Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar says she never complaint anyone, she changed her identity and didn’t come to her family because she didn’t want to create problems in their lives. Ishaani asks what he wants to say. He gets clear that she is a woman of intergrity, people can’t take up their promises to others and she is fulfilling her promise to herself. She says he saw so much bad in her still he thinks like this. Shekhar reminds her that he is a lawyer, a successful lawyer; people pay him in millions because he can hear the truth behind the lie. He wasn’t hearing what she said to RV but what was behind all those words. He never lost a case, he can guarantee she can’t even kill an ant. Ishaani is irked. He asks her to clean her sweat. He says his quality is that he makes friends to help them not to take their

help. And being her friend, he can’t let her go. He keeps her bag back in the wardrobe. Ishaani says he is a good man and so is his family, she is lucky that she can trust them but she is a murderer and she can’t put them in trouble. Shekhar stops her, he asks if she trust him. She nods, he says she must then stay here or go where he wants to send her. He tells her that when he met them, he wasn’t sure if they would understand her situation but they themselves wanted to take her. Ishaani asks whom is he talking about, he asks to come with her and through upstairs shows Ishaani her family waiting downstairs. Shekhar says if she wants to go, she must go to her family at her home; he has talked to them all and they all want to live with her. Ishaani says this isn’t possible. Shekhar says it is possible and it is happening, he will make her meet them.
Ritika wakes up, RV says good morning to her and gives her a red rose. Ritika asks when he got discharge from hospital, he isn’t fine yet. RV says he is fine, though his hand bandaged. He says he came for her and brought breakfast for her though but he did these flower arrangements. RV asks what her plan is, as she is pregnant and he is injured so he will bring hindi movies of Sunny Leone… he stops at it. Ritika tries to talk to him about Ishaani but he ignores it and asks her about having a couple massage before movie. Ritika again wants to talk to him about Ishaani, RV shouts that what about her, she was a bad dream and he is happy it broke. He says he isn’t sad forgetting her, because when there was love or hatred, he only loved her. He couldn’t hate her even when she killed Chiraag, she went to jail, he still couldn’t hate her. He left the drawer half opened for eight months, because his feelings are still there. But after hospital, he knows Ishaani is an evil, she used him to get someone else’s love. RV says when he came to know that she is alive, all his feelings for her died. He says to Ritika they will celebrate today, the freedom from Ishaani. He says she is alive, but his feelings for her have been murdered and she is dead for him. He will not thank God for this but Ishaani herself. Ritika wants to say something, RV says no one will take the name of Ishaani from now on. He says she must think their first day of marriage started today, kisses her forehead, hugs her and asks if she also has a problem with him being a driver’s son. Ritika hugs him, RV cries. Ritika says he is still talking about Ishaani, he couldn’t get rid of her in his mind. RV takes her along.
Ishaani comes downstairs with Shekhar, everyone stand up. Chaitali comes to her, she says she has gone so slim. Ishaani looks at them all, Pratik hugs Ishaani saying they missed her so much. Dewarsh comes and says sorry Ishaani, he couldn’t fulfil a brother’s right to her. Ritesh says he is really happy seeing her, else they felt really bad watching their family members going away from them. Chaitali says she will take care of her as Falguni isn’t here. She asks apology for all the wrong they have done to her. Ishaani says she is elder, she must not say sorry. Baa takes a seat worried. Dewarsh asks Ishaani to forget what happened, and come to stay with them. Ritesh says they are a family and family must stay together. Shekhar says he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know what happened to her, but everyone makes mistakes and one must forget them to move on in life. Shekhar says when he talked to them all, he didn’t feel they consider her a criminal so she must also not think about it. Kanchal says she must not think that how they will live without her, they have learned a new vision of life living with her. Mr. Mehra says she taught a father and a son to live together, no one can forget her. Baa stands up and comes to Ishaani, she says she is the daughter of this family who deserves truly to be called Parekh, she wants to apologize her for what she did and wants to come home so that she can be loved as a granddaughter. Baa says she isn’t forcing her, Ishaani must stay where she wants to and whatever she decides, her grandmother is here. Ishaani stands to thank Shekhar for convincing her family to take her home but she wants to stay with her mother. Kanchal stands up, Ishaani says when she brought her home she felt her mother brought her home, she says she wants to stay with you. She says to Shekhar that he is an angel who gave her a new life, she wants to do something in life and not ruin his efforts. She wants to work in NGO and give her life some meaning. Baa holds arms and Ishaani hugs her, she says she must be happy had Ishaani returned but she is proud of her. Krishaa cheers at once that this is fine, Nirupa will stay with us and hugs Dewarsh. Kanchal hugs Ishaani. Shekhar thinks he doesn’t know how much pains she suffered with RV, but he only wants her to stay happy here.

