Meri Hanikarak Biwi 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mishri finds her dad

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishri thinking Akhilesh is her dad. Devina and Aditya explain Pushpa about Akhilesh having a child, some woman has given birth to his child by artificial insemination. Pushpa gets glad. Devina says just I know about the child, we will go if you want. Pushpa asks them to stay with her. She says I m ready to give you any money. Devina says we have struggled for five years, now I won’t tell you about the child so easily, you have to take care of us well and then I will tell about the child. Pushpa says I m ready to do anything, is it a boy or girl. Devina says I will tell you later, let me enjoy my homecoming.

Pushpa gets glad and prays for the child. Mishri says if dad had come, why didn’t Ira meet him. She apologizes to Lord and says I will check the cupboard

to know about him. She gets Ira and Akhilesh’s torn pic. She says I can’t see his face, but he is wearing this same locket, it means this locket is of my dad. She looks for her dad by showing the locket. The man says its not my locket, some people have come to wrestling ground. Mishri thinks to go there. Akhilesh sees a wrestling match happening and goes to see. Mishri sees him and says is he my dad, no, he can’t be my dad, I will take his help to find my dad.

She climbs on Akhilesh’s shoulder and says don’t move, I m finding my dad. They argue. Guru ji ask Akhilesh to come for wrestling. He refuses. Mishri jokes on him. He says you are challenging me, you want to see my power. She says yes, come on show. He removes his coat and goes for wrestling. Ira comes there to find Mishri. Kids tell her that Mishri has gone to find her dad by showing locket. Ira gets shocked. Mishri says he doesn’t know wrestling and looks for her dad.

Akhilesh gets shocked seeing Ira. He says Ira. The fight continues. He says why am I seeing Ira after many years, she is dead, what’s happening to me. He gets beaten up. Mishri says what is he doing, just this Hanuman locket can save him now. She enters the ring and makes Akhilesh wear the locket. She asks him to go and win, Hanuman will protect him. The man pushes her away. Akhilesh holds her and pushes the man away. Mishri goes out. Akhilesh beats the man and wins the match. Mishri runs to him and hugs. She smiles and says its the power of my dad’s locket. She takes locket back and shows him. Ira comes there and looks on. Akhilesh says this is my dad’s locket. He gets shocked and thinks how did my locket reach him. Ira thinks did Akhilesh learn that Mishri is his daughter.

Ira decides to send Mishri to camp. Devina brings her grandson home. Pushpa gets at Devina’s service. Akhilesh asks what’s happening here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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