Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani watches RV and Ritika hug each other. A photo frame on a side table, of RV and Ritika fell down with the blow of wind. They turn to see Ishaani standing there. Ritika observes RV lost into staring Ishaani. She goes to the frame, Ishaani holds it and hands it to Ritika. RV is shocked. Ritika says she is breaking her family. Ishaani asks what? Ritika says thankfully, only frame and mirror broke and not the photo and goes to change the frame.
Ishaani turns to Ranveer and asks what he thinks of himself and how dare he touched her brother, he couldn’t see them happy after a long time. She warns him to stay away, after her there is no use to hurt her brother, he doesn’t work but is changing and is becoming a new person. RV asks how dare she questions him in his house, like sister

like brother, she is destroying Shekhar’s life while Dewarsh is going to destroy Krishaa’s. Ishaani says he loves Krisha, but how will RV understand love. RV is irked, and asks does she what love actually is? Ishaani looks down and turns away. RV says this is done by her and her brother, turn the face to truth. RV says he won’t let her and her brother betray Shekhar and his family. He might not know what love is but knows what betrayal in love is; how is it that the one you love hate you, takes an age. Ishaani is hurt, but turns to him and says it seems he doesn’t remember she doesn’t love him. RV says he knows she doesn’t, and he won’t let her play with Shekhar the same. He will always come to her as her past, be a pain in her way for a life time. She must know how stubborn he is, as he was their driver. She must know how far can he go in friendship as Shekhar is his friend. He says he won’t let Shekhar get the pain she gave him. Both eyes meet for a while, Ishaani turns but begin sneezing. RV brings tissue papers for her. Ishaani turns away, RV says a stranger would have got them. But it is good, he now wants to see her this way, where she needs help but there won’t be anyone helping her.
Ritika brings the frame, RV smiles. Ishaani takes leave, Ritika says she can’t go as she is wet all over; she must change first. RV resists, but Ritika says she was once her friend and she can’t go away from her home like this now. She takes Ishaani to her room. Ishaani watches the wind-chime ringing on the front door window. Some reflects from past move across her eyes. Ritika calls her inside, she recalls her wedding night with RV. RV was restless downstairs. Ritika was digging the window, Ishaani recalls complaining to RV that it is filled with his clothes. Ritika brings a saree to Ishaani, Ishaani was lost, then takes the hanger from her.
Ishaani comes to the mirror dressed in the saree with tears filled in eyes. She remembers her and RV’s fight in front of that mirror and basin in washroom. She cries there. She comes out into the room, watches another frame of Ritika and RV, the bed cover and remembers how her wedding bed was decorated. Ritika comes and tells Ishaani that left side is hers, and RV likes to sleep on right side. She says I am sorry Ishaani, it feels awkward coming to one’s old bedroom and watching all this. It is strange how life takes turn in front of us, everything change in front of us; but all this is important for life, till when a person keep on sitting with the past when one doesn’t know what the future hold for you. Ritika says she always wanted her and RV together, but she didn’t know he is for her. She says she asked RV if he still loves her, but he, himself if preparing for their wedding. Ishaani stops him, she says she doesn’t love Ranveer and he is hers and her child’s. This, she knows about him, as he is a good man. She says today she assures her she is happy seeing them both together.
RV restlessly waits downstairs and is moved at Ishaani’s footsteps. He hides behind the wall and watches here, as she looked around everything painfully. He moves to see Ishaani go downstairs, his eyes follow each of her footstep as she moves out of the home. He breaks a glass in his hand, Ishaani turns at the doorway. Blood was tripping down Ishaani’s hand, Ritika comes besides RV. Ishaani doesn’t turn away and leave. Ritika calls RV who was lost into Ishaani. He hides his hand. Ritika asks why is he so tensed, RV says I am fine, but why she took her into her home. Ritika says she didn’t want to, but then she did. She says she doesn’t know she was right or wrong, but she feels bad about it. She says she wanted to show her their bedroom, she told her how insecure she is about their wedding. Ritika says she doesn’t want to let her feel she effects her, she broke their family photo. She tells RV that she wanted to make her jealous, she showed Ishaani who sleeps on which side. She says she has insecurity and since Ishaan’s return, she feels Ishaani would take him away from her.