PRECAP: RV and Ritika come to Mr and Mrs. Shekhar’s anniversary. Ishaani and Shekhar look at each other.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good. I didn’t expect Ranveer will talk like this that too with this evil Rithika. I hate this Rithika Ranveer scenes to the core. Shekhar is believing ishaani where as Ranveer who knows Ishaani from childhood doesn’t able to distinguish between truth and lie.. unbelievable.. reveal truth about Rithika soon . Waiting for a good episode..

  2. shiva

    fed up with this serial.. going more nd more worst.. wat happened to these directors does they any sense.. showing rithika as evil nd giving positive resultd 2 her..wat happened tio ishaani instead f getting close they r getting seperated.. Instead of meri aashiqui tumse hi they should give it as meri aashiqui kise aur ke sath..

  3. arora

    omg…………, what the hell is going on this episode, ranveer how could u do it, i didnt accept it, epd ranveer ni rithika va kiss panlam, enaku pidikave ila, wife ah yethukuranu solra, ava than un love ku villian, avala poi wife ah yethukitiye, omg hello directors ena story eluduringa, ranveer fans lam sema tention la irkom, avlo kadupagudu,

    • Sathyasree venkat

      I am also, omg I hate ritika, ranveer innum ishaani ya purijukala, omg, very bad episode, I hate it

      • arora

        ya sathyasree, ranveer ishaani ya purinjikave ila, ithan ivanoda love ah, inaki partha tamil episode kum ipa ula episode kum evlo differents, evlo love pana ranveer ipa ishaani ya avlo verukuran,

  4. arora

    china vayasulendu ishaani ya love panra, avlo sekrama un manasu lendu ishaani ya thuki potuta, shekhar ishaani namburan, aana childhood lendu ishaani ya pathi therinjirka aana unaku therila, avla blame panra, ithu than un love oda power ah, ranveer enaku avlo tention ah irku,

    • always ishanni neglecting ranveer’s feelings and word…(from the beginning) !!! pina RV ena pannuvan pavam solluga-_-

  5. really when RV comes to know the truth he will be hurt himself as he did not understand ishaani… enough director sir plz unite them, can see them separated always….

  6. rv how can say like this and rv and ritika sence. …..omg..yar
    but shekar and ishani sence is goood…..and now tomorrow rv and ritika face ishani again…..yar the true villain is ritika and! Rv mother ….and intension is not good…she will do something. ..yar…this serial. ..

  7. sri

    OMG???? wats this RV how can u talk so much
    harsh like this … this is not good aashiqui became nafrat story.. useless serial waste of time.. shit

  8. kavi

    ena nadakuthu inga, pidikave ila inaki episode, shekhar ishaani scene really amazing but rv rithika scene romba mosam…., paaka sahikala, intha story writter matum en kaila kedachan sethan, srory eludura vidatha paru, tention yethura maari, waiting for truth revealed scene

  9. Shâžñā

    Nw a dyz I stopped watching ths shw…reading oly in telly updates…lwayz crying n Ritika n Amba’s drama…nxt m gonna watch it aftr Ishani’s entry on Vaghela house…bcz thn al past mistrys gonna reveal…. 🙂

    Baa ne b ishani ko samjhne lgi h…lekin ye RV kab samjhega…tubelight…lol
    Aaj to kamaal kiya yhi h RV k true love…lol

    Ishani tho bas 8 mnths phle pyar krne lga aur apne lyf ko tumhare lye sacrifice kiya… 🙂

    • maya

      I liked the scenes of baa….i praised when she said you really deserve to be called a parekh, daughter of harshid… shikhar is now understanding ishani nicely…happy for her…..
      ritika n amba bai were already irritating.. but today the most bakwaas thing was rv…how could he say that all??…

