Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-119

The episode starts with Radhika hears the door bell and comes there and opens it and finds kalpi and tells her to come in.. Kalpi comes in and sees shakthi normal and tells radhika now he is fine.. Now u get lost from here..!!.. Kalpi throws flight ticket in her face and tells her to leave from here tmr.. Or.. Radhika asks or? What u will do?

Kalpi tells u got confidence and u are speaking against me? Radhika tells yes. Today I will not leave u. Radhika takes her stick and tries to beat her. Kalpi holds it by hand and pulls her down. Kalpi slaps her and tells her useless. She taunts her badly.. Shakthi cries.. He tells her to get up. Kalpi tells she is big looser.. Radhika cries. Kalpi comes near shakthi bed. Radhika tells her to stop there.. Kalpi tells what u will do? Kalpi takes knife and she was about to stab ranveer. Radhika throws stick on her hand. Knife fells down.

Radhika comes there and holds her hair. Kalpi and shakthi gets shocked. Kalpi asks u are acting this many days.? Radhika tells yes. I did this to stay here and see my son and husband.. Kalpi tells how dare u are? Kalpi raises her hand. Radhika stops it and slaps her again and again. Shakthi smiles and tells radhika not to leave her and just kill her.. Radhika takes knife and comes forward.

Madhu comes there and stops her and tells her it will be sin. Madhu takes knife and stabs kalpi.. Radhika asks what u did? Police comes there and arrests madhu.. Madhu leaves from there.. Radhika runs but madhu leaves with police. Radhika comes back to house and sits near shakthi. She touches his hand. She tells soon u will feel my hand and All.. She smiles. Shakthi smiles at her. Radhika wipes his tears..

Ranveer asks Ishaani now u know how to kiss? Ishaani tells there is still time u should wait. For It. He smiles and tells pls give kiss on cheeks at least now. Ishaani tells then no kiss. He tells OK I will wait. Ranveer comes to Hall and ons the TV and sees madhu with police and gets shocked.. He tells this to Ishaani.. They both comes to police station.

Ranveer comes to madhu and asks what happened? She tells nothing.. I killed kalpi that is it. He gets shocked.. He asks her to tell the truth. Madhu tells yes. Ranveer cries and calls lawyer and he comes there..

He tells Ranveer Monday only we can bail her. Tmr only so wait. Ranveer cries holding her hand.. He comes to home and sees news and gets shocked…

Precap:Radhika opens the door and sees ranveer and Ishaani and gets shocked. Ranveer and Ishaani comes there and sees shakthi state. They both sit near shakthi. He sees Ishaani and radhika again and again and gets shocked. After some time. Shakthi asks radhika….

Guys here is the next track to dragggggg my ff???????pls support me???it is based on radhika past. Guys pls suggest new name for a boy pls pls and girl. Girl name should be like villain. Terror name. And boy should be normal name..

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Payal

    Good superb ranaji but make our shadhika more romantic and their hot romance now happy ransji and sorry

  2. Payal

    If these matsh ffs were not there i had died before only they are like my support system after matsh end i love them

  3. Payal

    I want my matsh-season 2 with our shakti arora and radhika madan our shadhika as soon as possible oh God please do this and unite our shadhika lovebirds in real life too becoz they love eachother alot

  4. Payal

    Guys see india forum that topic latest written deleted becoz it is useless they are saying that SHAKTI IS FOLLOWING RADHIKA ON IG SO NO CHSNGE THERE AND THEY BOTH ARE FOLLOWING EACHOTHER so they closed that useless topic

  5. Payal

    Guys you all ki matsh ended in between it is totally incomplete
    Ritika just ran away not even punished
    Amba accepting ishani
    Lakshmi masi
    Nitin is ishani’s real father
    Parul took disha and manas baby and ran away they were searching for parul
    They didn’t even go back to Mumbai from haryana
    Ranveer till the end did not come to know that he consummate with ishani
    Ishani’s went to anjar and in the end also they didn’t come back
    They left it with ishveer’s hug only and looks like nirbhay track is over and then ranveer and ishani will come back to mumbai and then their married life will start and the show will continue this no end from any side
    Like in any other shows they should show ishveer’s happy married life and problems facing together they didn’t show ishveer happy married life for a while also only problems
    It all looks incomplete and God please do some miracle and bring back matsh-season 2 with shadhika soon becoz saurav balaji kapoor written in his fb page that makers and ekta is seriously pkanning for season 2 on fans demand becoz this news is on many sites and many articles are coming regarding season 2 becoz there is very huge popularity of this couple seeing this some action of bringing back matsh-season 2 will succeed soon by God’s Grace

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Bro the episode was nice and I am very excited on next episode.l mean Ranvi and shakthi meeting.
    Sorry bro I don’t get any name.

