Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV goes out, walking in the rain and cries.
Ishaani tells Sharman that he is thinking what he is seeing, what they can never think what she is watching. She recalls RV running to save her from the troller that day. She says she knows he insulted her but he didn’t let anyone else talk a word about her. She says whatever is between them remains between them, he won’t let anyone come in between and she won’t let anyone take the right.
RV thinks about the anti-circles, and what he said about Ravan.
Ishaani says for her RV is just Raam, who can’t let anything wrong happen to his Seeta.
RV goes crying, thinking about Ishaani’s cut from the kite string.
Ishaani says she has given him so many pains, he can’t see her in pain. He won’t say a word but won’t

stay without doing anything.
RV remembers all the pains he gave her. RV thinks he couldn’t see her in pain, then how can he hurt her. Forgive me Ishaani.
Ishaani says he has love in his eyes, even if he doesn’t say a word. Where there is trust, there is love but where there is no trust there can be no love. She tells him to trust Ritika and call her, love will never let them apart but trust will always keep them together. Ishaani goes inside, Sharman calls her. Ritika calls at once, and asks about everyone. She says she was so worried, she didn’t know shall he call him or not. He smiles and says it is all fine, and asks to do the engagement as well. She says she is really sorry, she lost the ring. She goes to open the door, as the bell rings. She is shocked to see Ranveer, Sharman asks who is it. Ritika says it is Sameera, she came for some office work. Shaman wonders why she cut his phone, and why did Sameera go so late to her home.
Ritika goes to RV, he bursts and says why she is doing so much. He says he looked at her photos with Chiraag. Why is she not letting him hate her, when she doesn’t love him.
Sharman calls Sameera and gets to know she is at home. He wonders why Ritika lied to him again.
RV says to Ritika that it isn’t love, but if she is his friend she must not have gone to Chiraag. He shuts the door, Ritika holds him and says she loves him. He humiliated her, in family and society. She remained with him always. She says there should be one chance atleast.
RV asks does he has to give her a chance who wants a divorce herself. She wants to separate from him because she wants to live with Chiraag. Ritika says she doesn’t love Chiraag. RV says it doesn’t mean she loves him, he regrets and fell on the ground saying he believed she loves him but he was wrong. Ritika sits by him and tells him to find out why she wants a divorce. He must talk to him, and if he doesn’t want to live with him he must let her out of the house. He must also do what she does, he must atleast do something. She tells him that he is just angry, but he loves Ishaani; whether they live together or not the love will remain between them. She says she has seen them both laughing in love, and now she is watching them crying.
Sharman arrives at Ritika’s home.
Ritika was sitting with RV on floor, Ritika holds his face. Sharman watches this. RV asks her what he must do. Ritika says he must have faith on his love, whatever happens he must not leave it. She caress his face, he held her arm. Sharman leaves enraged.
Downstairs, Sharman was disturbed thinking about them. He thinks he must not suspect Ritika, may be he was due to something important here. What is she hiding from him, he gets into the car.
RV says she is right, I love her and he must give her another chance. But he doesn’t know if she loves him or not. Should he see what Chiraag wants him to, or accept what Ishaani is doing for him. He doesn’t know if she really wants a divorce and go away with him. He sits on the bed, Ritika says if he talks to her he won’t need to think about anything. He must talk to her, he must trust her for once more and ask what is in his heart. She makes him go.
Sharman comes to Ishaani’s room, she is shocked to see him. He was enraged, and wet in rain. She asks what happened, he says he wants to tell her something. He comes into the room and tells her that her husband and his fiancé are having an affair.
Ishaani doesn’t accept this. Sharman says he is right, they both have a relation with each other. Ishaani asks why he thinks like this. Sharman says he was talking to her one hour ago, someone came to her home and she said it is Sameera. He went to her home and Ranveer was there. Ishaani says he must be mistaken, but Sharman says he has no doubt as he saw this with his own eyes. He says this isn’t the first lie, they always meet alone. Ishaani says RV was in bad mood, this is why he must have gone to Ritika, they are just good friends. Sharman says if they were friends, they must not have lied. He asks if RV told her where he is going. Ishaani says she won’t doubt him, she won’t repeat his mistake when she went to Chiraag. Sharman says he won’t do it, he will not marry Ritika. Ishaani says why is he taking this decision without talking to Ritika, sometimes eyes also betray. Sharman says she is making fool of herself, he won’t repeat the mstake. She says trusting someone isn’t a mistake, the mistake is when you don’t trust. He must not take a decision in anger, as one lose everything with them. She says RV taught her love and love taught her to trust. He has has loved Ritika, he must let her explain. She says she promises him to prove that there is nothing between Ranveer and Ritika.
Ishaani walks in her room, worried. She thinks about Sharman’s accusations. She thinks if she trust her love, what if Sharman is true. What is RV wants to live with Ritika.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks if you love someone, and the person wants to go away from you is it love. Falguni smiles and says yes, if he is happy this way you should go away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sun raha hai naa tu ….