    • Rosh

      You did correct thing by stop watching it , I stopped then started back now even more angry on the serial writer. What stupidity is this!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shâžñā

        U r ryt…writer n makers r responsible fr ths….thr s no sense @ al fr ths love story…ths s called aashiqui…juz irritatin…writer oly killed d beautiful character RV ♥♥bt nw dyz I lyk ishani vry mch♥♥♥

  10. I think tomorrow episode
    rv and ritika will dance …front of Ishani and then sekhar and ishani will dance….may be this would happy….. I am not sure about it

  11. but …goodnews guys rv and ishani …….willl do partnership in job ……rv will give donations to ishani for her ngo…..

    • malvika

      In the upcoming track, shikhar will think of proposing ishani for marriage…but then rv will try to prove her characterless….good days are far away…directors are trying to take our patience test…..
      ..irritated by rv today….how can he not understand ishani when even baa has started understanding??….weird aashiqui….no sense at all….dont know wats in ekta’s mind…

  12. ishveer

    Dumb ishaani..beause of her dumb charecter shekar lost his cute smile…first my ranveer and now shekhar… what would be the motto of rithika.I really cant understnd yr..And today ranveer hugged her and kissed her on forehead..Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yuuckkkkkkk 🙁

  13. kani

    Hi friends wat s this going on in this episode …..irritating to see…is she loved sharman or wat…wT this rithika goose is doing ….wat rv u can’t realize the truth from ish eyes…my god…

  14. ashwarya

    apt name for this serial should b meri aashiqui sab se hi…… ***** kissing dat ritika rv yaar sadma laag gaya hai tumhe????

  15. yess…guys in upcoming episode shikar will purposes to ishani…front of rv now …rv will understand. …but rv will say bad things for ishani front of shikar and shikar will loss his temper and then beat rv …..then ishani and shikar. goo for dinner then rv will shown jealous. ….wowww but waiting for good episode

  16. nazria

    Because of today’s track this much discussion hey this is just an serial yaar .they want to run the show na.ivalo seekrama rendu paeraium saethu ta serial apram epadi izhuka mudium .namala epadi innum muttal aaka mudium.I m right or wrong friends

  17. Rosh

    Guys RV is just waiting to have all relation ship as a wife with Ritika that is all , how he was jumping around and over acting today.
    Ishani went to jail and when came out she saw her aashiqui living as another ladies husband how on earth she will go back to him.!!!!!
    Why RV the great was asking her why she didn’t go to him I couldn’t understand at all.
    He has some bipolar disease of love the is going Isahani then to Ritika.
    I just don’t want Ishani to look at him, if she go back also that servant family will torture her, RV is not different either.
    Seriously friends today I felt like slapping him to bring him back to his sense. So much of Money but no common sense how can this man talk about his aashiqui , he has no right what he has is aashiqui for Ritika. Ishani you did correct go ahead with your NGOS work for your beautiful nature some one else will come or be happy as you are. I won’t watch tomorrow and few more days what a shock Ingot today by RV the great.

    • maya

      I agree with u rosh…he does not have bit of common sense and to add more, he is losing heart too…i guess h has became senseless…i feel that he does not deserve ishani….he doesnt undestand ashiqui but rather lectures all about it…..irked by his words today…he hugged ritika….yuck!!!!!
      Go ur life….enjoy it full…shikhar is indeed a nyc frend….dont get back to the past where there was only tears….happiness is for u 2…. on ur syd..luv ishani ashiqui…….

    • Shâžñā

      Agree wid U Rosh….n maya U r ryt…evn i juz luv ishani’ s ashiqui♥♥♥ nw a dyz Rv’s character goin lyk a stupid lover 🙂

    • joydeep

      Hi guys. I just want to say that I have lost all my patience .I started watching this serial bit late . But then I really liked it so started watching it online from the first episode. I was really addicted to this serial . But cant watch it any more . Cause what the director thinks about the audience I have know idea .A little bit of drama is necessary but this is to much . This serial has crossed 237 episodes but only in 10-15 episodes one can actually see both of the lead role are in love and together . I mean if you name a serial Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi there must be some Aashiqui ,romance or at least some happy time in offer . Rather than that what actually made the serial attractive( ishani’s smile and ranveer’s unconditional love and faith towards ishani) is missing altogether from a long time . I will not watch it any more from tomorrow .Please change the title of the serial MUJHE AASHIQUI NEHI KARNI .