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Names-Shivani and shlok.l don’t know is Shivani a terrific name but I am suggesting these names.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      It is OK I have decided two names. One is shivanya and other is sesha. It is nice CE or not?

  8. Keerthi

    What about rasbir for boy and saarah or satvi for girl….. Make it more interesting with romantic track brother that’s what we want as ur ff is the only way to think about shadhika daily ….. Hope u take my suggestions

  9. Ranaji superb episode…..pls give some romantic scenes of shadhika ……boy name rohan …..girl name shesha ….

  10. Good morning to my sweet sisters
    Sathya keerthi sana vyshu payal khushi arham mariya sumiya sumi …..
    My naughty bros …..
    Prince ,ranaji ………

  11. Ranaji y u got tis much angry..i am not read ur ff from past one wk bro so i couldnt comment abt tis epi.whenever iam free i ll read one wk epi ten i can understandna..pls dnt think lioe tis bro.everyone here like ur ff most bro

  12. PRINCE

    hello my all lovely…sweety….hearty brothers & sisters …….how r u all???…… it’s just make me happy we r a famiy….a family that filled with AASHIQUI….. i love u my all lovely brothers & sisters…..i’ll never leave u & will always be with u till the end ……..insha ALLAH our SHADHIKA will unite soon

    • Payal

      And Prince bro and all don’t open the useless fb accounts of useless members which is not needed we are not concerned for bluddy useless people with no use and no importance to us i hope you understand and reply me

  13. Superb bro…..n feelin bad fr madhu…bro r u angry frm me…..plz apologize me if I hurt u,,still i m crying???? bro…u know i don’t have any bro or sis….but here I get so many…n I can’t see anyone angry frm me. So if unintentionally I hurt u and anyone here so plz plz I beg to apologize me….n becoz of my slow net I am a silent reader of many ffs..n after some days when my school will be opened n my 11th studies will be started I will get no time to comment here….
    Plz reply narendran bro if u forgive me??

  14. Superb epi bro…feelin bad fr madhu…n bro r u angry frm me…I am really sorry if I hurt u unintentionally….I m still crying?? plz apologize me….u know bro I don’t have any bro or sis but here I get many…n I can’t see anyone angry frm me…so plzzz plz apologize me….becoz of my slow net I comment rarely n after sometime when my school will be opened after few days then I will get no time to comment…. Becoz of my studies of 11th I will get no time n then I will only be able to comment rarely…plz reply narendran bro…if u forgive me????n sorry to others also if I hurt them in any case….

      • Payal

        Our shadhika love is true and pure they have to unite in real life also even God is with them that’s why all this is happening so that they can understand their love for eachother as soon as possible and these are all useless tricks which will never affect them and their love
        This clearly shows how much they care and love eachother becoz they both are very possessive about eachother our shadhika is in deep love now i have no doubt one day even their egos will be down and their true love will win oh God be with them and realise their love for eachother soon please God you are the only hope and way you can only do miracles in life

      • Payal

        Every couple fights but afer sometime everything sort out this will happen with our shakti and radhika also soon they will meet and sortout the matter and what matter i don’t know 2 weeks before in fame app chat both were talking about eachother especially radhika said i love you
        to shakti and said i really missing him i
        called him yesterday only to tell him that i am reslly missing him and shakti also specified radhika name separately and they both were shying and blushing to
        eachother’s name what is this?? THIS IS
        TRUE AND PURE LOVE WHICH OUR SHADHIKA HAVE but problem is that thay are hesitating in telling to eachother especially shakti radhika told indirectly msny times that she loves shakti like fame app chat,lohri video,happy ending video,rose day video

