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Pragya came back from work and rushed to her room but the scene before her eyes was enough to sparkle the rising fire in her heart,,,,,,, but she being the miss who knows her limit didn’t butch but stood there sadly looking at them,,its abhi and rithika ,,,as rithika had her head on abhis shoulder,

abhi felt pragyas presence and turn, to his surprise ,,,she was there staring at them,
he pushed rithika which made her land on the floor,
pragya tried to move but abhi says….. wo,wo,pragya its not as u think,,WO,WO,WO,she is just,,,,,,

rithika says am jux wat? wat explanation do u owe her ??and u pragya don’t u ve manners to atleast knock on the door before u enter? and u abhi because of her u pushed me hard,,,go to hell,,, she stormed off from the room.
abhi was looking at pragya in an am sorry look but she looked on uninterested……

before abhi could offer his ambitious plead,,she rushed to the washroom and shut the door with a huge thud..abhi was left with his unfinished plead..
not that he was expecting any acceptance from her but its always delightful to his desire to have her all the time by his side…

pragya at the washroom had a huge fight with her brain and heart as her heart thinks why do i feel affected wen I see both of them together? and her intricating mind says it’s love….she blushed it off and think me and love, that too with him,bad combination, good example of mistake.,….

pragya finished bathing and decided to stay with dadi for a while but just at the door step was abhi ..
she says u???abhi says pragya we need to talk ,,i don’t think its good for us to stiil behave as strangers,we are married for quiet long so lets,,,,,,,,,,
pragya says let’s wat?don’t ve that perception about yourself that u can do whatever u want. take that Lusty eye from me,,,u think u are the only one on this planet with reputation of which u don’t care for anyone else ,but don’t forget i also ve self respect and it matters to me most than everything on this earth,,I don’t care with whom u make up with ,but be in limit with that girlfriend of urs,,u can order me to move to another room as u did earlier with my career,tell that girlfriend of urs am not that lenient as she perceive,, but arguing with her may seem we are same..
she stormed out of the room to dadis place and requested her whether she can lie her head on her lab?
dadi obliged and pragya lied her head in her lab whiles dadi caresses it till she fell asleep……

dadi turned and saw abhi at the doorstep so she ask him to lift her to their bedroom,abhi was more than willing to do it so he lift her and pragya clutched his shirt tightly which has an impact on abhi. ….
he placed her on the bed but pragya was not leaving him so he slept beside her….

The screen shift to bulbul who was walking lifelesly in the street to her house and recalling abhi and pragyas fight ,,she sat on the near by bridge and cried ,she felt someones tap on her shoulder,she turned and it was purab she hugged him and cried while purab looked on speechless….
he tried to calm her down and finally she composed herself ,she realised wat she did and apologized but purab asked the reason for her weep but she managed not to spill the bean as pragya took promise from her..so purab took her home, he recalled bulbuls hug and felt something different,,,,,

finally it was morning and pragya woke by the chirping sound of birds only to find her head on abhis shoulder while he also curdled her sooo tightly with his hand on her waist,
pragya freed herself from him and held the blanket tightly to her chest which made abhi woke up.
pragya left to the washroom and after shower she went to prepare breakfast,
there she met abhis Grandma and his father ,,they told her about a business party so she should invite her family and friends………….

It was evening and the guests started arriving,jodha ,bulbul,suresh,purab and maan was present ,rithika was there as well,
pragya came there wearing a pink saree which made her even more beautiful, the guests were lost in her beauty.abhi was staring at her with open mouth which made mitali his cousin closed his mouth and he gave a sheepish smile…..
Rithika saw this and fumed ,bulbul to make it more interesting says waaw didi u are the most charming princess here and jiju cant even close his mouth,i don’t think he would leave a chance to be with u,hey na jiju?? and abhi gave a smile….
whilst pragya gave an I would kill u look to bulbul …
abhis father along with jalal gave a toast to everyone for their success in business..
abhi saw suresh close to Pragya and thought this double battery wont leave a chance to be near pragya…..
so he intentionally shift to pragyas seat and poured his juice on suresh he says sorry while pragya was concerned and decide to show him washroom but abhi dragged him there himself..,
Rithika noticed this and says abhi can’t love her ,,,,,,,suddenly and idea came to her mind and she gave an evil smirk…