  18. Tum hi ho

    today’s episode was gud…shikar nd ishaani really rocked today…ws surprised but happy to c dat d great baa understanding nd praising ishaani…shikar yaaarrr…ur a wow..!!! did a great job for ishaani…but rv wat happened to him…i mean jab kisi ko pyaar karne waale insaan ke zubaan baar baar jab khud ke liye nafrat bhari baate sunte hai…den it hurts u alot..dats very true…but rv u knw ishaani frm childhood..jab tum 2 saal tak usse door toh tumhara pyaar zinda tha..isliye hi toh tum RANVEER ho..sabse alag..phir achanak yeh 8 months me aisa kya badal gaya??..pls rv ishaani ko samjho..uske pyaar ko samjho..woh tumhare liye jee rahi hai…jab kal ka aaya shikar usse samaj sakta hai..den kyu tum usse naa samajkar,apne se door rakhkar..khud ko torture dey rahe ho..u knw vry know dat ishaani is only urs nd u cant live without her nd her pls jst stop dis shit drama nd eppadi yavadu ishaaniye unnoda vazhkayille tirumbi vara veychidu…

  19. Ishveer

    Ranveer wat r u doin u new ishani since 9 years old n u still can’t understand her feelings ??? wen will the truth of wat ishani did for TV be revealed its totally annoying

    • kusum

      of course ishaani because rv was loving her from childhood but he is now not in a condition to understand wat is true love(which ishaani is showing towards him) and wat is love(which ritika is showing towards him) and ishaani she started to love him after their marriage but also she sacrificed a lot for him

    • malvika

      How did u come to know that??? No no no no shikhar cant die…he is a real charm…such a gud smile..writers cant do that…i will kill u ritika if she even thinks of that….

  20. ashwarya

    miloni frm where r u getting this info?? of killing n all?? n fr me ishani is true to d core in her love.

  21. joydeep

    Hi guys. I just want to say that I have lost all my patience .I started watching this serial bit late . But then I really liked it so started watching it online from the first episode. I was really addicted to this serial . But cant watch it any more . Cause what the director thinks about the audience I have know idea .A little bit of drama is necessary but this is to much . This serial has crossed 237 episodes but only in 10-15 episodes one can actually see both of the lead role are in love and together . I mean if you name a serial Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi there must be some Aashiqui ,romance or at least some happy time in offer . Rather than that what actually made the serial attractive( ishani’s smile and ranveer’s unconditional love and faith towards ishani) is missing altogether from a long time . I will not watch it any more from tomorrow .Please change the title of the serial MUJHE AASHIQUI NEHI KARNI .

  22. What is rv talking about,when did he get married to ritika? Are the directors really serious or to them they were married but to viewers they were just room mate,this is pathetic and below the belt.very disappointing

  23. Not soo good episod yaar kuch achchi story lao track par warna serial hi band hojayega. Huhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
    I was soo excited to read dis Mondays episode bt at last kuch achcha nhi milaa……

  24. MATSH

    I think RV just over exaggerated today,,,and he chose to Serve characterless Ritika in the attempt of destroying Ishani in his Heart…OK RV if u wan,juzt u burry the thoughts of ISHANI in your mind but the way he chose was completely wrong,,, its ok forget ishani and move onn but dont ever change ur heart and love …
    I completely disagree with todays scene,,,,this is what ishani u wished? to give your Ranveer to a vampire and now u acheived it,, ishani,,,

    anyway Rv will purposely try to show Ishani that he has moved onn and make stupid dramas with Ritika,,, and i juz cant wtach RV burning all Ishani’s belongings,,

    Ishani soon win back ur love RV is important to u not Ritika,,,

    I cant understand why so much of hide and seek drama .. why ishani still didnt come to know that Rv is not married,,,even after staying at shiker’s so long? why didnt RV still come to know that Ishani did all these for him?

    its the writer Sonali Jaffer responsible.. i jus read an interview of hers today which was last years,, she says in that they dont want to disclose secrets and most awaited moment that easily coz they assume that audience lose interest..,,,
    only after making the twist and dragging it so much only they imagine the climax of the twist,,,i think the writer’s should have the climax of the twist first in their heads before they make a twist and can easily drag it along to the climax…

    what do u guys think? Did RV over exaggerate today forgetting his 18 years old AASHIQUI?

