Hey guys …it’s dolly here with an summary of my story …

this is a story of a girl …who lives in Delhi with her father …who lost her mother at a very young age …the girl is swara …her father Mr arjun malhotra was a very big business and indeed rich …..he was a very protective father of swara
As she was going through 12the standard ..
She was the topper and got a good placement in kolkata….
But to her suprise her father arjun malhotra refused it …as he had some flashback and the main thing he was a big enemy of dp ….but still she convinced and reached kolkata with her friend tanu…..
While entering itself they were taken to pile station …and they came to dark evils who were currently ruling kolkata….dp and arjun was really big enemies because of some flashback and so there are some formalities to enter kolkata
So if they had to enter kolkata …they will have to sign a form …that they will never leave kolkata …once they came ….that’s final ….
The leader of dark evils was dp but now his both sons are ruling it …
First son is laksh maheshwari and second one is sanskar maheshwari …..
But our swara was not a easy going girl ….
She started to show her attitude …to the police men ….and when the police touched her hand ..she slapped and this caught the attention of sanlak they were shocked to see a girl ….with so much boldness and power ….but soon found out that she was the daughter of their enemy
They informed about this to dp …and he became curious to know …
Meanwhile ….while going for some type of terrorism ….laksh falls for our cute …innocent ragini who was just first year collage …
Laksh became mad for her and decided to marry …..and he married her forcefully at an very young age ..and no one could question them as no one had the power ….
Has even a was helpless as men’s only rule
Ragini was married forcefully and made love forcefully …..but somewhere our second hero laksh had feelings for her …..
But soon …..Mr dp came to know about swara and became emotional (some flashback is there)
He ordered his both sons to kidnap swara and come as she was his enemies daughter
And as per their dad wish …..

They kidnapped swara …..dp became really happy seeing swara …..
Everyone were shocked to see his concern towards her …..
He started to care for her … the meantime our hero started to fall for swara …..
Dp was so protective about swara which suprised everyone ….
As time flew …swara became friend with everyone and started developing her feelings for sanskar and it became a mad crazy love her ….she started to dream about him …..
But she had a secret ….which came out before holi ….
Laksh confronted her
She had a motive to come to mm …..she actually came mm to kill sanskar and laksh ….as arjun said her that swara mother was killed by dp ….
Swara motive to kill but everything changed when she came to know the actual past and her love for sanskar
She was angry on arjun was telling wrong things about them ….
Laksh came to know the past …he was happy and sad also ….
Soon in the mean time ragini started to fall for laksh ….they became one …
But the past broke out which startled everyone …
Dp had a sister whose name is Lisha …their father left them and went with another women their mother also died through the shock
Lisha was very small at that time …so dp took care of lisha like hi’s own daughter …soon he became a big successful business man in kolkata ….everything was smooth ….but one day dp came to know that lisha was in relationship with arjun malhotra ….who was the son of his father late wife ..
Dp was angry and didn’t accept …but lisha was pregnant that time ….
So lisha choose arjun inspire of dp ….
Arjun house was happy with lisha and treated as their own daughter
But it didn’t last as lisha sasural said they need a girl baby not a boy ….
Lisha became tensed …as the s*x of the baby is boy …
In the meantime ….dp became a big gangster as he was so angry that he couldn’t concentrate on his business and married ap forcefully …
And a became pregnant

Dp came to know about lisha and was feeling bad and worried for her ..she is his sister right

On the day of delivery
Lisha delivered a baby boy and ap on the other side delivered a baby girl …
Lisha was shocked …
She was worried as if the sasural will come to know this ….they will not treat her like an daughter … she took a step .
In the meantime …
While ap was unconscious ….dp exhaled the babies ….but he was late ..
Lisha suicided herself ….this startled dp ..
Dp started to blame arjuna and his family for lisha death …and lost his control and shot arjun family ..and then police arrested him
Ap was unhappy about this .
She went to priest as their …life was miserable he said do something good ..
While ap was coming with her baby boy ..
She saw a accident where a man and lady were in a pool of blood but a small boy was crying .
She thought of priest words and took the baby boy with her …
Soon dp was released …he also accepted the baby for some sake ….
So dp daughter was with arjun and hi’s son was with dp …

This is what happened in the past ….
Dp daughter was swara and arjun son was laksh
…..and the adopted one was sanskar
All got emotional ….but sanskar was unhappy as he didn’t get that much attention …..
He was sad …but again a past thing came …
But in that time swara proposed sanskar and they promised to be together forever
But there came an another past …
Which shattered them

The past was …
Dp was the one who was responsible for sanskar parents death ….
Actually sanskar father was doctor who operated lisha ..and he knew about the exhale of baby …he blackmailed dp that he will say this to family if he don’t give the money ..
Dp was angry ..
So he did the accident of sanskar parents
This was the past

Sanskar was shocked .but he only heard that do was responsible for his parents death …he didn’t knew his parents blackmailed ….

He became furious ….he broke his relations with maheshwari ..and left swara for no reason ..
Swara was devasted ….

