Meri Saasu Maa 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa is enraged, and asks janaki who sent her, and what was the cost of her honesty. janaki stands tensed. shivpal walks in saying that her truth that she is a murderer, is out now. pari asks how dare he step inside, after the way he was insulted and thrown out. he starts reprimanding bhavna for having kept this secret. this gives the chance to others too to get influenced by posing her questions. sattu is unable to take it anymore. maasa is distraught as she hears questions from all ends. Sattu is overwhelmed, and says that he cant stay here anymore. Pari asks maasa to do something, whyile she reprimands pari that its her fault only as she brought the nurse in without talking to her. maasa is distraught and says that he cant leave her and go,

and if anyone has to go, then it shall be her, as pari tries to convince him not to go. maasa is frustrated finally, and says that she neednt give any explanation to anyone, as her truth isnt begging for any justifications or arguements, to favour it. as sattu casts one accusing question after the other, maasa asks sattu that its enough. Maasa laments that that they are all shivpal’s blood after all, and says that she shall go, if anyone has to. he says that he wont be able to respect her swearing today and shall have to go. they are all distraught. maasa is turned to stone to see such defiance. she moves towards the main gate, while shivpal smirks. maasa begins to step out of the house but granny stops her. Granny says that if she steps out even a single step, she would see her dead face. he rushes to her, and asks why she wants them to stay together, if they arent happy. he says that either one of them can live. she says that noone can go anywhere, as its the matter of her prestige of the family. she then says that there is just one way to save this family, and thats by dividing the assets. pari says that this shall be wrong. all are aghast and distressed to hear this. Pari asks how is she saying this. granny says that this is the only way. the eldest one asks what about the tussles. granny says that relations have already broken, but she shall have to find a way to stop tussles. pari asks how. granny takes the p[aint and draws a line, and separates the house into two compartments, and announces that the division is done, and one part shall have those who side with bhavna, and the others in those, who are against bhavna, and that everyone is free to choose. bhavna stands aghast. sattu is apalled. the sons and bahus join shivpal, while he smiles evilly. then granny asks sattu what about his decision. he comes to their side, and granny and maasa smile. he tells that they always boast that sattu can never leave maasa, come what may. Sattu says that he has always heard about his mother, and maasa is relieved. shivpal is frustrated. sattu alarms them all by saying that today he shall be by his dead mother’s side. then he crosses the line and steps beside shivpal. granny, maasa and pari are aghast. he extends his hand to pari, and she doesnt accept it, after much hesitation saying that she cant leave her maasa at any cost, and right now, he mightnt be able to see it, but soon he shall see the good lady that she is. she steps out of the line, and towards maasa. Maasa asks her to be there, as she is responsible, and that she couldnt be a good bahu or wife, but can be a good wife, by being with sattu. pari says that it shall happen only when the line erases. sattu says that this shall never happen. she says that they shall see how long this line keeps them divided. she takes her place beside bhavna and granny, while shivpal and his sons face her. The screen freezes on pari and sattu’s face.

Precap: Pari comes to a house, and is shocked to see it being thronged by policemen as they get a body out on stretcher, and she is shocked to see that its janaki. later, in maasa’s office, she is shocked, to find someone else sitting in her chair. she turns around enraged with shivpal, that he has come to take care of business and sattu stands defiantly. maasa is stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. So he killed her n take over maasaa business n i think pari should look into janaki death

  2. As usual if someone don’t die the show will not go on pure shit

  3. Please don’t let Sattu turn into a total a**hole! He said in the last episode or two that he never stopped trusting Maasab, so what about now!? And Maasab should cherish Pari’s trust in her and willingness to stand by her side… But she still says she’s not a good bahu or beti… PLEASE LET AT LEAST SATTU RETURN TO MAASAB THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!!! THEIR RELATIONSHIP CANT BE DESTROYED

  4. short usual like all other zee dramas…after this all negatives and sadness and then lastly it will be ended with happiness again..the end….

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Aaareh dadi…wat u did now? Nothing belongs to shival n 3 rotten eggs so y even give wen maasa workd harder than pig shiv?
    Show going off tracks….eish.

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    C the free loaders going to glutton shiv…….sattu u always in doubt????
    Eish sattu easy on easy off…mad writees.
    maasa should take all her wealth n walk. Kick them out? Dadi u nad?

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