Million Dollar Girl 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti is sleeping..Early morning someone knocks the door,,Avanti opens the door,,its Ankit,,Avanti tells what happened??Ankit gives the newspaper to Avanti,,Avanti reads is written “Avanti’s father Brijbhushan case reopend,,And he is mental said by Avanti”…Avanti tells she have to go to Virat and teach a lesson,,Ankit stops and tells Avanti no to go as she will do something bad..Avanti tells let her go,,Ankit tells that for Money Avanti can do anything,,Avanti tells that she loves her father will never publish anything like this..Avanti’s mother comes,,asks what happened???Ankit shows the newpaper..She reads gets sad and sits in the room..Avanti tells that she didnt published the news..Avanti’s mother tells that she knew that but Virat will do anything

she doesnt trust him..Avanti tells her mother she will murder Virat..Her Mother tells to stay away,,As no one will believe her,,She tells Let Virat whatever he do,,,Avanti tells she will not leave Virat easily,,Avanti’s mother locks the door..Avanti shouts to open,,She tell now Avanti will be quiet..Avanti calls DJ and tells to come home,,Anotherside Rajat reads the newspaper and gets happy Tells Virat that this is very good,,VIrat tells that this is just a trailer..Soon he will show movie..And Avanti shop will be closed..Rajat tells he is very happy..Rajat tells thankgod he was in the case would have murdered Avanti..Virat’s PA comes and tells that some NRI company is coming tommorrow So they are giving Award who is famous in buisness..His PA tells Virat to put Mall presentation..Virat says he doenst need any Award..PA tells soo that he can handle people like “Avanti Bansal”..Virat will become famous and publicity,,Virat agress…Kavya tells that aman called him,,Avanti’s mother tells to go and meet,,Kavya tells okey,,Her mother says If it affected Aman about the news..Kavya tells that Aman is mature and will not refuse..At dhabba Kavya comes tired..Vicky gives water..Vicky tells that he will drop Kavya as it is strick,,Kavya tells no,,she says why Vicky like mental lover back of her..Kavya tells already she dont know how Aman will react,,Vicky tells to tell the truth that Virat published fake news about avanti,,Kavya tells that soo that Aman doenst talk to her??Kavya tells she no Vicky’s intentions..Vicky tells he want kavya to be happy always and he also pray Aman would react positive…Vicky tells he Loves Kavya very much..kavya goes……
DJ tells Avanti’s mother to open the door..But she refuses,,Avanti tells please..Avanti tells once she opened the door will a teach lesson to Virat,,Avanti’s mother open the door…Avanti hugs and tells that “She is the Best Mom in the world”..Mother tells that If Avanti did anything wrong then she will become “World’s worst Mom”..avanti tells dont worry..DJ comes and tells If Avanti has a feeling of taking revenge??Avanti tells she have to go to shop..Avanti and DJ goes to shop..Dj tells If Avanti want to win with Virat then do something good in buisness..Avanti tells till she didnt breaked anything of Virat’s office she will be not relieved..Avanti tells DJ to stand outside and gesture If Virat came..Avanti goes into Virat office and tries to throw the chair..Avanti sees the newspaper and gets angry..Avanti sees the form of compedition “Best entrepreneur”…Avanti reads it and gets an idea..Avanti sits on VIrat’s chair tells that no world superpower will let Virat win the Competidion As she is taking part in it and she will win..Suddenly Virat comes holding DJ’s mouth,,Virat tells that he understood something is fishy seeing Dj..Virat sees the form in Avanti’s hand and snatches it.. Avanti tells snatching the form Virat will not win the competition..Virat tells who will stop him??Avanti tells she wil stop!!Avanti tells tha Virat spoiled her father name.Now she will win the compedition and defeat him..Virat tells that he has fame and publicity but will enjoy seeing Avanti loosing the game..Avanti tells that yes Virat will enjoy as he will watch himself loosing the award,,Avanti tells Virat to see..Dj smiles..avanti goes..Avanti,,DJ are sitting at Vicky’s dhabba..Vicky comes..Avanti asks why Vicky is upset…Vicky tells that kavya was meeting Aman.Avanti tells not to worry as Kavya meet aman and Aman will refuse..Vicky tells he will be not happy If kavya is sad..He want to kavya to be happy always..Avanti tells Vicky his luck will work today..Vicky tells its nothing like that..Avanti says Kavya is coming..Dj gets happy Kavya comes..kavya comes Avanti tells What Aman said??Kavya sits and tells that she knew that Aman is mature..Kavya tells that Aman called him to support her in this time..Kavya tells that Aman is very good and she will be very happy with him,,Vicky listen all and tells that Kavya ji think he is a kid but One day he will prove..

precap::Avanti’s mother tells to eat curd as it will good..Rajat tells Virat Avanti is poor and creating this much problems If she get 10lakhs what will she do??Virat tells Avanti will be eliminated in First round..Avanti comes at compedition wearing Blue Saree..Virat stares her..Avanti goes to Virat slips Virat holds her…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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