You are only mine part 19


Vidhi’s POV

“Evil? You mean?” I aksed in confusion as my fingers curled holding the coffee mug.

“Rehaan. I mean evil Rehan.” Risha completed as a confirmation.

The sun was humble enough to hide today under the thick clouds. It was going to can assume. Humidity and moisture present in good amount, with the surroundings turning dark, we both sat down at the cafeteria in the college premises and had coffee like long known best friends.

“I consider both.” I mentioned taking a sip and licking the foams from her upper lip.
“….. evil you know.” my eyes didnt met hers and instead stared the table afraid of offending her.

It wont take a genius to understand that I was mentioning Rishabh. I was surprised when she smiled back at me. More, when she laughed after few seconds. I joined with a shy smile for my act and taking it as a cue that she didnt felt offended.

“You can say that” she added.

“But why I felt you have seen the good side of Rishabh!” she remarked ” He isnt that bad with you. Is he?”

I was taken aback with that. My cheeks were burning.

“He is of course.” I stated dubiously.

“That’s teasing sweetheart. Being ‘BaD’ is different ” she emphasised the word bad while chiming playfully. She is smart no wonder.

Risha is the girl that has stolen the hearts of all the boys of college. She never talked about it though, there seems to be someone special in her heart.
She is not just beautiful, but epitome of how a women should be. She never boasts around nor does she care anyone doing that. Why life isnt that good with me?

“This reminds me how come both the brothers turned enemies?” I was amused by my own question.

“Is it some sort of stupid sibling fight?” I chuckled while trying to make the atmosphere light.

Risha smiled but didnt answered.

“maybe. … I have a class Vids. Will see you later dear.” She said and left.

I was deep in thoughts that I didnt noticed someone sitting in front of me.

“mind to have a talk?” his voice was deep and hoarse.

I remembered that face.

I was about to choke but composed quickly not wanting to get embarrassed. He was watching my every action.

“What is there to talk?” I asked.

” lets talk about interest.” he simply said opening the can.

I observed his features, he resembled Rishabh fully, his hairs, his hand, his way of talking. I skipped eyes cause I found Rishabh’s more hypnotising.

I was unconsciously staring his long lean fingers while he opened the can with a jerk.

“Thats not your interest?” he jested questioningly raising a brow with a wicked smirk.

I quickly shifted my gaze upwards to meet his eye and uttered
“Surely not. Talking of interest.. You seem to be very keen of your brother. Huh? Always revolving around his ‘orbit’? ” I shot it as a matter of fact in a challenging tone.

“Whoa… Sarcasm huh? ” he jeered leaning back on his chair with a smile plastered.

I chosed to be silent.

“Silent treatment I see… Not playing well pretty.” he caught.

I mustered up my belongings off the table and slided the chair to go, but, he really was smart to start on something I was eager to know.

“already bore of the bitterness among brothers?”

I turned and gave ‘What are you talking’ about look.

“I dont see any reason why you are hanging around that douchebag” he commented and I instantly wanted to punch on that face. Part of me had seen Rishabh as the kind.
Risha was right, though he teased me, taunt me, played with me, even hurt, but he was the only who cared. The one who wiped my tears away. He never did something I would hate for, but fall more for him.
” Correction Mr. ” I protested.

” Who is hanging around whom eh? Its nothing of your business.” I reminded, disgust clear in my Voice.

“Lemme guess, you fell for his charm. Isnt that Too soon?”
“I thought I’ll get a chance, after I saw you pretty in my sweet home, sweeter with your presence….” he started flirting but thanks to god, my phone rang keeping him shut. To the best part, the caller tune was “stop your rants baby, pick me up plesse” in a singsong was. Oh-I miss Farha now. She would have laughed at his situation.

I walked pass him.

“Hey Vids. You there?” It was Risha from the other side.

“Yes, di. Tell me.”

“Oh- I just called to check. Just to remind, Rehan is in premises, I dont want you in trouble okay?” she sounded worried just like an elder sister.It filled my heart how caring she was. What was wrong with the brothers then?

I brushed off the thought and assured. “uh alright di, dont worry about me. You had class, didnt you?”

“Yah- restroom before class.” I imagined her wink at that.

“Alright, Alright, I need to go now.” Risha hanged up.


“I assure you, you are safe with me.” just after the phone call, the same voice ranted back my shoulder. I so wanted to avoid that choleric brother, but he seem to be glued.

Rehan was standing behind me staring with cow eyes.

“what are you here for? Cant you just mind your own business instead of ranting the shits?” I flared with annoyance.

“Dont go that fiesty honey, I wonder do you get to be the same with little brother?”

