Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh telling Sumit and Jasbir about making email invitation and helping Simran. Sumit asks him to prepare for bachelor’s party. Rajneesh says its my marriage too, I will help Simran. Sumit and Jasbir ask him not to help Simran and brainwash him. They laugh on Rajneesh. Sumit asks him to wrote everything wrong, so that Simran says she will herself do all work and not give him any responsibility. Rajneesh calls him cheap.

Sumit tells how Maya demanded things. He says how he arranged things and saved himself. Jasbir agrees. Rajneesh says Simran wants to do everything as per her choice. Sumit says let her do the work, you love her right. Rajneesh says yes, tell me what to do. Sumit says I will ruin your invitation card. Jasbir suggests. Sumit says we have

to write nonsense, but which they can’t understand. Jasbir says great Sumit, love you bro.

Jasbir asks Sumit to start with Shlok with am or ah added. Sumti writes and its looks like Simran’s family matter. Rajneesh also suggests. Sumit changes everyone’s names and laughs.

Rajneesh comes to Maya and says we are going to watch cricket match today. She asks are they doing anything new. Simran comes and asks Rajneesh why did he do this. He asks what. Simran shows the mail invitation. He asks what, how did this mail go to everyone. Maya reads it and is shocked too. Simran says I did not read it complete. She asks why did you not send to me. He says I sent just you, it happened by mistake. Dolly comes and asks how did this happen. Rajneesh beats the thumbs. Simran asks how did he write this nonsense, this is our sangeet invitation. He says I just wanted to send you, sorry.

Simran shouts on Rajneesh, and says you did not want to marry me, you did this intentionally…he stops her and asks her not to cry. He wipes her tears and makes her smile. Dolly asks why did he spoil invitation. He says we felt.. Simran asks who we? Rajneesh says my loneliness and me, we felt we should write mail to Simran, as marriage is her dream, I wanted to spoil things and give you all responsibility, because I love you.

Dolly says Maya, I have doubt on two people. Maya says yes, their name end with Walias. Rajneesh says yes, they told me to do this. Maya and Dolly decide to see Sumit and Jasbir. Dolly and Maya get angry on Rajneesh.

Sumit comes home and greets Maya. She asks did he check email, Rajneesh’s sangeet invitation. Sumit says so soon, and checks it. He lies and she asks him to show invitation to her. She says I will open it on my phone. Sumit stops her and compliments her beauty. He throws pillow on her and takes her phone. He deletes invitation and gives phone to her. She asks how did it get deleted. He makes excuses. She gets angry and says I know about your plan. He asks what plan and laughs joking. She says Rajneesh told everything.

Sumit says I was doing this for his good. She asks would you do this in our marriage, and realizes his excuses were his plan. He apologizes and accepts his mistake. She asks him to fold clothes. He says I accept my punishment. She says no, this is your work. They argue. She says you never do any work, as you excuse yourself and lie to get saved from work. She cries and beats him saying your game is over now.

Dolly asks Rajneesh to tell Maya what Simran wants to ask. Rajneesh brings sarees and says Simran wants to know which saree to wear. Maya says I will tell later. Dolly scolds Sumit. Jasbir comes and Dolly scolds him as well. He asks her to get angry after giving him food. She asks him to go and cook food himself. He asks what. She says I know you act to be incapable, you are exposed now. Sumit asks Jasbir to say anything. Jasbir says I got run out after 40 years. Maya says men are lazy, and just come home to watch tv. Jasbir asks Dolly to get Malai kofta once.

Sumit asks Maya does he not do any work, and counts what all he does. He realizes Maya also lied to get saved from work. Sumit tells what Maya lies. Jasbir says right and asks Dolly about her lies. Simran comes there. Rajneesh says I did all the work, I m waiting for your next command. She says I can’t be annoyed with you, why should we fight for an email. He gets glad and cries. He asks them to see. Simran says I have forgiven Rajneesh by heart. Maya says Rajneesh did wrong, like Sumit. Simran asks why are they so irritated, does this happen after marriage, we promised we will say truth and forgive each other. Dolly and Jasbir say its very tough. Simran says it can happen when both try. Rajneesh and Simran leave. Maya reminds Sumit their time.

Sumit tells Rajneesh that bachelor party just started. Jasbir dances and comes. Nirmal comes. Maya, Dolly and Simran come to give surprise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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