“O mY LoVE “(only for ViTharv) Episode 1

Hi frnds…. iam back with my ff
“O mY LoVE ”
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lets start with first episode….

Scene 1:
(vividha’s house )
Uma : vividha….vividha…
Where is this girl?

Guddi : why r u shouting like this maa

Uma : where is vividha ? Today is her
first day in new college. I want
to give her aarti and prasad.

Guddi : di is in her room.

Uma : ur papa said that he will drop
vivi. He is coming. Is she is not
ready yet ?

Dadi : what are you saying uma.. u
know na, hamari vivi ek minute
Mem taiyar hoti hai.

Guddi : Maa, I’ll call her
Di….di… maa is calling u…
Come fast

Vividha : aa rahi hoom baba…

(Wind blows.. and our cutie comes
down.. The long hair which is not tied
blows in the air and covers her face…
She slowly removes the strands and
her eyes without kajal, lips without
lipstick and non toned cheeks glows
in cuteness. Vividha is shown in her
Maroon full sleeve salwar and
and dupatta pinned in 2 sides)

Vivi : (by correcting her large round
specs) maa, please tie my hair

(Uma ties vivi’s hair )

Dadi : u r going to college.. not to mandir
naa…. there will be so many
youngsters there. Why u r tyin ur
hair… let it open in the air…. and
Why this Salwar… u shud wear
something trendy….

vivi :aap bhi naa…

Dadi : beta atleast comb ur hair properly

Kailash enters the hall. And in his
usual high tune : girls shud be like
this. And not like guddi

Dadi : what’s wrong with you ?
Guddi is perfect…. why u always
taunts her.

Kailash : (with contempt)perfect.. guddi
tho aise hi hogi naa.. hai tho
apni maa ki

(Guddi cries nd goes from there )

Vivi : (to change the topic ) papa,
Iam going to college. Fatty and
Jenny are waiting for me

Kailash : I’ll drop u..

Vivi : no papa, fatty and..

Kailash : chup… i said get into car

(Vivi sadly looks at uma and uma signs
to go with him )

(Vividha takes prasad and leaves)

Scene 2:
(model technical college, Delhi )
Decorations and programmes are on
full swing to welcome the freshers

Ravish : Ali.. where is he?

Ali : chill buddy… there’s still time
for his entry

Ravish : call him yaar..freshers are

Ali : ha baba…

Precap : vividha enters college with her
frnds… A man is shown behind
a girl…

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  1. Sandy17

    It seems I ‘m reading some bollywood college film…I really liked ur ff..go on dear ?

  2. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear….gud.. keep writing…

  3. interesting…
    keep writing …
    we will support u…waiting for atharv’s entry…

  4. Superrbbbbbbb keep writing we Will always support u and encourage u ????????

  5. wow nice starting great episode very nicely introduced everyone great waiting eagerly for next episode

  6. zaina dear…lovely…????loved it

  7. Zaina

    Thank u all.. thanks a lot….

  8. RAOne

    thoko!!!!!! really good keep writing…. i thik it was earlier to jism ek jaan suddenly change in title.
    by the way all the best.

    1. Zaina

      There are many ffs in the name do dil ek jaan. So i changed the name to avoid confusion… anyways thank u ra one

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