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The Episode starts with the people doing arrangements to watch the final match together on the big screen. Dhara tells the team about the final match today, Kulkarni is their coach, he was my coach too, its tough to fail them, but not impossible, if they win toss, we have to choose batting only, we need minimum 200 runs, get all fears out, go and practice now. She sends the team. Kulkarni and Varun meet Dhara. Varun takes her blessings. She asks him to play well and make your dad and coach’s name shine. Kulkarni says if he plays well, you can’t win. She says you have one Varun, I have twelve, we will win the match, this is not just a match for us, we are walking with many dreams and hopes, we have Bulandgunj’s blessings, I want your blessing. She takes Kulkarni’s blessing. He says I don’t know will I have happiness by winning or losing, wish you all the best. She thanks him and wishes the same.

The match starts. Dhara’s team wins the toss and goes for batting first. Imran plays superbly and hits sixes and fours. Varun takes one wicket. Dhara asks whom to send now. Dinesh says Pandey, because he plays calmly. Dhara asks Pandey to have a calm mind and focus. The interesting match goes on. Dhara tells the team that she told them to play united, they did that today. Deepak says you played well and made a good score of 205, don’t lose focus, one team, one dream, see that trophy there.

The cable goes in the muslim area. The man calls cable guy and tells everyone that it will be two-three hours now. They see the cable on in hindu area, and talk about going in. They break the gate between the hindi and muslim area. They all join the hindu people and sit together to watch the match.

Basheer rakes a wicket. Kulkarni cheers for Varun. Varun plays well. Arjun gets angry and scolds Varun. Kulkarni shouts on Arjun. Dhara too shouts on her team to stop the arguments. Deepak says Basheer should bowl again, why are they making Arjun bowl. Dhara says let Arjun bowl, batsman will not know his bowling style, very good move Dinesh, some balls will go waste.

A player gets hurt. Dhara sends Veer as replacement. Varun hits and runs to take a run. Veer gets the ball and throws at the wicket, while he falls down. Varun gets out. Kulkarni gets shocked. Dhara gets extremely happy and cries. Her team wins. Deepak consoles her and hugs. The people in Bulandgunj dance and celebrate playing dhol. Kulkarni hugs Dhara. The team dances happily. They get the trophy.

Dhara and her team come back to Bulandgunj. Dhara is leaving the city and is in tears. Pitambar thanks Dhara for coming to Bulandgunj, you have to move on now, thanks for everything, you taught us how to live, whats unity, Roy has sent this for you, all the best. Dhara cries and reads Roy’s letter. She thanks everyone. The team starts fighting. She stops them and says I did not go yet, you all started again. They all laugh and chant one team, one dream. She smiles. Dhara leaves with her family.

The show ended on a good note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sahasranjali

    The winning scene brought tears in my eyes.. superb episode. Will miss u Dhara..

  2. All the best to the cast for the future projects

  3. All the best to the cast for the future projects… Good job by Vishal Gandhi indeed

  4. Where’s Sanjay 🙁
    It’s ok the serial had a message and all but she deserves a good life partner which whom she can share everything..

  5. Will miss u ????

  6. Yeah dat winning scene….was heart touching!!!! Dhara atlast got her wish fulfilled….?

  7. We will miss u tamanna, a very nice story. Keep up d gud wrk.

  8. That was an abrupt ending

  9. Where is sanjay


    Show ended…. and going to miss … but it ended with many lope holes like what happened to mihir?? What was the result of elections?? What happened to sanjay??? Dhara dream was to open cricket coaching what happened to that???….
    But yes show encourged us… going to miss

  11. Everyday the show hs taught us a lesson whether it b playground or lyf…..
    ‘pitch kaisi v ho ,batting end tak karenge,,,…’
    really I hope tht this batting wd b too long…..
    dhara’s father always say abt that goli ‘chabaana mat ,der tk chalni chahiye’…..hope tht d show cd hv run fr sm mr tym
    At d end ,miss u a lot tamanna n evry1of d show……
    really amazing writing n story……..

