Ladies Special 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prarthana’s Past

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Ladies Special 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar is busy romancing Kangana in his cabin. Mota pappa walks towards his room. When he opens door, he finds Amar alone. Kangana is seen walking in corridor. Meghna meets Bindu and says when she went to Amar’s room to thank him..Bindu says Amar is a lovely person, everyone thank him, he is so loyal and innocent, she is very happy and trusts him a lot. Meghna says she will go and finish discharge formalities and leaves. Mota pappa tells Amar that he came to take his sign on legal documents and says he gets happy seeing Bindu’s smiling face, Amar married her on my insistence but looks happy with her, he likes their loyalty for each other. Amar sits nervously. Back home, Amar video chats with Kangana who says after marriage, she will renovate their room. Bindu passes from behind.

Kangana feels jealous seeing Amar and Kangana’s bed and shouts if they sleep on same bed. Amar shows couch and says he sleeps on it. She feels guilty that he is suffering because of her.

Prarthana travels with Viraj to meet client and says if she cracks this deal, she will get promotion. Viraj asks what about him. She says she will ask boss to increment his salary. She reaches client and is shocked to see him as her old boyfriend Subodh and walks out of his cabin reminiscing she loving him truly and finding out he is already married with kids. Viraj asks what happened to her, if something went wrong. She stands silently. He holds her hand and says he will help her if she need any. She slaps him shouting how dare he is told hold her hand.

Meghna hurriedly prepares breakfast in the morning. Mandar says he is rejoining his job. She angrily asks him to go, she will not prepare breakfast for him as she is busy taking care of Baba and children, she does not need his help in anything. He leaves. She continues fuming and reminiscing Amar’s betrayal to Bindu and Bindu’s blind trust for him, thinks she should inform Bindu about h is disloyalty. Jyoti rushes to her and asks to rush to Mandar’s office, something has happened there.

Next day, Viraj meets Prarthana. Prarthana apologizes for slapping him. He says he did not mind at all as people lose their conscience in anger. He asks her reason behind her anger. She says it is a big story. He says he is ready to listen. She starts that her childhood was tough as her father was drunkard and jobless, so she started working early to support her family. She met Subodh who showed his fake concern towards her and she fell in his love; when his birthday came, she wanted to celebrate his birthday, but he did not want to. She went to his house to give him surprise and was shocked to see him celebrating birthday with his wife and children. She confronts him in front of all guests and family and walks out. Out of flashback, Viraj says she slapped him instead of Subodh and should teach him a lesson when she is on right side.

Mandar returns to work. Boss boasts that he knew Mandar would return to beg for job, he can go and take his seat. Meghna walks in hurriedly. Mandar says he and Meghna have started a new business, Meghna garments, so he came to give h is first business card to his boss, he gave many years to this company, now it is time to earn for oneself. Meghna stands happy. Mandar holds her hand and walks away laughing.

Precap: Prarthana walks to Subodh and slaps him. Mandar asks Meghna and Jyoti who ideas was it to take loan from society ladies. Amar praises Bindu that she is too good. Bindu says he is also too good.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think viraj is the owner of prarthana’s company

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