  25. xyz

    This serial is going no where… simply dragging everyday. and how stupid tht Ishani will read the msg on her mobile and connect to ritika. Wouldn’t ritika try all possible ways to delete tht msg beforehand? nonsense!! I ready the written update and even then though it takes hardly 5 mins to read, I still skip most part of it. the whole essence of MATSH is gone

  26. jyothi

    It’s ekta kapoor serial. What one can expect…1 person loving and marrying many person, interchanging. May be her stories are all inspired from her own life.

  27. Bakwasss serial yaar…kissssyyyy hugggg ah omg this s two much…someone not accept our love its really gng to be die like abhi in kkb..there s no such that scene oru ponnu love accept panalanu udane adutha ponnuku kisss huggg ah tooo much…..the serial start with rv love that time irritating ishaani character nowadays serial focus on ishaani love writters killing the rv character ….rv never think about wat was happnd in past days with ishaani..if he think about that days he s surely should know about ishaani love…anyways rv enna torture panalum ishaani ku support pana shikar irukan…we want to c jealous rv…pls make some romantic dance between ishikar …baa really superb…u done a great job…amba pls i dnt want to see lyk this(negative character)..hellooo hi bye byee ithu suit agum ungaluku

    • arora

      ya kowsi crct ah soniga, hello hai bye bye than suit aagum……, manorama…….,

      • Ama arora …..negative charac suit agala…ponga arora nan pakurathe two serial tan kkb and matsh …rendum ipdi pottu kolranga…nauc epachum papen

      • arora

        na matsh matum than papn,,,,,, athuvum ipa romba mosama poitu irku, ena koduma kowsi ithu,

  28. Manisha

    I hate Ranveer Ritika scenes.ranveers behaviour is foolish.why he doesn’t use his brain?dont like to watch Ritika Ranveer.shikhar is very good friend of Ishani and he loves her and also respects her.he doesn’t know Ishani from childhood but he knows her we’ll and thinks that she is innocent.but Ranveer can’t understand her?ranveer has gone mad or what?dont spoil ranveers character by taking care of Ritika and try to move on with Ritika.he can stay alone.and tired of ritikas pregnancy.sont understand what’s the she really pregnant or not.hope they show us her true colours soon .

  29. Manisha

    Cvs are just showing Ranveer as a dumb character.cant he see pain in ishanis eyes?how can he believe her words true?he should think twice before taking any decision.

  30. Manisha

    Where is ashiqui in the serial?they should change the serial name.its boring now a per the new promo Ishani will marry Shekhar and Ranveer will marry Ritika it’s disgusting.hope Ishani will come to know soon that Ritika killed her mom and she reveals her self to Ranveer that she still loves him only and she was innocent.tired of this misunderstanding drama.they can show us different way.ranveers character was so good but I am sad that they have spoiled true relation and friendship of Ishani and innocent relation they had before.but now Ranveer wants to move ahead with Ritika that’s really disgusting and irritating..i want to see Ranveer Ishani together only but before that Ranveer should realised that he was mistaken and Ishani loved her truely but he didn’t understand.and Amba also should realised the value of Ishani in ranveers life.shekhars family gives her love and respect both but Ranveers family just hate her.they all should realised that Ishani in best for Ranveer and no one can take her part in ranveers life.

  31. Enaku romba kadupa iruku I hate you ranveet really I hate unala yean ishaani ya purijika mudila konjam kuda us a friend ah kufa new thothu poita rv

  32. Süchï

    En rv ipdila pandra unmaile kastama iruku ne ena ishani ah love pana adhum 9 vayasularundhu cnt u c her flngs she lovs u alot tats y she sacrifyng al anyway always lov u ishveer

  33. Süchï

    Ekta mam ungaluku vera tracke thonalaye en ipd unga fan ah i mean matsh fan ah kasta paduthuringa pls sikiram serial ah crct track ah kondu vanga mam pls

