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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikram and Ushat make up in front of Nurbhay that they have to go to some meeting and must not get late. Nurbhay appreciates them for working hard, they must now leave. Aarti says she has something important to do, she will go for some factory work. Nurbhay says that her job is take care of Naina is the Art exhibition. He will get Ishaani as well, they will be photographed in the exhibition.
Ishaani tells the lady she is with her, but the lady wasn’t ready to leave. She says if Nurbhay even watches her here he would kill her. Nurbhay comes looking for Ishaani, Ishaani notices his presence. When he opens the door and looks around wondering she must be here. Ishaani had hidden in the wardrobe. He thinks he had seen here. Ishaani silently runs outside the room, relieved in the corridor.

Nurbhay stood just behind her. She turns around and is afraid at once. He asks where she had been, and shouts his question again. Ishaani stammers she went to get water for goat. Nurbhay clutches her hand and drags her into the room. He says he had forbidden her to come out of the room, how dare she? He snatches her dupatta at which Ishaani calls Ranveer.
Ranveer feels the call and gets hiccup. The servant gets him water and asks why is he worried? He watches Ishaani’s photo on his desktop screen, shuts it at once.
Ishaani asks Nurbhay how dare he touched her dupatta. He clutches it and says she doesn’t know his courage. He goes to throw clothes at her and tells her to get ready in five minutes.
Aarti comes to exhibition with Naina. Nirbhay arrives with Ishaani and poses to get photographed with her. He says he hasn’t married her to get a rashan card for himself, else he will get his real husband rott in jail. Ishaani say she would do what he would ask her to. The manager welcomes them taking them inside. Ranveer watches them and takes a drink. Aarti shows the art to Naina. The manager introduces Nurbhay to the artist. Nurbhay asks Ishaani to reply him in English that she does. The manager comes and asks Aarti if she liked the painting. Naina thinks about Ranveer and smiles. Aarti watches the painting that had been designed in that dog’s scenario. The painter was Veer, Aarti asks the manager who is the painter. He points at Ranveer. Ranveer turns around and cautiously smiles at Naina who was also watching him with a smile. Aarti watches her and thinks Naina is smiling and is really happy, she must tell maa. She goes to maa and asks her to come along her to Naina. She weeps and tells maa not to disturb Naina, who is really happy. Maa says in that painting, there is a girl like Naina.
The stage secretary thanks the painter who came to showcase his painting in Karnaal, getting shifted from Mumbai. He says there is a special painting, a work of art that will be go for bidding today. He asks Nurbhay and his wife to remove the curtain off the painting. Ishaani and Nurbhay come to the stage. It was Ishaani and Ranveer’s childhood painting that shocks Ishaani. Ranveer observes her curtly and leaves. Ishaani watches the signature as Veer and thinks it must be Ranveer’s painter name, she looks for him but he had left. Ishaani runs outside the hall and hears someone congratulating Veer. She goes calling Ranveer and places a hand on the painters shoulder calling him Ranveer. Ranveer shows him a thumbs up.

PRECAP: Ishaani wanders in a forest when they hear a wild animal roar. Ranveer had been painting in the same forest.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ishani hurtly says ranvi name and he also hear her voice by heartly. Nice epi. And ishani find the who is real painter is ranvi not veer. Still ranvi loves her bcoz he angry shows everything. What a love. Still i crazy about my ishveer.

  2. epi superb … feeling sad for ishani didnt see Ranveer why Ranveer go out curtly ???

    Hope they reunite soon

    precap : excitment…… waiting for next….

  3. Is veer pls unite 🙂
    Want to see u together

    1. Ya ab aur Alag nahi Dekh sakte??

  4. Now i really gets excitted when ranvi and ishani meet face to face. Ishveer always best in my heart. And also it’s comes to form. Interesting. Now a days Tamil version of matsh epi plays the en esai puthithu song more times in epi i really likes it. honestly i says beginningily i can’t accept the tum hi ho and sun raha song dubbing in tamil in urave uyire seriel. But not now. It’s really aswsome.

  5. Today’s episode is good especially ranveer scenes r very nice and eagerly waiting for the precap ……I loved ishaani shouting ranveer’s name..hope rv to understand ishaani quickly…waiting for nirbhay’s secret..once again waiting for the precap..

  6. In the upcoming episodes we will see ishani wearing the green sari of nirbhaya ‘s first wife (who is dead), and dancing in front of naina to get her back to her feet . When nirbhaya will see that he will pull the sari off ishani in wrath. But later when he will see naina standing on her feet that to because of ishani , he will come t ishani wrap a blanket around her and apologise .

    1. Really meera that’s amazing!!!

    2. She will dance on “hotho mein aisi baat

  7. I love is veer want to see them united

  8. ishani and ranvi dubbing voice in tamil version of matsh so perfect. I thought tamil dubbing voice of ishveer is better than their owo voice. It’s just my opinion. Don’t take anyøne mistake me.

  9. Oh my god when will ranveer understand ishaani..but ranveer I can see only love in ur eyes not anger..please know ishaani is suffering a lot for u??hopefully u ll get to know after that jungle incident ??

