Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop saves Rupesh and Kanchan from Haren Patel

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupesh telling Kanchan that he couldn’t sleep. Kanchan says even she is missing Ishika. Rupesh says Ishika got a good life partner like Roop and asks if she called. Kanchan says we will call later. Rupesh hopes for their happiness. Roop comes to the mechanic shop. Hasmukh kaka says this place is not good for bride and groom. Roop says we will manage and thanks him. Hasmukh kaka goes. Ishika says the bad smell is coming. Roop says this is oil smell. Roop puts the mattress. Ishika thinks what is he doing? She tells Roop that if the fan speed can increase. Roop says it is in full speed. Ishika feels hot and hungry. Roop says you will faint and then blame me. He says I will bring something for you to eat. Himanshu and Himani come there and say surprise. Roop asks how do you know? Himani says Hasmukh kaka told Palak and she told us. She says welcome to family.Ishika. Ishika smiles. They ask them to come. Roop says if we go with you, then Papa will never forgive you. Himanshu asks them to eat food. Roop says I am very hungry and takes the basket from Himanshu’s hand. Himani says Himanshu also stood by her and asks Roop to make Ishika have the first bite. Ishika asks why? Himani says love starts with this and increases. She prays that they have food together. Roop makes Ishika have food. He signs her to wipe the food from side of lips. He then wipes it. They have food.

Himani says lets leave new bride and groom alone, and asks Roop if he is sure that he will not come with them and says Maayi will call you. Roop says Mummy called me. He picks the call. Kamla says she is calling since long. Roop says his phone battery was low. Ishika thinks to divide the matress and divides it with a car parts. Roop is surprised to see that and keeps don’t touch paper on his side. Ishika gets angry and throws oil on his mattress. Roop is surprised and continues talking to Kamla. Later Kamla prays infront of God in the night. Bua gets scared and says what are you doing here? She says my heart is shaken up till now. Kamla says she is praying for her son and daughter in law and says I didn’t mean to scare you, I came to remove my fear. Bua goes.

Haren patel knocks on Kanchan and Rupesh’s room and asks his sons to throw them out. Kanchan and Rupesh are shocked. Haren says you got your daughter married with our money and broken our daughter’s marriage. He says you have to pay for this and asks Rupesh to sign. Kanchan asks what are you doing? And asks him to see his condition. Haren shouts at her and says we have bear you enough. Haren Patel asks him to sign and leave. Dhawal asks them to leave. Kanti and Promila hold her, while Dhawal and Praful hold his hand and asks him to sign. Haran Patel asks Promila to leave Kanchan and asks his sons to leave Rupesh. He asks Rupesh to sign and leave in the morning. Rupesh cries and signs on the papers. Kanchan asks him not to sign. Haren Patel takes the papers from Rupesh’s hand and asks his sons to throw them out. Kanchan and Rupesh are shocked. Dhawal and Praful take Rupesh on his wheel chair, while Kanti and Promila take Kanchan out. Promila opens the door. They push Kanchan and pushes Rupesh’s wheel chair.

Rupesh is about to fall down with the wheel chair, but Roop comes there in the nick of time and holds his wheelchair. Kanchan looks shockingly. Ishika comes then and sees Kanchan on floor. She helps her get up and asks how dare you. Dhawal says they deserve this and I will make their condition more worse. Roop says I think I shall remind you that I can use my hands and legs. He beats Dhawal and Praful. Promila shouts Dhawal. Ishika holds her. Roop fights with Dhawal and Praful and beats them. Haren Patel and his wife are shocked. Dhawal picks vase to hit Roop, but Roop stops it using his hand and gets hurt. He beats the. He snatches papers from Haren Patel’s hands and tears it. Haren Patel is shocked. Roop warns them not to misbehave with his saas and sasur ji and says I will make your condition more worse. Ishika says now beti and jamai have come. Roop says Ishika and I will not go anywhere, will stay here infront of all. Kanchan smiles. Roop says if you don’t want to get beaten next time then control on yourself. Vaishnavi smiles.

Ranvir tells Shamsher that he did right with Roop and says I just need your blessings. Shamsher beats him and asks him not to enter his house again. Ranvir holds his hunter and says he will take revenge on Shamsher, Roop and Ishika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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