  15. Comment on Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi-Shadhika Lovers”Shakti and Radhika”‘s postMahiRat VD2day i quit….mujhe nahi lagta yeh dono kabhi real mein couple banenge its out of reach now…i know bahut Jan mere ish baat se sayaad sahamati na rakhe lekin sayaad yehi sach hain…mein chahata hu ki dono ho lekin hamare chahane ya na chahane se kabhi kuch huya hain toh main janta hu ki bahut logyaha abhi bhi aas lagaye bathe hain ki yeh hoga lekin mein aaj haar manta hu lekin all the best to all aap sabki mano kamna puri ho….mein yeh account banya tha kyuki muje lagta tha ki yeh dono one day real mein judenge lekin aab mein ise delete Kar dunga kyuki ab baki kuch nahi hain so thank u guys yehpage bahut hi aala page hain best one keep shining lyk this keep giving joyousmoments 2 others kyuki aap log bahut logo ko khush karte aapne kaam se aur bahut logo ki duayaein bhi milegi aapko…so aise hi karte rahe aapna kaam….Like·1·Report·Yesterday at 16:43View previous repliesMeri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi-Shadhika Lovers”Shakti and Radhika”Ya hm hmesha ese hi kre ge pr ap kyun ja rheLike·Report·Yesterday at 18:18Uzma BhattiHaha lgta radhika ki pic dyk k gusa hogymery bai kiya hogiya hiLike·Report·Yesterday at 18:25Ayesha Khanhaha koi bat ni aisa hi hota h…jb b en ki kisi k sath pic daikho to bt hum chipko fans hainLike·1·Report·Yesterday at 18:36Shreya SharmaDear shadhika jrur ek honge be positiveor fb leave krne ki koi jruray ni hLike·1·Report·Yesterday at 19:43Uzma BhattiHaha ayeha khan pic my uska face dyko jasy kisi ny mar k batiya hiLike·2·Report·Yesterday at 19:44Uzma BhattiRuchi Mehramujy group q nhi show horhaLike·Report·Yesterday at 19:49Shreya SharmaRukho main msg krti hu 2minLike·Report·Yesterday at 19:52Uzma BhattiOkLike·Report·Yesterday at 19:52MahiRat VDUzmaji mein pic ki wajah se nahi keh raha aap plzzz twitter par dekhe fans inhe pichle 2 months request Kar rahe hain ki plzzz ek IV 4-5 minutes ka dedo fans ke liye fir bhi yeh log itne kya kahu mein sirf 4-5 min ka IV bhi nahi deta aapdushre Jodiya ko dekhiye apne fans ke liye agar show khatam bhi ho jata hain toh IV atleast ek toh dete hain lekin yeh dono ko toh chodoji aab yeh sunte nahi toh hum bhi koi mare nahi ja raha…..Like·Report·Yesterday at 19:53Uzma BhattiOhhh dear bro koi nhi sub set hojy ga don’t worry iv b ajay ga shko jitna ord rha ord ly koi nhi but plz ac delt na krnaLike·2·Repor

  16. tiahahahha sahi kaha uzma ji shako bhot Hi uchi udan main rahta hai rads to kafi sweet hai sari problm to shako ki ego ki hai patta nahi uske mind mai kia chalta rahta hai. jab do o sath main hote hai tab to shakti ka pura dhian rads pe Hi hota hai or jaise usse important kuchh hai Hi nai or kbhi esa lgta hai k SB hamara feham hai why ????Like·Report·Yesterday at 20:18Anna Sharmasahi kaha shakti radhika wo kabhi iv nahi denge show end hone ke bd isliye mujhe bhi lagta hai wo dono kabhi ek nahi ho sakte.Like·Report·Yesterday at 20:21Noor Bhatiawo rads k bare mai ziada baat nahi kerta koi puchchhe to bhi to bhi kafi ghumaa k k answer kerta hai esa lgta hai k wo radhika se Judi her baat ko ignore kerne ki koshish kerta hai . yar itna bhi kia gf ka dar jab shako n rads sath main hote hain to uski tarf dekhta Hi ese hai k bas nazar Hi nahi hat tiLike·Report·Yesterday at 20:24Noor Bhatiaor ‘ye Jo kisi ko ignore kerne ki baat hotihai to insaan usi ko kerta jiske bare mai kuch sochta jaise k hum teen age main kerte hai jis se attract hote hain usi ko ignore kerte hain taki usko humari feelings patta na chal jae I think the same thing with shakti and radhika .Like·1·Report·Yesterday at 20:29Ayesha Khanri8 uzma…or pata ni en sb logo ko kya ho jata h hr waqt hopeless ho jaty hain…dont worry guys sb achaww hi hoga ok..Like·1·Report·Yesterday at 21:10Uzma BhattiHaha ak dum shi kha noor bhatia oy agrdost smjta to zaror milta but dil my chorhi is liye ignore kar RHA kar ly jitna karna ayga isky pass he hahaha she made for him and he made for herLike·1·Report·Yesterday at 21:14Anna Sharmasahi kaha uzma bhatti they are made for each other lekin wo dono iv nahi deyrahe tumhy lagta hai iv dngy.Like·Report·Yesterday at 21:20Uzma BhattiNa day iv but jo aj kal dik RHA o set hi radhika ka face dyko har pic my no smile or kl shakti ki twet haha karny do jo kar rhy hi hidden loveLike·Report·Yesterday at 21:31Anna Sharmahaha sahi kaha per radhika ne to shkti ke sath pic delete ki thi mujhe lagta hai wo relationship end krna chahti hai. uzma bhatti.Like·Report·Yesterday at 21:46Uzma BhattiAnna Sharma gusa gusa hi dear kitni dfa kha us ny milny ko but o nhi mila or mujy yh samj nhi yar us ny konsa sub delt ki bus do he to ki hi baqi to hi or us ny 22 post delt ki hi dearLike·1·Report·Yesterday at 22:21