  10. please i am requesting plz saw u tube guys today episode

    First matsh repeating timings :
    see first repeat serial telecast timings for Matsh

    Now : only 4 times
    nght: 2.00 , 4.00
    morng: 12.00, 2.00

    saw ! how many times we loss repeating telecast???

    plz i am requesting matsh fans try to see in u tube today nd tomorrow ok….

  11. Episode was good and precap was also interesting.l loved rv’s new look .so handsome.

  12. hi nandhini… thanks for ur reply… then Hindi LA irritating ah iruku pa… always dragging this pair… now Ranveer hate ishani completely.. but sometimes he prove he always love her wife only… I want to see ishveer reunite..

  13. I think ranveer is acting this time may be he is trying to find out the reason of ishani’s helplessness. Ekta won’t again do the same track so now I’m pretty sure about it

    1. Thanx dumi for positive comment u remember matsh dilogue ap kisi ko kuch de nahi sakte to ek ummeed dijiye ek ummeed se aap use duniya bhar ki khushiyaan de sakte hain or tum ne ek ummeed se kitni khushiyaan di hai i can’t tell u. My cutu ishveer luv u.

  14. Just now i read about matsh so i shared my isheveer fans that is ishani find out naina love dance alot so she tries to engourage her bcoz naina has not well and she with wheelchair and ishani daces very gracefully wearing nibhray wife saree. That times nibhray comes there and he brings ishani is sher room then he pull the saree from ishani and ishani hides the cuboard and cover with bed sheet.
    And nibhray comes in room with drunkan stage and he fall ishani feet.
    Ishani was confusing about nibhray behaviour.

  15. dekha khali me sab itna khush ho rahe the . nahi mile voh dono aaj bhi . but I still love them and will never stop watching MATSH. ektaji please reunite ishveer.

  16. ishaniRv dhfm tumne hame epi YouTube pe dekhne ko kaha. lekin tumne aisa kyun kaha mujhe kuch samajh nahi aya. love ishveer

  17. thnx miss k pravina….aage k track inform krne k liye… n thnx for written update!!!

  18. par IshaniRv dhfm tumane sahi kaha matsh ke repeat telecasts bahot kam ho chuke hain. abhi holidays hain to mujhe matsh afternoon me dekhne ko milta hain par jab holidays khatam hoge tab mujhe matsh TV par dekgne ko milega hi nahi sirf YouTube pe hi dekhna padega . kyunki raat ko sab gharvale marathi serial dekhte hain aur hamara school thik 2:15 ki chhutata hain. at least sham 5:00 ko to ek bar repeat telecast hona chahiye.

  19. People the truth behind nirbhay to do this is in Mumbai by mistake ranveer hit naina by car. That’s why she is paralised. So he is taking revenge

  20. now the show became very interested.Back on track..superb love ishveer

  21. Ranveer is looking so handsome these days??

  22. Ya tottaly agree…., wid u tina he is looking very handsome after leap….
    i am always crazy about ishveer jodi

  23. after this leap track to interesting nahi par ishveer ka look amazing hain . I just love this lovebirds.

  24. Ya vyshnavi as he is not wearing his coat this days instead he’s wearing half jacket

  25. Omg my heart dances with excitement. Really diz episode went very interesting. Bt I don’t hv any patience 2 watch diz guy nurbhay n iam so scared of cing him. He was like a vamp wen he stood behind ishanni. Waiting 4 d upcoming episodes. .

  26. Ya Ranveer looking sO hOttt!!

  27. what is going on in matsh??????????????? can anybody summerize past 2 weakzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. where you suga , jasa kerala, shalini ???

    what happen to u ???

    1. Hi.. vyshnavi.. how r u.??..since, it is very paining to see Ishveer in this state.. that’s y.. k.. hope they unite soon.. and thanks for asking about us..

      1. Happy new year 2016 to all MATSH Fans and friends..:)

  29. see guys today episode dont leave the show ….ok

    iam requesting u suga, jasa, shalini….

  30. Hey marry mai shortcut deti hun yaar nirbhay is new entry and he take revenge he want separate ishveer. And ishani wo jo kar rahi ranveer k liye agar wo nirbhay ki baat nahi to manegi to wo rv ka case reopen kar dega and other hand ranveer ko lagta hai ishani use dhoka di. nirbhay and ritika both hurt ishani badly nirbhay apni wife ka revenge le raha h use lagta h ranveer ki wajah se uski death hui and naina jo nirbhay ki sis h uski help se ranveer nirbhay ki house mein enter karega and ishani se revenge lega and rv become artist yesterday ka epi mein ranveer apni or ishani ki childhood ki pic thi jise dekh kar ishani emotional ho jati and artist ka naam veer tha but ishani jaan jati h wo rv hai

    1. thank u soooo much

  31. Mai ishveer ka dance dekh rhi hun on star plus

    1. Ya it was amazing ?

  32. Rang de tu mohe geruaaaaaaaaaaaa

  33. I want ishveer back together

  34. Happy new year guys advance mein

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