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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika peeks into Ishaani’s room, Ishaani was crying. Disha fears in bathroom, what is happening to her, if she is pregnant? She calls a medical store, to order pregnancy kit. She thinks she cant get it here, and asks for the shop timings. RV goes to see Ishaani. Ritika asks Ishaani what he was doing in her room.
Rishi gets files for Mr. Javeri. He takes them into study, and finds something. He throws it on the floor.
Ishaani stops Ritika, and says it isn’t like this. She doesn’t know her or Chiraag. RItika says she knows Chiraag well, he is cheater and character less. RV loves her, not him. She must owe RV for what he did for her. She says she isn’t betraying him, and will fulfil all her responsibilities of being a wife, which she knows well.
DIsha closes the

door, looking RV in the room.
RItika says to Ishaani that she can at least respect RV,if not love. She hopes the ring brings high respect, and love for RV in her heart. She looks at her finger, and goes to find it. RV finds it.

Disha comes out of washroom, when RV has left.
RV comes across Ishaani, she stammers about the ring. He teases her, she was worried that he, in front of everyone, she says where it went. He asks ring? She lost it? She was worried about it. He asks who was he talking about, she says no one. She was worried and asks his help. She prays about getting it back. RV says the birds on it don’t fly really.
The assistant comes to call RV that there was cheating in the company, Mr. Javeri has collected all the employees. Mr. Javeri says no one will leave, RV comes and asks what is happening. He asks he must ask him what is happening in his company, when RV is looking for him. RV says they can do the inquiry tomorrow, Mr. Javeri asks what if the man runs away. He has called the files here, it is confirmed that there has been rigging of lacs in the company. He cares about his staff, but this isn’t time to get emotional. Rishi says there is a fraud of 50 lacs.
Rishi says there is Sharman Parekh and others in accounts as well. Ishaani asks when he joined RV’s company. Falguni asks her to be quiet. Rishi says nothing such happened, which he can call wrong but for the last 15 days, Sharman is handling the accounts. He didn’t cross check him, as he is RV’s family. Sharman asks he suspects him? Rishi denies. Mr. Javeri asks for Sharman’s entries. RV and he take files. He says the thieve always do something wrong, half of the entries are fake. Sharman is worried, Rishi says Sharman is really honest. Mr. Javeri says he can do this, as he is Ishaani’s brother so that no one can suspect him. Sharman says it is lie. Mr. Javeri says over writing is obvious here. Ritesh and Chaitali say their son isn’t like this, Falguni also advocates him. Mr. Javeri says he is also shocked, but this is what files say.
Amba says Harshid isn’t here, and children goes to take short cut. She is sure, Sharman is the thief. She says they must get his clothes down, to look for him. Baa asks will she do this. Amba asks if this could be suffered by her son, then why not Sharman. RV says they won’t check him, but Amba says there must be justice done. She asks Sharman to be true, else she will call police.

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PRECAP: Ishaani requests RV to forget the old things. He asks she also thinks he is taking revenge from Sharman. She says she was just asking, him to keep police away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Idi ekkada kotha twist. Ekta prathi serial ki twist lu kg lu lekkana isthundhi. Hero heroines ni manchi vallani petti and apudapudu romance chupinchi manam serial chuse laga try chesthundhi. Disha ni ekkada select chesaru entha bakkaga undi adi kovvu matram chala undhi. Ishaani emo mental di. Chitali emo thanu make up and aa englishuuu tho chachipothunam ra babu. Only Ranveer kosam chudali ga ee serial thapathundha mari

  2. Nice episode,laken choori zaroor chirag ne ke hooge.

  3. Thakyou you ranveer and ishaani

  4. Hey gowth telugu where r from nice to see a person from andhra

  5. Hi gowth!!! welcm here!!!

    thnx for written update!!! love u ishani n rv!!!

  6. gowth.i am also from andhra

  7. chori risi ne ki hai.

  8. Ekta kapoor serial Chala baguntayi…….coming episodes lo full of twists anukunta konni characters acting over ga vundi ranveer is awesome

  9. innaiku episode supera irundhuchi..

  10. Love the episode… hey gowth,, where r u from. ………??? I am also from Andhra yaar….!!!

  11. I am from Nellore re

    1. ok.welcome buddy

    2. Ok I am from east godavari….!!!!! Nice to meet u buddy…….

  12. Epic man!! Love the serial!!
    Rush I stole the money and chirag mite have helped him!?

  13. lovely episode pls upload pics sonaaa

  14. Good episode

  15. Rite ishanni the culprit is rishi I guess

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