  17. vious repliesAyesha KhanAnna Sharma kis k sath relationship? shakti k sath….haha phly relation hony to do…..kya ho gya app ko….Like·Report·Yesterday at 22:21Anna Sharmahaha sahi kaha uzma bhatti sirf 2 or 3 post delete ki hai sab nahi toh gusse se delete ki hogi.Like·Report·Yesterday at 22:28Noor Bhatiaha sahi hai yr shakti ne bot sari pic delete ki hain ‘ye kia mamla haiLike·Report·Yesterday at 23:32Uzma BhattiKiski ki hi bai usky IG my to radz ki ak b nhi thiLike·Report·Yesterday at 23:49Anna Sharmaarey noor bhatia hum radz ki baat kar rahy hi shkti ki nahi.Like·Report·Today at 00:37Noor BhatiaI know but shakti k fb pe kuch fotos Maine pehle dekhe radhika k sath woh nahi hai jaise nach baliay k selfi wo nahihai abhiLike·Report·Today at 00:56Noor BhatiaOK sorry it’s my mistakeLike·Report·Today at 02:02Anna Sharmasayed shkti ne fb ki pic radhika ke sath delete ki hogi pata nahi noor bhatia.Like·Report·11 hours agoWrite a reply…

    • Payal

      Now matsh-season 2 with our shadhika should start soon oh God do some miracle and make it happen then everything will automatically be alright like we want

  18. Payal

    Gus what is hPpening why shakti is doing all this radhika loves him so much and shakti also but that bluddy banchood neha should die kamini

  19. PRINCE

    OMG that b*t*h neha tweeted somthing that i want to kill her s soon s possible…….ya ALLAH pls unite our SHADHIKA….we can’t bear their separation …….i think neha taunted RADHIKA with that tweet…….oh u b*t*h neha just & watch……SHADHIKA will unite infront of u …& u can’t do nothing but only cry…….insha ALLAH

  20. MeLike·Reply·Report·4 hours agoVijay SinghFarji h yr y toLike·Reply·Report·3 hours agoPrincess MehakCutest coupleLike·Reply·Report·3 hours agoPrem Sukh RiyarPta nhi q aapko farji lgti h … chahta hu yee dono hmesa sath rhe ..Like·Reply·Report·3 hours agoSimar LeenKaun aisa nhi chahta ???Everyone loves their jodiLike·Reply·Report·2 hours agoSamrin FatmaMeLike·Reply·Report·1 hour agoMahek Nmso beautifulLike·Reply·Report·35 minutes agoJameela Banu JameelaI am alsoLike·Reply·R

  21. previous comments…Prince Asifinsha ALLAH they will be SHADHIKA very soonLike·1·Reply·Report·6 hours ago4 repliesChinna SelvimeLike·Reply·Report·6 hours agoChinna Selviwho don’t wantLike·1·Reply·Report·6 hours agoJanani Vardinikash…Like·Reply·Report·6 hours agoMahiRat VDHoping for the best….Like·1·Reply·Report·5 hours agoSushant DuriaYesLike·1·Reply·Report·5 hours agoSushant DuriaI am agreeLike·1·Reply·Report·5 hours agoMathankumarSADHIKA y ur hiding ur feeling.Like·1·Reply·Report·5 hours agoPreeti GaurI wantLike·Reply·

  22. ious comments…Achal PrasadWoo it Will be greatLike·Reply·Report·8 hours agoShiwanya GomaELike·Reply·Report·7 hours agoUmm E Rubabsweet coupleLike·Reply·Report·7 hours agoShona Sharmakaash aisa sach me ho jaataLike·Reply·Report·6 hours agoRoshni SonkerI want ki ye dono real life couple ban jayeLike·Reply·Report·6 hours agoAnthiya SinghYes it wil be sweetest couple………Like·Reply·Report·6 hours agoFozi FoziyaMereLike·Reply·Report·6 hours agoNihad Batolsweet coupleLike·Reply·Report·6 hours agoAbdul BaXitawwww cuteee

  23. Like·Reply·Report·Today at 03:28Shabana Hsh KhanI want itLike·Reply·Report·Today at 05:162 repliesAanshi SinghMe:):)Like·Reply·Report·10 hours agoPratima NeupaneWorld ki best couple baanjayagaLike·Reply·Report·9 hours agoSumi KhanHan yrr buht acha couple ha ishveer kaLike·Reply·Report·8 hours agoKomal Makwanabest cupalLike·Reply·Report·8 hours agoDeep Rajhaa yar jodi bhut pyari hLike·Reply·Report·8 hours agoRahul SharmaIn dono ki jodi bahut jamti he inhe life time ke liye couple ban jana chaiyeLike·1·Reply·Report·8 ho

