Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani watches RV and Ritika hug each other. A photo frame on a side table, of RV and Ritika fell down with the blow of wind. They turn to see Ishaani standing there. Ritika observes RV lost into staring Ishaani. She goes to the frame, Ishaani holds it and hands it to Ritika. RV is shocked. Ritika says she is breaking her family. Ishaani asks what? Ritika says thankfully, only frame and mirror broke and not the photo and goes to change the frame.
Ishaani turns to Ranveer and asks what he thinks of himself and how dare he touched her brother, he couldn’t see them happy after a long time. She warns him to stay away, after her there is no use to hurt her brother, he doesn’t work but is changing and is becoming a new person. RV asks how dare she questions him in his house, like sister like brother, she is destroying Shekhar’s life while Dewarsh is going to destroy Krishaa’s. Ishaani says he loves Krisha, but how will RV understand love. RV is irked, and asks does she what love actually is? Ishaani looks down and turns away. RV says this is done by her and her brother, turn the face to truth. RV says he won’t let her and her brother betray Shekhar and his family. He might not know what love is but knows what betrayal in love is; how is it that the one you love hate you, takes an age. Ishaani is hurt, but turns to him and says it seems he doesn’t remember she doesn’t love him. RV says he knows she doesn’t, and he won’t let her play with Shekhar the same. He will always come to her as her past, be a pain in her way for a life time. She must know how stubborn he is, as he was their driver. She must know how far can he go in friendship as Shekhar is his friend. He says he won’t let Shekhar get the pain she gave him. Both eyes meet for a while, Ishaani turns but begin sneezing. RV brings tissue papers for her. Ishaani turns away, RV says a stranger would have got them. But it is good, he now wants to see her this way, where she needs help but there won’t be anyone helping her.
Ritika brings the frame, RV smiles. Ishaani takes leave, Ritika says she can’t go as she is wet all over; she must change first. RV resists, but Ritika says she was once her friend and she can’t go away from her home like this now. She takes Ishaani to her room. Ishaani watches the wind-chime ringing on the front door window. Some reflects from past move across her eyes. Ritika calls her inside, she recalls her wedding night with RV. RV was restless downstairs. Ritika was digging the window, Ishaani recalls complaining to RV that it is filled with his clothes. Ritika brings a saree to Ishaani, Ishaani was lost, then takes the hanger from her.
Ishaani comes to the mirror dressed in the saree with tears filled in eyes. She remembers her and RV’s fight in front of that mirror and basin in washroom. She cries there. She comes out into the room, watches another frame of Ritika and RV, the bed cover and remembers how her wedding bed was decorated. Ritika comes and tells Ishaani that left side is hers, and RV likes to sleep on right side. She says I am sorry Ishaani, it feels awkward coming to one’s old bedroom and watching all this. It is strange how life takes turn in front of us, everything change in front of us; but all this is important for life, till when a person keep on sitting with the past when one doesn’t know what the future hold for you. Ritika says she always wanted her and RV together, but she didn’t know he is for her. She says she asked RV if he still loves her, but he, himself if preparing for their wedding. Ishaani stops him, she says she doesn’t love Ranveer and he is hers and her child’s. This, she knows about him, as he is a good man. She says today she assures her she is happy seeing them both together.
RV restlessly waits downstairs and is moved at Ishaani’s footsteps. He hides behind the wall and watches here, as she looked around everything painfully. He moves to see Ishaani go downstairs, his eyes follow each of her footstep as she moves out of the home. He breaks a glass in his hand, Ishaani turns at the doorway. Blood was tripping down Ishaani’s hand, Ritika comes besides RV. Ishaani doesn’t turn away and leave. Ritika calls RV who was lost into Ishaani. He hides his hand. Ritika asks why is he so tensed, RV says I am fine, but why she took her into her home. Ritika says she didn’t want to, but then she did. She says she doesn’t know she was right or wrong, but she feels bad about it. She says she wanted to show her their bedroom, she told her how insecure she is about their wedding. Ritika says she doesn’t want to let her feel she effects her, she broke their family photo. She tells RV that she wanted to make her jealous, she showed Ishaani who sleeps on which side. She says she has insecurity and since Ishaan’s return, she feels Ishaani would take him away from her.

PRECAP: RV says to Shekhar he never goes to any event without invitation, Shekhar asks who invited him? RV calls Ishaani and goes to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. yesterday epi was one of the good epi of matsh

  2. Ishaani and ranveer and not divorced yet no?? The writers have lost the track they expect their viewers to be stupid..?there is a limit

  3. Writers dnt exploit a girl lyk dis..rv jst dnt hav da right to insult ishani lyk dis..

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