Hi friends I am your I thought to try something different so I decided to directly start sandhi’s in this ff I will directly start that randhir has proposed sanyu just today itself….
So here it begins..
Sanyu is lying on her bed….
Sanyu’s pov
So finaly..i and randhir together..randhir you don’t made my day today..i loved you somuch..but..i never had that nerve to say it..but you made things easy.randhir I love you..
Randhir is sitting in his room
Randhirs pov
Sanyu I did it…I asked you…I was so scared of loosing you.that for all these days I remained silent..
Randhir is sitting on the table..he is waiting for sanyu…sanyu comes..she is looking different..thers glow on her face..randhir thinks..
Sanyu-hii randhir sorry I am la…
Randhir-shh!dont say sorry..i understand..
Sanyu-[beams]sosweet of you..
Randhir-[flushes]oho sit now..
Sanyu-ya!so what should we order today?i think we must order 2 dishes[she is speaking fast..randhir looks at sanyu[he thinks]…..1dish my fav and other yuours..whatsay?
Randhir-yep..[excitedly]myf av is cheese sandwich..
Sanyu-and mine is pav bhaji…ohh we exchanged our likings….[smiles]]
Randhir-we are one..[smiles too..holds and of sanyu]you know sanyu I am so so so happy today. I cant express..
Sanyyu-[pats on his back]I know..i understand….[smiles]
Waiter brings the order..
Randhir excitedly arranges all dishes for sanyu.she looks at him affetionatly..[he is doing this for me….my randhir]
Randhir-so miss sanyu what you want to it 1st?
Sanyu—umm… the one which you will eat 1st..
Randhir-okok so cheese sandwich..[he takes it in his hands..]open your mouth sanyuu.
Sanyu-hey people will see[but she opens her mouth]
Randhir-forgt everyone…
Both of them eats..not by their own hands by their own sanyu and randhir…
Randhir-so now?where should we go?
Sanyu-[looking at her watch]its still 9am.we have lecture at 10..lets go to our fav place…
Both of them together says-library….we want to be toppers..both laughs..
Precap-sanyu shall we go to dinner?..asks randhir…..
So guys this is it…this epi is I thought I should see how many of you likes this new theme of guys plz comment and tellme should I continue?waiting for your answer guys..see you soon…

  1. its really nice…do continue…

  2. Kya sadda haq abhi bhi hotstar pa aage ki story ke sath aa raha h agar haan to hum uske written update kyon nahi padh paa rahe h? plz reply

    1. no friend there’s no new epi on hotstar

  3. Hey Dhruv your all fan fiction’s are very nice including this one also. Keep writing ?

    1. thankyou somuch dear

  4. No anahita there are no new episodes on hotstar

  5. Mayurii

    Its good dhruv 🙂

    1. Avi

      You are right Mayurii

  6. Sheena

    Its really gud dhruv!! Pls continue 🙂

  7. wow really good

  8. Ooyyyyyy mere dostooo!!!! Agar koi aate hoo ajke date pe, ,, thn plsss rplyyyy…. I’m ur Aaliya frrnddsss… Urs Aalu….????

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