  34. ishvi

    Thy r jus dragging dragging. …One who loves from the bottom of the hrt ll nvr hate the other one…Of course thy ll get angry but ll nvr hate…This RV s overacting ya…don’t he know her as he s the closest frnd of hers frm childhood…he jus says he loved her he loves her but ishaani shows what actually love s….I really respect ISHAANI’S LOVE for him n her family…

  35. Manisha

    Ishanis ashiqui is true for Ranveer .she has sacrificed everything for Ranveer.ranveer how can u propose Ritika who is pregnant with some one else child.if he gets angry on Ishani that’s ok and she hurt him badly but it doesn’t mean he should burn her pics and started hating her.and blame her for his loss in life.and I can’t tolerate Ritika with Ranveer even just for a minute.i think Ranveer is feeling very insecure and helpless and totally shattered.i hope Ranveer will soon come to know that Ritika is the murdered and because of her Ishani was in jail and also far from his life.ritika is responsible for everything.cvs should not spoil ranveers past when he was hurt by Ishani he was drunk now also they can show us that he is still missing her and drunk that’s ok but with Ritika totally disgusting.he has to pay for it after knowing ritikas intentions.he can’t face Ishani then

  36. Manisha

    I read somewhere in this weeks spoilers that Ishani kisses Ranveer is it true or a dream?

  37. I hate you rv
    I hate rv and ritika scene
    Rv tum ne kaise yr ritikako kiss kiya
    You not a true lover
    I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you

      • sameera

        ishani never has intended to hurt rv……..infact she hurt herself to save rv….its all rv’s drama which has made the story come this way…..y sud he kiss ritika when he knows she does not have his baby but others..?… add more rv acts senseless and servant of ritika…..i guess he needs to learn a lesson..

  38. jiya

    I like ishani shekar pair.
    rv ku maraige ayidichina avana lifela disturb tharama ava vera life valradhudhan culture thts the good character girl.i love ishani character

  39. This Ishaani is very bad…. how much she hurts RV always….she cant do good things in good manner she always chosses to hurt RV

    • malvika

      u only see it from one side….cant u see how much ishani had to suffer???? she saw rv being someone else’s husband then how could she destroy it all…..sometimes it seems she is over-sacrificing but that is what her true ashiqi is… bear all pain and never complain…true love is give happiness to the one u love whether they r with u or not…

      • Manisha

        Yes true.whatever she is doing for Ranveer only.if he hates her then only he can move ahead with Ritika so she has hurt his feelings,but she is not happy inside.she was broken when she came to know that Ranveer married to Ritika so she tried to commit suicide and Shekhar saved her.her love is true.she just wants to see Ranveer happy and doesn’t want to create any problem for him.and her mom also warned her to stay away from his son.she is the Sanskari girl so she sacrificed everything for rv

  40. rubyvelonica

    whts going on serial i don t like this. pls ranveer, ishaini together if not don t put this serial k writer

  41. rubyvelonica

    whts going on serial i don t like this. pls rv and back ishini life if not don t put this serial k writer

  42. Manisha

    She believes that’s its ranveers child so she doesn’t want to create probs for their married life.she is his well wisher.she said to Ranveer in hospital only that….me Khush hu KI tum thik ho bus yehi dekhna tha KI tum thik to ho na.if she hates him she wouldn’t have spoken these words

  43. Really u all r right and same pinch to one of the commenter Because my brother said me to watch this serial and slowly I got interest in it but now uff!!!!!! If the story goes like this

    The fans of the serial will go to 0 am sure about it.

  44. maya

    Check out the new spoiler—–Shikhar & Ishani’s marriage preparations are underway. Ishani has listened to Baa and also her decision is because she wants to see RV move on with Ritika. Shikhar’s mom Kanchal is happy and wants to see Shikhar and Krisha’s marriage on the same day. Shikhar is glad but Ishani feels bit uncomfortable inside. RV is agitated and upset with Ishani’s decision and his love for her flipflops to hate. He comes to Shikhar’s home and finds Ishaan and Shikhar doing prayers together. RV thinks Ishani is selfish and even she is marrying Shikhar for financial reasons and wants to save Shikhar from her. However, Shikhar at his end want his marriage preparations to go on smoothly.

  45. kya hai director sab apko dimak chal gaya hai kaya. Ishana aur RV ko Kuv alag kardiya kaisa bhakavas kartha app

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