“NO-I think. He will just drag you, play you around, try to be the superior and not to mention, left you hurt… Isnt he?” he shot which clearly hit my nerve. My inner soul was hurt when he reminded me that.

He didnt let me speak and walked closer with my back facing his front.

“Look around honey, he isnt the only one.” he was fanning my earshell. The words were hardly reaching my mind. Soon as I undone the meaning, I quickly moved away without glancing back.

I needed to talk to Rishabh. Their fight was involving me and surely, I dont want to be in.


After my classes were over, I was quickly into his search not before someone tapped my shoulder.

“Hey” he softly greeted.

“Anand” I faintly acknowledged his presence as I was damn tired reaching this floor. I didnt even went for the lift cause I know, it would be occupied.

“Looking for someone?” he guessed.

I remained quiet for few seconds ” yeah, do you know where is he?” I asked. I didnt mentioned his name, sure that he knows just when he asked to me.

“Ugh-you would not want to meet him.”
“I would suggest you to keep it for tomorrow Vidhi.” he had sincerity in his voice and I couldnt help but ask.

“Whats wrong?”

“Since you asked, he is in the court but please refer not to go, you will end up hurting yourself.”
“…being one of the worst day.” he sounded protective.

Dont know why, but his words were hurting me.

“He wont hurt me? Right?” I asked hopefully though I know the answer will favour me. Still, I asked just to embarass myself.

His look seemed as he pitied me and I clearly didnt wanted that. Before I could say something to wipe that off, he countered.

“Thinking will give you the answer..” he walked away with that mockery without waiting for my reply.

There he go, the smart, cunning boy I’ve ever met. He just left me in a dilemma. Not just a while ago, did he mentioned that I shouldnt go and finally, he was mocking me, provoking me to find out. Is he really in search of fun?
Damn it Anand. You were just beating around the bush.

“Damn it brother, you have your whole life to torture me okay?” I shouted as I show his retreated back.

I went direct to the volleyball court just to find Rishabb beating the ball in clear frustration just as I was told. His arms were flexing with the action. He was looking hot as hell with just a track pant on his body and sweat all over. Damn! His body, his muscles, his abs, his biceps. Someone need to pull me out of this. That brown locks were fully dishevelled helping him charm more and few minutes later, I found myself inside the court as if in a magnetic pull.

No-No, I should just go back. I need to go back. I need to. I must. I admit that it I was hesitated, I was worried that he would go all angry on me.

I was trying to make my mind and heart understand but everything seemed to go over my head when his blue eyes penetrated on me. It was so captivating that I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Their was the eyelock that remained for few seconds until he broke it and went on with his game.

“Leave when you are done.” it was deep.

I found myself staring him when he spoke and felt highly embarassed. A-day-of-Embarassment. I should mark it on my diary. I could feel my cheeks resembling tomato.

“I am here to talk.” I retorted just to divert.

“Really?” he jeered with a smirk.

“Yes.” I confidently said.
When he didnt said anything, I took it as a cue to start but I stood dumb for a while as how to start.

“I have a lot to say, I have a lot of questions and I need answers. From You.”

He turned his head to me as I said while playing with the ball.

“I dont have time you see.” he avoided and jumped to throw the ball into the basket.

I was determined. Now I have initiated, I wont back-off. Not that easily.

Taking the opportunity, I snatched the ball from him and played along. He was surprised at first and I grinned at that. He was too quick to compose and joined me.

“you are good at distracting.” he said while looking straight to my eye which skipped my heartbeat.
And he just snatched the ball with that.

“Opponents need to be cautious Vidhi, but its me you are playing with.” he grumbled while tossing it again to the basket. Resulting me to fume.

I snatched again. “Whatever do you mean?” I was annoyed and helped myself avoid what he wanted to say.

He stopped fighting and went behind me. I didnt wanted to get distracted again so I kept on playing. I was hyper aware of his body, his naked-body behind me, just millimetres away. My veins were fighting with the storm of blood inside.

He was chasing the ball from my back with his arm touching mine every second. I could feel his breath all over my cheeks. My heart was beating at a very fast rate. But I gathered up my courage to fight back but it all flowed down as he whispered those right on my ears.

“You. Your dress. It distracts me bane-y.” his tone was so seductive and deep. I could feel his lips on my earshell as he said that.

I felt hard to breath. My body was reacting. I looked down on myself to check and my cheeks were turning crimson seeing my cleavage expose a bit more and realisation hit my sense. And that was when he just got the grip on the ball. Why was he tormenting me?

