Hey guys its dolly here with the intro of season 3 ….as I said that it will start from today and here is the first episode
Hope u all like it and comments are most welcomed .

So here is the episode ,
**********************15 years leap**********************
Its night (11:55) 31st Jan
@Delhi (shergil mansion)
A big pink room is shown with a cute princess sleeping in the princess bed …
A 2mens , a boy of age 18 and a lady enter enters her room with a smile
Man goes to the girl and whispers
“HAPPY BIRHTDAY SHONA ” (yes the girl is Shona aka Swara shergil)
Shona smiles while sleeping , suddenly the lights get switched on
Everyone shouts “SUPRISE”
Swara wakes up in a jerk and looks at all ….
Anitha (chachi) : happy birthday Shona dear ….
Swara : thanks chachi ….
Sidharth (chacha) : haply birthday my princess
Swara : thanks chacha ….where is dad and …….
Someone from behind hugs her and kisses her cheeks
Happy birthday Shona a boy says …..
Swara : lucky bhai …..
(Yes the boy is lucky aka namish taneja)
Lucky : oh so u found me ….many many haply returns of the day dear ….
Swara took kisses his cheeks ….
Then vikram comes and hugs her …
Swara : u were the one who wished me first right
Vikram : of course princess who else will wish u first huh !
Swara : I know dad ! Love u
Vikram : love u too ……
Sid : at last …. u r 15 now so ..
Anitha gives a new Samsung edge 7+
Swara was overhelmed
Swara hugs her tightly ….
Swara : thanks chacha and chachi ….love u both …
Lucky : oh hello that selection was mine ….
Swara hugs him also ….
Swara : love u too bro ……
Lucky smiles ….
Vikram : so now princess u sleep tomorrow u have school right so sleep …now OK princess
Swara : OK dad …..
Soon everyone says good night and leaves ….

@Kolkata , a small house was shown , its an one bedroom house
A lady and man goes inside and wakes him up
Its Leela and ram
Ram : happy birthday my dear son .
Leela : happy birthday varun ….
(Yes he is varun aka sanskar kapoor)
Varun wakes up and smiles seeing them .
Ram brings a small cake …
Leela : come on sanskar cut the cake ….
Varun : mom what’s the use to spend money !
Ram : array birthday comes once in a year …so its not a waste …come on cut …
Varun cuts the cake , Leela and ram sings happy birthday song …
Varun feeds both st same Time
Varun : thanks a lot mom and dad for making my life beautiful ….
Ram : I know beta …but this is not a life u like ….but I can’t afford more ..
Varun : dad never say that ,….I love the way we live who does gets a parents like u both …
Leela gets teary eyed and hugs varun
Ram : here is a gift from our side hope u like it .
Leela and ram gives a letter to him
Varun reads it and gets overwhelmed and surprised ..
Varun hugs both of them …
Varun : oh god ….AIIMS university …that too Delhi …..but dad y did u …
Ram : varun at least let us get this wish fulfilled …as a parents we have to do this ..and this was ur very first wish varun …
Varun gets tears ….
Varun : mom dad I don’t know how to thank u both …..u both have made this birthday very special …thanks a lot ..
Leela and ram hugs him tightly …..
Leela : we are always proud of u varun …
Ram : accha OK now sleep …..tomorrow u will have to go Delhi right ….
Varun : but how can I leave u both alone ?
Leela : varun u r not a kid ….to stay with u always ..its difficult but u will get used to it ….ur chacha and chachi are there so u can stay with them
Varun : but also
Ram : varun we will visit at the month end OK …
Varun smiles and nods …
Leela : OK now sleep ….I will pack ur things ..OK
Varun : OK ma u dad and mom
Leela and ram : love u too dear !
Saying this varun sleeps peacefully ….

Precap : don’t know

From this u all must have come to know that sanskar is poor and Swara is rich …that’s the difference and there are many more u will get it soon .
Hope u all like

Guys this is just the intro not episode …..hope u all like it and plz comment …its highly needed …thanks for the huge response of epilogue and promo ….it means a lot for me …love u all loads

With love ,

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  1. It’s wonderful di…… Hope they avenge the murder of their family from that killer soon….. Di update soon..

    1. Thanks dear ….as the story moves they will murder him also ….that Das
      I will update asap dear , thanks a lot for the comment

  2. Good start…waiting for the first part…rich girl poor boy…how will they unite..eagerly waiting to know

    1. Thanks dear , don’t know how will they but somehow ..ha ha ha lol
      I will update asap dear

  3. Wow dolly di…. a very new concept right… and have to say u r very punctual…………….

    1. Thanks dear ….love u loads

  4. It’s nice. With interesting and fresh idea.

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  5. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Nice concept waiting for next

    1. Thanks Mona ……love u

  6. Awsome…..I will not miss single epi from now……itz very hard to find

    1. Thanks dear , oh sorry that u couldn’t find it …..but u can type and search in the search box dear

  7. nice…liked it

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  8. Nice episode

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  9. awesome………update soon

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  13. Dolly do name of sanskar will be used as varun in or whole ff???
    Anyways I love the intro waiting eagerly so don’t make me wait plzzzz anyways love u

    1. Ya …varun will be used …thanks dear ….I will update asap dear

  14. As usel you write awesome

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  15. Like???? I loved it dear.Intro is superb.Waiting for first part eagerly.

    1. Thanks uma ….I am glad u liked it

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  17. As always wonderful…loved it….but dear u did not fulfilled my request I asked u to update…WILL YOU BE MINE FOREVER….plz plz plz…

    1. Thanks dear ..sorry for not fulfilling it I will update asap once I get a good story line ..sorry huh !

  18. Awesome
    New and nice concept

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  19. Awesome as usual. I’m happy that you are back with a bang. I’m waiting eagerly for next episode. Love you a lot dolly dear ☺

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    Plz update next asap ! Waiting !

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