Sarojini 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Indira is boggled, as sarojini is unable to digest her dream sequence wherein she saw rishab too. she rushes out, and apologises to soumu, in his

pic, in the room, that she has always been faithful and thinks about him only, then why she saw rishab. granny hears this from behind the door, and

is tensed, that now sarojini too is beginning to feel for him. she dials the aunt of rishab, and asks her to come and take him away, so as to stop

this whole fiasco. the aunt says that she was wanting to tell; her something, that would devastate them, hence the dealy and awkward hesitation in

saying. what she tells shocks granny, as she cancels the call. the aunt is amused.

Later, in the house, granny pakcs her bags and gives a fake, pretense excuse and then leaves, saying that she shall be back soon. They all comply,

and once she leaves, they get to making plans for impressing sarojini. sapna gives the idea of proposing filmy style. they start planning and

whenever sarojini comes in the meanwhile, they pretend to be talking about other things, till she is gone. she finds them all weirded. she goes to

the kitchen silently without arguing. they plan out the next phase of the proposdal.

Sometime, later, sarojini finds herself in a circle of rose petals, and propsoes her to be by her side, and ensure all te happiness and comfort in

life. she is apalled. but she is advised by every family member, not to say so. Nirjhara says that she only knows that sarojini is like her

daughter, and as a mother, she is very happy, that she is getting rishab as a life partner, and is extremely ecstatic for this new beginning of her

life. finally, she finds herself confronted with him again, as he holds out a ring for her to accept. she is about to turn weak, when granny comes

with policemean and shatters them saying that soumu’s real culprit is this person. While, Rishab proposes to her in front of everyone. sarojini is

at a loss of an answer. granny intervenes. Sarojini is asked by granny if she would marry rishab, soumu’s killer. they are all shocked to hear this.
she then says that an eye witness has testified to that too. sarojini asks rishab to say the truth, as she wishes to hear from him. he blurts out

that this is right. they are all shocked and apalled. the screen freezes on sarojini’s shocked face.

Precap: On granny’s command, rishab is taken away by the police. sarojini in her state of despair and disturbed frenzy, she breaks off things, and

then destroys tha entire romantic decor that he had set up for proposing to her. she finally resignedly collapses on the floor, while all watch

tensed, as she cries inconsolably.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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