Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 epi-188

The episode starts with Ishaani feels the same pain.. Ranveer eyes her lovingly! Later.. Shikhar passes by the way.. He sees them together and gets angry and throws something down. Ishaani comes there and asks him what happened? Shikhar tells I have wound. Ishaani calls servants and tells them to put oinment!??He asks why u can’t put? Ishaani tells I am busy. Shikhar pulls her closer and asks her is it more imp than me? Ishaani tells yes.! He leaves her.

Ishaani comes down. Ranveer asks her what happened? Ishaani tells same rat! Shikhar gets teary eyes and comes to randhir house and tells I am leaving! Randhir asks what happened? Shikhar tells she does not love me! Or like me! randhir asks so what? He tells I don’t wanna live with her forcefully! Randhir gets shocked..

Randhir tells him not to sing Ishaani words.. He aims gun at shikhar! He gets shocked and asks him what he is doing? Randhir tells him to do as I say.. Or I will kill u! Shikhar gets shocked and agrees as he says! Randhir shares the plan! Randhir tells him to take rest for 2 days and get ready with arrangement! Shikhar agrees and leaves

Randhir smiles evilly! Ishaani makes ranveer sit on bed and makes him sleep. Ranveer asks her how much she loves him? Ishaani asks him to bring scale but u can’t measure my love!! He smiles and tells arehhh waaa!! Superb! Dialogue! U did not tell this in real matsh also!??

Ishaani smiles.. Ranveer tells u r smile make me mad!n He tells I don’t wanna.. Hide truth anymore.. He tells that Randhir planned to kill u and shikhar also!! Ishaani breaks down.. Ranveer tells so for this only I came back! Ishaani asks so u did not love me?U want to me to..ranveer tells yes.. Not more than that!! Ishaani cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. Ishaani shouts..

Precap: Ishaani tells ranveer to get lost! Ranveer walks near door. Ishaani tells i will give u one.more chance! U can live with me! Or leave? She asks his choice? Ishaani prays for his good decision.. Tum hi ho plays. Ranveer does not speak up and turns aside. Tere liye plays..


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