“Tired already?” he mocked while making anoter point and I couldnt help but curse myself.

“That was cheating.” I blurted in frustration.

He came up to me and fanne against my face “And how is that?”

This need to be stopped. I am here to talk not to make myself embarass and look stupid.
An idea striked me and I was looking for an opportunity to hit on it. We were playing along, With him having the upper hand.

Time to explode.
“I met Rehan” I sputtered and for a second I raised my face to see his serious glare on me. I didnt knew what it had. What it meant. But I dismissed it.

I took the opportunity and took away the ball. Since, it was all going well, I thought to tease him.
“You know what he gave me an offer.”
I was spun around the very next moment. Scared. Frightened. Terrified. With the look he had on me. It was too intimidating, I was frozen.

“And what was that?” he had his tone filled with rage and seriousness. Utter coldness. His eyes were bloodshot.

Why the heck did I said it?
It was getting hard to keep the lock and I stared away.

“And what was the offer Vidhi?” he shouted and I was trembling inside though how much I was acting to be tough. I moved a step back resulting incredibly tight hold on my waist.

“ not to.” his voice was all cold and dangerous. “Not a step back Vidhi until and unless I get the answer.”

I remained silent. My tongue was trying to speak but failed.

“Just speak up damn it.” he shouted and pinned me to a pole and I felt my heart just pumped out.
I was frightened and I could feel the warm drop on my cheek.
His eyes shifted that time. He clearly knew he was hurting me but seems the answer was more important.

“It was nothing.” I whispered that was merely audible.

“Stop hurting her Rishabh. Go and ask the damn questions to your foe not her.” someone shouted very rudely. And my eyes slided but his didnt shifted even to the slightest. He was captivating me.
We knew the owner of that voice, Anand.
I saw Risha and him coming towards us.

“Stop hurting her dude.” Anand tried to talk sense but he just cut him off.

“I am talking to my girl Anand, just leave it to us for f**k’s sake.” he cursed and my heart was pumping so fast. I could hear it on my own.
He was hell angry and furious.

“Leave her.” Risha came forward and ordered coldly with her hand on his biceps. It helped, his grip on me loosened.

Rishabh looked at me for once and turned away.

He turned me his back.

“Told you not to leave her sister.” he very ruthlessly muttered on Risha’s ears but enough for me to hear. I just pissed him off. Frustration was clear in his eyes.
Anand left with him.

Risha had her eyes on ground, when he said that. After composing, she approached me.
“hey? Are you fine?”

I simply gave her a nod.

“Vidhi I am really sorry from my brother’s side.” she said, apologetically.

I had a sad smile with a tear ending on my lips.

“did Rehan?..” she queried but I cut her off.

“No, he didnt did anything. Its just that I am being too creepy…. I should go.” I didnt met her eyes anytime the convo, but stared down the floor. Holding my hurt arm with right hand, I took a step for outside.

“Vidhi, dont mistook me please but dont let go Rishabh. I beg you for that and I… I Believe, you will be there for him.” I heard her as she came near me.

She was pleading and I really felt for her.

“There are reason behind everything. Trust me for once, please dont let my brother go.”

She took my hand on her palm and looked at me with hopeful eyes. I never wanted to see he rin such state. She was pleading. And that to whom? A certain me?

“Once everything is cleared, I am sure you wont have any complaints with him. I dont want to regret, for not trying. I just can ask you this, Rest lies on you.” she added.

“When will everything be sorted?” I faintly asked merely audible.

“I hope its soon.”

My heart felt stabbed the hundredth time. I wanted to here something that would sooth me but guess, I expect alot. At this hard time, I am just hurting myself more with my expectations.

“I hope too,… I dont want to let him go.” a lone tear fell and I gave her my words. I kept my right hand over hers and squeezed it lightly assuring her. Actions are louder than words and she is too genius to know that.

“I have a feeling this is not the end. He might be in the farmhouse.” she suggested which I hardly listened as my heart was getting weak.

I marched outside immediately not wanting to show anyone how terrible it felt.

I was sitting in the corridoor alone hiding my pain from the world. It hurts so much. I dont want to feel this pain. Its all my fault. I shouldnt have started it. I should have known the line.
This chapter is not end yet. I remembered what Risha di said and I wanted togo for it.
You cant just keep on thinking right? You need to go and check. Anand taught something useful today.
I rubbed my cheeks and wiped away the tears eventhough it didnt helped or stopped the flow. I wiped it, rubbed it harshly till it didnt stopped and I know I might be all red now but i have to go. I have to go, find him, and sort out.

——-end of chapter——–

Precap: ‘Afraid to lose you’

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