Meri Saasu Maa 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Roop asks sattu not to be tensed, as people who try do succeed. she tells him that its not tough to speak english. he complies, but he is badly ridiculed for his naivety in english, and stands rejected, while pari and maasa are apalled at his embarassment and inults. she gets the other girls too, who all reject him one after the other on one pretext or the other. maasa asks what nonsense is this, and asks what kind of a test is this. Pari says tht its a serious test, and then asks if he doesnt wish to know whether she likes him or not. she starts taunting how he was hasty in doing this. he says that he felt she too had feelings. she ridicules him on his innocence, and points out how incapable he is, and points out how crude, illiterate and downmarket

he is. she completely mocks him, pointing out the differneces between them, and then rejects him. shivpal wonders whats wrong with her, as she would spoil everything. sattu says that he shall be very upset, as he loves her. maasa asks if he has gone mad, that he is begging in front of her, who is ruining his settled life. she asks him not to beg, as she doesnt like it at all. Sattu begs roop not to do so, and reject his proposal, and begs her to accept. roop says that she shall give him another chance, with a different test this time. she says that he shall have to dance western, with her, in a competition and if they win, then she shall say yes. they are all shocked, along with sattu. shivpal is tensed. the bahus smirk that he should know dancing if he wants roop. roop asks if he shall, and he complies, seeing no other option, when she talks about how precious dancing is for him. pari is aghast. He thinks he is gone now, as he doesnt know dance at all. pari too finds him tensed, and hopes that he doesnt refuse. roop asks him to hurry up, and seeing pari’s signal, he complies. roop eyes him tersely. maasa is tensed. he promises her that he shall win her heart, through western dance. Pari speaks up saying that she shall never let it happen, and only he shall lose in this, as he always did, does and shall always belong to her. he eyes her.

In her room, shivpal storms into roop’s wife, while she continues to e teaseful. he asks her whats this nonsense, as if sattu fails, then their plan is gone. she retorts that he needs to talk low in front of her, and secondly, he would benefit crores, but what would she get, zilt, as she merely profits by 5 lakhs. he fumes but silently complies. she says that her price is set. he asks why the change in tone, and then says that he shall give her 20 lakhs. but she isnt satisfied, and smirks saying that he is landing a fortune. she denies his offer, saying that she wishes more than what he offered, and that she needs her own 50% equal share in the property. he asks if she is crazy. she says that she doesnt intend to be a pawn anymore, and shall be a player now. he is shocked.

In their room, sattu thinks along with pari, that their plan might be ruined even before it starts, as he doesnt know anything about dancing. she asks him not to be disappointed, but adds that she knows a little, and then they can together challenge it all. shivpal walks towards their room, while they are unaware. Sattu assures pari that as long as he has her by his side, he wouldnt have to worry at all, and hugs her. shivpal enters and finds them both at a distance, and enraged asks her whats she doing here. she says that its good he is here too, as now she shall explain to both of them. she says that these are divorce papers, and that he cant marry till shedoesnt sign, and hence his result in the competition is immaterial as she shall be the wife always in the court of law. she says that she wont sign, as she wont divorce him. shivpal says that she can try anything. He assures sattu that he shall get him married, and roop and her defiance to sign the papers wont stand in his way. he says that he shall get his signatures. she says that would happen when he gets the papers. they are boggled. she tears the papers right in front of his eyes, and they both stand shocked, as she strews it on them. bhavna comes in clapping, and applauds her work. she compliments her, while shivpal fumes. she reminds him that he has dug a trench for himself as when time changes, everything does, and that time favouring him till yesterday, is with her today. she asks him to compose himself, as now he shall start getting punished for his deeds. she is about to go with pari, when sattu says that he shall take divorce, and pari says that she wont give him one. they both leave.

In his room, shivpal fumes at the change roop has taken, and thinks that he shall teach her a lesson, and calms himself down, to take them all, one by one, and decides to start with pari. he gets up and leaves. Outside, sattu decides to wish him goodnight, as he wouldnt be able to sleep otherwise. he finds shivpal walking out of the room, and then walking towards her room, and he is boggled, and decides to follow him. Checking around, Shivpal stealthily walks in the room, and then mixes a tablet in the water kept for drinking, in a glass and smirks, oblivious that sattu is watching him from a distance. before shivpal can walk out, sattu sends meesage on pari’s phone. he fumes as shivpal is about to check. he stops him just in time. shivpal asks whats he doing here, visibly shocked. sattu asks what he doing here. shivpal says that he is here to teach pari a lesson. sattu is shocked, and asks what he mixed. he says that its a sedative, that shall knock her out. sattu asks why he wants that. they both rush out, when they hear sattu approaching. pari comes inside the room, while sattu desperately hopes that she doesnt drink it. pari takes her phone and decides to send him a goodnight message. sattu leaves with shivpal. pari decides to drink first. Sattu waits tensedly outside, hoping that she saw the msssage as if she didnt, she might be unconscious. Pari meanwhile doses off. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Maasa confronts them both, and says that she wishes to know whats going on with thw two of them, and asks him to wake up pari right away. when she wakes up, she is horrified to see him and maasa, and then asks him whats he doing here, and how dare he is in the room. he keeps signalling her. Pari asks him whats he trying to signal. Maasa says that he is signalling that maasa knows everything now. she says that sattu can try but cant hide anything from him. she says that now they three are together, and shivpal wont be spared now. all three eye each other determinedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Fantastic tomorrow’s precap… Amazing yaar.. I am damn sure this trio will succeed at any cost… ?

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yip devil I totally agree….cnt wyt to c roop n shiv fall…lol….n asfor those 3 duwie n duwiets sons n daughter in laws…waste of space makeup n saries lol lol….tnx rimjhim for fast updates…

    1. Yeah.. They are totally waste of space


    Ha ha maza aavi gyi…..

  4. Mr. Pearl v puriiiieeee you are rocking man… nd ur more cool and cute (hot and handsome ) in dhoti yaar…. i love you mr.puriiiiiiieeee

  5. Now maasaa knows everything i hope they bring down shivpal n the 3 in law witches

  6. the story is on the fantastic track

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