Mere Sai 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Makes Rohini Realize Her Dream

Mere Sai 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai gives moral gyaan to remember him in sorrows and share their sorrows with him, that is his life’s aim. Abdul goes to market to buy gift for Jhipri on bhai dhooj and asks cloth merchant to show him clothes for her sister. Sahdev also goes to same market to buy sari for his sister with his earned money and asks seller to show him most pretty sari. He shows saris. Sahdev says he has money and wants most prettiest sari. Seller goes to bring sari. Sahdev stands nervously looking at sari to steal when Sai enters and asks if he is buying sari for his sister Bhama. He says yes. Abdul calls Sai and asks him to suggest a dress for Jhipri. Sai shows a dress. Abdull says it is very simple. Sai says Abdul asked suggestion, and he gave, it is up to Abdul now. Sahdev steals sari and escapes. Seller

returns finds him missing.

In dwarkamayi blind woman (now with vision with Sai’s blessings) Rohini thinks of doing some work and picks broom. Jhipri enters and says she will swipe floor. Rohini picks water pot to get water when Tatya takes pot to bring water. She thinks of watering plants and sees Pari doing same. She then thinks of preparing lamp wick, but Champa takes it. Sai returns and tells Jhipri that she wanted brother since childhood and got one, if she is happy now. Jhipri says she is happy with Abdul bhaiya who loves her so much. Sai offers food to Rohini, but she says she will not have food for free and will do some work. Sai says then he will have food and starts eating. Rohini thinks she thought Sai would offer work, but he is eating.

Madhav and Bhama return home and see Udhav throwing clothes from cupboard searching is head cap. Bhama scolds him to keep back clothes in cupboard. He says he will not until he gets his cap. Madhav scolds Udhav to not misbehave with his mother. Sahdev enters and hearing Udhav gets him cap from room and says he found it under bed. Udhav apologizes parents and says he bought this cap from his first earning, so it is very special for him. Sahdev leaves hurriedly. Madhav says maybe his father scolds him similarly, so he left.

Abdul returns to dwarkmayi with Sai’s selected gift for Jhipri. Sai says it is simple one and Jhipri needs decorated one. He asks Rohini to do some artwork on this cloth as she loves art work and used to do it until she lost her vision. Rohini says yes, he knows everything. Sai says he will bring grocery for her as she likes cooking her own food, he will help her in cooking. Rohini thanks Sai for developing hope to live and then returning her vision and now giving her work. She does embroidery on Jhipri’s clothes with Zari thread. Women see her work and request her to decorate their saris also. Rohini gets happy.

Sahdev sits under a tree and cries reminiscing his father scolding him each day like Madhav and Bhama scolded Uddhav. Sai reaches there.

Precap: Sahdev walks nervously holding something when Sai stops him.

Update Credit to: MA

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