Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Angoori insults Vibhuti.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says bhabhiji you have cooked so well i just cant stop,Vibhu says we can see that and for your information i cooked food,Tiwari says salt is bit too much,Angoori says iits all good,Tiwari says dinner at our place tomorrow,Vibhu says good idea this weather and paratha cooked by bhabhiji,Angoori says oh you had it today morning,Vibhu says then bharta,Angoori says oh dont you remember you had it yesterday,i gave you to taste and you aate it all,Vibhu says cook whatever you wish you cook so well,Hapu walks in and says here bouquet for you Angoori bhabhi,NGO people gave me,she sent food for needy children,Anu says thats so good of you,i can never match you in these deeds,Tiwari say oh cmon you are looking after him,Vibhu says please and says im so inspired by bhabhiji I’m gonna make

anonymous charity’s now,Tiwrai says do a thing donate yourself all will be happy,Vibhu says you insulting me,Tiwari says I’m just making you useful,world will be proud of you,Anu says enough you two,and Vibhu dont lose calm its bad manners,Vibhu says he is insulting me but you won’t say a word to him or throw him out so im leaving.

Hapu says let him go i will join for dinner and starts having food and all stare at him. Vibhu says how long will i have to face these insults i know tiwari owns a shop and i,ok i dont but someday i will, i am trying,phakir calls him and asks him to join for food,vibhu says god its so insulting,Phakir says didn’t you leave food half way and come here,Vibhu says how do you know, Phakir says i know everything that you are jobless you do all household,Vibhu says you are genuis,let me by a lucky draw and you predict my future,Phakir says i dont do that,but ttheres banayan tree near old hill that will help you out,just hug that tree,and you will know future,and you will have glance of your future but this happens only once,Vibhu says thats enough for me.,

Boys at Gulfamkalis bar,she doesn’t allow them to drink and asks them to leave,malkan asks whats wrong,Gulfamkali says this place is charged from today,Malkan asks why so,Hapu walk in and says do as she says get out now,Tilu says we are good boys we will just watch the show and leave, Gulfamkali says iits not free,Tikka hands her 10₹,Gulfamkali says to Hapu they are insulting me and you just watching,Hapu says no i wont and asks boys to leave and come back only when they have money and beg to gather,Tika says i can’t handle this insult,Hapu slaps them and all leave.

Angoori in kitchen its raining,she gets a call from Amaji,Amaji says im a little weak now,Angoori says oh take care of yourself or come here i will take care of you,Amaji says no worries i have called you to tell you solution for Manmohan long life and it is just go fight with every person you meet,more the enemies more will be his life, Angoori says it’s difficult but i will.

Vibhu walks to Angoori and says hi,Angoori think sorry i have to do this,and starts shouting on Vibhu and says you have no work and keep irritating me leave before i hit you with my chapal, and leaves.Vibhu says whats wrong with her.

meenal and Anurag at Anitas house and says it was fun we saw baby cheetah,Tiwari walks in, and says i heard about some baby,and wishes Meenal congratulations,Anu says oh please the news is a baby cheetah is in Knapur jungle,Meenal says it was so cute and i clicked Anurags pic with cheetah look at Anurags cheek.Tiwari gets sarcastic,Anu say you don’t like animals right, Tiwari says no i dont,Anu says people like you i tell,no respect for animals,but i find animals so fascinating.

Meenal says all arent lucky to be clicked with animals anyway i have to go to doctor for anurag bye.Anu says Tiwari it was my dream to be clicked with these wild animals but Vibhu, he never cares,Tiwari says i will fulfill this dream of yours, i have a friend Sinha in forest department,Anu says if you do so i promise i will on your cheeks,not happen what happened to Anurag, Tiwari says ok i shall take your leave.

Pre cap: Angoori insults Anu at dinner table.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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