  24. hika Lovers”Shakti and Radhika”‘s postAnna Sharmauzma bhatti kya shkti ne apni fb se radhika ke sath pic delete kiya hai koi noor bhatia mujhe bata rahi thi.Like·Report·Today at 02:26Faheem Jafferyaar saare ke saare pics abhi bhi hain Shakti ke fb page par. Tumhari comment ki waja se mujhe fazool mein check karna para aur time zaya hua. sachi sachi batao tum log kya waqai Shadhika fans ho aur dono Shakti aur Radhika se pyar karte ho. Mujhe toh feel hota hai ke basically Radhika ke fanho sirf aur woh bhi blind wale.Kher choro. mera mood off hai abhi. fazool me time waste karayaEdited·Like·Report·Today at 04:50Faheem JafferAur ab yeh na kehna ke mujh se poochanahin tha. Zahir hai ke jab koi banda comment parhe ga toh soche ga ke acha dekhta hoon iis cheez ko chahe adresss kia ho ya nahin.Like·Report·Today at 04:54Uzma BhattiSorry to say Mr Faheem Jaffer ASA mujy b lgta hi k Khair say ap b bus shakti k he fan ho or oh b both Brady blind Waly q k jub b koi bath hoti shkti kihe favour krty so mod mera b both khrab hi bat na he ho to bhtar hi okLike·2·Report·11 hours agoUzma Bhatti‪#‎Faheemjaffer‬Like·Report·11 hours agoAnna Sharmanahi faheem jaffer kuch photo radhika ke sath shkti ne sayd delete ki hogi ye mujhe noor bhatia bata rahi thi usse se pucho.Like·Report·10 hours agoEman AktherFaheem uzma radhika ke sath as well as shakti ki b buht bari fan ha or yeah baat mein janti hoLike·Report·2 hours agoEman AktherOr shakti aj kal Jo behave radhika ke sath kar raha ha bus us ki waja se ASA ha but basically shakti ke dil mein b kuch ha is liye ignore kar raha ha or yeah Jan kar acha lagta ha wasey wo b nice person ha or dil ka buht acha ha saro ki respect b karta ha bus WO apni feelings ko hide kar raha ha hum log to is liye keh rahey the but koi baat nahi karney do ignore AGR in ka piyr sacha ha to yeah zaror miley gein ak din bcz I think shadhka love each other radhika ka baar kehna ilu or shakti ka ignor yeahsabit karta ha or AGR WO neha shakti ki life mein na hoti to radhika hi gf hoti but WO neha us ki life mein pehley se hein bus is liye WO ghabraha ha q uzma theak kaha mein ney wasey hum sarey radika ki tarah shakti k b big fan heinLike·1·Report·1 hour agoEman AktherUzma kaho ho tumLike·Report·1 hour agoUzma BhattiHa sahi khaLike·Report·1

  25. day at 02:07βαπβιε ΦυξξηEmmarvelLouxxX coupleEdited·Like·Reply·Report·Today at 02:15Anna Sharmauzma bhatti kya shkti ne apni fb se radhika ke sath pic delete kiya hai koi noor bhatia mujhe bata rahi thi.Like·Reply·Report·Today at 02:269 repliesPrince KhanMe b ….Like·Reply·Report·Today at 02:31Cuttie PieMeLike·Reply·Report·Today at 02:33Fatima KhanHaa Yll plzzz Ek Hojao ap doNo plzzLike·Reply·Report·Today at 02:41Amber Sheikhrv already married hLike·Reply·Report·Today at 03:211 replyMaria Qubtiyamay chahti hoonLike·Reply·Report

  26. previous comments…Sriparna RoyMainw shadhika isliye bola kyunki ye dono ek hi h shakti or radhika….Like·1·Reply·Report·Today at 01:471 replySriparna RoyAyesha Khan tumne sahi bola maine usko hi kaha tha or uzma ne samjha ki maine usko bolaLike·1·Reply·Report·Today at 01:51Lovely MomoHmmm goodLike·Reply·Report·Today at 01:51Sriparna RoyWo to matsh ki wajah se bolti h par ab to wo dono ek hi h shadhikaLike·1·Reply·Report·Today at 01:521 replyNoor FatiMeLike·Reply·Report·Today at 01:54Soha OpshoriYe shakti us neha ko chodti kyun nehi hain…! Radhika to kitni cute hain uske samne shakti ko neha kyase dekhti hain…!! Allah kare shakti or radhika real life couple bann jaye…Like·3·Reply·Report·Today at 01:571 replySazida KhanHan yrLike·Reply·Report·Today at 01:58Noor Bhatiayup I want from the bottom of my heartLike·Reply·Report·Today at 02:01Ranveer GeeMeLike·1·Reply·Report·Today at 02:02Pakhi GoswamiPlzz god shakti KO radhika se or RADHIKA KO SHAKTI se pyar ho jaye… Plzz UN dono KO ek kardo…. Or waise bhi SHAKTI KO RADHIKA bina kisi or ke saath achhi nhi saacti.. Or RADHIKA KObhi SHAKTI ke bina kisi or ke saath achhi nhi laagti….Like·1·Reply·Report·Today at 02:06