PRECAP: RV says to Shekhar he never goes to any event without invitation, Shekhar asks who invited him? RV calls Ishaani and goes to her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good. Like the scene when the photo frame of Rithikaaa Ranveer broken.. I hope it is a hint that soon Ranveer Ishaani will unite know truth about Rithikaa soon.waiting for that moment.. feeling sad for Ishaani.. Songs are nice.. By always crying Rithika try to make a scene to make RV in her control.. irritating hate it.. No Shikhar Scenes.. 🙁 … precap ….hoping we get some good episodes.

  2. arora

    omg, toooooo feeling episode,,,, ishaani think about her past life, this scene is to emotional, rv also feel for ishaani, both feelings are touching my heart,,,, sooooo pity, plz unite ishveer ya, romba kastama irku, ivangala pakurapa, and rithika will create a scene infront of rv, buffalo rithika……, we are hate u…..,

  3. rosy

    Rv r u a sheep dat u r followng dat b*t*h.,??? Do u hav a spinal cord of ur own or nt??shame on ur behavior…a business tycoon kutte ki tarah dum hilata hua chal raha hai us devil ritika k peche…bt glad dat da frame broke nd happy to see rv watchng ishu frm behind da wall nd breakng da glass…happy to see rv in da flow doing deeds wich reveal dat u cn go to ne xtent in love..stl he is madly utterly in love wid ishani…

    • xyz

      its a matter of time— soon all those rv aashiqui moments to completely disappear… before he had crossed all limits of love but now he will show an example of supreme hatred…. i dont want him to be broken when he comes to know of ritika’s truth….. the show will now show hatred between the lead couple……they said first ishani will come to know of ritika’s truth— hope it happens soon…

  4. abhi

    was breaking of photo-frame a symbol to show ishani and rv soon to reunite??? ritika always cries so much trying to control rv…..i sometimes feel whether she is really the villain or not, i mean there is nothing wrong in her character—she is as positive as she was before…..directors never gave any clue of her misdeeds….. why did she say they dont share the bed? —they always show that they share the bed in the episodes… … it was so painful to see ishani remembering the past moments…….blood dripping from rv’s hand but still looking at ishani……ishani. she felt it but did not turn coz of ritika……feeling bad for them…

  5. aami

    feeling sad 4 both of them………… mujhe samaj me nahi aarah hai ki ye rithika esa achi banne ki narak kyun kar rahi hai ishani aur rv ki saamne?? whatever……….. as usual touching epi

  6. Remzzz

    Today’s episode was good..! Both Ishaani and Ranveer touched my heart…All songs were awsome…I was holding my breathe while Ranveer was watching Ishaani silently…The expressions were just wow…Imagine what ishaani must be going through when Rithika said come to my bedroom….I just wish Ishveer unite asap…

  7. Ranveer please find out the truth about ritika she it’s so annoying guts she was the one who killed chirag she did out because chirag didn’t except her baby was his when will disha come back and what has happened too Sherman ishaani feel so sorry for you

  8. Y did Ishani go to fight with RV without knowing the truth,,?
    Ishani is a cashew seed; she jumps before the fruit,,,,LOL

    Today’s epi was heart touching,, It was too emotional to see Ishani recalling her all memories,,,and Rv’s heart was so restless,, the current situation,it’s too harsh for these innocent lovers who only lives for
    each others happiness,,,
    RVs care for Ishani when she sneezed was really too cute,, RV doesn’t wanna let her go and she doesn’t wanna go from him,,
    Both of their love is just tied to stupid external factors,,,
    Please ishveer must forget the world
    around them and just listen to their hearts,,, and live their life to the fullest,,,

  9. nice episode. …but ritika ..she is drama queen. ..yar ishani na kuch nahi kaha tha…(room) and ritika na rv sa juth bola ……..what yar….I wish that ek bar rv ko trust karna tha ishani par….tomorrow episode. …Wowww . waiting …

  10. rudra

    Seems RV feels Ishaani’s love but y both of them hurt and taunt each other when they meet in person, painful.. c’mon Ishveer speak ur hearts out, its high time save ur beautiful love!