  2. OMG what is this. Please don’t drag this suspicion longer. I hope ishaani will not suspect ranveer. Soon put a end to this session… We want good things to happen.

  3. I mean what is ritika doing yaar..?? Bad bad

  4. Today’s episode was good.Expected things happen today that Sharman will surely doubt Rithika.Rithika was right every time Ranveer trust Ishaani & similarly even this time also he must trust her as both love eachother.Ranveer please try to understand and know the truth that Ishaani also loves you as you do.Hope this misunderstandings will be solved soon. hope this All misunderstandings will be clear when Ranveer Rithika track mystery is revealed.please don’t drag much.waiting for a good episode.

  5. today episode is good ranveer realize his love. But sharman blame rithika. Ishaani dnt think that rv is wrong,he is right and u dnt change your mind, you have trust him. Then rv feel sooooo painfull in rain bocoz of his ishaani. Rv you trust her she didn’t do wrong with chiraag

  6. waiting for a good episode as soon as all the misunderstanding will revealed. And sharman doubt rithika but his thinking is wrong plz dnt create another problem engalala ithuku piragum Intha fight’a paaka mudiyathu.

  7. ishaani dnt go away from ranveer yaar plzzzzz. plzzz dnt drag ths suspicious scene soooo long. let rv nd ishaani know that they both luv eachother. cant rv atleast guess y ishaani have done those thngs? want them to b happy plzzzzzz.

  8. waiting for gud episodes….

  9. oh my god no no no nt again. wt is this wts happening? pls ishaani trust rv dnt make a mistake again. rv dnt u understand her luv still?

  10. ishaani please don’t do like typical wifes . every person needS some space .

  11. All bulshit don’t want to hear again about this serial ..

  12. please yaar!!!!!!!!! just stop this bullshit serial…saale ne hum logo ki watt laga ke rakhkhi hai….f**k offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ishani-ranveer and balaji telefilms…..

  13. please yaar!!!!!!!!! just stop this bullshit serial…saale ne hum logo ki watt laga ke rakhkhi hai….f**k offffffffffffff ishani-ranveer and balaji telefilms…..

  14. Bus Kro Yar Ye Lumba Serial?

  15. IF Ritihika really loved and respected Sharman, she would not lie to him and should just ave been honest – who is she loyal to? Ranveer or Sharman??

  16. A very good update that is very ddetailed explanatory, even if you have missed it. Well done!!!!!!
    Please let them be subtitling it, because of some of ud that doesn’t understand the language.

  17. Dont drag the serial may be i think ishani n ranveer will be unite on valentine day

  18. What a romantic fiery chemistry between Ritihika/Sherman, this will iron soon. I think between RV/ Ishani, they should separate, you ask why, the more apart they are, the stronger the love will grow. And also I want to Ishani parents for the true to be reveal to Ishani and then I want them to really fall for each other, and what other sacrifice RV had to do , not only save Ishani father from jail, but to keep her and her family together .

  19. I posted my comment but where did it vanish????????????????????????????????

  20. I saw in the promo ranveer confessing his love for Ishani.Glad to see this. Ranveer spitted out his anger on that drastic Chirag and hurt Ishani by mistake and cried and confessed his love for her on valentines day special episode.
    What’s this rhitika-ranveer secret dude????????????????????????
    Plzzzzzzz reveal fast.

  21. Please reveal the truth… more distance between ranveer and ishani

  22. Hate this ritika ! She is very bad

  23. hey Ishaani I have been completely drenched.Please bring a towel yaar………..and also a hot milk!

  24. Ishaani plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t lose hope.Falguni is right but………..I want to say that just listen to what everybody says but do that what ur heart says.

  25. Have this towel ranveer.But Uf ! Sharman already make it wet.

  26. Oh Ishaani! Don’t u think that here must be millions of towel in RV’s house.
    Sharman have a towel from Ritika.
    And where is milk?………..Don’t say that u drank it !

  27. Baskarlo eh natak shatak

  28. No ranveer, sharman drank it too. HeHeHe;-)

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