  27. Sriparna RoyOr shakti ne neha ko pasand nehi kiya wo to radhika se kuch sal pehle mili….agr radhika pehle ati to shakti usse hi real life partner banati or sayed abhi wo bana bhi leLike·2·Reply·Report·Today at 01:38Ch Sulman ZafarMISS U…………..Like·Reply·Report·Today at 01:38Fuzail MansooriTu jo baho m aa jaye to Dil ko sukun miljayeLike·2·Reply·Report·Today at 01:41Shreya SharmaSathi AnikaLike·Reply·Report·Today at 01:41Eman AktherMeeeeeeeeee plz god in ko real life couple bana do plzLike·Reply·Report·Today at 01:42Sriparna RoyMaine tumhe kuch bhi nehi bola Uzma Bhatti…me neha ki fan ko bata rahi thiLike·Reply·Report·Today a

    • Payal

      Me yehi chahti ho ki shakti arora aur radhika madan real life couple ban jaye becoz both love reachother very much

  28. Raji dr ya i read neha’s tweet.u keenly read it na becoz of her insecureness she tweet like tis dr..but u know onething the reason for all tos prblm are mainly by shakti.he only keep mum that is y tis all happen.and u saw radz instagramna she pose wid arjun and ishan and she is very close wid ishan in that pic tis is becoz of shakti’s tweet for neha.both r fighting like a child.but onething sure if shakti loves neha means y he still not take any steps for his mrge his age also nearly 30na.he know very well if he marry neha means radz get apart from him permanently that is y he keep silent but always hurt radz

    • Payal

      But sathya dr it is normal pose dr not very close even her bestie aditi is there beside radhika, arjun and ishan her bestie friend aditi is there with them very close radhika is more close to aditi aditi is very close to radhika in this pic and beside is that bluddy ishan becoz he is her childhoid best friend and her mother’s best friend son also and in front it is arjun bijlani clicking
      selfie you saw it so it is normal pose dr but she posted it to make radhika jealous like she is clicking photos with arjun and ishan so shakti can’t see that understand sathya
      dr it is very normal pose dr he is only sitting on sofa beside them and in front there is radhika,aditi and arjun ok sathya dr
      That pic only which vyshu dr gave the link
      Reply me fast sathya dr please i am waiting

    • Payal

      Both arjun and radhika abd even smriti were gone to delhi for their mumbai tigers team promotion then only her bestie aditi and that bluddy ugly ishan had came to meet her for short time only as she and arjun has to return back to Mumbai in that event there only that pic was and now they are back to Mumbai as arjun posted a pic of both sitting in a plane after the event was over yeaterday only

  29. pls translate these in english drs…. pls tell me clearly each word… Anyone drs… rOr shakti aj kal Jo behave radhika ke sath kar raha ha bus us ki waja se ASA ha but basically shakti ke dil mein b kuch ha is liye ignore kar raha ha or yeah Jan kar acha lagta ha wasey wo b nice person ha or dil ka buht acha ha saro ki respect b karta ha bus WO apni feelings ko hide kar raha ha hum log to is liye keh rahey the but koi baat nahi karney do ignore AGR in ka piyr sacha ha to yeah zaror miley gein ak din bcz I think shadhka love each other radhika ka baar kehna ilu or shakti ka ignor yeahsabit karta ha or AGR WO neha shakti ki life mein na hoti to radhika hi gf hoti but WO neha us ki life mein pehley se hein bus is liye WO ghabraha ha q uzma theak kaha mein ney wasey hum sarey radika ki tarah shakti k b big fan hein…

    • Payal

      You know hindi vyshu dr
      All are saying samething if they are just friends then why he is ignoring her it is friendship but no if he would express then everything will be out that he loves her that’s why hei is ignoring otherwise there is no such reason only reason is they are very possessive about eachother and the reason is jealously they are saying that their love is true they will unite radhika many times said i love you and he is ignoring becoz he is afraid he is not expressing her feelings now it’s high time they both will express and if that bluddy ugly was not there then shakti’s gf would have been radhika only he would have been with her and now also they can be together but slowly slowly everything will happen and our shadhika will unite in real life too
      now they have to confess their love for eachother sooner or later
      Even before 2 weeks,everything was fine between them

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Akka I need to ask u one thing.. U r hubby will watch any shows.. Or serials?? Bla bla… Simply only I asked.. Have u watched theri movie? If not pls wait and watch 24massive movie. There Samantha is the lead and the movie was written by manam movie director so don’t worry sana and u????????