  12. I’ll miss Dhara n shubhangi 🙁

  13. Dharra n Sanjay’s love story…
    Ka kya hua….

  14. Hem Lata Barodia

    I liked this show very much… Please come back with season 2 showing Dhara’s second inning… her future perspectives. Miss u Dhara… Very well played…

  15. Dharra should have married sanjay

  16. We miss u dhara very nice show with great concept but need to see more episodes…..like batting end tak karenge…
    Miss U

  17. Ya true season 2 must come….felt that story is missing its end

  18. Very nice show but they ended it so soon. Really will miss Dhara and the show . This the first show that made some sense in the storyline . Really… Will miss Tamanna to the core

  19. Shloka

    Pitch kaisi bhi ho batting end tak karni h…..
    I m never gonna forget tamanna… it was my favourite serial… i felt like crying when it ended….
    It should have not ended soon… star plus should have gave it 10:30 slot…..
    But it ended… and i hope it to rethrn with season 2 i mean 2nd innings

  20. Sahasranjali

    I wanted Dhara to marry Sanjay. At some point I felt that they both will marry but he didn’t even say goodbye to Dhara. It was an abrupt end to the show. It looked like they were in a hurry of final backup…
    at the end it didn’t look like the serial was based on Dhara rather it looked like its basic plot was Bulandganj. The final episode could have been better. Or I shall say it should have been better. And where is Roy.? The person who always supporting Dhara other than Deepak.

    1. Sahasranjali

      And good job Star Plus. I dont know whether to say thankyou for giving us serials like tamanna and dehleez or for stopping it whenever you want. I know that every thing has to end but why so soon. And what about Dhara’s cricket academy.
      Shows like sns, yhm, dabh and yrkkh go on and on for ages while the good ones dont even last a year. This is not fair. Shows like tamanna which send down a positive message for the society are not shown but crap like mam where the male protagonist is marrying for the second time in a year is telecast in prime slot. Disgusting.!!

  21. Ashwani Sehgal

    Amazing serial with great cast.. Did not miss any of the episode.. Was disheartened when got to know it is ending and honestly ended very abruptly as she left the city just like that.. We even thought Sanjay will be Dhara’s new life partner as he sacrificed so much for her but she did not even meet him while leaving.. Would definitely like to see more seasons in future..

  22. I missing u tammana.. such a inspiring serial..miss u dhara… and cute her daughter…

  23. Will miss the show. But wasn’t they supposed to show dharaa as a famous Indian cricketer? I mean that’s what the story is about. They showed dharaa as a successful coach of a govt. school but that’s not the end. The show ended abruptly. We wanted to see her as a famous cricketer of Indian women’s cricket team. I hope they bring back season 2 so that we can get to see her journey as a famous cricketer. Waiting eagerly for season 2. 🙁 🙁

    1. I mean weren’t* and not wasn’t.

  24. WILL MISS THE SHOW. love you Dhara

  25. The ending was emotional. The winning scene was very well portrayed but I think that there’s more to this serial, so a Season 2 of Tamanna will be very much appreciated. I want to see how Dharaa sets up her academy and trains the girls to reach to their dreams. And it would be nice to see how the Bulandhganj boys will fare. I think the ending hinted that Roy was alive…well, I hope we get a Season 2 because this show was fabulous and it ending in a short period was unfair =(

    Also I hope Tamanna will be telecasted internationally (other than on Star Plus) like YHM, DABH, KKB, SNS because this serial deserves to be watched by every single person in the world for it’s positive message and motivating dialogues.

  26. Thank you Amena for posting written updates of Tamanna, the updates were nicely written and promptly updated! Thank you!

  27. Very good & we get good message .real story why they end it so soon.
    We will miss u dhara.

  28. Very inspiring show and I loved the acting of dhara,sanjay,Bhai ji and bashir.The concept of this show is very nice. And really I will miss this show very much.

  29. Mustafijur hauq

    Very good show and very inspiring.and the most good thing happens was that buland ganj became peace ful through a game.one team one dream…. Well done bashir…

  30. Unbeliveable..tamanna has finally ended,but has hopes for second season.bocoz picture abhi baki hai..evry1 has done outstanding acting esp.anuja sathe as dhara solanki and vishal gandhi as mihir sukhadiya liked the most.

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