It took a leap of one year

Swara was totally broken and started to hate sanskar ….but her heart was still loving …
On the other side ..
Sanskar became a very big gangster then dp …
He was more powerful

On swara side …
Raglak tried to cheer her up by going trip to goa

But swara had a fake smile sticked to her face ..
She was carving for sanskar ….

On th other side …
Sanskar blackmailed dp and ap that if they don’t make swara him .
Then he will kill her …he wanted to make swara his ….
Dp and ap were actually happy about it they know sanskar loved her and swara is dying for sanskar …
Soon they agree and marriage happen’s with all rituals ….but in the marriage sanskar was disturned by some person and swara started to doubt …but ignored …
In the meantime ragini became pregnant everyone were happy but laksh was unhappy as doctor said ….that it will affect her ….
So laksh was not happy instead he didn’t want the child ..
Ragini was unhappy and it created misunderstanding’s between them …..
But was cleared when laksh was happy that doctor said it can be cured …
But a tragedy occurs in the Sangeet. ..
That ragini was about to fall fromm stairs but in the meantime swara save’s her …
It was a planned one …..

But swara recovers and the marriage happens …successfully ..
Sanskar started to give victory smiles ..and made dp confuse …

When they reached …sanskar mansion ..
Swara was shocked seeing arjun there …
.but her smile faded when he said he was her father in law …..she was totally shocked and didn’t know what’s happening ….
She saw a boy standing next to him and calling her bhabhi
He was manik. ..

There was again a past of this
Arjun was in relationship with mishti before lisha …
He was madly in love with mishti ….but wanted money so he came to know that lisha was rich
So thought to trap her in love ….
And was successful ….but made a mistake by consummation
He was only after lisha for money …..
He used her ….
He and mishti lived happy lily with his son sanskar ….
But he wanted to end relation with lisha so ..
He created a fake misunderstanding to his parents about the s*x of the baby should be girl ..
But he was shocked that lisha suicided …but he was happy that he can now he can live with mishti and sanskar happily …

But came to know that the one who operated lisha was arjun brother …and he blackmailed dp ..about the exchange matter …
He was angry on dp for exchanging …
One day mishti wanted to meer her parents …as arjun denied ….he was with sanskar in home and his brother and brothers son manik who was 3 years old with mishti in car …
Suddenly the accident happened …both arjun brother and mishti died but manik was alive ..
Ap brought manik to home and wa’s there in the name of sanskar
But the real sanskar was with arjun …
Arjun came to know that do did it ….he was broken and was very angry …so he thought to take revenge and wanted to give punishment which is more than life
I idea popped in hi’s mind ..
At that time real sanskar was 5 years old
He made sanskar to go inside mm and took manik with him ..
Ap couldn’t find difference as both look same …
Arjun was feeding sanskar …
Arjun plotted a plan to take revenge ….then he came to know that dp daughter is with him ..that is swara ….
He wanted sanskar to trap swara in his love and marry her …..
But after that is to torture her like he’ll ..
That dp will get weaken …and his revenge will be completed ….sanskar obeyed as to his father and married swara …

So this the past …
Swara was shattered …
Sanskar started to force her for making love but swara didn’t allow him to touch and didn’t reveal this matter to her family …

Sanskar started to torture swara .but still swara know that sanskar is swara’s …she loved him
..but once he was drunk ….he spilled out a bitter truth to swara ….which broke her heart …

The past was
Sanskar was 13 years …
He went to school for getting some money from the principal
At that time he saw ragini for th first time …aND it was love at first sight ..
He started to fall for her madly …..he sent many gifts in the name of secret admirer ..
Ragini and sanskar used to chat ….but ragini never it was sanskar …
But arjun was reluctant ..and wanted sanskar to marry swara for his revenge .
For his dad …sanskar ignored ragini …..and started to trap Swara
But was completely broken when laksh married her ….
He couldn’t accept that his love is now some one else …
He was again angry on swara …as he sacrificed his whole love life for his dad revenge and for that swara …
So even he began to plot plan against her …
He was gain shocked to know that ragini was pregnant …so he bribed the doctor to say that ragini wasn’t ready ..when the truth is she was completely fine ….
This created rift
But again backfired …when laksh was ready for the baby for ragini wish …
So sanskar again planned to kill the baby by spilling oil on the staircase but again backfired ..
When swara saved her …

Everyone swara came on middle ….so he couldn’t do anything ….and decided to go along with his dad revenge …

But the fact is sanskar loved only ragini and didn’t love swara..

Swara was devasted to listen ….this ..
Has she though sanskar is hers …but no she was wrong …
She was completely to accept the fact that sanskar is not hers ….
She had developed such a strong pillar for sanskar in her heart ..that she is unable to break it …..

But infront of the maheshwari family they pretend to be a lovable couple ..
But inside their house they were not ….

But now sanskar is changing slowly slowly and realising something for swara

This is what happened till now in the story …
Swara is suffering for the past of her family …
Will this continue
Will sanskar develop feeling for her
Will swasan become one ….

And now there are many ups and turns …
Plz read MERI AASHIQUE to find it out …

Hope u all read this ….

Thanks for the silent readers and commenter’s

With love ,

Credit to: Dolly

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