Rithika spiked a drink and gave it to abhi he was drinking it but bulbul came and snatched the glass from him and says bad habit jiju u are drinking without didi ,,,rithika thought this two sisters won’t leave a chance to harass me, now hw do I fulfil my plan …..
soon the party was over and guests were leaving,,,, abhi and pragya felt jittery because of the spiked drink they took,,,,,,
rithika noticed this and says abhi I think u are not well so let me send u to ur room..but bulbul rejected her offer and says don’t worry rithika didi would send him,,she tried to object but bulbul made pragya took abhi to their room as pragya drunk few so she was in her senses partially,,,__

rithika fumed and thinks this bubul is irritating me,,, now everything is set so hw do I bring out that cartoon baby so I can stay in with abhi..
mitali noticed her worry and says hey sudari wat are u thinking but rithika gave her an irritating look and left the place….

abhi held pragyas hand and says ,u don’t give me importance, I ve something deep in my heart to tell u. but I fear ur anger would burst like a volcano..but pragya says u gave importance to that chimpkali than me ……..
abhi held her hands and says I love u pragya she was shocked and jerked him ….

but abhi got hold of her two striking hand and pinned them down on bed pulling her actions into halt,,,this made pragya furious and asked hw dare u touch me ,,but abhi was not in the mood to leave her ,
he lied in top of her while pragya was trying to push him but his weight over powered her,,he begun to trace his hand in her hair and started kissing her inch by inch,this had effect on pragya and she moaned his name ,,abhiii..she finally gave in and started to unbutton his shirt abhi traced his hand via her back and untie her saree dorri,they became one in all senses……….

finally the awaited day break and pragya woke up lazily ,she opened her eyes only to see abhi and her naked on the bed ,…
she draped the blanked across her chest and widen her eye in shock with tears moving freely from her eyes ,,
the screen freezes on pragyas shocked and abhis sleeping face…………..

what would be pragyas action to this turn of event??to know more stay tuned……
Precab…..abhi woke up with heavy head only to find his bare chest on the bed he tried to recall all that happened last night but nothing seems to prevail…………….

guys this is all I could write,, all kind of tantrums are invited,and sorry if its not up to ur expectations plzzzzzzzzzzzz …………

Trisha dear missed u sooo much plzz let me hear from uuu,,,,

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  1. B_Ani

    thats so awesome but its so pathetic that abhi doesnt remember what happened… i mean, i am sure, pragya would have her hell infront of her eyes.
    oh my!! me literally feeling bad for prags…do sth lopez.
    anyways, the shot was way tooooooooo gud…
    loved it and love you too?????????

    1. Lopez

      thanks B Ani for ur comment dear ,,,its soooo inspiring dear

    1. Lopez

      thanks reshu dear for ur comment

  2. It was soooooo gud that i wonder if pragya will tell abhi what happen, waiting for next eposode am soo excited …………..

    1. Lopez

      thanks soooo much for ur comment dear

  3. i think abhi know everything but he didn’t have any courage to talk with pragya but this is nice shot

    1. Lopez

      haahaahaa thanks for ur comment dear….

  4. Update was superb and I expected abhi’s confessions but didn’t expect this would happen but I am satisfied with this and the full credit goes to miss ritika who did all this the plan she made was working but not as she expected but it’s everyones expections very good di and she did everything for her sake but it turned to Abhigya’s sake and soo sad that abhi could not remember anything but feeling sad for one more thing that pragya would think abhi as bad soo don’t create any misunderstanding between them and waiting to see ritika’s reaction for this and waiting for next update

    1. Lopez

      thanks soooo much dear for ur comment, am really greatfull sweetness and the next part would be updated as soon as I can??????????

  5. Lopez

    reshu dear thanks soooo much for ur comment

  6. di why you didn’t post next update please post it naplease

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