meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 27)


Recap : Ishani and ranveer are congratulated downstairs by everyone , the godbhrai functions starts .

Episode : everyone were enjoying the party , meanwhile the mehras (shikhar’s parents) entered with a bouquet in their hand , ranveer and Ishani go to welcome them . before them krisha reaches and hugs all of them , her parents take her child and bless them . krisha asks as to where is bhai ? from behind comes shikhar and says here is bhai , krisha hugs him , they both greet eachother . krisha says if he is still single , shekhar says , well no , from behind comes a girl , he introduces her to all as shivanya , his girlfriend , Ishani and ranveer welcome her . she congratulates them , and enters . then Ishani asks if he has totally forgotten her (Ishani) and is serious about shivanya ? shikhar replies as to no , yes . I mean no how can I forget you , my first lady love , but yes I am finally serious about someone , after you ! Ishani smiled looking at him and congratulated him . he held her hand and kissed it , and said by the way you look even more prettier with this tummy , Ishani said shekhar I am married .till then ranveer came and saw them , he said vaisay tumhari vali wahan tumhara wait kar rahi hai , aur tum yahan meri wali ke sath flirt kar rahe ho ! shekhar smiled at went away to shivanya .

Later , ranveer came to ishani with juice , when they heard some ladies talking of them , they said , about 6 months ago when they had come to krisha’s godbharai , Ishani couldn’t bare a child , and now see , suddenly , she is pregnant , I think this child is illegimate , and ranveer knows about it , still he is accepting it , the other one said ya right , I mean if he can accept ritika’s child then why not ishani’s , I mean there is no difference , in fact in one house how can they have two functions for godbharai , first for ritika and then Ishani , but one thing that is similar is that the one hosting the function is the same, however none of them is his child ! they giggled . ranveer got wrathfull at hearing this , Ishani hed him , but he tossed her hand and went to them , he said how dare you two talk like this about my wife , I mean hamare hi ghar ke function me ake , hamare hi bare mey you are talking lke this ! shame on you , do u even think of what you people say , what if I question you of your child , weather is it your husbands blood or not ? you should be ashamed of youselves ! everone in the party looked at them , amba came and settled everything down , she said ranveer to calm down , why do you listen to their talks , till then parul comes and says that the pandit is ready , and we should start with the rituals ..

The whole family then assembles , and the rituals take place , Ishani and ranveer look at eachother and smile .

Later while everyone was leaving , after the party got over , Ishani met shivanya , and congratulated her , she said you are up with really good boyfriend , so when are the plans to get married , I would like to meet you some time . she (shivanya ) shies , till shikhar comes , and interrupts them . he says chalo it was nice being here , now you should come over some time but only with the junior vaghela , Ishani smiles , and both shikhar and shivanya leave .

Precap : ranveer was in the room thinking something , when Ishani came in , and bolted the door , she came to the bed near ranveer , and held him by face , ranveer moved aback , and asked as to what is the matter Ishani , she said ranveer I just wanted spend some quality time with you , bae !

credits : Meera

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Really really superb.loved it meera and it is nice shikar with shivanya.precap is very strange.waiting……

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Really really superb.loved it was nice that shikar with shivanya.precap is very strange.waiting…..

  3. sis i love this ff very much

  4. interesting..

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb meera

  6. It’s written beautifully meera. Have u guys checked out the link I posted few days back? If not, please do.I know u won’t b disappointed

  7. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    heyy meera’s wndrful…waiting for precap..i thnk tmrw epi hav som intimate moments btwn ishhveer na yaar..keep rocking sis…i really luv it alot..

  8. Thnx everybody!

  9. Nic story

    Guys please read this story and vote by clicking on the star at right hand top most corner… Drop in your comments too. If the writer can do so much for our MATSH, oughtn’t we show our love and support by doing such a small thing for the writer… You have always supported the ff’s here, it’s time to show our love for this story too… Please guys.

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