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So here is the story ,
@Delhi public school
Swara was in her school uniform (like parvarish season 2)
She was wearing a high pony making her beauty increase …
Kavitha : happy birthday doll ….
Swara : thanks kavi ….
Kavitha : y didn’t u wear color dress ….
Swara : vo actually I don’t have interest so …but today evening party at lucky collage ..
Kavitha : y is that so
Swara : array this Laksh bhai treat so ….in his college .
Kavitha : OK OK ..I am coming for sure …
Swara : if course afterall Swara shergil friend ….
Kavitha : that’s true …by the what’s the gift
Swara takes her mobile and shows ….
Kavitha : oh my god ! Samsung edge 6+……..that’s new model ..seriously u r very lucky …
Swara : I know …..
Kavitha : OK OK come we r late for class …

@AIIMS collage
Varun (sanskar) comes with his luggage inside the campus
He was surprised seeing everyone doing some arrangements …..
Varun was lost in thoughts….he dashes someone ….its a girl and she falls …
Varun comes to senses ..
Varun : oh I am s sorry ….I am really very sorry …
The girl : its OK …give me a hand ..
Varun : here …
Varun gives his hand and the girl gets up
Varun : sorry
Girl : r u new …
Varun : yes first year cardiology
Girl : me too even I am new ….and same group too
Varun ; oh I see …by the way I am varun , varun kapoor
Girl : ragini , ragini singhania .(yes the girl is ragini ….if u have any other name tell me )
Varun : nice to meet u
Ragini : nice to meet u too varun …r going to principal office .
Varun : ya …
Ragini : if u don’t mind can I join u
Varun : oh sure ….
Ragini smiles ….
Ragini : looks like principal birthday or new year celebration I guess ..its grandly decorated .
Varun : u r correct ….even I am wondering anuways let’s move

@av room
Namish : did u finish the balloon arrangement
Rahul : yes bro ….after all our sis birthday no mistake …
Namish : I know but still I don’t want any mistake ….
Rahul : think as if everything is finished …
Namish nods and takes mic
Namish : attention everyone
+ragsan stops to listen and many more students)
Namish : as u all know today is new hear and …
Everyone shouts : Shona birthday …..
Namish : ya u all r correct ..everyone is welcomed for the party as shona is CEO of the collage daughter …everyone must attend ….
Everyone nods ,..
Namish : thanks for ur attention now get back to work .
Everyone nods and leaves for their work …
@ragsan side
Ragini : oh this is the reason this much decoration ..but I am excited after all first party after school
Varun : correct ..but Shona the name is cute na …
Ragini : oh hello started to flirt …
Varun : no way ..I came here to achieve my dream and fulfill my parents wish ..
Ragini : u r such a nerd …
Varun : if u say so ..come let’s go .

@evening (shergil mansion)
At Swara room
Swara was confused to choose what to wear
Swara : uff ! This red or black ….come on ….
She was standing in from tof mirror and was checking …..
Swara : god plz help me …plz plz ….
At that time namish enters ….
Namish : hey doll what’s up
Swara : lucky bhai ..plz help na ….
Namish : what happened doll ?
Swara : vo I am confused which dress to wear .
Namish : then time for shopping .,will u come with me …
Swara smiles ..
Swara : of course bro ..come ….
Namish takes to car and leaves ….to shopping mall (I wish I have a bro like him)

Varun was sitting on his chair and remembering the name Shona …and was smiling to himself .
At that time rohan his room mate enters …
Rohan : r u not ready yet ?
Varun : vo actually …….I can’t ….I ….
Rohan understands
Rohan : y Dont u try my dresses varun it will suit u …
Varun smiles and gets tears with the care of rohan
Rohan ; I know varun that u don’t have dress ,,thats y …but as now we r room mate ,,,we need to share everything OK …
Varun : thank u varun
Rohan : in friendship no sorry no thank u …
Varun : OK rohan ..accha tell me something what’s the age if Shona ..
Rohan : u mean Swara !
Varun heart starts to beat higher and faster hearing the name and an unknown smoke comes on his face
Varun : hmm ya
Rohan : now she is 15 …studying 10th
Varun : only 10th ..
Rohan : hmm ya ….
Varun : why was that ..some boy was announcing ….
Rohan : oh oh …he is namish our collage senior ….he is Shona (he thinks to tease varun)
Varun : what happened tell me ?
Rohan : he is swara’s boyfriend …
Varun was hell shocked …and was feeling pain (rohan notices this )
Rohan : y r u sad bro
Varun : vo ..actually nowadays girls became so bad that even at that age of studying they r having boyfriends but what about chairman his daughter is loving someone ..doesn’t he have problem with it …
Rohan : nope actually he is very happy with it ….
Varun gets very upset but ignores the feeling ….
Varun : its OK come let’s get ready …..(in a sad tone)
Rohan : OK (smirking)

@shopping mall
Namish : Swara Mata ji go and select any dress of ur choice …I will make a call and come ..
Swara : OK baba ji ….
Namish pats her head and leaves to make call ….

