Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira raises Mishri

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a five year leap. Akhilesh is seen working as a labor. The man tells them new conditions. Akhilesh teaches him a lesson. The man says I will sue you, you are illiterate, you won’t understand this. Chandu comes there. The man says you are rich, and simple. Chandu says that’s your boss. The man sees Akhilesh removing the labor clothes. The man asks is this Akhilesh. Akhilesh says you felt I m illiterate, language is just an instrument of liberation, don’t make it means for domination….. wisdom says everyone smiles in the same language, that’s kindness, everything else is poor translation. The man gets shocked and apologizes. Akhilesh says your bad time is going to start, return the money to poor people. The man returns the money. Akhilesh says I won’t

forgive your mistake.

The workers chant for him. Akhilesh says if you want to do something for me, pray for my mum’s long life, its her birthday today, she is celebrating with orphanage kids. Pushpa cuts the cake and feeds to the kids. She gives them gifts. She talks in poor English. The kids laugh and joke on her. Pushpa calls Akhilesh. He answers the video call. He says even if tree gets taller, the roots are always in the soil, I m always your son, I have paid a big price for my simplicity. She says your wound didn’t heal in five years, you will get happiness when a child calls you dad. He ends call. He says I get irritated by the name of kids, I don’t want any family or kids, I m fine alone. Chandu says I have seen you in old avatar today.

Akhilesh asks him to get out, old Akhilesh is dead, go back home, board a flight. Chandu goes. Pushpa talks to Birju’s pic and says Akhilesh has turned into a stone. She prays that a little angel comes in Akhilesh’s life. Mishri fights with some boys and wins. Everyone claps. Teacher catches Mishri and says I will complain about you to your mum. Mishri says no, I won’t lie. She fights with boys and says sorry, go to my mum’s hospital and get aid done. The people clap for her. She gets a trophy. Mishri says mum will be glad seeing this prize, I will go and show her. She runs, pushing people. A man’s moustache gets cut. The man asks everyone to beware of Mishri. They call her harmful. Ira treats an old man. Mishri hurts people. Mishri comes home and calls out Ira as Maapu.

She shows the prize and takes Ira’s blessings. Ira scolds her for lie. Mishri says I don’t lie, I just like going for wrestling. Ira asks her to keep the locket safe. Mishri agrees. Ira says this locket had saved us in that accident. FB shows patients taken in the ambulance. Ira cries and prays to Lord. She sees some women passing by and uses the locket to flash light. The women see her and rush to save. FB ends. Ira thinks Kamla saved us and gave us place even in her heart. FB shows Kamla delivering Ira’s child. She says its a baby girl. Mishri holds the locket. Ira makes her wear the locket. She says Mishri Akhilesh pandey. FB ends. Ira sees the locket and kisses it. She thinks Mishri is Akhilesh’s only sign, but I can’t let her meet Akhilesh. She recalls Akhilesh’s promise to baba. She thinks I m in this small village, I wish Lord forgives me. Many people come to complain about Mishri. Mishri shouts Bapu…. Akhilesh asks driver to stop the car. He says why do I feel like someone has called me. He stops near Ira’s house.

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