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Meri Saasu Maa 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Hearing maasa’s verdict, all are shocked. granny is apalled. maasa says that she is rachna, and that she came here to bring up the children of her sister, but now she needs to be excuse. she goes to kamlesh, and all the other members of the family, and starts reliving the nostalgic memories and emotions that she still remembers and are fresh on her mind. the entire family gets emotionally overwhelmed hearing her heart wrenching tales as she revives them back from the pst. all are apalled as tears stream down her cheeks. she then leaves it all behind, as her heart is most grieved when she talks about sattu, who just couldnt do without her. she says that they are all settled, and have their own families, and can lead life on their own, and

hence she should leave as her her discourse. all are moved to tears. kamlesh asks her to stop, apologising for having doubted them, but that doesnt mean she isnt loved. the bahus too apologise for their behaviour, and begs her not to go. she asks them not to feel sorry, asshe isnt going as she is angry, but she wants to be relieved of her responsibilities, as they are all grown ups and can take their decisions, and she shall always bless them. pari tells her that she cant leave, as she cant lose her mother, so soon after hving gotten her. she is surprised when she turns to sattu to stop her, but he tells her to go if she so wishes, and asks them all not to stop her, as they are noone to her. he distances himself. she is shocked. he then asks maasa to wait before going. he asks her to do one more thing before going, and he hands her the clothes, she used to wear when she was maasa, and asks her to burn it up. maasa is shocked and visibly furious, while all eye him shocked. he says that this isnt merely a saree but that blessing which they all cherish. Sattu is tensed and distraught, and asks maasa passive aggressively, that she can go abandoning them if she so believes but she needs to burn it. Maasa leaves, and comes back with a matchstick, and takes the clothes, saying that he is right, and that she should erase all the memories. all are aghast as she retires for the room. pari rushes after her, as she keeps walking. pari tries to talk, but maasa slams the door on her face, visibly distraught. pari rushes down to granny, to make maasa understand. granny asks her to be allowed to go, if she so wishes. she says that she had come here with the promise, that when they grow up and have their families, she shall leave, and she has fulfilled all her duties perfectly, and now if she wishes to go, they cant stop, as she is forever indebted to her. kamlesh turns to sattu to make her stop, as she loves him most. sattu says that he thought she would understand how much he needs her, by doing this, but since she isnt, he is left with no other option, but to do what he is about to.

Outside, maasa’s door, sattu says that he shall stop eating, and go on indefinite food strike, if she doesnt change her decision, since he wont let her go. she is distraught as she remembers granny giving her bhavna’s clothes, and all the responsibilities of the house and children, and how she had taken in all the duties cheerfully towards the children. she throws the clothes away and is disgusted. then she becmes stern yet again, and lights on the matchstick. pari outside begs her to open the door, as they cant stay without her, and they love her. the bahus claim that they wont bother her anymore, and do anything that troubles them. granny too pleads. pari talks about how she got a mother and her love, after a long time, and begs her not to take that away. maasa continues to try and burn, but stops when pari laments that she is unfortunate that wherever she goes, people distance, and that she took away the mother here too as she isnt detined to be with the mother. they are all apalled. suddenly, the door opens, and rachna is seen in Maasa’s avatar. all are surprised to see her like this, plesantly surprised. she asks pari not to brand her daughter as unlucky, as there would be bad consequences. they both hug. and its one happy family yet again. granny asks her if they can finish the remaining rituals, if mother-daughter love can be paused.

Later in the evening, both sattu and pari dressed up, play the searching of the ring, in the scented milk, in which he wins. they both eye each other romantically, while others are amused. as a result, pari takes a spoonful of curd, and he closes his eyes and lean forward, but she places some on the nose, much to everyone’s amusement. he composes himself, embarassed and flustered. maasa and granny enjoy too. then she starts yawning, and maasa asks them to retire, as they have had a long night. the bahus too say that they are tired, and should retire. granny ask what about the decoration of the room. they are embarassed, and suman says that she already did. granny is frustrated to see how lazy the bahus are, as they leave. granny asks suman to take pari to the room, and she happily agrees. pari shyly gets up and leaves, as maasa and sattu, both eye her adoringly. sattu i about to get up, when kamlesh and suman, keep stopping him on one pretext or the other, commenting amusedly on his haste to go in after pari, while maasa and granny are amused too. maasa asks them not to bother him, while they continue playing pranks on sattu. suman asks for her money, to allow him to go in pari’s room. sattu smiles and complies. granny sees them and then comments to maasa that they are one big happy family, and hope they remain the same. then suman happily makes him leave. he retires to pari’s room with excitement.

As he enters in the room, blabbering about his monetary loss, sattu is stunned, as he finds pari, in the bed, dresed as a coy bride, with the dupatta over her, while she smiles underneath. he progresses towards her, and then talks about lifting her pallu, commenting as to how he never thought she would be so shy. she says that modernisation is in thinking, not in clothes. he complies. he asks if she is okay. coughing sounds are heard. he gets concerned, despite her telling him, that she isnt. he goes to get medicine, while she lifts her pallu, saying that she isnt coughing. they wonder where its coming from, as its persistent. they both get up and try to follow the source of the sound, visibly tensed. the screen freezes on Pari’s shocked face.

Precap: Maasa asks pari the next morning, what sattu gave her for the munh dikhayi ritual last night. the bahus are anxious to hear too. they all wait. Later, Pari tells sattu that he owes her a gift. he smiles at her romantically. he says that he shall give her, whatever and whenever she needs nything, for her munh dikayi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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