@parking lot
Namish was going but mistakenly he dashes a girl and she falls
No suspense ..its ragini …
Namish was about to say sorry …..but before he could ragini slaps him …
Ragini : don’t u have eyes ….I know this is u boys daily routine na …dadhing a girl , making her fall ….u boys dontnhabe any other work
(Note : ragini didn’t know that namish is her senior)
Namish was numb seeing her …..he don’t know but his heart was besting faster …
Ragini : see this u r staring , u morons ….
Saying this ragini leaves ….people nearby started to talk about namish ….
Namish comes to senses and eyes her angrily …

@shopping mall
Swara was very selective so she was looking at dress very carefully and inch by inch (like alia idiot)
Some boys gang comes ..
Boy 1 : look yaar ….there is an hot piece …..
Boy 2 : her body is so sizzling na …..wanna have her yaar
Boy 3 : then y r we waiting let’s go !
Swara chooses a pink crop top and black skirt above knees
She goes to trial room to trial the dress …as sok as she steps in , the boy also steps in ..
Swara : oh hello can’t u see I am using it …
The boy keeps hand on her shoulder ….
Boy ; come on baby …..have some fun na
Swara jerks his hand …..she was about to shout the boy closed her mouth and started to remove her top …
Swara was trying escape but all in vain ….
The big slid her hand son her waist and was kissing her neck …..Swara gave a punch on his stomach and ran outside ..
The boys chased her …

@parking lot
Swara runs an hits a boy shoulder ….
Swara was happy seeing his face , she quickly hugs him tightly (its namish yaar )
Namish was shocked seeing her and Stares angrily at the boys …
Boy 1 : oh oh bf haan …nice choice hottie
Namish became furious …
Namish gave a punch to the boy and his nose starts to bleed …
Boy 2 and boy 3 attacks but namish breaks their both bones …he started to beat them very badly …
Swara tried to stop but all in vain …Swara calls police and informs …the police arrives and takes them from there…
Police : u brats now come and enjoy in lock up …thanks miss Swara shergil
Swara nods ….
Namish cups her face and kisses her forehead ..
Namish : r u alright Shona …mera baccha !
Swara smiles : haan bro ,,just scared
Namish : no need to get scared dear …I am there na ..
Swara ; I know bhai …
Namish ; OK let’s go …..
Swara nice and follows him

@swalak car …
Namish makes Swara sit and gives to other side …
Ragini comes with scooty and slightly dashes namish who was standing ..
Without an second namish slaps her ….
Namish : don’t u have manners ….oh sorry when a girl like u sees a hot biy then u can’t control I know ..u cheap idiot ….don’t u have eyes …huh .
Ragini was just numb ….now her heart beats faster …
Namish : see still u r staring me ..u cheap girls …
Saying this he sits in car and leaves making ragini lost in thoughts ….

@night ..
Everyone were getting ready for the party ….
Varun was wearing red shirt , black blazer and black jeans ….he was looking damm hot (vk 🙂 )
Rohan : y ur face is so dull keep it happily OK …
Varun gives a fake smile ….
Varun and rohan enters …all girls goes crazy seeing varun but he didn’t pay a heed
After some time …..namish comes with vikram ….
Everyone greets vikram ….(chairman)
Vikram : a very good evening my dear students thanks a lot for attending my daughter’s birthday party and mostly happy new year to u all
Everyone shouts : thanak Sir …
Vikram : today no formalities enjoy the evening guys …Shona will be here in half an hour …
Everyone nods and starts doing their work ….
Varun was sitting on the chair and was seeing namish who was talking with his friends ….
Varun in mind : am I not so handsome like him ….I don’t no but I feel jealous seeing namish ….but wait I still didn’t see her face and then I will decide …
After some time
Ragini comes wearing red top and jeans ..making her hair loose (she was wearing specs)
She was simply beautiful …
Ragini : hey varun …
Varun : hi ragini looking good ,….
Ragini : really thanks ….even u totally changed haan !
Varun : hmm kind of …by the way did u get any friend …
Ragini : ya my roommate kavya and u .
Varun ; so we r friend right ?
Ragini ; of course …..
Both smiles ….suddenly ragini feels some one gaze on her …
She turns and finds it (its namish )
Both have an cute eye lock …
But was disturbed by kavya (ufff ! Can’t she leave them alone )
Kavya : hey rags
Ragini : hey kavya ..looking good huh
Kavya : thanks ….dear .,even u ….
Ragini : hmm thanks …varun this is kavya , kavya this is varun
Kavya : nice to meet u varun
Varun : nice to meet u top
Trio chit chat for some time …..


A car stood on the gate ….
Namish : Shona is here ….
Varun comes to senses and was impatient to see her …his heart beats faster and faster
Everyone gathers there ,
Swara comes out of the car wearing white cute one from with orange scraf ..and a mild make up making her hair loose with white headband .
She was like an Angel from heaven ….
The boys were crazy on her …..while some girls were jealous ….
Varun was trying to see but ckukdnt as the crowd was blocking …..not giving a way …..
Namish gives to Swara Dan catches her hand and walks with her …
Varun could see the back of Swara and namish ….. he was burning with jealousy without his knowledge
Rohan comes and thinks of a plan ….
Rohan ; see na he is not letting his gf alone for sometime also …
Varun was fuming in jealousy ..
Varun ; I don’t care …saying this varun goes to his seat and sits folding his hands and head down ..
Rohan was controlling his laughter .
Ragini comes
Ragini : varun did u see Shona ….she was damm gorgeous and beautiful ….I just love her ..she is so bubbly and chubby yaar ..aww
Varun became more impatient ……

To be continued

Hope u alike the episode …I know tits boring but I will correct in next episode ..I am sorry if it was not upto expectations ….can’t help it …
Waiting for ur comments …feel free di share anything ….

With love ,

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