  11. gayu

    Good episode…feeling bad for ishu & rv ..,plz rendu peraum serthu vaiga pa…we want more ishveer scenes ..

  12. I couldn’t really breathe when I saw that moment when RV saw Ishani hiding,, it was the real ranveer love moment,, where the essence of the show lies,, and began,,, OMG that was so so awesome,,
    I could really feel when Ishani lost her senses in her room,, no woman should experience these kinda situations., it was heart melting,,, love both of them today,,,,

    • sam

      YES, indeed the moment was painful for both of them….ishani remembering all her past moments…. and rv so restless…. what is the fault of these stupid lovers?? —plz let them unite… ritika is just trying to create new dramas everyday…..kick everyone who comes in middle and make the lovers sud enjoy their moments freely….

  13. jamim

    raveer snd ishani should unite soon.
    ritikas truth should reveal . she is flying too high with her false the episode symbolize that the time is near when she will fall down.

  14. dhanu

    I think ritika will try to destroy rv and isaani life .I think engagement day ritkika isaani ko terrace people aanese kaha taki isliye sumo isaani ko maarsakthehe. Or Rev accident bi saroor ritika ki Kaam hogi

  15. abc

    its too much already–so much pain……plz make the real lovers reunite….missing cute ishveer moments….

  16. I agree with Sam. Unite rv and ishaani. I think rv should have find the reason for ritika strange behavior. Then the serial will get the. New turn

  17. Anu Arora

    Mummy di saw… i olwaz knew k “baatein ye kabhi na” song will be someday played on meri aashiqui. . one of my favrt tracks from arijit… bt i expected it to be played from Ranveer’s side…. koi ni.
    ishaani pe suit kr rha tha….
    N today i bet k “humari adhuri kahaani” will also be played some day….

  18. Shâžñā

    Heart touchin epi♥♥ both Ishani n Rv’s heart touchin moments♥♥ oly tat drama queen Ritika’s part juz irritatin…. Both RV n Ishani’s actin juz awsm♥♥♥

    Bt dragging toooooo mch….nw a dyz track s lyk dy by dy showin 1 by 1 function oly….nt evn a single clue abt past mystryz n Ritika’s truth…

    I thnk nw d writer hmself confused abt hw to sort out al these past mystryz as thy lready made mny twist n

  19. Anu Arora

    ishaani will be seen wearing punjabi paraanda on upcoming episodes… waiting for the new look… c really looks cute…
    story line bohot bakwaas jaa rha h… ishaani k charctr ko poora dumb bna dia… shikhar n ishaani ki shaadi kv ni hogi… in fact usi din Ishveer ki shaadi hogi … dead sure …

    • dhanu

      I think in the upcoming episode Rv is trying to prove isaani is a thief .but actually thief is dervarsh.

  20. nahi yar ritika will not destroy rv life….because. roja E24 jovu chu …in that agar ni story bola … track …that ishani shikar punjabi ma tayara hoga and there will be big drama there…and agar avu avasa ka ritika rv ki big lover ….and that time shikar full family ka samana ritika ka truth bola ga and then amba and rv ….ishani ko sorry and all that they will speak ..but shikar tap tak ishani ka big lover ho jay ga….and then shikar villan …..agar ni story jara avasa tayara kais…….

    • abc

      sorry didnt understand some of the part u wrote….but i dont think shikhar will be a villain….btw, any idea about that child of ritika???

    • abc

      both hurting each other…..ishani is also feeling pain…c z not cruel–ritika is… it hurts to see both rv and ishani getting hurt..

