Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-119


The episode starts with Radhika hears the door bell and comes there and opens it and finds kalpi and tells her to come in.. Kalpi comes in and sees shakthi normal and tells radhika now he is fine.. Now u get lost from here..!!.. Kalpi throws flight ticket in her face and tells her to leave from here tmr.. Or.. Radhika asks or? What u will do?

Kalpi tells u got confidence and u are speaking against me? Radhika tells yes. Today I will not leave u. Radhika takes her stick and tries to beat her. Kalpi holds it by hand and pulls her down. Kalpi slaps her and tells her useless. She taunts her badly.. Shakthi cries.. He tells her to get up. Kalpi tells she is big looser.. Radhika cries. Kalpi comes near shakthi bed. Radhika tells her to stop there.. Kalpi tells what u will do? Kalpi takes knife and she was about to stab ranveer. Radhika throws stick on her hand. Knife fells down.

Radhika comes there and holds her hair. Kalpi and shakthi gets shocked. Kalpi asks u are acting this many days.? Radhika tells yes. I did this to stay here and see my son and husband.. Kalpi tells how dare u are? Kalpi raises her hand. Radhika stops it and slaps her again and again. Shakthi smiles and tells radhika not to leave her and just kill her.. Radhika takes knife and comes forward.

Madhu comes there and stops her and tells her it will be sin. Madhu takes knife and stabs kalpi.. Radhika asks what u did? Police comes there and arrests madhu.. Madhu leaves from there.. Radhika runs but madhu leaves with police. Radhika comes back to house and sits near shakthi. She touches his hand. She tells soon u will feel my hand and All.. She smiles. Shakthi smiles at her. Radhika wipes his tears..

Ranveer asks Ishaani now u know how to kiss? Ishaani tells there is still time u should wait. For It. He smiles and tells pls give kiss on cheeks at least now. Ishaani tells then no kiss. He tells OK I will wait. Ranveer comes to Hall and ons the TV and sees madhu with police and gets shocked.. He tells this to Ishaani.. They both comes to police station.

Ranveer comes to madhu and asks what happened? She tells nothing.. I killed kalpi that is it. He gets shocked.. He asks her to tell the truth. Madhu tells yes. Ranveer cries and calls lawyer and he comes there..

He tells Ranveer Monday only we can bail her. Tmr only so wait. Ranveer cries holding her hand.. He comes to home and sees news and gets shocked…

Precap:Radhika opens the door and sees ranveer and Ishaani and gets shocked. Ranveer and Ishaani comes there and sees shakthi state. They both sit near shakthi. He sees Ishaani and radhika again and again and gets shocked. After some time. Shakthi asks radhika….

Guys here is the next track to dragggggg my ff???????pls support me???it is based on radhika past. Guys pls suggest new name for a boy pls pls and girl. Girl name should be like villain. Terror name. And boy should be normal name..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. but yeh yha akr kyu bark krti h…. fb pr kisi ko ni chodti me toh yha. kaise such bolne dungi….. or rhi baat arya or chudail ki toh unki bat na hi kro toh better

    We dont know y its not good o girl ho live bol chuki hi i love him i miss him or yh always. kuch na samjy … but co_ star samj ke he mil ly but noo…

    or sh zada banta hai as a friend hi mil liya kre pr nahi…
    ha g logo k radz wrong rhi but us ny konsa wohi k i hi kff ki hi but they not look shakti behaviour hunnn blind fan….

    Ohh i see its ok ap fb wali ho na. sa name say ok. Ok i understand lagi raho…. or mujy nahi acha lagta nhi lagta thats it ap ko lagta its ok apni apni pasand hi shadhika wasy itna he couple pasnd hi to ig ka name change karlo haha…. shadhiko ko aashiqui bhaiya….hi dr…
    Haha mujhe kaise pta hoga woh ap shakti se puchiye…. naaq

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