Kalash 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika says Ambe Maa why you are punishing me? i have misunderstood Ravi, i didnt trust him this is why i am being punished, she says i am living in guilt, i cant bear losing Ravi, i cant bear fear of losing him, i want Ravi to be fine, Ravi takes deep breaths, Devika comes to him and and says you are conscious? you need anything? Ravi says my hand has pain, how did my hand become fine? Devika recalls how she jerked his hand and it became fine, she says all because of Ambe maa, she makes him drink water and holds his hand, she thinks to tell him how much she loves him, Ravi says you got chance, why didnt you leave me? now you will have to listen to me daily, Devika says i dont mind, you can do anything, Ravi says really? she nods.
Saket and Navi are in jungle, Saket says to Navi that you are not my boss here so dont order and also you are alone in this jungle, Navi says dont try to make me afrad, dont forget how you were shivering when you were on gunpoint, Saket says i have seen all this from childhood, Dildar is dead and now gun in my hands, Navi says i have killed Dildar and i can kill you too.. Sajid comes and says i have seen hut near, maybe they are there, Saket says both are injured so can be there, all go to hut side.
Devika says to Ravi that i have made soup, its important for you to drink it, Ravi says you know to make soup? she says yes, she makes him drink soup, Ravi says its nice, Devika says i know you are lying but i made it from anything i got, Ravi asks how did you make my hand fine? Devika says i knew that i had to make it fine so i jerked it, i took the risk and god helped me, she says in childhood, i got sprain in leg, Savitri twisted my leg and it became fine so i thought of twisting your hand too, Ravi says i need to saved from you, like you join my hand then can break my hand too, i will keep this in mind before hugging you, Devika says you dont need to be afraid, you are safe with me, Ravi asks what she means? she says nothing, Ravi says i listened i shouldnt be afraid of you and our marriage night is going to happen soon, Devika gets shy and moves away, Ravi says i will come to you, Devika comes to him and says you are injured, you dont need to move, dont try to become hero, Ravi says if i touch you, if i kiss you, you will let me, this time, they share eyelock, Ravi caresses her face, she holds his hand, Meine Khud ko plays.
Saket and Navi comes outside hut, Navi says we cant go in as then they will see us, Saket thinks that i have to kill Ravi, what Dildar couldnt do, i will do it, Navi thinks that i will take Ravi safely from here, i will keep goons on my side by giving them money, they will kill Devika and i will take Ravi from here.
Ravi tries to get up, she says if you need anything then tell me, Ravi says dont go away from me, he says you remember you told me that we dont have relation and you will not live in room with me and went out and ended our relation but then you changed suddenly, what happened to you? Devika says i wont tell you, Ravi says you must have changed your mind seeing my body, when you bandaged my body, you would have admired my body and said that you should not let go of me, Devika says you dont know me then, Ravi says so tell me if i touch you then why wont you feel bad? Devika says i dont wanna tell anything, Ravi tries to get up, he winces in pain, she scolds him and says dont move a little, tell me if you need anything, i need to change your bandage too, Ravi says this is all for taking chance on me, you wanna touch me, Devika says you can think anything, Ravi thinks that i will tell you my heart thing tonight, i wanna listen that you love me too, Devika thinks that i will tell him that i love him. Devika blabbers that i will leave with Ravi, Ravi gets up, Ravi says i am feeling cold, where is my Kurta? who took it? Devika says its only we two present here, Ravi says it means you took my clothes? did you do anything with me, Devika says i didnt do anything, Ravi says i know girls get impressed by my body, they do things, Devika says i am not that type, i didnt do anything, Ravi says thank God i am safe, Devika says what? Ravi asks where is my sherwani? Devika says i threw it, Ravi says you are liking me without shirt, Devika says i dont have any interest in seeing you like this, i couldnt move Sherwani from there to here, dont worry i will search clothes for her. She finds a trunk and says i may find something in it, she sees trunk locked and takes wood rod, she tries to break lock, Ravi comes there, Devika hits him with rod by mistake, she says why did you come here? now stay silent here, i am trying to break lock, she breaks lock, she opens trunk to find clothes of girls, she finds a kurta and asks him to wear it, Ravi says this?

Scene 2
Navi says to Saket that i will go from main door, you go from back door, Saket leaves. Manju comes there with all family, Navi is shocked, Navi thinks that whole family has come here, this must be Sakshi’s plan, Manju slaps Navi hard and saysi was so wrong about you, you have shaken me up, Sakshi was right, you are here that means you have kidnapped Ravi and Devika, why you did it? Navi says i didnt do anything, Manju says you said to Monty that you have meeting so what you are doing in jungle? you have backstabbed us, i wont forgive you, Navi says Sakshi have trapped me, Sakshi says stop it, dont try to fool us now, i knew from before that you are behind all this, she likes Ravi thats why she kidnapped him, we made you part of family and you did this, this is cheap, Navi says to Manju to trust her, Manju says stop it, you have given so much pain to my son, i wont spare you, Rekha says what was the reason behind kidnapping Devika? Vikas says take us to them first, we will talk later, where are they? Navi says to Sakshi that you have blamed me for Ravi’s kidnapping, you must be happy now, Sakshi says just tell us where are they, Navi says i dont know anything, i came here just because i care about them, i know who has done this kidnapping, Saket listens all this and thinks that she will take my name, she will trap me but i will not spare her.

PRECAP- Ravi doesnt find Devika in hut, he goes to search for her. Navi sees i have found legal document in which it is written that Devik has given her all property to Sakshi and Monty, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. OMG I really thought that they would be found today and taken back home, but no, more dragging.

  2. I hope navi doesn’t put the blame on sakshi and monty going by precap. Please end this track now. Has devika been kidnapped again? Going by precap.

  3. Please no more dragging. Its becoming really boring

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