    • dhanu

      Anu plz tell me someting .are you watching merit aashiqi since it started day.if you don’t mind plaza tell me

  21. abc

    its stretching so more….many of the videos are already available so not that excited….. rv coming in the ceremony tomorrow and calling ishani a bandit bride, after that shikhar gets angry…..on the bhaat ceremony, rv accusing ishani but then ritika comes and later tells him to say sorry to ishani family…..on tilak ceremony, rv coming to demolish their house and says ishani robbed money but actually it was all fault of dewarsh…..ishani tells that it was money from her mothers policy…many dramas to be seen soon…… only waiting for ishani to know the truth of ritika soon,,,,nice acting by shakti, arjun n radhika…

  22. whtz are going on here??Rithikaa..chee..i hate you are the barrior between Ishveer..
    Bt if Shikhar loves Ishani more than him,she cant live with that..
    …a girl’s mind is like that..that may not be change or she may live with the memories of her past life….
    why you guys always filled with darkness in a girls life..once loved so much than yours..but aftr that evrythng might forgt..
    yhhh am a victim of that..and am glad..bcz if it makes him me too happy on another way…

    life is beyond our grasp..

  23. stella

    friends,u know iss serial mera life ka story he, patha nahi kya coincidence .mem aur mera rv( ummar ikka) bohath pyaar karthi dhi.lekin dhoda difference he………….. kya he…. mera ikka mere pyari ummarikka ka large spinalcord he… thumko patha hamara zindagi ka rithika panku he… i hate her lot.keep watch this serial(mem aur mera ummarikka ka pyaar}

    • ishvi

      Hi fnd…can u pls translate ur comment in English…half of ur comment ly I understood. ..

    • abc

      rv talking about parekh’s house…….. bcoz that ceremony will be taking place in parekh’s house not in shikhars…

    • abc

      must not be….rv and ishani must unite before the marriage….ishveer should remarry…reveal ritika’s sach jaldi…

  24. sidarth

    Now it is clear from the last talk of ritika that she wanted to kill ishani on terrace but by mistake ishani mom were dead. So villain is ritika now sure the truth will reveal soon

  25. kowsi

    Painful episode…episode was gud…hey rithika how long u play with others emotions bcoz of u ishveer seperate…we r waiting for tat day only…rv and ishaani give tighttttt slapppp to rithika….

  26. when ishani enters the vaghela house she turned into the old ishani ( green saree , hair style )
    todays episode was good . ishani remembering all his past moments . rv restlesss . liked the scene when the photo frame of rv and ritika broken ….. waiting 4 good episodes

  27. alaika

    Touching episode…
    Ranveer you still love her to that extend that you can’t hate her even if you want…lol
    Waiting for a good episode..

  28. Krishna

    hi aptha i am also from [email protected]

  29. Rosh

    Yesterday I really felt sad for Ishweer esp my RV .
    When he looked at her hiding behind the pillar , my heart just melted away.
    When the glass broke in his hand my my heart also broke.
    I just felt the pain, I think it was one of the best episode.
    How can Ritika be so cruel to Ishani, that woman is manipulating Ishani’s mind.

    Why can’t writers feel mercy on Ishweer

    • rithu

      u are ryt. It was the one of saddest epi. Why the writers are doing like this. And that rithika what the hell she is doing there. How can she become so curel by taking her to their bedroom afterall ishaani do all these things for her. I hate u rithika

  30. bhavee

    its ridiculous re …. ritika thinks that shes the best …. but she is nothing less than a cruel witch… ishveer semms the best ………i love you smriti but i hate you ritika …..ranveer seemed so helpless at that moment …………. ishaani suffered a lot ……plzzzzzzzzzzz soon bring the ishveer jodi back ……we’re waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ishvi

    Hi guys h r u all…I was out of town for a week…missed matsh so much n also all ur comments….somehow I read it all strdy…seems so many interesting things ve happened. ..

    • XYZ

      U have not missed anything. they r still dragging and dragging and chewing and chewing and dragging and chewing…..

      • ishvi

        Yeah…nothing new happened…Same track….I read in spoiler that RV ll be telling everyone that ishani stole 40lachk jewellery. ..n prove her to be thief…but actually that is stolen by her brother dewarsh. .as usual ishaani the grt sacrificer ll be punished. .

  32. XYZ

    The TRPs have gone down.. if they still keep on chewing like this, then GOD only must watch their aashiqui

  33. Manisha

    Good episode but Ranveer should think about ishanis behaviour that she wasn’t like that before.when Ranveer was hiding near pillar and watching Ishani she was also looking sad.she doesn’t look happy.if she really wants to marry shikhar she must be happy but it was clear that she is also sad.ranveer should notice all these that why she is not happy and she pretends to be happy.she was also missing her time spent with Ranveer .

