight, a FIR is filed against him. Rajmata gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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