Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 30

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 30

Thanks to Jo,Akshaya,,SAGAA,Shifa,Vasuraj.I’ve replied to ur comments.plz check part 29.This FF is ending in next 3 parts.Actually this is the 2nd season of my old Arshi Samud FF Pyar to hona hi tha which I posted on IF.Which FF shud I post next?Season one of Pyar to hona hi tha or Danny Kumari,Sunny-Kusum,Samud FF The shell of luv?plz tell.I’ve posted the new part of my Arshi SRK Kajol SS Tum mile.plz have a look.

Kumud:Tell me Saras.If you agree I am ready to marry you.
Garima:Why are you taking this risky decision Kumud?
Kumud:Now Saras loves Shiv.But what if he stops loving him when his own child is born?
Everyone became upset.
Anushka:Are you mad Kumud didi?
Sashi:Kumud…It can be a wrong decision.
Kumud:Please Babuji,I can’t change my decision.
Saras:So you don’t trust my love.Right Kumud?
Kumud:Not like that Saras.I am just scared.
Saras:You are just scared of my feelings or are you scared of yourself that you will stop loving Shiv after your own baby is born?
Kumud was stunned by his question.

Kumud:Saras,I believe myself.
Saras:I know that your love for Shiv won’t change even after our baby is born.But since you fear I promise you that I won’t demand our own child as I really feel that Shiv is our own child and no need of another child.

Kumud smiled:Sure?You won’t change your decision.Right?
Saras:Yes Kumud.I won’t change my decision.
Kumud smiled:Then I am fine with this marriage.
Everyone smiled.
Rishikesh whispered:I am not at all happy with Saras’ decision.I can’t agree with this.
Saraswati:Calm down Rishi.Saras and Kumud love each other a lot.Their love is not weak.Their love will increase their trust for each other and they will surely change their decision.And what if they don’t produce more kids?Arnav and Danny are there to fill our house will lovely kids.Shiv and other babies.So cute.Right Rishi?
Rishi smiled:You are so positive Saraswati.Hats off to you.
Saraswati smiled.

Khushi was brought to a decorated garden by Arnav.
A:Here comes the surprise.
Khushi was excited.

K:So beautiful Arnav.You did a lovely decoration with lights.

A:Khushi,do you know why I brought you here?Not to just surprise you with decoration?
A:To propose you.
She smiled.
A:Our marriage is nearing.But still…Khushi…will you marry me?
Khushi put attitude and said:What kind of a proposal is this?Usually men propose with a ring.But you…You are so boring.

A:Ring is old fashioned and repetitive.ASR is different.
He took out anklets from his pocket.

She was surprised.
ASR:Instead of ring ,anklets as you love anklets more than rings.
She smiled:You are so sweet to notice even the silly things I love.
He smiled.
Slowly he put anklets around her feet.

While tyoing the anklet around her feet he looked at her.

She was blushing.

Then he knelt down holding her hand:Now will you marry me Khushi?
She blushed:Yes.

She ran into his arms.
K:Arnav,I regret taking too much of time to confess my love.Because of that I wasted so much of time to romance you.
A:You know what?That time I was angry with you for your stupidity.I was like…what is this foolish girl upto?
Khushi frowned:You called me foolish?
Arnav smiled:Listen full.
Khushi became calm.
A:But now I feel if your confession had’nt delayed so much our union would not have been this beautiful and sweet.
They smiled at each other sharing a sweet eye lock.
Rabba ve…
Slowly they started dancing romantically.
Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai

Tum se hi din hota hai
Surmaiye shaam aati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi
(Jab we met).

Kumud got a post card.
Kum:Who sent me post card?
She read it:Wish you a happy married life.Truth can’t be kept in darkness for long even though it’s for good.Time to open to truth.Meet me at ……
An address was given.
Kumud was confused:What does it mean?
Saras came.
Kum:Good that you came Saras.I got one post card.
She showed him the card.Saras read it.
Saras:I also got it.
Kum:Why is it sent for both of us?Who sent this?It’s told that we should meet that person.
S:Rubbish!Why should we meet that person?Are we mad?He is so mad that he expected us to meet him seeing his invitation.
Kum:Saras,shall we go and meet that person?
S:Are you mad?Why should we accept a stranger’s invitation?

K:I don’t think he is a stranger.Why should a stranger bother about us?That person knows our wedding too.Please Saras,we will go there.
S:Kumud,why are you thinking like this?What if it’s a trap?
K:My heart says that it’s not a trap.So let’s go there Saras.Please.
She held his hand:We both are together.So we can face any problem.Right?
S:Ok.Only for you Kumud.
She smiled.

Saras and Kumud followed the address given in the postcard and reached a house.
Kum:Saras,it’s a normal house and things look normal.
S:Don’t come to the conclusion so fast Kumud.Let’s see if it’s a prank.If it was normal then why would’nt he come before us directly?
She was confused.
They rang the calling bell.Somebody opened the door.Saras and Kumud looked at that person.That person smiled at them.
Kumud gave a confused look.

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