  30. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    ho .. my dearest naren bro . i am reading ur ff continuously ..actually i went to trichanthur as a tour .. so i cant com. on ur ff . sry if it hurted u … but we all know u r a brilliant writer and ur ff will be so good . dont even dare to think we will forget ur ff … no one here will forget this .. pls dont misunderstand me … sry so much as dont have net connection i cant able to com….

    boy name – vijay
    girl name – harshini

  31. Sathya dr u know onething shakthi said in recent interview…..he postpone his marriage …his only focus on his carrier ……

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Raji with this I found one thing.. Shakthi is confused that he love radhika or neha?????am I right? I think he loves radhika the most beyond the world. Guys anyone remember saravanan meenatchi serial? In that leads told that we don’t love each other. But they married finally in real life!!! U know guys

    • Payal

      Why if he love neha becoz shakti doesnot love neha shakti loves radhika only that’s why this is happening our shadhika will unite whether anything is going on becoz our shadhika love is true and pure
      Why they both cry real when they see eachother i gave that video link in ff 102 and ff 108 why shakti feels special connection with radhika and he tried with others but nothing happens like that and same is with radhika she also feels the special connection with shakti when she see shakti her tears comes automatically in few seconds but if with others nothing
      happens why only with both of them becoz they are very much in love and they are not realising it but sooner or later they will realise it becoz true and pure love is there so destiny also join their paths with eachother and both shakti and radhika horoscopes match perfectly with eachother when ekta kapoor matched it in matsh serial as she matches it hero-heroine horoscopes in every serial
      Even destiny is slowly joining their paths just wait and watch definitely God will do some miracles and Everyone thinks that shadhika loves eachother it is not a coincidence it is clearly visible in both shakti and radhika’s eyes,expressions,way of talking,offscreen bond, offscreen chemistry they are rare case not with everyone fans feel same no why only with shakti and radhika becoz it looks clear their love, their bond, their chemistry,their passion is very much real and with that video romantic connection vali i am sure

  32. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    hi frnds … satya akka how r u ? keerthi akka how is ur child ? and all my dearest frnds …
    i saw her tweet .. so nice .. now its clear like a water dear .. shakti and nexa r fighting .. actually nexa is not that wroth for shakti / sry if it hurted someone … but i am so happy .. no one need her .. and she took years to realise that . poor girl lost her wrothy time … any way good at last .. but feeling sad for nexa for loosing shakti ..

    • Payal

      Wow rookey bro i am very happy hearing this infront of that b*t*h bluddy our shadhika will unite soon in real life like in reel life destiny has written our shadhika’s union in real

  33. PRINCE

    my all most loveable bros & sisters pls be patient & keep praying for our SHADHIKA……i love u all my loveliest bros & sisters

  34. PRINCE

    hey my brothers and sisters let us a start a group in facebook page…….if u all permit me i’ll create a group page which will be named “AASHIQUI”….. we can also chat with eachother…….let’s make our family bond stronger…….what do u say bros & sissys????

  35. Sathya dr u r 100%correct …bez of her insecurity feel …she post like this …..this is all happen bez of shakthi ‘s mum ……..but in recent interview he said he postpone his marriage ……

    God will do some thing dr…but something happening between shadhika &neha ……..

    All fans r said the same thing dr…..

    • Payal

      Now our shadhika will unite soon and that bluddy b*t*h neha will go to hell i curse her from my heart guys

  36. Keerthi

    Dears wait please don’t come to any conclusion that neha has taunted Radz
    First neha tweeted on April 17 at 9.52 pm
    Thought of life..?
    #god #forgiveness #karma #begood #dogood
    Don’t fear God
    Fear karma
    God forgives
    Karma doesn’t
    After sometime shakti tweeted on April 17 11.52pm
    Good things comes 2 those who wait..but better things comes to those who work for it..
    Means karma doesn’t matter he says better things comes to those who work for it and good things comes to those who wait
    Shakti today morning at 7.52am tweeted
    You’re a spiritual being in human form.
    Sometime you simply desire to connect with a soul who feels like home……
    Note: his desire to connect with a. Soul that’s is none other than Radz who makes him feel like home because u saw how much comfortable he was with Radz
    Neha tweeted today morning at 10.31 am
    Thanks to him not wanting her, she no longer needs to be wanted by anyone….
    She wants to be wanted,
    But does not need it…
    That’s the difference between
    Want and need
    That takes us years to realize…..
    So it’s all about shakti only dear because he said no marriage plans as of now no because note the line “that takes us years to realize .”
    Their relationship is 5 years dears…….