  34. Manisha

    Ritika looks so sick with Ranveer don’t like to watch Ranveer Ritika scene.hope she shows her true colours to everyone especially to Amba Ishani and Ranveer then only they will realise their mistake.

  35. Manisha

    We all are still confused about ritikas she really pregnant or faking?and if yes then who is the father.

  36. Manisha

    If she is faking then Ranveer won’t leave her.and hope Amba also realise ishanis value.

    • Rosh

      Yesterday I felt like Inwanted to slap that Ritika , first time I felt like slapping some one in my whole life , there is a limit for being dis gusting.
      What happened to RV ‘s Brain , it is frozen now.
      Why can’t he see Ritika , and how cunningly she spoke to Ishan
      Hiding behind and watching not enough your child hood friend dumb Ishani landed in a big trouble now.
      Do some thing yaar

    • Rosh

      Spare me from Ishani being insulted more and more every day.
      How can Ish be so dumb ? I wish a smarter one she is just growing more dumb and now RV joined in the list .
      Common RV use your brain do some thing or else let Ritika kill Ishani too , then every can peacefully sleep.
      I am going mad ,
      I am mad at the writers so many murders to solve and nothing is happening .!!!!!!!!!

      • abhi

        a agree with u rosh…if u cant solve the past issues, just finish off the leads and let everyone be at peace….. ritika is enjoing nicely….. but i guess this is shikhar’s plan to know the truth of ishani….hope it is so only……missing ishveer a lot!!!

  37. Hey guys can nyone please tell me that cvs are goin to xpose ritika or not..there was a lot of ties left to open before ishani jail scenes.n wow rv the genius he found out the root only by siting at his ofice chair when chirag n disha stole diamonds thn nw wht hpnd?isnt his brain stop wrking that he olways worshipin devil ritika n just lyk a pupet olways aftr her.she sheds some tears n rv gets emotnl.what the hell what was the need to add this ishani remariage n devarsh’s negative role chaptr?they ‘d tow solve falguni murder case n by taking that ahead they ‘d to reopen chirag’s case so that that devil ritika along with her so cald baby must be thrown in jail fr rest of life or she must be hanged till ishani was about to hand for 1 murder but ritika comitd 3 murdrs thn she shld hv to dfntly hang.n so cald BALIDAN KI DEVI ishani shld unite with dumb rv

  38. ish

    episode was good then ishani and shekar acting rv acting was excellent ritika acting was too stupid

  39. mamatha

    There is so mny misunderstadings between ranveer nd ishani.when rv findout the truth love frm ishani…… realy ritika is doing drama….???? eps is sooo much sad i cant bear that type of saddness……

  40. kavya

    areee don’t worry mai kuch nya btati hu
    pta h shekar ke ghr me chori hoti h sbko lgta h ki ishani has stolen
    nd shekar asked ishani to live get out from my house nd ishani cry nd moved then ranveer uske piche piche jata h

    • abc

      tumko kaha se pata chale ye??? ye kab hoga..??? mujhe lagta h ye shikhar ka plan h ishani aur rv ko milane ka…kick out that ritika and kuch bhi karke ishveer ko milao jalldi….

    • abhi

      just saw the video…after ishani goes out, rv follows her….it is raining outside and rv tells to ishani i cant see u in pain….however hard i try but i will love you always…

  41. abc

    fed up of ritika’s draama….how long will her pregnancy continue??? what has happened to your brain rv….at least see the pain in ishani’s eye—she is also not happy…..sachai ka pata karo naa plz jaldi…..

  42. Manisha


  43. Manisha

    Hope ishkar marriage won’t happen.and hope Ishani will soon come to know about ritikas truth.i don unds why she is not checking her phone?!when will Ishani come to know ritikas truth and go back to Ranveer?waiting to watch them together.

  44. keitz

    Ishaani and ranveer and not divorced yet no?? The writers have lost the track they expect their viewers to be stupid..?there is a limit

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