Meri Saasu Maa 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: BandhavGarh Resort
Maasa says to sattu that today, for the sangeet, he shall be with them, so that it doesnt arouse shivpal’s and roop’s doubts furthermore.

MEanwhile, kali is tensed as she searches and doesnt find yug anywhere. at a distance, gauri talks on the phone with someone, to come to the jungle, as she shall meet him there, for the next part of their plan, which shall separate kali from yug forever, and speaks it loudly, so that kali hears it. Kali thinks that this is gauri’s new trap. gauri thinks that she is trapped now, and commends herself on her superb acting. kali leaves.

At the function

area, roop descends down for the sangeet. all watch tensedly. gauri leaves after telling yug that she has some ork. kaali comes distraught and asks yug where is gauri. he says that he doesnt know. he asks her not to bother him. she leaves from there. he eyes her tensedly, and then thinks that he may have told her to back off, but still doesnt know till date, as to why he gets tensed, whenever she gets tensed. roop comes to gauri, and asks her to together do some miracle, so that all the enemies are stunned. meanwhile, kali stealthily is about to walk out, when she collides into pari, who asks her where is she going at this time of the night. pari warns her how dangerous it is. kali says that she knows of the danger, but needs to know whats gauri’s plan. pari reminds her of the dangers, but kali says that its at the cost of her marriage now, and she cant afford to lose yug. she hastily leaves. pari is tensed.

At the venue, the priest and gauri think that they have trapped kali wonderfully, in the night, the morning of which shall not see kaali alive. pari enters the hall, to find roop hand in hand with sattu, and thinks that she cant talk with him right now, as he is busy. she thinks that she needs to go to the hospital rightaway, as according to him, something major is going to happen, and she needs to stop it. she tries sattu’s phone but when he doesnt respond, she is frustrated and resignedly leaves. Meanwhile, roop excitedly talks about the special event in her life, and extends her warm wishes to her friend, gauri. yug notices that kali is nowhere to be seen. sattu notices pari missing too. he tries her phone, but its out of network, and wonders whether she went towards the jungle. gauri and roop start their performance which everyone enjoys. while sattu and yug are tensed, they are forced to dance with their counterparts, roop and gauri shivpal is amused along with the priest. sattu resignedly complies. roop asks sattu why is he so lost. yug is about to go out, when gauri tries to stop him. but he leaves. Outside, sattu and yug meet, and they find out that they both are searching for their girls, and when the guard tells them that the girls went towards the jungle. they rush out. Roop and gauri come out and are shocked to see them leaving. they stop the men, and then roop asks sattu where is he leaving mid function. gauri too stops yug. seeing no other way out, sattu gives an excuse of his clothes being torn, and yug taking him to a tailor. they hastily leave, before they are stopped again, gauri and roop are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Jungle
Both pari and gauri progress towards the jungle. kali falls into a pit, and screams for help. roop recognises it as kali’s voice, and rushes towards it. menwhile, kali is shocked to find herself surrounded by snakes. pari desperately searches but doesnt find her, and wonders where shall she find her, and hopes that the lord keeps her safe. she keeps screaming for kali, while kali screams for help. pari too falls down. she says that she was searching for her only. Kaali asks gauri not to say anything. she remains shushed, though petrified at seeing the snakes. Meanwhile, yug and sattu come out in the jungle, to search for pari and kali. but they are petrified, in the presence of snakes, and dont make a sound. they start chanting mantras together so that the lord keeps them safe, without moving or making a sound, so that they dont alarm the snakes. the men continuously holler their names, so that they resond back, but in vain. pari is about to scream, when kaali asks her not to make a sound, or else the snakes shall attack them. Pari takes off her bangle, and then throw it in a direction, from out of the pit, for sattu to use it as a clue. attu comes across the bangle, and recognises it as pari’s, as they stand right in front of the pit. when they finally see their counterparts, stuck in the snake pit, they are aghast to find them like that. the women eye them tensedly. sattu assures them that they shall get them out safely out of this. The screen freezes on pari’s tensed face.

Precap: while they are stuck inside, sattu and yug manage to grab hold of the rope, and try to take out the ladies one by one. while pari stays put, kali grabs the rope, and tries to get up. one of the snakes gets up, and bites her, while she creams. all others are aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. when will truth come out

    1. Any way the truth is not going to come out in mahasangam


    Ohhhh God!!!!
    Pari or Kali whom snake will bite….
    I hope it bite kali, atleast yug will realize his love for kali as sattu loves pari but only for truth he is marrying roop on the other hand yug is confused and in anger due to drama done by gauri and dadi, atleast due to snake bite to kali, yug will remain with her and will find out truth…

    1. I think that should happen too….if the snake bite kali it will bring Yug and her closer…if it bite Pari it will just make their plan complicated and shivpal will get to know they was planning against him all the time cause I doubt sattu will be able to hide his concern for pari….fingers cross


        Yes u r saying right…

  3. Yug please save kali and sattu please save pari

  4. Now yug will realize kali love n sattu n pari will win their battle

  5. guys,i hav a doubt.if bhavna devi is sattu’s mother and she died 15 years ago,then who is the current maasa.and how is she related to sattu.PLS TELL GUYS.I DON’T WATCH THIS SERIAL EVERYDAY SO I DON’T KNOW THIS TRUTH.CAN YOU PLS TELL?

    1. She is Bhavna’s twin sister which means she is Sattu’s aunt

  6. Tchuandjio Diane Jassemine


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