    • Payal

      Keerthi dr i am so happy hearing fight between shakti and neha ab please there should be a breakup
      And keerthi dr please read my all comments and tell me please keerthi dr

  37. Payal dr pls translate vyshu ‘s 5.46 pm comments dr…..i cant understand fully …but its about shadhika ‘s personal life ……

    • Payal

      Raji dr i have already translated there below vyshu comment
      People says that if our shadhika love is true then definitely they will unite and shakti is hiding his feelings for radhika that’s why behaving like this becoz when someone think about somebody then only he ignors thinking that his true feelings will be out thst is what happening with shakti he is afraid that his true love for radhika will be out and if that bluddy b*t*h was not there before then definitely shakti arora’s gf would have been radhika madan only no doubt and now also she can be but shakti has to be strong then only everything will be ok

  38. Hey guys today my net pack is over n I don’t know whether my mom n dad will allow me to touch my phone or not becoz frm nxt Monday my schools are also starting n my coachings will also be there…so i’ll get less time….I will try my level best to comment here… But I dont know when will I comment now…hope u all will not forget me n sorry if I hurt anybody here unintentionally…here I get so many caring Bros n sis….I love all of them ,,my full matsh family????? love u alot my all Bros n sis…I promise that whenever i’ll get my phone wid an internet connection I’ll comment…….. But I hope u all will not forget me

  39. Payal dr y u r not fine dr.pls dnt worry dr.ya radz wid iahan arjun is very normal pose but onething sure radz post tis pic becoz of Making shakti as jealous.tis is right dr then only shakti realie his love dr

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      It is OK.. Pls watch 24movue which gonna be released on may6 ols watch it for me Na..

  40. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes akka i am so nice with all ur greeting …
    how is ur hubby and his relations ?
    how is our tn and kovai ?
    how is ur newly married life ?
    did u went to kerala after marriage akka ?
    and last but not least .. did u watch theri ??? if so with ur hubby or single akka ?
    how is it ?????
    i am also a huge vijay fan ….
    sry if i asked any unwanted question to u akka …

    • Payal

      It’s normal vyshu drcalm down radhik’s bestie is also there just with her and arjun bijlani is taking selfie they camw to delhi for mumbai tigers team promotion and now both arjun and radhika are back to Mumbai becoz arjun posted a pic of them both sitting in a plane after the event was over
      Vyshu dr examine that pic carefull y it’s normal pose dr her bestie Aditi is there with radhika in this pic
      And most important see the below comments written they are more important to us photos to roj kaam h

      • Payal

        In below comments all saying the samething that we said shakti loves radhika so much but hiding his feelings becoz he is not open like radhika confess her love for shakti i love him i miss him alot and you see clearly IN THIS PIC ALSO RADHIKA FACE IS DULL ONLY
        Everyone thinks the sameso it is not a coincidence it is written in our shadhika’s destiny to be together in real life also so God has joined their paths with eachother and doing all this becoz God also wants shakti and radhika’s union for whole life

  41. Haha @ jstpri @ hr_ pathan koi kisko defend who kr rha jo sachi dikh rha hi or jisko jo bolna hi boly hum yha kisko defend krny nhi I miss @ jstpri jo wo kr Rha hi sub ko nazar Larha hi jao ja k usko tb ac cheak karo q us k liker kam ho rhy hi only his egoestic attitududes behaviour ki waja say or ziyada siyani baji banany ki zaroat nhi ok

  42. but yeh yha akr kyu bark krti h…. fb pr kisi ko ni chodti me toh yha. kaise such bolne dungi….. or rhi baat arya or chudail ki toh unki bat na hi kro toh better

    We dont know y its not good o girl ho live bol chuki hi i love him i miss him or yh always. kuch na samjy … but co_ star samj ke he mil ly but noo…

    or sh zada banta hai as a friend hi mil liya kre pr nahi…
    ha g logo k radz wrong rhi but us ny konsa wohi k i hi kff ki hi but they not look shakti behaviour hunnn blind fan….

    Ohh i see its ok ap fb wali ho na. sa name say ok. Ok i understand lagi raho…. or mujy nahi acha lagta nhi lagta thats it ap ko lagta its ok apni apni pasand hi shadhika wasy itna he couple pasnd hi to ig ka name change karlo haha…. shadhiko ko aashiqui bhaiya….hi dr…
    Haha mujhe kaise pta hoga woh ap shakti se puchiye…. naaq

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.