To my Caramel Vishkanya (Cariño 1)

To my Caramel Vishkanya..

Lock n Keys:
Apu n Malay
Mohan n Megha

The Sun starts his luv espcly in AP atfirst..

Locnow:A wooden House..
“I’m start luving this bullet If U even touch tiz”-An amphitextur hand write tiz in his book n sees the bullet…
Taking his gun,loaded tat bullet..n With his bag on shoulders, opens the door by leg hitting…
put his earphones n sets “Luv’s Music is World’s…. (Kaadhalan)” in repeat mode…
At door open,he sees her Angelita..drawing an art of him actually waiting for him..with daffodils n roses..

Loc:TharDesert,a transportal way

“Call Aundi..(Zorawar)”flows throughout his Stapeus (Ear..
His hands strts his magic of tuning his Guitar naturally…for the lines…

At the line”Waiting for U”
he sees a shadow back of him..
Slowly removed his earphones,he hears a beautiful voic of An Angelito..
Seeing her by turning back,his heart valves tunes like a flute….
Bt his mind says”Is tiz the Girl in gud hearted also?”
Her simple with her veil n goat on her hands shows her gudness for him…
His lips are out of control.lightly smiles..She sees him normally bt mesmeri..

Tnq frndzz for reading..I think maybe U like tiz n post Ur cute comments aftr reading…Guess the lock n Keys..

  1. Harshan… I luv ur heading yaar… Caramel vishkanya ?? good start… Too short na… Wish to read continuously .. But good going … Keep on writing…

  2. Tanq Kathy..Sure..I’ll write continu n make it long..little thoughts in little time tatsy

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Caramel is nice.. Continue yaar..

  4. Tanq ranaji

  5. beautifully written harshan
    BTW can you tell me what genre of books you like…i really fell in love with your stlyle <3

    1. i really loved those…..what a great lovely saga

  6. Tanq Shai..Rom-Adven,Sci-Fantasy,Realis-Histo.Tanq..I’ll try to continue style

    1. hey harshan we have common liking……….that’s why i love your fictions..
      do suggest me some books whenever you get time!!!!

    2. Sure Shai.Tanq..Very happy to hear common liking like me in U also..n Happy today to talk wit U..I think U also do a ff NYC if u have free time..

    3. no dear…i don’t think i will make a great ff like you!!!
      you,naren,siddhi really write very good ffs

  7. good start continue it

    1. Tanq Ooshi..Sure..

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